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#1 BEST Probiotic Supplement - 60 Day Supply with 100% Moneyback Guarantee - Improve Digestion, Immune Function, & Bone Density. Improve Bowel Regularity, Vitamin Production, & Increase Energy with the Most Potent Probiotic Available by Nutrition Essentials (60 Tablets / 60 Day Supply)
#1 BEST Probiotic Supplement - 60 Day Supply with 100% Moneyback Guarantee - Improve Digestion, Immune Function, & Bone Density. Improve Bowel Regularity, Vitamin Production, & Increase Energy with the Most Potent Probiotic Available by Nutrition Essentials (60 Tablets / 60 Day Supply)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Essential!, 13 April 2015
Three months ago I was attacked with four concurrent attacks of diverticulitis that wouldn’t go away. After a final 4-day hospitalization, the situation improved, but I was told to change my diet quite a bit to prevent future attacks. Essential Nutrition Probiotics was recommended by my doctor as it has a high concentration of CFUS/bottle.

Just one pill a day with my vitamins and I can be sure that the probiotics materials essential to my digestive health are there. The price is extremely reasonable considering the price of getting ill. Its amazing how much I learned by getting ill and recovering and keeping that recovery continuous.

Winston Churchill and the Treasure of Mapungubwe Hill: A Novel
Winston Churchill and the Treasure of Mapungubwe Hill: A Novel
by Christopher Angus
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.71

5.0 out of 5 stars Wild Ride, 27 Mar. 2015
If you read any of Christopher Angus's novels you'll see a common thread that pulls them all together. Mixing real history with fictitious characters, Angus brings the reader into a world of adventure that reminds one of any classic swashbuckler story or film. The structures of the novels are set up like a film script with several stories happening at once each with its rising tensions culminating in a climax, only to be pushed further to the next highlight.

Mapungubwe Hill is no exception, with a young Winston Churchill subjected to cliffhanger episodes all centered around a hidden treasure known by this name. Like 'Flypaper', "The Last Titanic Story" and 'London Underground", there are ancient tombs, magnificent palaces, wars, secrets, romance and rivalries. Again the reader is pulled into the challenging world of World War II and Hitler and his forces.

Mapungubwe Hill is just as exciting a ride as any of Angus's previous novels. I enjoy his cliffhanger style and the interplay of characters and situations. If you liked any of his previous works, you'll enjoy Mapungubwe Hill just as much.

Ivation Smart Bluetooth wireless Electronic Padlock Metal 3 and a ½ Inch - Works w/iOS & Android Devices - sheds, safety deposit boxes, lockers & more the ultimate in security - Control your Lock from your Phone - Black
Ivation Smart Bluetooth wireless Electronic Padlock Metal 3 and a ½ Inch - Works w/iOS & Android Devices - sheds, safety deposit boxes, lockers & more the ultimate in security - Control your Lock from your Phone - Black
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5.0 out of 5 stars Too Easy & Too Secure!, 23 Mar. 2015
This is one powerful, strong and cool padlock. The use is easy. Simply download the app – “KeePS Padlock” and you are on the way. Unlocking the padlock is easy with your phone. Press the padlock central button until it flashes red. Tap the ‘unlock’ on your phone app and it unlocks. Close it to secure your valuables. When you want to unlock it, do the same thing. It really is that easy.

The construction is foolproof. There is no lock to pick and the metal is powerfully strong. The padlock runs on two cell batteries (included) that are easily installed. The best part is that there are no codes to remember or keys to carry. The only thing I can find a problem is that you cannot lock your phone up inside a locker with this padlock. That’s a small concern considering this strong secure padlock.

By the way, if you do lock your phone in your locker you can login from a different phone only if you know your registration
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Price: £17.58

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Career Pinnacle!, 23 Mar. 2015
This review is from: 1974-1979 (Audio CD)
1974-1979 was the pinnacle of the Bee Gees career and creativity. They were the top band in the seventies. So, this collection is a wonderful set with some important items missing. This is the holy grail of seventies music by the biggest band at the time. Never mind whatever is happening with Barry Gibb, Rhino and Warners. This set has its triumphs and miss-steps.

“Mr. Natural” was the first change from the ballad-stuck Bee Gees where producers Arif Mardin and Robert Stigwood heavily pushed the Gibbs into recording something different than the usual ballad and dip more readily into their R&B. Soul music was already in their blood but it was stuck. With Mr. Natural they released three singles, all seemingly odd choices from an album that has great songs. From, “Heaving Breathing” and “I Can’t Let You Go” to the powerful “Dogs” and “Down The Road”, it is a great collection. All their harmonies, songwriting skills are heavily pronounced. Only “Mr. Natural” had the funk that was the turning point but it was a good funk.
*In the UK the album did not chart nor did the three singles, “Mr. Natural”, “Throw A Penny” and “Charade”.
On the next album, “Main Course”, Arif Mardin pushed them harder and they went to Eric Clapton’s Miami recording house, 461 Ocean Boulevard. It was there that they produced some more of the classic ballads, “Country Lanes”, Songbird” and “Edge Of The Universe”, but the R&B and funk got so good it sky-rocketed them up the charts. Sure the country flavored, “Come On Over” was a hit for Olivia Newton-John, but “Jive Talkin”, Nights On Broadway” and “Fanny (Be Tender With My Love” were huge hits. The rise was starting fast. Barry’s newly discovered falsetto started a new qualified sound that helped enormously.
*In the UK the album did not chart. “Jive Talkin” charted #5 and “Nights On Broadway and “Fanny…” did not chart.
The subsequent album was solely produced by the Bee gees with Arif Mardin out of the picture, so the pressure was high. The Gibbs set forth and produced an even more consistently R&B/black sounding ‘white-eyed soul’ album than before. Nearly every song was soulfully arranged with the black Philadelphia sound and it was a huge hit. “You Stepped Into My Life”, “”Lovers”, “Children Of the World” and “Subway” were strong album cuts, but the singles were stronger than ever.
*In the UK, the album did not chart. “You Should Be Dancing charted #5, Love So Right” charted #41 and “Boogie child” did not chart.
“The Miami Years” is an interesting collection from the “Saturday Night Fever” album and other album cuts and singles from that period. This is a controversial album. The songs include the four new SNF from that album along with a Samantha Song hit, “Emotion” (#4 in the UK) - two Andy Gibb cuts, “Warm Ride” and the single “(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away” - the B-Side to “Stayin Alive”, “If I Can’t Have You” (a #4 hit for Yvonne Elliman in the UK) - another Bee Gees country chart, “Rest Your Love On Me” (also an Andy Gibb album cut) and an odd B-Side from “Mr. Natural”, “It Doesn’t Matter Much To Me” (a song that has three different versions) and is a typical Bee gees pop ballad. Since “Stayin Alive” was so huge, the 12” version is also included with a strong horn section. All these songs have been released digitally before.

After “Saturday Night Fever” (charting #1) and numerous singles written and recorded by others, The Bee Gees were beyond touchable as the kings of pop radio. “Spirits Having Flown” was a Barry falsetto dominated album with him taking the lead on every song. The dance numbers and disco were gone, but the R&B and funk remained on great songs like, “Search, Find”, “Living Together” and “I’m Satisfied”.
*In the UK, the album charted #1. The single, “Tragedy” charted at #1, "Too Much Heaven charted at #3 and “Love You Inside Out” charted at #13. The song, “Spirits Having Flown” was a hit at #16. Andy Gibb’s version of “(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away” went to #32. This is amazing as are the songs.
The disappointing part of this collection is the lack of lyrics, photos or notes. There is NO booklet. The Bee Gees considered themselves songwriters first above everything. And no notes demarking the historic rise of this period is perplexing. This is such an amazing story of pop history the note and photos that could have been included boggles the mind. Who made these decisions? The clam box is typical for reissues now and the five albums are faithfully reproduced front and back, but in cheap cardboard sleeves and not plastic CD’s. The songs that were not previously remastered are done well now. “Mr. Natural” shows new life as do the others.
It’s an historic release of a fantastic period of music and the music makes up for most omissions, but there is still hope that a better collection might come in the future. If not for being five amazing albums, I would never buy this ‘box set’.
*Album and single charts information taken from, “The Authorized Biography” by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb as told to David Leaf and Wikipedia.

Heathen (Ms)
Heathen (Ms)

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Surround, 20 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Heathen (Ms) (Audio CD)
"Heathen" was a hard listen for me, initially; with it's over-sampled guitar work. However, when I acquired a system that decodes SACD's, this album completely changed in sound and dynamics. With surround sound and the exquisite remastering, you can truly hear the layers of music that Bowie intended you to hear. "Sunday" and "5:15" are especially breathtaking on this disc and "Everyone Says Hi" turns from silly and simple to fun and phenomenal.

Also, this SACD contains four more songs that were only available on special discs or singles. The Fall of 2006 should allow Sony to release inexpensive SACD Surround Sound systems and this SACD should be your first purchase. The experience is simply spine tingling and ethereal. Bowie always was ahead of the game in music and styles.

Mr. Natural [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)]
Mr. Natural [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)]

5.0 out of 5 stars A Glimpse Of The Genius To Come, 18 Feb. 2015
Mr. Natural only reached #198 on the USA Billboard charts and comprises a significant transition period for the Bee Gees. With the help of veteran producer Arif Mardin, the Gibbs put together a smattering of different styled songs, ranging from rock to R&B to ballads. Their album before (A Kick In The Head...) was not released and the album afterwards (Main Course) skyrocketed up the charts with a #1 single and started the Bee Gees on the present course they enjoy now. Although none of the singles (Throw A Penny, Mr. Natural and Charade) made much of an impact, it still is a "which style do we go with guys?" album. However, it is one of the most diverse albums of the Bee Gees career. Oddly, the stations seemed to play "Dogs" now and then, even though it was not released as a single. "Give A Hand, Take A Hand" was an older song from 1969 that the Gibbs rerecorded after The Staple Singers did well with it. The song styles waver through soft, sensual ballads like "Charade" and then jump into a strange, heavily transitioned song "Throw A Penny" into a fast rock number called "Down The Road", which was a staple in their concerts. "Mr. Natural " comes closest to a true R&B song, but seems forced. "Lost In Your Love" is a trademark Bee Gees tear-jerker and "Voices" really takes advantage of Robin's great vocals. "Heavy Breathing" is a simple, but rocking song, but is then followed by an obligatory tear-jerking ballad "Had A Lot Of Love Last Night". What a variety! It's clear that the Gibbs maintained a grip on their older style while diving into a new style that would make the public give it a good, hard listen. Should you buy it? (as if you don't have 5 copies already). Yes, there are many memorable tracks. On this album you can really feel the 'hunger' the Gibbs had!

Life in a Tin Can
Life in a Tin Can
Price: £33.96

4.0 out of 5 stars Short, Sweet & Amazing, 18 Feb. 2015
This review is from: Life in a Tin Can (Audio CD)
Even though this CD barely garnered a hit, "Saw A New Morning" and was poorly received by the public, the concerts were still going strong during this period (1973). Hedging more towards country, The Bee Gees crafted some fine acoustic work here with, "South Dakota Morning, "Living In Chicago" and the upbeat rocker, "Come Home Johnny Bridie".

"I Don't Wanna Be The One" and "My Life Has Been A Song" are a tad bit of the old cornball ballads. However, "While I Play" is a Barry Gibb standout cut. Recorded with such celebrated studio musicians as, Jim Keltner on drums, pianist Jane Getz, 'Sneaky Pete' on steel guitar and the Bee Gees own, Alan Kendall, this album is first rate. It is a shame it only clocks in at less than 33 minutes.

Recording during one of the slowest periods of their career in Los Angeles, this album pumps out more country than pop or rock, but still displays the amazing song-writing talents and guitar work the Bee Gees were known for, especially in this early American period. They appeared on the Johnny Carson show frequently and the Midnight Special, such was their popular draw.

To Whom It May Concern
To Whom It May Concern
Price: £67.49

4.0 out of 5 stars Hits From The Hungry Years, 18 Feb. 2015
This review is from: To Whom It May Concern (Audio CD)
Released in one of the Gibb's slow periods (1972), this CD contains mostly a collection of individual works, most of it hodgepodge, but there is still a humble brilliance to most of the songs. However, for the real Bee Gees fan, it is a must have.

Other than the big hit, "Run To Me", other standout cuts are, "Road To Alaska", a unique toe-tapping rocker frequently used in concerts and "Bad Bad Dreams" (kudos to lead guitarist Alan Kendall), "Paper Mache, Cabbages & Kings", a fun novelty song that bounces around with oddball lyrics, "You Know It's For You", A Maurice Gibb song that is one of his best lively mood songs and "Alive", a poorly received Top forty single that is one of the best written ballads the Bee Gees have done. The mood varies and the variety of instruments played solely by Maurice is remarkable. It is worth a listen if not a purchase.

Downplayed by the Bee Gees, this album still represents their 'hungry period' and some of the vocal and guitar/keyboard work is remarkable. It may not be a concept album, but it provides an ample supply of finely crafted pop tunes. Even the very short, "Please Don't Turn out the Lights" manages to exude a mood by the end of its brief harmonic burst.

Price: £48.78

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5.0 out of 5 stars The True Concept Album!, 18 Feb. 2015
This review is from: Trafalgar (Audio CD)
Although "Odessa" has been stated to be a concept album, "Trafalgar" seems to be more consistent in it's theme and musical harmony. Taking the motif from the battle of Trafalgar, this album excels in diversity and vocal variety. "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" was #1 in the United States for four weeks but "Israel" was only released in Europe as a single. No matter. "Israel" shows demonstrates Barry's flair for screaming rhythm and blues with a marvelously typical passion.

"Remembering" and "Dearest" are two ballads that Robin and Barry suck sorrow from their gut that surpasses anything they have sung before this album. Maurice also excels with a strong, consistent heavy bass and a piano pounding energy in songs such as "Somebody Stop The Music", "Israel" and "Walking Back To Waterloo". He was quoted as saying that Barry loved all his multi-layered work on the song "Trafalgar" and told him not to change a thing. He stated he felt surprised and happy to gain brother Barry's unconditional approval. "When Do I" shocks the listener with Robin's vocal range, stretching his pronounced vocals to the limit. Robin also screams out the blues on "Lion In Winter", fading into a rising orchestral arrangement. Maurice gets his way with "It's Just The Way" with some nice overlayed guitar work. Want to rock? "Somebody Stop The Music" pulls out all the stops and proves the Gibbs can still belt them out.

On a more somber note, I wonder why "Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself" was released as a US single. It is far too long for AM radio and somewhat sullen. However, it did get to #52 on the AM charts, so it couldn't have been that unpopular. What better a song to finish this masterpiece than "Walking Back To Waterloo", a grand finale. What make this album so consistent? All songs have a orchestral lushness that carries from song to song, giving it a rich and appealing feel. Once Maurice was joking that there were too many strings on this album, but in person he said he felt it was a "wonderful" disc. Now this is a concept album and it is no small wonder that Polydor chose to release it on Ultradisc Gold.

2 Years on
2 Years on
Price: £47.22

4.0 out of 5 stars The Long Awaited reunion Album, 18 Feb. 2015
This review is from: 2 Years on (Audio CD)
Barry Gibb once mentioned that "2 Years On" was the weakest album the trio had recorded. True. Granted that it garnered the huge American hit "Lonely Days" (#3), the rest of the album seems like leftovers from their attempts at solo careers. Wince while listening to "I'm Weeping". Shake your head in bewilderment at "Tell Me Why". "Lay It On Me" passes the test, but it seems Maurice shot his entire solo wad on that one.

Do note however, that the song "2 Years On" is a rare early Robin and Maurice collaboration. "Man For All Seasons" clearly hints at the Gibbs' easily obtained falsettos to come. "The 1st Mistake I Made" is a surprising success and wistful with great guitar work. Strong emotional strings and guitar/piano riffs can't help but 'get you'.

"Portrait Of Louise" and "Alone Again" are great pop album cuts. Otherwise the remainder of the songs are 'fluff'. This 'fluff' led to a magnificent album less than a year later; the fantastic "Trafalgar". This was the album that brought the Brothers Gibb into maturity. This album still contains more great cuts than not. It can only be hoped that it gets rereleased in re-mastered form in the near future.

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