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J. Tomasevic "angus_army"

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Highway To Hell
Highway To Hell
Price: £7.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Rock and Roll statement since Chuck Berry, 1 Sept. 2008
This review is from: Highway To Hell (Audio CD)
This album contains the best riffs, the best rhythm and the best raunchy vocals ever! Nuff Said.

Offered by momox co uk
Price: £1.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Bittersweet., 26 Aug. 2008
This review is from: Forth (Audio CD)
I have long loved this band. They had a huge sound and the song writing between 1994-1997 was awesome. The Single 'Love is Noise' almost recaptured the rush of their activity of 1997. Hypnotic groove and great vocal. I have watched with interest their live gigs and they still appear on form. This album is, i'm afraid, a disappointment to me.

Sit and Wonder starts proceedings well enough and Love is Noise is still great. However, after the opening duo the music gets... dull! Rather Be and Judas sound very underwhelming, songs which don't have the force or melody of the latter half of Urban Hymns, yet have that kind of pace which slows down the first half of this record. I See Houses chorus is a carbon copy of Ashcroft's Check the Meaning chorus! Oh dear. The song Numbness actually left me feeling just that. Noise epic is quite a fast tempo for The Verve and that's all I can remember about the song...

Valium Skies offers a glimmer of all the good Verve ingredients coming together and moving the listener. By now you feel that it's too late as this is only the third song on the album that is actually any good. Columbo has a funky bass line but what goes on around it i can't even remember. I didn't even listen to the whole of the last song, :-(

This is my personal opinion and I hope fans new and old find pleasure in this new material. I have just heard the new Oasis song on the radio and it's as least as good as Love is Noise. The last time these two bands released an album in the same year, one album was brilliant the other dull. Could the tide turn once more and Oasis deliver the album they have always promised?

In Your Honour
In Your Honour
Offered by buy smart 24
Price: £4.26

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2.0 out of 5 stars Oh well, Nevermind!, 14 Jun. 2005
This review is from: In Your Honour (Audio CD)
Yep, he's a great guy, a fantastic drummer and proved himself to be a quality songsmith with a talent for neat pop hooks! BUT! One has to constantly prove one's self in the music game and unfortunately, to my ears, the quaulity wears a little thin here! The album sounds as if it was recorded with every dial in the RED on the first disc, amps turned up to 11!! This spinal tap approach is not fitting to a band capable of songs as lush and rewarding as 'Everlong' and 'Times like these'. I'm not looking for retreads of earlier material, it's just they have set certain standards for themselves. The single which at first appeared as one of those songs where you think there will be much better material on the lp, now sounds like the standout track. Some tracks sound like carbon copies of 'Overdrive' from the last LP. That was the Foo Fighters in autopilot mode and its not great simply average.
The much talked oabout second disc again would appear to be a good idea on paper, but just beacuase 'Times Like These' sounded great acoustic doesn't mean you can do a full albums worth of similar material. The song writing is good but a shockingly average sense of dynamics mean ditties like 'friend of a friend' and 'miracle' sound melodic but dull! Josh Homme of QOTSA plays a guitar peice on final track 'razor' which outshines most of the material on here. The mans talent knows no bounds. But Dave's melody and singing are just not what they once were. It's not different, it's just not that great!!
Guess what! a shining light comes when blonde bombshell drummer taylor steps up for a tune! Featuring Dave on drums and taylor singing, it nearly becomes the best song on the album! Maybe its time the drummer jokes to be rolled out once more!

Permission To Land
Permission To Land
Price: £2.88

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2.0 out of 5 stars NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.............................., 28 Aug. 2003
This review is from: Permission To Land (Audio CD)
....NO NO NO NO etc! Was the coming and passing of Nirvana in vain? Did Oasis mean nothing? Did the sex pistols never happen?
Were The Jam a novelty!?! Did the Stone Roses rise from the north for a spandex joke! NO they did not. Now the amazon.co.uk reveiw pin points bon jovi and Queen as the source of inspiration for these boys. Well fine, whatever those bands did was very much of its time. But what is done is done. And especially in the former bands case should never rear its ugly head again. So, shock! horror! we find that bad long hair, awful rock posturings and, to be frank, bad Kiss covers are back in vogue. If this isn't some Spinal Tap/ Bad News Joke ( Jeez the front guy even looks like Colin from Bad News ) then what the hell is wrong with the music industry. Where are the new young and modern exciting rock bands. I refuse to beleive they are all living in tight leather trousers and preaching an undying love of poodle rock. Lets hope the US of A does not catch on. The song titles are the stuff of nightmares. Finally, A Warning: If we let these Dumbo's rule the charts expect a poison, warrant, kiss et al comeback! You have been told! I'm off to listen to 'warriors of genghis khan'. Ah heavy irony how we miss you, all together now " Burnin, lootin...."!

Ultimate Collection
Ultimate Collection
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Room for lots more Ravers! So pick up your copy today!, 7 Jun. 2003
This review is from: Ultimate Collection (Audio CD)
Hey Pop Pickers! So you know all about Led Zeppelin, The Jam, Sex Pistols, Oasis etc etc but who did they get the 'IT' factor from. Who started the fire? Well in my eyes and soon hopefully YOURS its the one and only Small Faces! Yes thats right kids these 5ft something misfits let rip in 1965 some of the most entertaining and enduring pop/rock/rnb/soul music ever. Just open your ears and your eyes. This collection has done what every fan has ever wished for. A band authorised album which brings together the cream of those heady years with both the Decca and Immediate labels. Lets just give you a quick run through of what lies within. Check out 'whatcha gonna do about it' surely a precursor to the punk attitude! And its sound. Those rotters the Sex Pistols didn't cover it for nothing. Or how about 'All or Nothing'? As sweet and tender as Otis singing about that dock he sat on. And yes 'you need loving' is the song Zeppelin attached one of the most fireball riffs ever to. But Any Hoo! There influence on nearly all bands of importance which came after them is undeniable. Just check out the impeccable hair, threads and shoes. And just a small note about the greatest song ever layed down on tape. 'TIN SOLDIER'! Ever cross your mind how to fit 4 songs in to three and a half minutes and get the most life affirming soul/rock/pop tune ever? Well your long search is over. Steve had the most soulful voice ever to grace an english pop group and on this track it is best demonstrated, along side some of the most innovative drum, guitar and hammond/ rhoades playing my ears have experienced. Every track a Diamond, crackin sleeve notes and fits in ya pocket! Finally the Small Faces get the package they deserve. Best band in the world.... Ever
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 19, 2011 10:56 AM GMT

How The West Was Won: Live (3CD)
How The West Was Won: Live (3CD)
Price: £14.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars "Does anyone remember Laughter?"........, 30 May 2003
..... Indeed Robert! Or to that matter does anyone remember real rock and roll? It's easy to be fooled by todays modern music press that we are living in a golden age of GEEEEtar music, a New Rock Revolution if you will. But lets just get a grip and take a good ol listen to this testament to one of the most powerful and majestic live acts ever. Marvel at how 'Black dog', 'rock and roll' and 'what is and what should never be' make the datsuns, the warlocks, 22-20's sound a bit silly really. Bonzo's bass drum on 'immigrant song' alone makes new breed chancers like The Music redundant. The music contained within these three dics breathes, splutters, grooves and literally jumps up and down. The editing and remastering have produced an already classic addition to Ver Zep catalogue and is it me or do some of these live toons out do the album versions?!?! Its testament to the fact that no current band is standing up on its own two feet and making musical statements as profound as these. And any one who compares the datsuns et al to zeppelin should really listen to 'heavy medal' like deep purple and see where their true influences flop out. Jack White is steering the good ship rock and roll forward as of late and although his 'sister' and he have not produced any album as consistent as zep 1 to 4, he may be on to something! But listen to this album and make your own judgment. No music mag can make up your mind. In their day zeppelin's press was rather less than that of the white stripes. But perseverence and self beleif carried them through. They were provided right, a legacy to rival that of the Beatles, but in their own sweet way. Let this music inspire you, and if you feel like pickin up a guitar afterwards, then form a band and forge forward with a new music and see how doing so pays off! Just don't try copying 'cos as coldplay's dirge of a single demonstrated there was only one Bonzo.
This is all about the music and a band which to this day, have seen two or three bands come close to doing a zep, but have not been toppled. Let Battle commence, the west is ours!

Think Tank
Think Tank
Price: £3.98

4.0 out of 5 stars Meet the new Blur... Same as the old Blur...?, 22 May 2003
This review is from: Think Tank (Audio CD)
...Well not exactly! With the sparkling guitar of Mr Coxon only on one of these songs (reportedly), you will find the axis has changed a little for ye old britpoppers Blur. Perhaps the britpop tag was unfair to Blur with Mr Albarn particularly fond of disposing of it ASAP circa 1996-7. But he made his bed and therefore etc etc. What becomes apparent with repeated plays of think tank though is the melodies, and more specifically kinksesque melodies, have returned. The likes of which have been missing since beetlebum (what a choon that was readers!). Out of time signalled this with its delicious macca/kinks bass run downs. Haunting in its studio construction and a genuinely lovely lyric, it seems although instruments which came to define blur are missing what is gained is an other worldlyness to the songs and originality ( this is not an oasis type affair with several retreads of debut album material ). Take for example 'on my way to the club' - a totally original song in the blur canon. Trippy, funky and digital. Yet at its heart is a totally convincing song of classic quality. Damon may dispute it, but he is still producing british flavoured POP like no other gent in the land. Yes the african influence in the air is strong and many suprises and original NOIZEZ appear but geeez its those songs still! Damons vocals have rarely been as heart felt as on sweet/good song. On ambulance he even does the unimaginable! Crooning "cos I Love You" has been done a trillion times, but damon proves wholeheartedly its not what ya sing its the way that ya sing it! A fantastic opening to a varied, confident ( it must be a little scary with ya old guitar buddy gone) and melodically triumphant LP. We get bold steps to the disco with Crazy Beat, Brothers and Sisters and Gene by Gene, a little bit of tedium with Jets and a Bold and bashful ending with Battery in your leg ( with some extraordinary guitar work - is that you Mr Coxon?). What a ride, and one I would glady take again. It seems the apes didn't rob all the good songs!

Human Conditions
Human Conditions
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £3.81

4.0 out of 5 stars Can you hear what he's sayin?, 27 Oct. 2002
This review is from: Human Conditions (Audio CD)
I have read Rod from Tokyos reveiw and upon first hearing would have given a similar conclusion to Mr Ashcroft's no 2 album. Upon further listening though, different views appear. Chris potter's production is in one word immaculate in another sqeaky clean. But you hear method in what could be seen as madness. Never has Richard Ashcrofts voice sounded so majestic as on album opener 'check the meaning'. Comparable to Dion or Scott Walkers grandest statements, you hear a sweet, smooth ( yet a little sinister ) musical backing, fronted by a towering vocal which like Bing or Frank becomes AN INSTRUMENT! The other diverse songs come in the form of 'lord i've been trying', 'nature is the law', 'pleasure', 'god in the numbers'. All great peices of music, with country, classical, blues, and pet sounds all coming in to play. It's THAT voice though that gives it a razor sharp edge. The music glides, pushes and translates emotion to accompany THE VOICE. So in the end.... Its really special, just like Richard Ashcroft always promises.
By the way, I take it everyone elses heart melted when hearing the 'nature is the law' backing vocal. Two hard working perfectionists on one recorded peice of music. It sure beats will young and gareth gates churning stomachs on that beatle duet!
Keep the faith. The word is love.

Let It Come Down (Deluxe)
Let It Come Down (Deluxe)
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £10.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars oh Lord can you hear him... the lord does!, 20 Sept. 2001
For what J Spaceman has made is enough to move the heavens and make all aware of this beautiful overpowering music. I have found not one review by the press to truly sum up this record. Most reviews have totally missed the point of this awe - inspiring peice of heartbreak, humour, and redemption. If i've not made my self clear... to sum up, this is one of THOSE records, you know, like Dions Born to Be With You or Princes purple rain or Abbey Road or Nilssons Aerial Pandemodium ballet or whats goin on'. All i am saying is....
Give Pierce a Chance!

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