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Love, Lipstick and Lies
Love, Lipstick and Lies
Price: £4.99

13 of 17 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Interesting read but nothing new, 31 Oct. 2013
I have been a big fan of Katie Price ever since her days of only being known only as Jordan. When her first autobiography was released I remember buying it, reading it and loving it. I admire her as a successful business woman and an amazing mother, but I have to admit I am also very intrigued by her relationships which usually seem to end quite badly. Since her first autobiography `Being Jordan' I have to admit I haven't read any of her others so when I received my copy of Love, Lipstick and Lies I couldn't wait to dive in.

While Love, Lipstick and Lies is 400 pages long, I have to admit that it seemed a lot shorter when reading it. This could be due to the pictures that are included, which sadly seem to be missing from the kindle version so I was unable to look at these. So I would recommend that if you are interested in the pictures then buy the paperback so you are disappointed. I enjoyed reading about Katie's life, especially in terms of her relationships, her life as a mother to her four children and her businesses.

The problem with this autobiography was that if you are up to date on all Katie Price news then there will really be nothing new in the book. There is a lot about the ending of her relationship with Pete, her volatile and shocking relationship with Alex, her whirlwind romance with Leo, her encounters with Danny Ciprani and her new marriage to Kieran all of which has been vastly covered in the press. This was fine with me as I am no longer really one for reading gossip magazines but if you are then you will probably know the whole story already. I also felt at times that there is a lot of self promotion in this book while she is talking about her different businesses and all the ranges. It was interesting to read about the businesses to begin with but I soon felt as though I was reading an advertisement instead of a book.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Love Lipstick and Lies, and catching up on all that has been going on in the world of Katie Price. It was a very interesting read but I do wonder whether Katie has enough material to keep writing her autobiographies at the rate she has been doing.
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Take A Look At Me Now
Take A Look At Me Now
Price: £0.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Capturing story, 24 Oct. 2013
Whenever this time of year rolls around and it gets to the time when Miranda Dickinson releases a new book I always get excited and this one was no exception. Team Nell has been all over twitter from Miranda and her fans for a long time and I just could not wait to find out about Nell and discover just how much I was going to love her character and exactly why everyone was routing for her. Once I received my copy of this book I could not wait to dive in, and even though it was a busy time for me that meant I didn't have as much time to read as I would have liked I still finished this book within two days. I just could not put it down.

Take A Look At Me Now is such a relevant book for this moment in time, with the economy how it is and many people finding themselves in difficult situations with losing their jobs. Nell gets made redundant but instead of letting this get her down she decides to spend her redundancy check on a trip to San Francisco. I loved the setting of San Francisco, somewhere that I have never been interested in before now that is. I adored the way in which Miranda Dickinson described San Francisco, it made me feel as though I was there alongside Nell during her trip and almost made me feel as though I already knew the city. You can tell that Miranda did a lot of research and even took a trip to San Francisco itself which really brings the setting to life within the book. I wanted to step into the pages of Take A Look At Me Now and visit Annie's Dinner and taste her incredible pancakes, which made me hungry every time I read about them.

After reading this book I could completely see why so many people have been on Team Nell, she is such a wonderful character that you can't help but route for the entire time. I wanted so badly to see Nell discover herself and find true happiness as she is such a relatable character. Aside from Nell I adored Max Rossi, who seemed like such a kind hearted man and I was dying for this book to end a certain way for him. There are just too many characters I loved for me to mention. I really enjoyed how as Nell meets and grows to like the characters so did I, especially the children in the SOS club who were just too cute for words.

Take A Look At Me Now was hands down one of my favourite books I have read this year. The story completely captured me and stole my heart along the way. It is always so difficult to write a review of a book that I have fallen in love with, because words cannot get across how much I truly enjoyed this story. I would urge everyone to go and get a copy of Take A Look At Me Now because I can guarantee you will not regret it.

Star Struck (Choc Lit) (Yorkshire Romances Book 2)
Star Struck (Choc Lit) (Yorkshire Romances Book 2)
Price: £1.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Blown away by this novel, 7 Oct. 2013
While never having read any of Jane Lovering's previous novels, I had seen a large amount of other great reviews for Star Struck. I knew that if all of my friends and fellow chick lit bloggers were enjoying the novel it was highly likely that I would too. Therefore I was excited to read the novel and form my own opinions.

Skye is a recluse, scared to be away from her daily routine, not even wanting to leave the house. Why? Well Skye was in a car accident that left her with scars on the inside and out. The car accident also took her memories as well as her best friend and fiancé. When offered a trip to Nevada for a sci-fi convention, Skye hopes that this will be the trip that will help her to heal. Skye wants to go in order to meet the actor she idolises, Gethryn Tudor-Morgan, but she ends up bumping into Jack first. Jack is a sci-fi writer with lots of secrets in his past. With all his problems Jack is not looking for a woman he has enough problems without adding a relationship to the mix. Even so Jack seems drawn to Skye and cannot help the friendship that develops between them. Jack, however, fears that if Skye finds out about his past, they will never have a chance at a future.

I have to admit that before I picked up this book, I was a little put off by the concept of Skye heading to a sci-fi convention for Falling Skies. I felt that it would become too much like a sci-fi novel or else I would be bored by the novel being focuses around this. That was so far from the truth! The way in which Jane Lovering adds the concept of the sci-fi convention actually makes the novel unique and provides a setting that I have never seen in a chick lit novel before. Jane's writing style also made this aspect entertaining and humorous, whereas it could have become nerdy! The pace from the first chapter was fast and meant that I was instantly swept away with the novel. Almost as soon as I was done with the first few pages I knew that my initial worries were not needed. While I do not want to give anything away about the book; there is a lot of drama that I did not in any way see coming around the middle of the novel onwards. I love it when a novel surprises me with twists and turns that shock me and I had no hint that they were coming.

I really enjoyed reading about the characters within Star Struck, in particular Skye, Felix and Jack, due to them being so flawed. The imperfections made each of the characters extremely interesting and added a large amount of depth and layers to each character. I felt that this made each character seem more realistic, as most people have their flaws. While at times I did not like all of the characters, in particular Felix, who treats Skye in ways that made me doubt his friendship at times, I found myself wanting to find out more about them. All of the characters have secrets and I was riveted throughout, wondering what each of their secrets could be. Even though I have never been in the same situations as any of the characters I found myself relating to all of them especially Skye. I was routing for Skye throughout the novel to gain more confidence and realise what she is really capable of.

I did find however that even though some aspects of the novel surprised me, others such as the romance elements did not. Again I do not want to give too much away if you have not read this novel, however it is extremely easy to see exactly how the relationships in the novel will pan out. I would have liked there to be a little more mystery surrounded what would happen in terms of the relationships in order to make the storyline a little more interesting. Additionally, while I actually enjoyed the novel being set at a sci-fi convention, I feel as though this concept will put some readers off. All I can say about this is, please don't let it.

Overall, after putting aside my initial worry over this novel, I really found this an enjoyable novel. I was gripped from the first page onwards, finding myself not wanting to put Star Struck down. It was fast paced, emotional, entertaining and I did not want this novel to end. I cannot wait to read more from Jane Lovering, and will defiantly be picking up Please Don't Stop The Music, her previous novel with publishers Choc Lit, in order to read more from this sensational author. Go out and buy this one, you won't regret it!

Paris Noire
Paris Noire
Price: £3.49

3.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyed this........... except for the ending, 7 Oct. 2013
This review is from: Paris Noire (Kindle Edition)
When I first heard about Paris Noire, I was actually quite excited to read the novel. I love novels set in and around WW1 and WW11 and felt as though this novel would be full of history, romance and racial prejudice. What more could I ask for? I had seen a few low rating reviews for this novel and wanted to find out exactly why others were not liking this novel. Therefore with an open mind I began to delve into the pages of Paris Noire.

Paris Noire, is set in 1944, at the beginning of the end of WWII and focuses on the story of Marie Therese and her two children Colette and Christophe. The family immigrated to Paris in 1928 from Martinique and faced many prejudices along the way. Once the Nazi's have departed Paris, there is a great celebration where Christophe ends up embarking on a passionate love affair with the wife of a French freedom fighter. Marie-Therese suspects that this relationship will only end to heartbreak for her son yet Christophe is determined to make his relationship work, after all he is in love. At the same time Colette begins a dalliance with a white Frenchman and Marie-Therese herself finds herself attracted to a handsome black soldier.

I really did enjoy the plot of Paris Noire, with the focus on the romance that unfolds between various characters of different races. I felt the storyline moved quickly, which left me wanting to know hoe the novel would pan out. I found at times it was difficult to put this novel down, especially towards the middle of the novel where the events really pick up speed. I especially enjoyed the way in which Francine Thomas Howard takes on the aspect of a relationship and the prejudice that faces a African American man and a Caucasian French woman in the 1940's. I felt as though the racial aspects of the novel were dealt with really well and were interesting while still being enjoyable. I also really liked that this novel is set during wartime, even though it is at the very end of the war, as I enjoy reading novels set in the first and second world wars. In terms of the characters I felt that my favourite would have to be Christophe. The way in which Christophe's emotions are portrayed I really felt along with him and was routing for his relationship to work out throughout the novel. I found him to be relatable with a large amount of depth for someone who had been swept away with a relationship. I found Colette to be interesting, also and would have like to see a little more of her throughout the novel.

I hated the ending of this novel. I don't think I have ever hated an ending more than with the ending of Pairs Noire. I don't want to give too much away but lets just say it involves a mother pushing two people to get married who clearly do not love each other! I thought this was absurd and really ruined the novel for me. This is certainly not how I wanted this novel to end, and I would have really enjoyed the novel a lot more if it were not for this ending. To really enjoy the novel fully I suggest not even reading the last three or four pages. Aside from this, even though the racial aspects of the novel were dealt with well, it really began to grate on me that Marie-Therese had to bring up that she was from Martinique on almost every page. I understand that it is central to the novel but it really did not need to be mentioned quite so many times. I also did not the way in which Marie-Therese did not want there to be racial prejudice towards her yet she constantly says throughout the novel that she does not want her children to become romantically involved with any white people. I found this extremely hypocritical and felt that this could also have been toned down within the novel. I also felt as though Francine Thomas Howard should have done a little more research with this novel, as there many historical errors within the pages.

Paris Noire held so much promise as a novel, however I felt that it did not live up to its true potential. The synopsis and premise of Paris Noire was such an exciting an intriguing one, yet I'm afraid that certain elements of the novel let it down a little. That being said I still did enjoy the novel and would defiantly recommend reading it for yourself. The romantic and racial elements of the novel are fantastic and so enjoyable. I was all set to give this novel four stars, yet I'm afraid the ending of this novel pushed me down to giving it only three.

The Dark Glamour (666 Park Avenue 2)
The Dark Glamour (666 Park Avenue 2)
Price: £4.49

4.0 out of 5 stars Gossip Girl meets Charmed, 7 Oct. 2013
The Dark Glamour is the second novel in the 666 Park Avenue series, with the first novel being aptly named 666 Park Avenue. I was very excited to read this novel when I first heard about it. I love novels which involve witches in any shape or form. I think this stems from my love of the television show Charmed when I was younger, and perhaps a little bit from The Witches. Ever since then I have been fascinated with witches and whenever a book comes along features these interesting characters I am always eager to snap it up.

Jane married the man she thought was her prince charming, however her happily ever after never came. Why? Because she found out not only is she a witch but so is her controlling mother in law, who tries to steal Jane's powers. Jane manages to run away from her mother in law on he wedding day and is now hiding out. When Jane realises that everyone is looking for her she learns the one thing her mother in law wants most and sets out to try and get it. What Jane hopes will take her away from her mother in law ends up taking her right back under their noses. With the help of her friends and a unique spell Jane is transformed into someone else entirely, Ella to stop anyone realising her true intentions. Will Jane be able to find what her mother in law wants most and will she be able to escape once and for all?

Even though The Dark Glamour is the second novel in the series, and I am still yet to read the first novel, I found that I did not get lost in the plot at any point. This is a novel that you an very much read as a stand alone as well as part of the series. Many of the previous events are explained in detailed therefore I was able to follow the storyline easily. That being said the new storyline still moves along at a good pace without being held back by explaining the plot of the first novel. I really enjoyed Gabriella Pierce's style within this book, I particularly enjoyed the dialogue with the character interactions finding them to flow freely and realistically. As well as this I really enjoyed the descriptions as well. At times I felt as though I could have been wherever Jane was. I really enjoy when I am able to get carried off into a book with the use of descriptions.

In terms of the characters I really enjoyed reading about Jane, I found her to be likeable and I felt moved by the situations in which she is placed. When Jane turns into Ella however, I felt that not only did her outer appearance change but also it seemed as though her inner character changed too. Ella acts more provocatively then I imagine Jane would do. Within the storyline there is a relationship between Ella and one of the other male characters, which I felt moved along much too quickly for my liking and made it appear as though Ella was very promiscuous. I did however find all of Jane's friends to be fun to read about, adding a much needed injection of humour to the plot at times. I also enjoyed the inclusion of the character of Charles for the very same reason. I have to say that I did not enjoy reading about Andre. I found him to be very mysterious but yet I just did not like him at all. His character comes across as very self absorbed and I did not learn much about him from the novel. I feel maybe if Gabriella Pierce had added more about Andre and who he is, then I would have been more interesting in reading about him.

There are a couple of places in the novel where I felt things were missing. For example there is talk of passports for Jane's alter ego before she transforms into Ella, but for Ella herself there is no talk of a passport. Ella travels to London within the novel, yet how would someone who does not exist be able to get a passport? I also felt as though there was a large amount of time within the novel where Jane mentally debates many things that she is doing. This became a little too much at times and the plot slowed down significantly during these instances.

Overall I really enjoyed The Dark Glamour, finding it to be fun, intriguing and glamorous. I found this novel to be almost a mix between Gossip Girl and Charmed, therefore if you like either of these I'm sure you will love this novel. The ending in particular was fantastic and leaves the storyline open for a potential third novel in the 666 Park Avenue series. After reading The Dark Glamour I am defiantly looking forward to the third instalment and would without a doubt read more from Gabriella Pierce in the future.

The House By the Sea
The House By the Sea
Price: £3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful written love story, 7 Oct. 2013
The House By The Sea, which in the US is titled The Mermaid Garden, follows two stories. The first set in Italy, follows fragile Floriana, who was abandoned by her mother, and her journey of falling in love with Dante, the son of a prestigious family. They first meet when Floriana is captivated by the beauty of La Magdalena, the beautiful home where Dante and his family spend their summers. Their relationship faces many obstacles from the outset including the issues of a rich and prestigious man dating a poor orphan girl.

The second story set in Devon England centres on Marina and her husband Grey who are trying desperately to save their hotel from financial issues. Marina comes up with the idea of hiring an artist in residence, Rafa, to try to attract more customers. The family and guests fall in love with Rafa who is hiding a deep and dark secret.

The House By The Sea has everything that you could possibly want from a novel; romance, mystery, intrigue, beautiful destinations and memorable characters. It is such a beautifully written story with such descriptive detail that I found myself carried off to the destinations of Italy and the English coastline. I found the pace to be slow, which surprisingly I quite enjoyed, as it made the novel an extremely relaxing read that I wanted to delve into for hours and savour along the way. The way the novel is split into two different stories, which are intertwined although we do not find out how until the end, was really intrigued. I was constantly trying to figure out how the two stories were related and could not guess until very near the end. I enjoy when a novel leaves me guessing with the elements of mystery and suspense and The House By The Sea managed to do this beautifully while keeping me intrigued throughout.

All the characters within The House By The Sea are each facing their own inner turmoil's, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading about. I felt as though this added extra depth to each character making me intrigued and sympathetic to each of them. I fell in love with Floriana who still manages to hold her head high and strive for happiness even after being abandoned by her mother. I felt her emotions throughout the novel and was willing her to get a happy ending. I also enjoyed reading about the character of Marina, who is suffering emotionally from being unable to conceive children. Once I saw underneath the rough façade that she has and into her true character I was deeply moved by her.

My only issue with this book was the length at almost 500 pages it is a long read. Generally I do not mind when books are of this length, however with The House By The Sea I felt that the length mixed with the slow pace of the novel worked against the storyline. This is defiantly not a book that you can read quickly instead it needs to be savoured and taken time over.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about exotic locations full of description. It is a beautifully written novel and I am very happy that I stumbled across it. This is my first Santa Montefiore novel and I cannot wait to read the next

Glow (Sky Chasers Book 1)
Glow (Sky Chasers Book 1)
Price: £4.74

5.0 out of 5 stars Fast paced sci-fi, 7 Oct. 2013
I have to admit I do enjoy a little science fiction every once in a while. Now don't get me wrong I'm not addicted to Star Trek or anything (although I have seen the movie) but space intrigues me. When I heard about Glow I was instantly excited about the book. The cover for a start is gorgeous, and I cannot wait to purchase a hardcover finished copy so that it can sit in all it's glory on my book shelf. There had been a large amount of hype around the release of Glow, therefore I was excited to form my own opinion and find out if I would love this novel.

Waverley and Kieran live on the spaceship Empyrean, which is headed to New Earth, and have done even since they were born. They are the oldest children living aboard the ship, instantly drawn together, their biggest concern is whether or not to marry each other. They have never seen anyone who does not live on the Empyrean, that is until it's sister ship, the New Horizon pulls alongside. What the crew on the Empyrean don't know is that on their mission to New Earth the New Horizon encountered problems and have been left unable to conceive and carry on the generations. They are in desperate need of young girls who can conceive. Girls like the ones on the Empyrean. The unsuspecting families onboard the Empyrean have no idea just how desperate the crew on the New Horizon are, or that they are planning to attack their sister ship!

Glow is split into five main sections, each alternating narration between the two main characters, Waverley and Kieran. I really enjoyed being able to read the storyline from both viewpoints finding that it added extra depth and intrigue into the plot. I found that from the very first section I was hooked and from there on I found it very difficult to put this book down. The pace of Glow is fast, with the attack happening almost instantly and the drama never-ending from there on out. I was swept away with the pages of this novel, gripped, wondering exactly what would happen next. There were a few times where I could anticipate where the story was headed and other times I was blown away and left guessing. I also enjoyed how I never really knew which ship was the `good' ship and which was `bad' as there were so many elements uncovered about both throughout the novel. I found this kept the storyline interesting and could mean that the plot could head in any direction. Many of the families on board each ship were confused by the intentions of their respective captains and I have to admit I did not know who to believe or trust within this novel. I was kept on my toes trying to guess which ship would hold safety and which would be the overall threat.

Waverley and Kieran, the two main characters, were very enjoyable to read about. I found Waverley to be the most likeable of the two, as she is more emotional and we see her true feelings throughout. She must remain strong, throughout the ordeals she faces, and I felt for her the entire way through the novel. I also liked Kieran as well finding him to be honourable and willing to try hard to make things work, no matter how desperate the situation may seem. I do have to admit that I did not like him as much towards the end of the novel, however he makes for great reading. I also enjoyed the relationship between Waverley and Kieran, who appeared to have true feelings for each other. They are thrown together very young and almost expected to get married but still their relationship appears very grounded.

My only issues with Glow were firstly the religious aspect involved. I found it a little hard to comprehend religion and space hand in hand. I also did not like how prominent the use of religion was within the novel. My other issue was with the ending, while I do not want to give too much away I felt that things took a shift that I did not like. Glow is set to be part of a series, therefore the ending may have been done as so in order to keep the reader intrigued.

Overall, I loved Glow! I was hooked throughout the novel, and did not want to put it down. If you enjoy science fiction in any way at all, however small, I would recommend this book to you. I cannot wait to read the next instalment in the series from Amy Kathleen Ryan and wish that I did not have to wait another year for the next one to be released.

Anna and the French Kiss
Anna and the French Kiss

5.0 out of 5 stars One of my favourites, 7 Oct. 2013
Anna and The French Kiss is a book that I have heard so much about. Everyone seems to love the novel and I have been recommended this book by so many people I have lost count. Many times when a book has so much hype surrounding it, I find that it is never able to live up to it and I end up disappointed., so, I put this book off until I could not take it anymore! Let me tell you this book did everything but disappoint.

Anna is sent to Paris to attend boarding school, which she is less than thrilled about. She loves her life in her hometown of Atlanta with her best friend and her almost-boyfriend. Anna feels lonely and an outcast in Paris, that is until she meets St Clair, an irresistible guy with a cute English accent. There's just one problem St Clair is already taken and in a relationship with his long term girlfriend.

I'm unsure where to even begin with how much I love Anna and The French Kiss. This novel had everything I love to read about filling the pages. I picked this up and could not put it down, it literally had to be dragged out of my hand at one point just so I could go to sleep. This is such a beautifully written contemporary YA novel, I was swept away with the pages and Stephanie Perkin's writing style. I loved the setting of Paris for this novel, it was almost like a character in itself. The description was so well done that at times I felt as though I really was in Paris along with Anna and her friends. I love Paris, so any novel that can transport me there within the pages gets major bonus points from me.

I loved Anna as a character, finding her to be so relatable. She is awkward yet surprisingly likeable at the same time. Many girls will be able to relate to her, and the feelings she has during her time in Paris, because she is just your average girl. She is also very intelligent, which I loved about her, as it shows girls can do well in school and still be interested in boys at the same time. She is hilarious yet far from perfect which makes her seem much more real as a character. I also fell in love with St Clair (Etienne), again for his flaws and imperfections. He is just a normal guy and does not pretend to be anything that he is not. Even though Anna and St Clair, are my favourite characters, all of the characters with in the novel are beautifully written and memorable in their own ways.

There was one thing above all else that I loved about Anna and The French Kiss and that was the romance. I felt as though Stephanie Perkins created the romance between Anna and St Clair perfectly. I truly believed in their feelings for one another and their relationship throughout the novel, without any sense of doubt at all. I was willing the two to get together the whole way through the novel. I just wish they had been able to show their true feelings to each other sooner. I believe that the romance was so good because it was built up and not rushed into, it was built on a friendship and that is what makes me swoon over it so much. I want a relationship like theirs!

I honestly do not think I have loved a novel as much as I love Anna and The French Kiss. I want to read this all over again, right now! It is such a cute, beautiful, feel good novel which will grip hold of you and not let go until long after you have finished the last page. Anna and The French Kiss is like a hot, frothy, comforting hot chocolate that you will want to curl up with and savour for hours.

Price: £4.99

3.0 out of 5 stars An interesting dystopian, 7 Oct. 2013
This review is from: Matched (Kindle Edition)
Matched is one of those books that I have heard so much about. Even before it was released there was a large amount of hype surrounding this title. I was very excited to read Matched after hearing so many great things about it, reading the intriguing storyline and seeing the gorgeous cover.

Cassia has always believed what The Society tells her, what to eat, when to sleep and where to go. When The Society matches her with her best friend Xander, Cassia could not be happier. That is until Ky Markham's face appears on the screen for a few seconds before turning blank. Cassia is shocked by what she sees and is left second guessing whether The Society have everything right or if perhaps they could have made a mistake.

Matched is a dystopian novel, that focuses around the all important contrast between life within The Society and life outside of it and which really is better. I really enjoy this aspect of dystopian novels and feel that this was worked well into the storyline of Matched and could have even more impact in the next novel in the series, Crossed. It was interesting to see how the characters are drawn into believing The Society is perfect when we, as the reader can clearly see the flaws of the world in which they live. I found the pace of the first two thirds of Matched to be very slow. The scene is being set and we learn about life within The Society, however very little actually seems to happen. I would have liked to see a little more action happen sooner. Within the last 100 pages, the story really picks up, which piqued my interest and really made me wonder exactly what was going on. One of my biggest flaws with Matched was the way in which everyone within The Society was heterosexual, meaning that not a single character was gay. I found this to be unrealistic and would have liked to see this element played out and given more attention throughout the novel.

In terms of characters, I really liked Xander, who is chosen to be Cassia's match. He seemed to be kind, caring and to have a strong connection with Cassia, as they were best friends before being matched. What could be better than a relationship that results from friendship? Well Ky, is thrown into the mix, resulting in an interesting and different love triangle being created. The reasons behind why the love triangle comes about and transforms the way it does were really intriguing and added layers to what could be a typical love triangle. Even though I enjoyed the love triangle, I did not like the characters of Cassia or Ky. I found that it was very difficult to care about what happened to either of them as I felt no connection with them as characters. I found Cassia to be selfish and a little dull and I did not understand the attraction between her and Ky, which suddenly came about from nowhere. It felt as though Cassia was more obsessed with Ky then romantically attracted to him, which made me feel a little uneasy throughout.

Overall, I would say that if you ignore all the hype surrounding this novel, Matched is defiantly worth reading. The premise of this novel is fantastic and with it being part of a series I am interested to see where the next novel, Crossed, will take the story.

Anna Dressed in Blood
Anna Dressed in Blood
Price: £3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars An awesome scary read, 7 Oct. 2013
Ever since I first saw the cover of Anna Dressed In Blood I was captivated and dieing to get my hands on a copy. Anna Dressed In Blood is one of those books that I just kept seeing everywhere and I was unable to stop thinking about it until I had read it. With Halloween just around the corner I thought this would be the perfect scary read to get me in the mood. I was a little worried that because I was so excited for this book that once I started reading I would be disappointed. Let me tell you I was anything but disappointed.

Cas kills the dead. As did his father, before he was murdered by a ghost. Now he travels around the country with his father's deadly athame hunting down and killing ghosts who murder the living. When Cas receives details of a ghost named Anna Dressed In Blood he thinks she will be no different from all the others. Anna kills everyone who enters her home and still wears the same white dress she wore on the night of her death dripping with blood. For some reason though she ends up sparing Cas his life.

While I love a little horror in my life a lot of time when I watch a scary movie I usually just end up hiding behind a cushion scared beyond belief. With books, however I'm more about to deal with the horror and gruesome aspects involved. I'm not sure exactly why, maybe it's because with a book I can interpret details and descriptions in my own way. With Anna Dressed In Blood I felt that the scare factor was just right. Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of gory moments but with the action and the fast pace of the story I felt the horror was easier to deal with. There were no over the top gruesome moments, just enough vivid descriptions to have me on the edge of my seat completely intrigued and wanting to know what happens next. The pace is also just right, while it is fast and had me turning the pages, desperate to continue with the story, I was still able to take in all the details along the way.

What really got me the most with Anna Dressed In Blood was the way in which the story is not completely evil. While Anna is the ghost and villain, the story is more complex than that with Anna also being a form of victim too. I loved how this made the novel anything but your average scary ghost book. It added extra depth and really made me think about who Anna really was. I thought I had her figured out and then she would do something that would completely throw me off track. The interaction between Anna and Cas is also very unexpected and really interesting to read about. Each of the characters is unique and interesting in their own way. I loved the way in which a group of people who would never usually spend time in each others presence are thrown together and the dynamic works beautifully. The humour brought in with the use of the Ghostbusters term being used by the characters was also really refreshing and added a light break in the otherwise intense story.

My only issue with Anna Dressed in Blood was that while it was beautifully written, it is still a horror story, which has never been one of my favourite genres. The only reason I could not rate this book anymore than a four star is purely down to personal tastes and nothing more than that. Trying to come up with any other reason is just impossible, because quite frankly I have no other downsides.

Overall Anna Dressed In Blood is intense, scary, gruesome, funny and beautifully written, If you are looking for a scary read with depth that will have you hooked then this is defiantly the book for you. I recently find out there with another book in this series, titled Girl Of Nightmares and I cannot wait to read it. I just wish I didn't have to wait until next year to read it!

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