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Sérgio Iglésias "NightK" (Portugal)

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Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition (PS3)
Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition (PS3)
Offered by Tracymuk
Price: £32.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars How will you save Ferelden?, 9 May 2011
Dargon Age: Origins is a great game with a cliche but engaging story. The main selling point of this game is the fact that your choices have a great effect on the development of the story right from the beginning, your first choice will be to choose an Origin, Human Noble, Wizzard, City Elf, Dalish Elf, Dwarf Noble or Dwarf Commoner. After some events that force you to join the fight against the impending doom of Ferelden, you gather a party who later come to see you as their leader. the choices you make influence who join's your party and how the other members on your party react to you. There are limitations to this system but I must admit that I enjoyed every bit of it and there were few times when I wished for more. Traveling in Ferelden accomplishing things changes the areas you can visit, if you need to discuss with your party or prepare for the next quest go ahead and Camp. Camp is a place where you and your party gather at night for rest, there you can gossip with them, set tactics and equip them for the next quest. Random encounters happened from time to time and it could mean an ambush or a traveling caravan with items for sale.

The game plays on a third person perspective and the fighting had a slow pace akin to World of Warcraft while the dice were being rolled on the background, this allowed for some awesome fighting animations and finishes, when you engage in combat and order your character to attack he starts the auto-attack mode, then you are able to order specific skills to be used(Again much like World of Warcraft). Combat may be slow but I preferred it this way, it allowed me to enjoy the battle and the animations but sometimes the combat suffered from input lag and I'm sure fixing it while maintaining the slow pace with dices rolling in the back wasn't impossible.

Stats play an important role in this game and stat planning may be important or face becoming stuck at that not so over the top boss because his strength was your weak point, so completing your hero's weaknesses with your party members strengths is important as well.

Equipment in Origins wasn't few but most of it was weak overall, fortunately this edition comes with all the DLC's that adds some quests and some equipment.

Awekening was OK, but it was a lower quality story in my opinion still, the choices you could make on it were well done and I ended it satisfied.

The rest of the DLC's I found them boring and struggled to end them.

This game would have 5 stars if it wasn't for the textures, FPS issues on some crowded scenes and special effects scenes, occasional input lag and mostly those long and boring loading times. The game Loads and then loads some more! Every time you exit a location the game loads and takes its time to do it, if the story wasn't so engaging I would ditched the game before I had 10 hours into it, but it was and in the end I endured and ended it with more than 60 hours.

I also own the Pc collectors edition with no DLC, and most of the issues I had on my PS3 were not present on the PC version, so the PC version is indeed superior but, instead of playing on my laptop, I wanted to play in my HDTV so I decided to buy the ultimate edition for PS3 since it came bundled with "all" of the DLC.

So if the problems I mentioned don't bother you and/or you lack the required PC, go for the PS3 version, otherwise I'd recommend getting the PC version for more fluid gameplay, better graphics and the option to mod your game.

I said "all" of the DLC because EA forgot to include some DLC on the disk but I spoke with EA support through their chat support and got the issue resolved in no time.

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Ultimate All Stars (Wii)
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Ultimate All Stars (Wii)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Awesome underrated fighting tittle., 9 May 2011
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom is an Awesome over the top, underrated fighting game for nintendo Wii, it's colorful, balanced and fun.

The game has got several characters from the capcom series and others from tatsunoko's anime series, some characters may be only recognized by anime fans but others are well known, like Ken the Eagle and Karas. More "obscure" characters from tatsunoko include Gold Lightan, Neo-Human Cashern, Ippatsuman among others.

The game plays similar to Marvel Vs Capcom, each player chooses two characters for 2 on 2 fights. Characters can tag in and out in the middle of the fights or even attack at the same time for assists, combos and specials.

Capcom was able to develop a decent ranked online mode for the game, but searching for opoenents and time between fights were long and painful. Maybe if the game had a bigger online community these problems were solved but they do exist. There is a friends list and a Rival's list, when you fight someone you are then able to ask him if you can add him to your rival's list to check if he is online.

Overall I found the game very balanced and very very fun, most "Hardcore" fun I had on Wii for months(if nor years). It's a game my usual friends(who love Wii sports, Singstar and buzz and not much more)that come over enjoy, but it's the kind of game that old-school gamer friends(mega drive Aka Genesis and Snes original players) enjoy playing and it's the kind of game that starts as "What should we play? I Guess tatsunoko vs capcom while we think of something better." and ends on a tournament and a fun evening playing the game and trying to come out on top or winning that rematch that would redeem you of your previous humiliating defeat.

Norton Internet Security 2011, 3 Computers, 1 Year Subscription (PC)
Norton Internet Security 2011, 3 Computers, 1 Year Subscription (PC)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Internet Security suit for private use., 9 May 2011
I was a norton customer since I started using PC's(1996) and used it on Windows 95, Windows 98 SE and Windows Me, After so many sluggish applications by norton who burdened my computer so much more than I could stand I finally made my switch to nod32 and then to Kaspersky IS. And I've been using KIS since then, KIS 2008, 2009 and even 2010. After KIS license ended and experience of some problems with KIS 2010 from firewall hassle to detection(or lack of) problems I decided to try Norton Internet Security 2011 trial, I must admit I was surprised to see how light Norton actually was and it's heuristics defaults are good enough for me.
Norton is not lighter than KIS 2011 but from what I tested in my rig, it's not much more heavier on the system than KIS and I have found norton to be more effective, I've encountered two false positives by now but I guess it's better to have false positives than the other way around, also norton team seems to be on top of things with their updates.

The interface is appealing and for every threat detected, be it low or high, norton informs you of how many norton users suffered from it, norton also provides some more information as the level of cibercrime in the world map.

It come with a load of useful features from parental control to application ratings, browser security(for IE though), but the most useful feature was to be able to use it out of the box, I installed norton, registered, updated it and I didn't had to do anything else, norton keeps quiet and out of sight and I'm happy by using it's default definitions and it's smart and pro-active protections.

If you're looking for a great security suit for private use, norton is a good, silent and invisible one. From what I found the offer is the best one with casual price cuts.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (Mac/PC DVD-ROM)
Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (Mac/PC DVD-ROM)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £14.28

12 of 17 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Greed, 1 Oct. 2010
Don't get me wrong, the game itself is awesome, the campaign and story are well crafted, the gameplay is fun, the editor is very powerful and despite the harsh community the online is very competitive and it can be fun, even if you don't participate in ladder games you can play custom games. But much like other DRM schemes this one makes it a restricted experience.
Why is that? If the game is that fun, why do I insist in recommending NOT to buy it? Because:
1. The campaign isn't complete, they divided the game in three forcing players to buy the three of them.
2. No LAN play, if you played SC1 you know how awful this is. You can only play this game on-line with friends, that means that even if you are in the same room, you will each one have to get one copy and a different account.
3. 2.0, seems like a 0.2, there's no chat, custom map creation is worse than in the bnet other games.
4. It requires on-line activation every 30 days.
5. The game is never really yours.
6. Editor requires internet connection and saves maps in servers, giving blizzard the means to alter, delete or take away your creations, actually other users may do so also and claim the map their own. So this means that no user-made pluggins or editor modifications are possible, and much like youtube, all things star trek, star wars, stargate, aliens etc... will get deleted everyday.
7. No chat channels.

The game is fun, but I don't like how greedy the company decisions were, blizzard was known for their devotion to their games and their players, now I only see them wanting to cash in the game, a pitty. If you don't like the non-features of the game, then I'd recommend you to keep your money, My copy wasn't cheap and it's now a casual play.
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.hack//G.U.+ Volume 4
.hack//G.U.+ Volume 4
by Tatsuya Hamazaki
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Mostly for fans, 11 Mar. 2009
This review is from: .hack//G.U.+ Volume 4 (Paperback)
Okay, so this series isn't for everyone, anyone who doesn't know what .Hack// is may want to avoid this manga, without playing the PS2 games or watching the anime first this series will look confusing with no appeal.

The .Hack//G.U.+ Manga is an alternative story based on the ps2 game with a similar name not released in PAL regions, The story takes a different approach from the main story that I didn't like during the first or the second,but by the thrid volume I was satisfied and after reading volume 4 made me wanting more.

Story 4.5/5 - CC corp puts an ambitious man in charge of the world R2 that will not look to means for is end, he puts every player in the world in danger just to obtain power, Haseo is powerless against him since this man already got powers that can rival the Epitath Users and he also has administrator rights that makes him even more dangerous, that is when an hacker helps Haseo by installing cheats and Hacks on Haseo's Player Character.

Artwork 4/5 - I love .Hack// design and art style, but the new character style seems a bit out of place, otherwise it would've taken a 5.

Quality 5/5 - Tokyo Pop's paperback manga are usually good quality, and this one has a very good quality, solid feel to the book, awesome front page art, great colored first pages and even the paper feels rough and solid(for paperback).

Verdict: For those who do know what .Hack// is I'd give a 5/5 for this series, but for those who don't know, Well, Volume 1 and 2 would have a 3/5 because they would be confusing and not very enjoyable, 3.5/5 for volume 3 and a 4/5 for this one.

Puri Puri Volume 1: v. 1
Puri Puri Volume 1: v. 1
by Taro Chiaki
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable, 11 Mar. 2009
Puri Puri is a fun school boy romance comedy, but I never found it extremely good (or bad for that matter) and in no moment did I feel hooked to the manga, there are lot's of ecchi moments and most of them in funny situations, this being said it's an average manga, it is fun but I feel that I could have bought another manga instead.

Story: 3.5/5 - Fun, but didn't get me hooked.
Artwork: 4/5 - Common artwork style but nicely drawn and fulfils its purpose.
Book Quality: 1.5/5 - The paper from the book is thin, yellowish and it doesn't feel solid when you're reading it, I know that it's paperback but compared to Tokyo Pop's paperback quality or Sundome Manga paperback book quality, this one doesn't even compare.

WarCraft War of the Ancients Archive
WarCraft War of the Ancients Archive
by Richard A. Knaak
Edition: Paperback

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome tale, 25 Sept. 2008
If you know about warcraft lore or are a warcraft fan, you will enjoy this book, it's written in a way that gets you hooked wondering what will happen next, most fans know what happened in the beginning of the universe of warcraft, the titans shaped the worlds and protected them from evil, the titan guardian and warrior Sargeras fought the evil countless times, but their crimes, their chaotic and evil nature, confused the lawfull titan and in the end corrupted and twisted is mind, he decided then that everything should be destroyed and became the leader of the burning legion, an empire of demons and twisted beings that seeks to devour and destroy everything that exists.

The book takes place 10,000 years before Warcraft III, when the arrogance of the Night Elves and abusive use of magic caught the attention of Sargeras.

Book: 3 out of 5 - The book quality is poor, the paperback cover doesn't really suit such big book and the pages are really thin and weak. As for the cover, the art is very good and charming, showing the 3 main characters of the night elven race of warcraft III.

Story: 5 out of 5 - This is my favourite part of the lore of warcraft, and the book succeeds in showing us what was so confusing in Warcraft III, what were Illidan crimes, how did the elves become immortal and so protective of their territory, how Tyrand became the high priestess, how furion became so powerfull and leader of the Night Elves and also it explains some neat details of the lore like the demon soul, the naga and the sundering.

Overall: 5 out of 5 - the book is really good, I enjoyed every bit of it and got hooked, it made me respect individuals from each race in another way, Humans, Dragons, Demigods, Night Elves, Orcs, Tauren, etc... For every race had their good side despite their differences while conflict existed because of politics and because of those in charge.
If you like Warcraft, you will enjoy this book that's for sure.

.hack//G.U.+ Volume 1: v. 1
.hack//G.U.+ Volume 1: v. 1
by Tatsuya Hamazaki
Edition: Paperback

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good read for fans, confusing for everyone else, 25 Sept. 2008
Like the title describes it, this is directed for fans of the series, It is a manga based on .Hack//G.U. games for PS2, Since I imagine it is a bit confusing for anyone who didn't play the games I was about to give a 3 star rating but, the art is great and the overall book quality is good(I love most tokyopop releases) so I decided to give it a 4 star, I guess it's because .hack// is a multi-media project(Novels, manga, games, anime complete themselves together) so obviously you need to know a bit of every media to really enjoy it.

The story itself is an alternative version of the games, it's not bad, actually I liked it but some parts feel rushed and are confusing, Some more pages or another volume or two wouldn't hurt if it would mean to make it a more solid tale.

Book quality: 5 out of 5 - I love the artcover, the quality of the cover is good also also, tokyopop relase usually means quality.

Art: 5 out of 5 - Despite not paying attention to the artists when buying manga, Yuzuka Morita is not well known, but it came out as a good surprise, the art is awesome and really captures the feel of the series.

Story: 3 out of 5 - The story is good, an alternative version of the main plot, despite deserving a 4 some parts feel rushed and confused that spoil the fun in some cases, so I must rate it lower.

Overall: 4 out of 5 - The book is good just not great, if you don't know what .Hack// is, probably you won't understand half of the story because it is a sequel to .Hack//Roots(anime) and even if you've seen the anime and didn't play the PS2 games you may find some parts confusing because some key things are not explained like in the game.
Fans will find this manga fun and a nice addition for a collection and I look forward to the rest of the manga.

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