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Lumie Bodyclock IRIS 500 - Aromatherapy Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
Lumie Bodyclock IRIS 500 - Aromatherapy Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
Price: £160.00

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars WONDER MACHINE, 13 Oct. 2015
I recently bought the Lumie Bodyclock 500 (not off Amazon as I found it considerably cheaper elsewhere) and felt I had to write a positive review on this amazing 'tool'. It has absolutely changed mine and my husband's lives; and I'm not being over-dramatic when I say this. We have been using this for around a week now.

There seems to be the general view from other reviewers that the menu is fairly complex, and when I first unboxed it and decided to program it late into the evening, this did turn out to be a mistake as I discovered through that first night; but with a 'morning' head, tackling the instructions did seem easier and workable. And now, having used it regularly, they do make sense. However, I did get confused over the Sunset setting - how to commence it (without programming an alarm for it - there's only an alarm for Sunrise); then discovered you just press the Sunset button on the remote to activate it - silly, I know.

The clock works on a 24-hour clock basis.
When setting the alarm, you have to work backwards when thinking in terms of light and aromatherapy. The light is 'stepped' (and you choose the amount of time you want it to take getting from zero light to...however bright you want the end point to be). For instance, we get up at 6.15 - we want to wake gradually so program the light to take 30 mins. to reach its full brightness setting. This means that the faintest of lights starts to appear at 05.45 then gradually steps up through the incremental stages to reach full brightness at 06.15 (and this automatically remains for 30mins. afterwards before turning itself off). The scent can also begin at the same time or earlier.

One morning, after the alarm's process had finished, the whole machine seemed to turn itself off and I just couldn't seem to get it back on again whatever I pressed on the remote. I mistakenly thought it was faulty. But I pressed the 'alarm' symbol on the clock itself and the clock came back on - the alarm had been automatically deactivated at the end of the process. Then I could activate the light and the scent to remain on continually. But it's important to remember to press that alarm symbol again on the clock before bedtime so as to re-activate it.

We choose not to have the alarm sound which is a blessing. There is this option when programming.
We also choose not to have the display on at night, or a nightlight. However, some might find this nightlight quite soothing.

Regarding Sunset - you programme the type of sunset you want in terms of light and scent. The longer you want to 'come down' you just programme it that way - between 90mins. and 15mins. We find 60 mins. is quite good - the light seems to fade at a decent decline. But even then, if you forget to set it and suddenly programme in 15mins. before bed and the light seems too bright, you can just press the down arrow on the remote - this steps the light down - just keep pressing to get the right amount of light - brilliant. And because I like the scent all through the night, I also click the 'sunset scent' symbol on the remote. Another brilliant thing is that your Sunrise alarm just overrides these settings - so we get Sunset scents all through the night leading straight into Sunrise scents in the morning - ingenious.

About the aromatherapy - there is a discernible hum all the while this is working. Some of us might not notice it; I have very clear hearing and have to wear foam earplugs at night anyway - still, I can hear that hum before sleep. It's faint, but in the still of night, it's definitely there. But when I happen to wake at odd times, I have to say that I'm not listening out for it - it's as though my mind's adapted and I cannot hear it.
Another thing, regarding the chambers for the oils - I notice that, filled to the minimum mark, there is a water noise from the activity of the aromatherapy working away; but that, filled to maximum, there is no water noise. Filled to maximum (no great shakes), you have peace of mind that the chambers won't run out of water for the entire 24-hour period you may be activating the aromatherapy. When I come to cleaning them out each evening, the water has gone down halfway.

My husband and I have had trouble sleeping for years now (for different reasons - I am menopausal) and we are not ones to dip into the pharmaceutical cabinet for sleeping tablets. We tried various things previously - herb teas, exercise, light music - unfortunately to no avail.

But things seem a lot more hopeful now as we seem to be responding to this clock - the stepped light and the constant night scent actually seem to be working for us and we find ourselves dropping off with a heavier night's sleep. (Menopausally, I'm finding the constant night scent bringing down my heart rate taking me to a relaxed state). If I'm sleeping better, then it's a sure bet that my husband will. We have the clock positioned a little way behind our heads and can feel the very hint of coolness coming from the faint jet upwards of scent - it feels crystal fresh and I love it. This also helps counteract my heated nights.

Sunrise is spectacular. Again, the combination of the Sunrise scent and stepped up lighting is making us feel brighter upon waking - psychologically ready to rise - happier, definitely, on these dark mornings.

Regarding aromatherapy oils (I use a couple of drops of each oil) - for Sunset I use a combination of Rosewood, Spike Lavender (decongestant) and Patchouli - my husband no longer snores and we both feel our sinuses are clearer when lying down. For Sunrise, I use Spike Lavender, Geranium and Peppermint. I clean the chambers nightly and make fresh each time - really makes a difference to the depth of scent in the room.

I thoroughly recommend it and would buy one for every room if it was cheaper. If this one breaks down in the next year or two, we'll definitely be replacing it.

Norstar BioMagnetics NS150 Neo Therapy Magnets (2 per Pack)
Norstar BioMagnetics NS150 Neo Therapy Magnets (2 per Pack)
Price: £28.55

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars MAGICAL REMEDY, 13 Sept. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought for my husband who works in construction and who, over the past couple of years, has suffered from a slipped disc and various other back/neck/arm problems associated with the stresses and strains of his workaday world. I'm loathe to go down the pharmaceutical route in popping pills, so choose to look at alternative ways of healing.

I already own a Ladycare magnet which I have been using for the past couple of months or more to great advantage as it seems to have totally changed my premenopausal life for the better - what was hell before, transformed completely - a situation I could never have imagined, as I'm now pain and symptom-free. My husband, who saw the benefits of magnetic therapy, decided to try for himself, so I invested in the 4pain magnet (another product of Magnopulse) but it was hard to keep close to the affected area due to the fact it clips to clothes. Hence the foray into Norstar territory. We bought the pair as they are stronger than the smaller ones, their impacting force therapeutically engaging a larger area of the body both in terms of surface and depth.

Well, it's got to the stage that he demands they be worn as they actually work - he wears these little 1" gems all the time taped upon and around the painful, affected area, and miraculously, any sprain or strain in the body just goes away, often starting to ease within 20 mins. or so while keeping them taped on overnight and through work the next day (with the brilliant Micropore surgical adhesive tape) until the next ache reveals itself. (They always have to be removed before bathing as they mustn't get wet. And a warning - they must not be worn with a pacemaker as they're quite strong).

Well, my husband is now starting to recommend them to guys he works alongside which speaks volumes.
He positively swears by them.

LadyCare a natural therapy for menopause symptoms
LadyCare a natural therapy for menopause symptoms
Price: £36.50

310 of 339 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A SCIENTIFIC GEM, 11 July 2013
Saw this advertised on Amazon (though I bought direct from Boots) and thought I'd try it out as I'd been having a shocking time health-wise and felt rather desperate. I'm 50, peri-menopausal, and problems have been coming on at a gradual rate (I realise) for the past 4 years. I've been suffering from sleep problems (hot at night, interrupted sleep, restless legs, dry mouth), really aching joints, complete lack of libido, and one of the worst symptoms - palpitations and pounding heartbeat, especially when going to bed. Also, extreme fatigue during the day. I tried progesterone cream about 3 years ago but the results so scared me I thought I was going to have a heart attack - the pounding heart and palpitations worsened to great extent, even using the smallest amount.

So about 4 months ago, my periods stopped, and I started noticing my hormones would seem to literally switch on and off in a moment, so that I found myself in a continual mid-cycle merry-go-round with no prospect of getting off it. But this time, mid-cycle pain came into the equation, with bloatedness, discomfort and pre-menstrual migraine headaches but with no resolution of a period. I also started to experience feelings of irritability, mood-swings and utter lowness in myself for seeming no reason. Living seemed impossible.

Around a week and a half go, I started using the magnet. (I had to buy some tighter knickers to hold the magnet in place by the way - they suggest it's positioned about four inches below the navel). I tried, as the instructions suggested, using it 24 hours a day. After 2 days and nights, I started to experience palpitations and pounding heart again at night. The customer service at Ladycare advised that this was normal - it was the autonomic system adjusting - but that I should wear it sporadically at first, for the first week or so until my body got used to the device, eg. 3 hours on 1 hour off and to remove it at night. So, I began to do this and have been gradually building up. The pounding heart subsided and palpitations grew less after a couple of days. Now, just over a week later, I can only say that my life has changed irrevocably. It's amazing. I feel much much better in myself. That mid-cycle process seems to have abated. I have so much more energy during the day, I'm sleeping better at night, my libido has completely returned, no dry mouth at night, no palpitations or pounding heart, no period pains, my aching joints have lessened, no migraines; I'm actually cycling more now - life seems suddenly easier and I no longer feel it as an uphill struggle - I'm able to work better and I'm so much more happy than before.

No one told me the menopausal phase of our lives could be so problematic and I had no idea what was to happen, so it came as quite a shock to experience something far worse (for me) than the menstruating life I'd formerly experienced. I hope this review gives other women who are suffering the hope they deserve - this phase in our lives can be extremely debilitating and it's so unfair.

Truly amazing stuff.

p.s. I have spoken to the customer service at Ladycare a few times and it did seem strange speaking of female problems to an all-male team. But the last time I called, the man I spoke to answered the phone as "Magnopulse" and I realised that the Ladycare magnet is probably just one of the many magnetic products they specialise in.

UPDATE: it is now the middle of August and I must confess that, for around six weeks I did hold back on wearing the magnet 24 hours a day because I just didn't feel ready in myself although I was still seeing the brilliant benefits even then - but in this last week or so I have switched to wearing the entire time (apart from when showering) and it has been almost eight weeks since first I started wearing it at all and I have to say that it has truly been a revelation. As somebody who also suffered from endometriosis most of my life with unbearable pain most of the month, I can only say that, all that pain is now a thing of the past. I can now cycle up hills and run without any problems of pain at all. If only there had been something like this around when I was growing up - my life would surely have been different.

UPDATE: it is now October 2015 and I am now 52 - I've been wearing this same magnet for over two years. About a year ago, I lost the small button and used the button from another of Magnopulse's products - it didn't work. When I spoke to their customer service, they told me that the menopause magnet is very strong and that the button for this has the same built-in strength. So I had to replace it for £8.00. The button arrived the next morning after ordering online.

But fairly recently, I had a slightly problematic time wearing it - I should add that my job (I model in art classes) means that my wearing of the magnet is constantly interrupted. It has been like this from the beginning. So I began having more heart pounding at night, restless leg, insomnia - resulting often in removing it at night so that my heart could calm down. About a few weeks ago, I decided to see how it would be if I kept it off and decided not to wear it for a couple of days - by the third day, I started having hot sweats and my joints felt very painful - I also started to feel very lethargic.
I got my answer.
Back on went the magnet and those negative menopausal symptoms subsided - very quickly, I have to say. And so I felt I should write with a further endorsement of this amazing contraption.
I realise that this works to great extent and without it, I would really be in dire straits.
Some days, I just cannot get to wear it the whole time through but this little device is so forgiving. It soon puts me back on a fairly even keel. It's like the adorable cat who sulks now and again in order to show you that you cannot ignore him but who, however, always, always returns.

Although I'm essentially reviewing the Ladycare magnet, I feel I need to add to the shortfalls this magnet produces in my situation; and so would like to pass this on. One thing is absolutely certain - I will not live life without this magnet. But it's not an entirely clear picture and so I'm trying to deal with the rest (this could be because of all the interruptions in wearing it). Some other things which have helped me greatly which might help others:-

Magnesium/Calcium before bed.
Regular inclusion of seaweed (for iodine).

Peter D'Adamo's 'Live Right for your Type'. The Blood Type diet. Within a week of being on this, literally ALL my aches and pains went. I put my husband on it and even his aches and pains all went. We've now been on this diet for a year and a half. Before then, we suffered regularly with pain but we no longer do. It's an amazing diet. It also explained a lot of things about how we react to the wrong foods and how we react to each other (we're basically two opposing blood types which caused a lot of problems). It confirmed so many things for me. But it also taught me that so-called 'healthy' foods are not healthy for all. I was a soya-based vegetarian who grew my own sprouts and ate wholegrains and as I'm in charge of the cooking, my husband just ate what I gave him. I couldn't understand why my husband seemed to have severe digestive problems a lot of the time. D'Adamo's book taught me that he should ideally have been eating meat, be on a dairy-based diet with no sprouted seeds, or sunflower, sesame, pumpkin seeds whatever. I'd been inadvertently 'poisoning' his system with all my 'healthy' foods. I also had to change a few things for mine - but this did work for us.

I've just invested in a Lumie Bodyclock 500 - an amazing little device which means I can have aromatherapy - (night oils all through the night) and which has helped get me back off to sleep and wake up refreshed (with morning oils) - there are two scent chambers and an LED light which can be programmed to be stepped down gradually from bright to zero in maximum 90 mins.(this is the Sunset aspect) and a Sunrise aspect going in the opposite direction. Because of my continual waking up though the night, I worried I might have to start taking the hormone Melatonin to get my circadian rhythms back into sync. But this combination of stepped light and aromatherapy brings my cortisol levels down incredibly (along with listening to binaural music).

Plugging into binaural music on my mp3 player (some would not consider this music at all, but, again, I find this stuff also really helps to bring down my overbearing heartbeat at night) and now it's part of my regular nightly routine. It's more effective when listening through headphones (it's essentially two different notes - one in one ear, another in the other - which are at very low frequency and which I've found slow my heartbeat down and help to calm me). Listening to this stuff is not everyone's cup of tea but it does work for me. You can find binaural music for all sorts of conditions - I use a Serotonin (feel good) sample that goes into a deep sleep sample. By the end of them (around 10mins.) I can't stop yawning; and with the aid of the Lumie 500, does the trick for a more restful sleep.

I now no longer feel I have to remove the magnet at night because of these things.
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Ecolon Frying Pan - 26cm Purple - scratch resistant ceramic based non-stick - cast aluminium
Ecolon Frying Pan - 26cm Purple - scratch resistant ceramic based non-stick - cast aluminium
Offered by Emporium Cookshop & Homewares
Price: £27.98

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars MORE THAN PLEASED, 23 Mar. 2012
I bought into Ecolon cookware about two months ago with this initial purchase after searching around for some 'healthy' alternative to Teflon.

I'd read some not very favourable reviews of other brands and so decided to plump for Neoflam's own which, although seeming to be fairly new, yet had some (albeit not many) highly promising reviews. I have not been disappointed.

This pan gets daily use and has certainly lived up to the promises made by the company. I started to worry previously with my old stainless-steel pan due to the amount of oil I was having to use on a daily basis - all food seemed to dry out very quickly whilst cooking. With this pan, I just use the bare minimum and add all my usual spices - no clogging or drying out at all; and as a result, we're feeling so much healthier. Whether cooking fried eggs, pancakes or a whole coterie of ingredients this is brilliant. The icing on the cake is the fact of being able to use metal implements, it gives a 'nice heat' and cleans so easily. It is also fairly light in weight. Around 6 months ago, I decided to take the plunge and bought a Green pan saucepan. It wasn't cheap. I also found it so impractically heavy, the domed base to be proving useless when wanting to pour ingredients from it (like soup), and it started 'pitting' around three months ago - also bear in mind that you have to use non-metal implements.

Anyway, I've moved on. And am so pleased with the Ecolon that I'm definitely going to invest in more of it.

Georges Medical Olive Oil Ear Drops
Georges Medical Olive Oil Ear Drops
Offered by Pharmacy Depot
Price: £5.49

36 of 39 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars light duties, 19 Oct. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this with the intention of clearing the wax from my husband's ears. The last time he'd had them syringed was 10 years ago and in between lay a decade of various heavy-duty aural pummelling varying from construction sites to football matches to rock and pop music concerts, not to mention the dirt and dust of living, travelling and working in inner city situations, not to mention mp4 files plugged directly into these sensitive cavities.

I applied the olive oil faithfully for 7 days and nights, leaving him on his side each time for 5 mins. apiece (a very messy business) and finally set about syringing using the Acu-Life Ear Wax Removal Syringe (using the safer three jets of water from the syringe tip). With very little happening and my husband finding the process quite discomforting, I looked inside the ears with a torch - they still looked very compacted with dry wax. The olive oil had failed to infiltrate the inner reaches, and now he was completely deaf and didn't want anything else to go in his ears.

The following day, the local chemist suggested the most wonderful solution - Sodium Bicarbonate - a substance usually recommended by the doctor - a mere £1.20 straight over the counter - it's a heavy-duty answer to stubborn wax.

The first time of application, it fizzed in my husband's ears - there was trepidation. We continued using it for exactly 3 days and nights (trying to keep it to 3x a day as the pharmacist recommended) and then I tried the syringe again. Warm water (at body temperature) was flushed into the ear canals - my husband counted 34 flushes for the first ear and 44 flushes for the second - quite a few, so don't expect it all to happen straight away. And this time, the flushing didn't hurt him as the previously-impacted wax had quite softened. The wax didn't fall out, it was too stringy for that, but the process was thorough and patience rewarded. The syringe was brilliant and the flushing caused absolutely no pain.

It was like rebirth - new ears, new sounds.."Now lead me to the music".
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