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Book Boffin (Staffordshire, England)

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Fallen: Book 1 of the Fallen Series
Fallen: Book 1 of the Fallen Series
by Lauren Kate
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing!!!, 31 Jan. 2010
This book certainly fills a twilight shaped hole (but has left a Fallen shaped one lol).
Luce and Daniel are destined to be together but the only problem is, in each of her lifetimes, Luce discovers an incredible secret about Daniel which kills her. Plagued by shadows, which are getting braver and no longer seem to behave the same way, now being able to touch and even attack Luce, her life becomes more and more difficult. Oh and a small thing, she's in a juvenille detention centre for a murder she's not guilty of (she thinks).
It is incredibly difficult to show how truely amazing this book is without giving away all the surprises but honestly it absoluetly fantastic and the best book I've read in ages

Twilight: Twilight, Book 1: 1/4 (Twilight Saga)
Twilight: Twilight, Book 1: 1/4 (Twilight Saga)
by Stephenie Meyer
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars Why does it suprise me that i now hate all my other books?, 4 Jan. 2008
I won't bore you by repeating the synopsis at the top of the page, and i won't tell you anything that isn't there because you'll hate me for ruining the story for you.
I had this book - along with the two sequels - for christmas this year on recommendation from a friend. It turns out she's better at that sort of thing than i thought.
I'm addicted! I haven't felt this hyped about a series of books since Harry Potter except this has everything I thought HP lacked. Not to knock JKR's or any other author's for that matter but the boy's perspective of the romance aspects made it difficult to relate to - for me at least.
I find myself imagining me not Bella, although Edward has to be dragged from the depths of - what i now realise to be - my idle imagination. The Preface of Twilight soon fixed that. The book is so vivid that I imagine I'm living through every step as Bella - I feel the love she has for Edward, the fear when things take a turn for the worse, the edginess when Edward is trying to fight the urge to kill Bella, the guilt when she lies, the shock when she realises what Edward is.
I haven't been this captivated in a while and it was just what I needed. I always found that there was never a good balance between romance and Fantasy. Romance stories were too soppy, too drenched in the stuff for my taste and the Fantasy didn't get to the romance fast enough. I have my exstatically happy medium. No matter what else I read I know I'll always have to come back to this one even when i know whole pages off by heart.

The Diamond of Drury Lane (Cat Royal)
The Diamond of Drury Lane (Cat Royal)
by Julia Golding
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!!, 22 Sept. 2007
I really enjoyed this book, and since I bought it about six months ago I've read it about four times. I would also recommend the sequels: "Cat Amoung the Pigeons", "Den of Thieves", "Cat O'Nine Tails" and "Black Heart of Jamaica" (even though Black Heart of Jamaica isn't even out yet - they're really that good).
Cat lives in the theatre. She is like everyone's mascot, she knows everyone, every inch of the theatre, nothing goes on without her finding out. You will not survive in Drury Lane if Cat doesn't take a shine to you. And she's only thirteen!
The book starts with a new member of the Drury Lane family being introduced. A former slave, Pedro is the conductor's apprentice, first class vionlinist, and as you find out in the later books a brilliant actor too. After an accident with one of the props Cat ends up dangling from the platforms above the stage. Pedro saves her life but then runs off, Cat rushes to find him (under threat of a beating) and the gang rivalry is introdued.
Showing alot of teenage confusions, thrilling action, qwerky jokes, and something alot of people can relate to in some way or other: rivalry - beit chavs and emos at school, rival schools, or rival gangs as in the book.
Set out like the Acts and Scenes of a play this book is utterly unputdownable. There should be much more books like this. Julia Golding is an artist and you have my word whether you're buying it for yourself or someone else you/they will love it!

Piratica: Being a Daring Tale of a Singular Girl's Adventure Upon the High Seas
Piratica: Being a Daring Tale of a Singular Girl's Adventure Upon the High Seas
by Tanith Lee
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant - so good I was up at three in the morning on the day before an exam reading it!!, 22 Jun. 2007
This is absolutly one of those can't put it down books. I loved it. Borrowed it from my local library due to the fact i'd run out of new books to read and as soon as I'd started I didn't want to stop reading.

This Swashbuckling tale tells the story of Armetisia, a pupil at a staunch girls bording school. During a deportment lesson she trips and bangs her head on the corner of the stairs. Then BANG she remembers the last six years of her life and what her mother did for a living!

It's a tale of discovery, piracy and revenge. There are weird little qwerks, that I found made me love the book even more - Set in the year seventeen-twelvty, England had the revolution (not the French), and France and Spain are one country called Franco-Spain. This book definately deserves a 5 star rating. If you loved Pirates of the Caribean you'll love this more.

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