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Sandy S. (Ontario, Canada)

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Highland Yearning (The Mackay Saga)
Highland Yearning (The Mackay Saga)
Price: £4.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Enchanting, 9 Aug. 2016
HIGHLAND YEARNING is the second installment in Dawn Ireland’s historical, Highlander The Mackay Saga paranormal, romance, time travel series. This is Laird Caden Mackay, and Ariel Sutherland’s story line. HIGHLAND YEARNING can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Caden and Ariel) HIGHLAND YEARNING follows Ariel Sutherland as she is hurled back in time, into the eighteenth century, and into a clan war between the Sutherland’s and the Mackay’s. In present day a stranger in a kilt offers Ariel a gift of the missing Mackay Ring of Belief, a ring she has been contracted to find by one of the current day Sutherland’s. Thought to have been lost for over two hundred years, one touch finds our heroine traveling through time into an age and people with whom she is very familiar. What ensues is the desperate search for the ring so Ariel is able to return to her time, and the building relationship between Ariel Sutherland and Caden Mackay- a relationship not approved by Caden himself.

Caden is a man determined to stop his brother Gavin’s upcoming marriage to Lady Kathleen Sutherland. The Sutherland and Mackay clans are at war, and Gavin’s marriage is not what it seems. While our couple search for the missing ring, Ariel begins to investigate the people of the Sutherland clan only to discover that someone has set out to destroy our story line heroine who is a woman use to her independence and ability to get things done.

The relationship between Ariel and Caden begins slowly. Caden is a man determined to find out why a ‘Mackay’ from the ‘colonies’ has been found on his estate, and Ariel is hoping to discover a way back home. As the relationship begins to build Caden realizes that he too has fallen for their presumed enemy, and Ariel knows that to keep the families from going to war, she is going to have to move on without the man that she loves. The $ex scenes are intimate and intense without the over the top graphic sexual content.

There is a large ensemble cast of characters from both the Mackay and Sutherland clans whose various roles are as vast as the Highland countryside. We are introduced to Caden’s father Donel Mackay who doesn’t seem surprised by Ariel’s appearance; and Caden’s brother Gavin who is so in love with Lady Kathleen Sutherland he is unable to see the bigger picture.

The world building looks at the struggle to survive in a world without ‘modern amenities’ including medicine and competent doctors. The similarities with the Outlander series cannot be denied but HIGHLAND YEARNING is an entertaining and colorful story of time travel, Scottish brogue and Highland romance. The premise is a fast paced with a little bit of mystery and suspense; the characters are energetic and animated; the romance is fated by time and magic. The epilogue fast forwards the story line several years where we catch a glimpse into the future and the possibility of another Highlander finding love. HIGHLAND YEARNING is a wondrous and enchanting story about family, love and acceptance.

Remorseless (Fractured Farrells: A Damaged Billionaire Series Book 3)
Remorseless (Fractured Farrells: A Damaged Billionaire Series Book 3)
Price: £2.99

4.0 out of 5 stars 3.75 stars-betrayal, revenge, family and friendship, 2 Aug. 2016
3.75 stars--- REMORSELESS is the third installment in Mallory Crowe’s FRACTURED FARRELLS / DAMAGED BILLIONAIRES series focusing on the Farrell siblings. This is Logan Farrell, and PR Specialist Julie Anne’s story line. REMORSELESS can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but for backstory and cohesion I recommend reading the series in order as Logan’s story line has been building throughout the series.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Logan and Julie) REMORSELESS focuses on Logan Farrell following his release from prison for a crime he did not commit. Julie Anne is hired by Logan’s brother to facilitate between his brother and the media barrage headed his way. Ten years in prison and now with his release,
finds Logan on the outside looking for revenge against the people that betrayed him. What ensues is the forbidden relationship between Logan and Julie, the search for answers about the who and why that put Logan behind bars, and several threats against our heroine when they get too close to the truth. Logan has his suspicions about the guilty party.

The relationship between Julie and Logan begins as a professional arrangement. Julie has been hired to keep Logan out of the public eye but several days together finds Logan’s attraction to his ‘keeper’ turning into something more. Julie is desperate to keep their relationship ‘business only’ but she is unable to stop her heart from falling in love. The $ex scenes are provocative and intense.

Most of the siblings play secondary and supporting roles, if only by way of mention, including Logan’s brother Alex who is the first sibling to extend an olive branch to the brother who was lost to them ten years ago.

REMORSELESS is story about betrayal and revenge; family and friendship; falling in love and letting go of the past. The world building continues to focus on the Farrell siblings and the fractured family dynamics. The premise is fast paced with a little bit of intrigue and suspense; the characters are engaging, spirited and dynamic; the romance is passionate and emotional. But I will add that I would have liked to have seen a family reunion with all of the Farrell siblings-perhaps in Alex’s story line we will witness all of the siblings finally coming together.

The Mud Dance
The Mud Dance
Price: £3.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars dramatic, intense and tragic story, 22 July 2016
This review is from: The Mud Dance (Kindle Edition)
THE MUD DANCE by the late Neil Grimmett is a stand alone story focusing on friendship, music, obsession and addiction. Told from first person point of view (Kenny) between the past and the present, THE MUD DANCE follows best friends Kenny and Larry who met at school in the 1970s, forming their first band leading the duo to a series of successes and failures with each incarnation of their British rock group. Kenny, as the drummer, stayed true to his calling but Larry was a man troubled in both mind and heart. What ensues is the back and forth, tumultuous relationship between two friends that does not end with a happily ever after.

Neil Grimmett’s THE MUD DANCE looks at the turbulent 70s era of rock and roll-the drugs, the groupies, the pressure to be number one, and the people pushing behind the scenes. Although many survived the upheaval, others were unable to overcome their own demons and the encroaching darkness. THE MUD DANCE is a fated tale of friendship, betrayal, and the madness of perfection and the shattered mind. The premise is a slow build; a dramatic, intense and tragic story. The characters are ill-fated and passionate but in the end, life is fleeting if balancing on the proverbial edge.

The Burnt Fox
The Burnt Fox
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 stars-passionate, intimate, disturbing, 12 July 2016
This review is from: The Burnt Fox (Kindle Edition)
4.5 stars- THE BURNT FOX by Neil Grimmett is a stand alone, dramatic story line focusing on frustrated author Eliot Barnes, and his long suffering wife Donna. Told from third person point of view (Eliot) THE BURNT FOX follows Eliot and Donna as they struggle to regain control of their floundering marriage. When an opportunity presents itself to move to the English countryside, Eliot and Donna jump at the chance to leave the noisy and frustrating city life behind, hoping for a fresh start working for a reclusive couple and their small child. What ensues is a dark and conflicting series of events that pull the couple deeper into a world that is slowly closing in and destroying their lives. The seductive allure of peace and quiet blinds the couple to the truth about the people and places they have now come to call home.

THE BURNT FOX is a well written, slow building (mostly) narrative that follows two people whose lives have spiraled out of control, consumed by the darkness, and yet feel helpless in the face of the oncoming disaster. Like watching an accident about to happen, the reader is caught in the maelstrom and chaos without the ability to walk away or stop the ongoing fallout when temptation beckons behind closed doors.

Neil Grimmett has written a passionate, intimate and imaginative story; a disturbing look at the dark side of country life; the pitfalls, the dangerous passages, the controlling power of a segregated people who live life by their own rules. The premise is intriguing and dramatic; the characters are controversial and tragic.

The Seeker
The Seeker
Price: £2.10

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4.0 out of 5 stars 3.5 to 3.75 stars--entertaining, 1 Oct. 2015
This review is from: The Seeker (Kindle Edition)
3.5 – 3.75 stars--THE SEEKER is a post- apocalyptic, science fiction/paranormal romance where an evil race of lizard-like aliens known as the Vymalns has descended upon Earth. The humans have become nothing more than slaves as the Vymalns set about to destroy what’s left of Earth’s natural resources. Enter Aiodhan- a humanoid male of the Tirios species whose job as a ‘Seeker’ finds our storyline hero caught between doing his job and the human woman with whom he is falling in love.

Aiodhan, along with Pashmar, a fellow female Seeker are sent from Tirios each with a specific assignment but neither one was ever meant to remain on Earth. Aiodhan will meet Kara Michaels when he saves her from an attack by the Vymalns and a relationship between he and Kara will set into motion a series of events that finds our couple in a human encampment close to where the Vymalns have imprisoned Kara’s father and several other human slaves.

The relationship between Kara and Aiodhan is one of immediate attraction. Aiodhan is a beautiful, over protective, alpha Tirios warrior, and Kara, a human female nurse, is about to become his intended mate but first our leading couple must defend themselves against attacks by the Vymalns, and the prejudicial specieism of Kara’s fellow humans and Aiodhan’s friend Pashmar. The $ex scenes are intimate; there are no over the top graphic erotic $ex scenes.

There are a number of secondary and supporting characters including Kara’s brother Kevin and her father-a veterinarian –who has been commanded by the Vymalns as their resident physician. We are introduced to the survivors at the camp-several of whom have specific talents and jobs –that are reminiscent of military troops preparing for battle. Aiodhan will find himself protector of two human children who have prophesized the upcoming battles and threats to the survivors.

The world building is very reminiscent of ‘The Walking Dead’ especially as it pertains to the prison, the hierarchy of positions within the camp, and some of the characters whose personalities rival some of the cast of TWD. That is not to say there are any ‘walkers or zombies’ but the storyline energy and some of the scenarios are familiar.

THE SEEKER is an entertaining storyline with colorful characters and animated personalities. The romance between Kara and Aiodhan is loving and sensitive; there are no overt erotic scenarios or questionable alien rituals. The action scenes are limited as it pertained to the take down of the ‘internment camp’, and the encounters with the Vymalns are few and far between. I did have a couple of issues with the story especially the lack of background information and history of the alien invasion. Although THE SEEKER is a work of science fiction, I need answers and explanations as to the how and why-the reality is in the believability and I need to believe.

There are several characters with potential stories, and the Vymalns still remain a threat throughout the world. Pashmar’s storyline is next in the series.

GERONIMO HOTSHOT (The Ben Blackshaw Book 4)
GERONIMO HOTSHOT (The Ben Blackshaw Book 4)
Price: £3.19

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4.0 out of 5 stars 4.5 stars--intriguing and intense, 1 Oct. 2015
4.5 stars---GERONIMO HOTSHOT is the fourth installment in Robert Blake Whitehill’s adult, contemporary Ben Blackshaw suspense series focusing on retired Navy SEAL Ben Blackshaw. Although this is the fourth book in the series, GERONIMO HOTSHOT can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any previous information will be revealed where necessary.

Told from several third person perspectives the storyline advances the series one month. Ben’s wife had been injured in the previous storyline (TAP RACK BANG) and currently remains in a coma; our hero is unable to consider the future without his wife and embarks on another solo adventure to Bisbee, Arizona where racist bigots and white supremacists find themselves involved in a high tech drug war with the FBI, Customs and Border Patrol, a former sheriff, a murderous motorcycle gang, and the possibility of a biological weapon of mass destruction. Raging wildfires add another dangerous dimension to the equation wherein Ben Bradshaw finds himself trapped between the fires and his imminent death.

The lynching and murder of a young African American boy finds Ben on a mission to locate the people responsible and the connection to a religious cult known as the Pure Nation Comitatus wherein the leader presents himself as The Messiah. On a cross country journey from Smith Island on the Chesapeake Bay to the drought riddled forests of Arizona, Ben will come in contact with several people whose connections to and information about the PNC sparks a new sense of dread and urgency in our hero. A local Native American will follow Ben on his journey in the hopes of retribution and revenge.

GERONIMO HOTSHOT is a storyline with several intersecting paths, graphic violence, murder, action and adventure. From racism, prejudice, drug trafficking and murderous vendettas GERONIMO HOTSHOT looks at cult and culture; society, social inequality and community; race relations and ‘new age religion’ wherein people are seeking direction from a charismatic leader who demands obedience and proof of loyalty.

The numerous colorful and dynamic characters drive a good portion of the storyline as the build up follows several plotlines that will intersect and merge throughout the course of the novel. One thing is for sure: Ben Blackshaw is not your stereotypical hero-more of an anti hero-but a man who will command your respect and interest. There is intrapersonal conflict for Ben; and intergroup conflict between the PNC, biker gangs and the former local sheriff. The backdrop of the Arizona forests is a major player throughout the story.

GERONIMO HOTSHOT is an intriguing, enthralling and intense topical storyline. Robert Blake Whitehill will seduce your mind into a world of retribution and revenge. The destructive nature and powerful control of cults, drug trafficking and gangs are central to the storyline premise wherein the ill-fated machinations of the Messiah, the sheriff, and the drug lord will see reprisal and retaliation in the form of Ben Blackshaw and the FBI. Prepare to be pulled into a dark and destructive storyline.

Slashed: An Extreme Risk Novel
Slashed: An Extreme Risk Novel
Price: £2.15

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4.0 out of 5 stars 3.75 stars--disillusioned lovers, 29 Sept. 2015
: 3.75 stars---SLASHED is the third installment in Tracy Wolff’s contemporary, new adult Extreme Risk romance series focusing on a tight knit group of extreme snow boarders. This is Luc Jennings and Cam Bradley’s storyline. SLASHED can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

Told from dual first person points of view (Luc and Cam) SLASHED follows the rebuilding of a friendship between Luc and Cam. Four months earlier Cam and Luc crossed the line between friends and lovers; Cam walked away distraught and embarrassed fearing reprisals and loss from her friendship with Luc. Fast forward to present day where Cam and Luc’s friendship is icy, still barely speaking to one another and making life miserable for everyone concerned. When Cam’s home life implodes, she finds herself on Luc’s doorstep, hoping for a place to stay and support when she needs it the most.

The relationship between Cam and Luc is one of friends to lovers to frenemies and back to lovers. Cam and Luc have always been attracted to one another but both of our leading characters have some major issues of self esteem, insecurity and lack the ability to communicate with one another. Cam sees herself as the ugly duckling whose mother abandoned the family when Cam was five years old; Luc’s success on the snow hills has been less than spectacular and he constantly compares himself to the success of the others. Both Cam and Luc’s mindset is tentative; they fear rejection and failure; and with it comes the inability to move forward or let go of the past. The $ex scenes are intimate and provocative.

All of the previous storyline couples and characters play secondary and supporting roles including Z and Ophelia (Shredded #1), Tansy and Ash (Shattered #2) as well as Ash’s brother Logan. I am looking forward to Logan’s story but the series would have to advance several years before we see a romance for our struggling, young hero.

The world building has deviated from the snow boarding competitions and the main focus is on the couple in question. The summer months finds the friends wake-boarding and considering the upcoming snow boarding schedule while the tentative friendship between Luc and Cam hits a major change in direction-their lack of communication and too many presumptions are the major causes of most of their issues and problems. Luc’s jealousy of Cam’s friendship with another snow boarder as well as Cam’s one time unrequited love for Z is a major stumbling block on their road to reconciliation-Luc’s issues are fueled by his own preconceived inadequacies.

SLASHED has moments of heartbreak and sorrow; anxiety and tension; letting go and moving forward. Luc and Cam’s storyline was at times frustrating watching two people whose love for one another was hampered by low self esteem and demons from the past. I shed a few tears-I am not sure if the tears were due to my own particular mind set at the time but the shear pain of Luc and Cam’s insecurities is all too familiar and relatable-believing you will never be enough or the best. Cam and Luc’s story continues; the final chapters reveal a surprise twist in their relationship but with it came an abrupt ending that leaves the reader waiting and wondering about hope for the future.

The premise is intimate and dramatic; the characters are engaging, animated and heartbreaking; the romance is impassioned and emotional. In the new adult storylines there are always issues from the past that control the future where an all-consuming love is easily destroyed by painful memories and dramatic realizations. SLASHED looks at fated lovers who fell into the gaping hole of disillusionment and doubt only to come away with the possibility of a promise of forever and a happily ever after.

Breaking a Legend: A Kavanagh Legends Novel
Breaking a Legend: A Kavanagh Legends Novel
Price: £1.01

3.0 out of 5 stars 3.25 stars--entertaining but missing details, 29 Sept. 2015
3.25 stars---BREAKING A LEGEND is the first installment in Sarah Robinson’s contemporary, adult KAVANAGH LEGENDS romance series focusing on the Kavanagh family of MMA fame. This is former MMA champion twenty eight year old Rory Kavanagh, and bartender Clare Ivers’s storyline.

Told from dual third person perspectives BREAKING A LEGEND focuses on the building relationship between Rory and Clare, and Rory’s recovery from a devastating career-ending injury. Tens months earlier Rory’s injury in the cage left our hero a broken man in more ways than one. Enter Clare Ivers, the newest waitress at O’Leary’s Pub, and the woman who would call to Rory’s heart. Coming from a big, Irish Catholic family, Rory has never lacked support but Rory’s choices in life have left our hero fighting the dark demons that resulted from the catastrophic injury.

Clare Ivers hides a secret. Our heroine is one the run, trying to stay one step ahead of her past and falling in love was never in the cards. When Clare’s past resurfaces, our heroine is willing to walk away from Rory and the family she has grown to love in order to protect everyone from the life she once led.

The relationship between Clare and Rory is one of immediate attraction. Rory is a man taught to respect women and in this Rory is the ultimate gentleman as he slowly seduces the woman who calls to his heart. The $ex scenes are gentle; there is no erotic, graphic imagery or text. But I did take issue with the lack of condoms. In an age of STDS and deadly viruses, the use of condoms should never be questioned.

We are introduced to Rory’s extended family including brothers- Quinn, Kane and Kane’s twin Kieran (who is currently in prison), and the youngest Jimmy, who is a member of the local police department. Jimmy has his hands full keeping his family on the straight and narrow. Rory’s loving parents Seamus and Dee Kavanagh are the backbone of the Kavanagh family ; and Rory’s cousin/sister Casey who befriends Clare when she needs it the most. The family ‘feel’ to this storyline is loving and supportive.

The world building focuses on Legends-the gym owned by the Kavanagh family where ‘legends’ are made and history is written in the Bronx borough of Woodlawn, New York. We are up close and personal with the fighters as they prepare for the next championship. There is some history with Seamus Kavanagh and the local Irish mob but we are not currently privy to the background information.

SPOILER ALERT: I did have some issues of believability with certain aspects of this storyline as it pertained to Rory and his ability to get clean and sober. It was all too neat and tidy; there is no mention of withdrawal, side effects or the physical and emotional pain one suffers during detox. Getting clean is a long process and doesn’t happen over night or in a matter of a couple of days. The unreality of the situation is questionable.

BREAKING A LEGEND is an easy read with a large ensemble cast of characters. The premise is entertaining; the characters are engaging; the romance is sweet and seductive but saying that, there was something missing in the telling of the story; the details are missing for many of the storyline components especially as it pertained to Clare’s past and Rory’s fall into the abyss

Playing with Fire (Hot in Chicago)
Playing with Fire (Hot in Chicago)
Price: £4.99

4.0 out of 5 stars 3.75 stars-heroine has strong feminist values, 29 Sept. 2015
3.75 stars---PLAYING WITH FIRE is the second full length installment in Kate Meader’s contemporary, adult Hot in Chicago romance series focusing on the Dempsey family-a family of firefighting foster siblings who have seen their fare share of heartbreak and pain. This is female firefighter and only Dempsey daughter Alexandra Dempsey, and sexy Chicago Mayor Eli Cooper’s storyline. PLAYING WITH FIRE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but for cohesion, backstory and family history I recommend reading the series in order.

Told from dual third person perspectives PLAYING WITH FIRE follows the antagonist relationship between Alexandra and Eli. For months Eli and Alex have been the bane of one another’s existence since Alex and her brother’s off hours antics find themselves the targets of paparazzi, media and you tube videos that find the Chicago Fire Department on the receiving end of harassment and lawsuits. The Dempsey family of foster siblings has a rocky relationship with the political elite of Chicago and adding Eli’s less than vague misogynistic insults directed at Alex, we have a volatile situation between our leading couple.

As the lone female firefighter at Engine Co. 6, Alex has presumably had her fair share of issues and problems with the other men, but Mayor Cooper is determined to throw Alex off of her pedestal by making her an offer she can’t refuse-Alex must pretend to be Eli’s girlfriend until the mayoral elections, and in return Eli will keep Chicago’s richest businessman from keeping true to a promise to sue Alex for a botched rescue that destroyed his $400,000 car. The only problem is the sexual energy and chemistry between Alex and Eli is off the charts, and the faux relationship between our couple will be anything but fake.

Eli and Alex have butted heads throughout the series and PLAYING WITH FIRE sees the misogynistic Eli brought to his knees by the loud-mouthed, alpha female who calls to his heart. But Alex ‘s feminist ideals are very radical in the face of main stream feminism-as the only female firefighter she has been targeted by the media and the men with whom she works, and in this Alex would over react and take comments and conversation out of context deeming them an attack against herself and woman as a whole. There were times Alex’s feminist beliefs were a little over the top as she was quick to jump, accuse and berate Eli Cooper for some perceived insult meant as a compliment or conversational starter. Romance storylines are not necessarily a platform for espousing radical feminism, or at the very least, presenting the heroine as a ball-busting b*tch of epic proportions-coming back from a less than positive characterization makes it difficult for some readers to find sympathy for the character in question. But we mustn’t forget Eli Cooper-as an arrogant and cocky politician, our hero knows how to play the audience, and Alexandra was a very captive audience. The $ex scenes are erotic, intense and seductive.

All of the Dempsey foster siblings play secondary and supporting roles including
Luke Almeida and the love of his life Kinsey Taylor (Flirting with Fire #1), and Gage Simpson and Brady Smith (Melting Point 1.5). Mayor Eli Cooper is a former military buddy of Brady Smith, and with it comes a life long friendship of kindred spirits. Eli’s family history is revealed a little at a time. Beck Rivera and Darcy Cochrane (Rekindle the Flame .5) play a larger role than in previous storylines.

PLAYING WITH FIRE looks at heartbreak and betrayal; family and love; secrets from the past and letting go. The premise is fast paced, sexy, engaging and clever; the characters are inspiring, impassioned and intense; the romance is playful, lighthearted and provocative. Alex and Eli’s road to a happily ever after was not always smooth but Eli was determined to win Alexandra’s heart anyway he could-Eli is a man who can grovel with the best.

Bound by Sin (Immortal Brothers)
Bound by Sin (Immortal Brothers)
by Jacquelyn Frank
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £6.07

4.0 out of 5 stars 3.75 stars-slow build, 29 Sept. 2015
3.75 stars----BOUND BY SIN is the third installment in Jacquelyn Frank’s adult, IMMORTAL BROTHERS mythological romance, paranormal fantasy series focusing on four brothers cursed, by the gods and goddesses, in their search for immortality. This is Jaykun and Jileana’s storyline. BOUND BY SIN can be read as a standalone but for backstory and cohesion, I strongly suggest reading the series in order.

SOME BACKGROUND: Two hundred years earlier, four brothers (Dethan, Garreth, Jaykun, Maxum) went in search of the waters of Immortality and upon the discovery drank from the forbidden streams. The gods and goddesses were angered and cursed each brother to suffer eternal damnation and pain. Each of the brothers will sacrifice for love landing them in the favor of the gods with a happily ever after. Jaykun’s punishment is to suffer an endless cycle of burning from the inside out-like a star going supernova on a nightly basis. Maxum’s story will be told next in BOUND IN DARKNESS (November 2015).

Told from third person perspective BOUND BY SIN follows the building relationship between Jaykun and Jileana-a young woman whose naivety and surprising beauty is unexpected near the battlefield and waters, and in Jaykun’s life. Jaykun has been freed from eternal damnation but still suffers the nightly fiery burns as will be witnessed by our storyline heroine. While Jaykun enjoys the ministrations of the strange female, Dethan and Garreth begin to suspect there is more to the young woman than meets the eye. When Jileana invites Jaykun to visit her forbidden world beyond the waters, our hero finds himself a virtual prisoner in a gilded cage until the rising of the next moon. Jaykun will soon find himself enmeshed in a political coup and uprising when, Jileana’s Empress is threatened, by members of her own royal family.

The attraction between Jaykun and Jileana is immediate and palpable but there is something otherworldly about Jileana. Her time on Jaykun’s world has an expiry date, and with it so too does their growing relationship and love. Jaykun has been burned by a former love and with it comes betrayal and issues of trust. The $ex scenes are intimate without the use of graphic sexual imagery.

Dethan and Garreth, Jaykun’s brothers play secondary and supporting roles throughout the storyline. Our series heroes are currently on location, warring and pillaging on behalf of the gods. We are introduced to Jileana’s family, including several of her over protective brothers and father, as well as the Empress, whose control of her own people is questioned and usurped. The requisite evil not only threatens Jileana’s future, but the future of her people and world.

The world building focuses on the continuing wars between the gods and goddesses as each brother must fight in the name of Weysa, the goddess of conflict, as she continues to demand obedience and subjugation. We are transported to Jileana’s world of immortal creatures with supernatural powers. Jileana’s true species and distinctiveness are easily identifiable early in the story but the path to realization is slow as the storyline builds and allegiances are drawn.

The premise is slow to build as the storyline focuses on the relationship between our leading couple while keeping Jileana’s identity a lightly, veiled secret. Most of the conflict arises within Jileana’s world where our hero is tasked with saving a world and a species he knows nothing about. The characters are colorful and magical; the romance is hopeful but Joykun’s issues of trust have left our hero without the ability to love. We are offered a quick glimpse into Maxum’s mind- the final brother whose need for revenge is calculating and cold.

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