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The Bunk Up (The Village People Book 1)
The Bunk Up (The Village People Book 1)
Price: £2.19

5.0 out of 5 stars Hilarious, 25 July 2016
The Bunk Up by Andie M Long and D H Sidebottom.

I haven't laughed so much reading a book in a long time who knew D.H Sidebottom and Andie M Long could write something so hilarious. Utterly brilliant

Daisy returns home after losing her job at the post office to find her long term boyfriend in bed with someone else. Feeling hurt and miserable Daisy takes the kind offer of staying at a post office customers home in a little village in Beydon. This is where the laughs the shocking moments begin. It's also where we are introduced to Frazer. These two characters work amazingly well together.

The dialogue of this books characters is brilliant it bounce of one another. The one liners, work amazingly and I do love Frank.

I'm so glad to be given the chance to read this book and I'm definitely excited for the next one.

Journey to the Centre of Myself
Journey to the Centre of Myself
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Riveting lives of two women, 25 July 2016
Journey to the centre of myself by Andi M Long

Two completely different women with different lives brought together. There lives are not really that different though.

This story is one that will make you sit back and think, of your own life.

Amber is a treat her implussiveness is hilarious especially teamed up with Mirelle. Loved these two together even though they are the complete opposite from one another they gel really well.
Karen I'm still undecided about her, she seemed very selfish and I got from her me me me. Through the book you get to know her more and what she has been through even though some parts of her life have been difficult she finally has found herself and for that my attitude towards her changed a little. Now I've finished this story, I still find Karen very self indulgent. This could just be my thinking.

All in all I really did enjoy this book it had some funny moments and some serious moments, it also has a wonderful ending.

Well done Andi I look forward to what you write next.

Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Angels and demons, 25 July 2016
This review is from: Wingless (Kindle Edition)
Wingless by Taylor Lavati

I really enjoyed this book. I like a bit of paranormal, this is my first one about Angels and Demons.

Annie is nearly 16 and for an Angel this will be the biggest day in her life, as on her 16th Annie will get her wings, something she has longed for as she wants to become a fighter. Annie has been training hard with Micha who she has a fondness to. When the day arrives, it doesn't go to plan. Now Annie worries what will happen to her next.

This book I would say was a young adult read. I did really enjoy it. The writing is faultless and the characters work really well together.

I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm looking forward to seeing what is going to happen between Annie and micha.

Pennies (Dollar Book 1)
Pennies (Dollar Book 1)
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars What nightmares are all about, 25 July 2016
Pennies by Pepper Winters

Holy moly if you like a dark dark read then you will love this book. If you want a HEA don't bother picking this up.

This is one dark read, I love a dark book but this one surpassed all that I've read. This story is twisted, it's sick, it will give you nightmares beyond belief.

Tasmin is a spoilt little rich girl who pampers to her mommy. This is the first impression you get of this character, but don't judge her because she shows unwitting willpower. Without giving anything away, if I was in her shoes I would have killed myself.

I'm still utterly gobsmacked at what I've read my mind is blown. Pepper Winters definitely knows how to suck you in and keep you hanging.

I'm looking forward to reading the next instalment of this series even if it will give me nightmares.

Igniting the Spark (Daughter of Fire Book 4)
Igniting the Spark (Daughter of Fire Book 4)
Price: £2.80

5.0 out of 5 stars Another amazing book, 10 July 2016
Igniting the Spark by Michelle Irwin

Wow what a roller coaster of emotions.
I have loved this series, I was extremely happy to receive this book to review.

Michelle Irwin writes fantastic stories, I have enjoyed going through Evie's events with Clay the missed chances, the escapes have kept me glued to my kindle.

In the final book I wasn't sure what was going to happen especially how book three ended. But I was in for a shock at what actually does happen, it left me gutted and not sure I wanted to keep reading, but I'm so glad I did. Evie and Clay again go through so much, but I love how Evie had the others beside her and I really do love Ethan. I can't say much as it would just completely ruin the story.

I'm gutted its finished Evie and Clay's story but I would love to hear about Ava and David next.

Looking forward to see what Michelle Irwin has up next.

Our Wavering Hearts (Wavering Hearts Series Book 3)
Our Wavering Hearts (Wavering Hearts Series Book 3)
Price: £2.06

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another brilliant story, 16 Jun. 2016
Our Wavering Hearts by Diane Rose Duffy

Wow what a book.

It starts off breaking your heart, but it does get better.

Krista she has everything, a wonderful boyfriend Toby who she has grown up with. She is a graduate with a fabulous job, and she has finally decided she is ready to marry Toby.
But life is cruel and Krista is about to have her world ripped apart.

This is just such a heart warming story, yes it will break your heart at the beginning, but the more you go through you will be swooning over a certain person. This story has it all and has reoccurring charters from other stories in this series. There is so giggles in this story as well.

I do love this Authors writing Diane Rose Duffy, knows how to draw you in and keep you reading. I look forward to reading more of her books.

Elias (GRIT Sector 1)
Elias (GRIT Sector 1)
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Don't expect to get any sleep, 14 Jun. 2016
GRIT Sector 1 Elias by Rebecca Sherwin

Well poo how the hell do I write a review for this book???

If you like a dark read then this story is definitely up your street.

Trixie is a strong willed girl, very modern doesn't hold any boundaries and has a mouth like a sailor.
Elias is dark, dangerous and sexy as hell. He is a gentleman, a rogue and sexy as hell.

So the story!
Set in London, but not the London we know its the twentieth century, but this story is far from the twentieth century or is it.
Trixie is an independent girl, working in an art gallery and going home to her aging grandmother, that's been her life since she was told to leave the family home. A function at the gallery one night is about to change Trixie's life. Welcome Elias, he is dark and dangerous but also a knight in shining armor, and he is about to show Trixie what she is destined for.

This is a dark read and Rebecca Sherwin has written it amazingly. It's a page turner, it grips you in, and it's hard to put down, so don't expect to sleep when reading this story.
I didn't have a clue what was happening at the beginning, and that's how the story gets you intrigued, but then everything starts to fall in to place. I actually messaged Rebecca and ask was it bad for me to be cheering at the end 😈. I have to say I would love to know how Rebecca gets these ideas I would love to see into her mind and find what other devious stories lie in there.
All I can say is "when is the next book out" I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for it. 😸😸😸

Somewhere in Time: The Fine Art of Deception Series, Book 2
Somewhere in Time: The Fine Art of Deception Series, Book 2
Price: £2.08

5.0 out of 5 stars Astonishingly brilliant, 10 May 2016
Somewhere in Time by Alyssa Richards
(Fine Art of Deception book two)

I just love this book it's so simplistic and the journey it takes you on is amazing. It's not a rushed story but it's not long and drawn out.

Book two takes off where book one left you. I have waited a long time to read this one and loved every minute of it.

Addie has finally found the man she has loved for several lifetimes, Blake Greenwood is the World to Addie. But as they say true love never runs smoothly and with a certain man chasing after you will Addie and Blake get there happily ever after? Addie must do everything in her power to save not only herself but that of her missing family.

The journey this story takes you on is out of this world literally, it's full of love ,emotions and hanging on the edge of your seat. The story is a mystery that drags you in to investigate more of what's happening when in one time you have the answer more questions become known. I couldn't put it down once I started the characters are action packed and the writing just draws you in.
I just loved the jumping back and through time same place but different era's. The description of the paintings makes you feel like your actually looking at them.

I didn't realize this book was available and was overjoyed when I was gifted a copy.

Alyssa Richards is a brilliant writer. This book is based as paranormal but a paranormal out of this world it has everything you could wish for and I would recommend it to everyone.

Fallout (The Incorruptibles Book 2)
Fallout (The Incorruptibles Book 2)
Price: £2.02

5.0 out of 5 stars Loving this series, 25 Mar. 2016
Fallout by SD Wasley

Argh again I need the next book SD Wasley knows how to keep you wanting more.

Fallout is the second book to Downfall. A paranormal book about a group of people with specific gifts.

In fallout Frankie is finally understanding what it is she has. This book is full of heart in your mouth moments. It continues on from where you leave Downfall. Frankie's story is no way finished and even in this book this group with Frankieare heading for more dramas.

Will they continue to use there gifts for good or will the outside corrupt them all.

I just love SD Wasley's writing it has you gripped instantly and leaves you wanting more and more. I can not wait for book three June can not come fast enough. Seriously your killing me here I will say thank God it didn't end on a rather large cliffhanger.

Well done SD Wasley your books are truly unique

Decipher (Declan Reede: The Untold Story #3)
Decipher (Declan Reede: The Untold Story #3)
Price: £2.12

5.0 out of 5 stars Loving Declan Reede, 23 Mar. 2016
Decipher by Michelle Irwin

I do love Declan Reede, even if he does have a potty mouth.

I've been hooked with this series from book one and I can't believe that there is only one more book to go.

Declan throughout this series hasn't had it easy, yes most of the things that happen are his own doing and he has struggled to get where and what he wants. As Declan does start to get his HEA he or someone else stuffs it up, thinking oh no back to square one luckily for Declan though he has Aylssa who after everything stands by her man.

Decipher we see Declan getting some normality into his life with Aylssa and pheobe. People are still trying to destroy his reputation but there is good news on the horizon from Sinclair and they are ready to start the move to Sydney. But will Declan's need for revenge actually be what destroys everything.

Declan and Alyssa make you crazy mad but you can't help but love them. I cannot wait for the next book I'm just gutted its the last one in the series.

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