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M. Hubbard "Grandpa" (London)

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Becoming Warren Buffett
Becoming Warren Buffett
Price: £6.99

2.0 out of 5 stars Not this time HBO, 12 Aug. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Its HBO so it should be good. But its not its just monologue over some home videos. I have read ( audible) his life story which was way more interesting--it was worts and all. This is WAY too sanitised and boring

Sony MDR-EX750 High Resolution Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphone - Black
Sony MDR-EX750 High Resolution Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphone - Black
Price: £99.95

5.0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT, 12 Aug. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ok some background. Ive had Bose in ear ( still have actually), Sony MDR ZX 770BN -over hear ( still have) , Bose Quiet Comforts ( great noise cancellation -not the best sound) and Sony Brass 650's ( What Hi Fi award winners) . These Sony MDR- EX 750 are the best sounding. Period. Now, accepting that sound is a subjective this is my humble opinion. The first time you put them on you will think---urm ok thats not the best sound I ever heard and you will do this as with the NC ( noise cancelling ) off as most NC earphones work better with the NC ( white noise off). BUT these Sony's are different. When you turn the NC on they automatically listen for 3 types of noise and set out cancelling waves. ( if there isn't anything then they just play great music--ie listening in bed). BUT the transformation in sound is AMAZING -- its like someone flicked on the power switch on stage. The base is fulsome ( not overbearing-- Im not a D & B fan) and the whole sound comes alive--literally and the highs lows and mids are all really crisp with a wide clearly defined sound stage. You can hear the 'triangle ' being played in the rear left of the stage 8 metres away.
I should point out that that I am using them with a Sony Xperia Z ( compact) and this pushes out ( in settings) DHES ( i.e. its putting out an imitation of Hi Res sound to wired headphones like this ) so I cant comment on other phones -- i.e. its good to have the one brand connection--- and you need to think about all your connection points--by that I mean if you aren't pumping hi res sound to them from the file , or the device you are sending the quality that they need/ deserve. I use Spotify in extreme setting and as Ive said DHES on the phone setting.
Oh and if you aren't fussed about nearly used there are a ton on Amazon warehouse deals-- grab yourself some new ear pieces and bang 50% off.
Oh and dont very about the design being too long and not staying in ear, They fit great and are really comfy. I wouldn't do gym in them but you would get some over ear locking ones for that.
And the noise cancelling? Ive only used on the tube--but the active noise cancelling and the secure ear fit blocked at least as well as the Bose QC 25 over ears , if not better and these are much smaller to lug around.

Fremo Evo - an intelligent Battery Base for 2nd Generation Echo Dot. ("Alexa" unlimited)(EVO Black)
Fremo Evo - an intelligent Battery Base for 2nd Generation Echo Dot. ("Alexa" unlimited)(EVO Black)
Offered by Fremo Global
Price: £32.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Whats the point., 3 Aug. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Im not getting this product. I bought it to put an Echo Dot in the bath room so that I 'speak' to change radio stations and play music. So I charged it up for 12 hours and put it in the bathroom. it worked fine while I am in the en suite for 15 mins. The next morning nothing doing as the battery is flat. Its a 5,000 man battery so I was thinking it would be fine in standby for 2 poss 4 days. But no I gotta charge it every day. I might as well use the radio. And if you are using it in the garden simply get the large portable echo as a) its designed for that and b) it will have the speaker power.
If you want to take your dot around your house with you ok I kinda get it. But whats the point. We have 4 dots around the house and after all isn't that the point--to have ease just by speaking. SO like I said Im not getting the point of this.

UV Reader Navy Blue Lightweight Sun Readers Reading Glasses Designer Style Mens Womens UV400 Inc Case UVSR027 Strength +1.50
UV Reader Navy Blue Lightweight Sun Readers Reading Glasses Designer Style Mens Womens UV400 Inc Case UVSR027 Strength +1.50
Price: £8.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellant, 30 July 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Need prescription sun glasses-- these are spring hinged and just great. Trendy enough to look cool, cheap enough to be looseable, robust enough not to break easily and they work fine too--- excellent

Sony Xperia L1 SIM-Free Smartphone - Black
Sony Xperia L1 SIM-Free Smartphone - Black
Price: £168.99

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I like it but read below pls, 30 July 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Its not so much that I love it. Its that as a sat nav in my car and as my personal phone (sim) ( I live on my work mobile )--this is ok. You will be frustrated at the 2-4 seconds it takes to open a large app like Sat Nav. But is a great price and works fine as a phone.

If price is your main criteria and you like Sony style you cant go wrong. If price is your main criteria only Im told their are faster phones with better cameras and specs.

By the way I paid £129 for mine and now I see its over £150-- at that price I'd def go elsewhere-- look at One Plus X --better specs same size or other One Plus phones

Wheelie Bin Self Adhesive Sticker Kit, Tulip Design
Wheelie Bin Self Adhesive Sticker Kit, Tulip Design
Offered by UK1ONE
Price: £1.39

3.0 out of 5 stars Be sure what you are buying, 22 July 2017
Be aware you will need too cut out each individual shape which can be a real pain and then being able to peel off the sticky bit is another pain. Best way is to take it in your teeth and grind the top bit off to start it and then peel the rest off. BUYTits cheap and they look nice when finished. As the print is clear of the flower its not 100% to be exact on the cutting to the flower shape. Ok but be prepared to give 1.5 hours for a 10 min job.

4 x BIG Stacking Plastic Storage Open Fronted Order Picking Waste/Recycle/Laundry Sorting Plastic Bins Boxes
4 x BIG Stacking Plastic Storage Open Fronted Order Picking Waste/Recycle/Laundry Sorting Plastic Bins Boxes
Offered by Bargainbitz
Price: £74.94

1.0 out of 5 stars Silly price, 17 Jun. 2017
Silly price for cheap plastic

Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation), Black
Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation), Black
Price: £44.99

6 of 9 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Don't buy refurb. When they are set up they are set up. Buy new, 11 Jun. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is for REFURB one. Thinking I would save £5 I bought a refurb one. I have 2 new ones in other rooms. After trying to have it connect set up 9 times and wasting 2 hours I just gave up and sent it back.
You will read on E bay that many of these when bought second hand turn into glorified door stops and cannot be re used if the original network settings aren't removed by the prior owner. I think Amazon would be wise enough to do this but my refurb just didn't work. It also showed a Amazon wifi network it was looking for. Anyway it didn't work and it was sent back.
With regard to the actual Alexa product its brill ( well I wouldn't be buying a 3rd if it wasn't) its replaced radios in the study and kitchen and you won't believe how just using voice transforms things , not to mention podcasts music ( spotify etc) .
In addition Alexa is a TRILLION better than Siri and a lot better than OK Google at a) recognising and b) latency which is 0.5 secs. ( this is the time for your Q to go to Seattle servers and come back). I won't bore you with the detail but Alexi is a product of EVI invented by a Cambridge company that Amazon bought in 2008 which had voice apps on Apple and IOS and Android. All went quiet for 3 years as Jeff Bosez ( CEO Amazon) demanded 0.5 latency down from 2-3 seconds. Sounds easy, INCREDIBLE hard, but they did it. Thats one of the reasons why Alexa is so much easier to speak with.

Sony MDR-EX450 In-Ear Headphones with Aluminium Housing - White
Sony MDR-EX450 In-Ear Headphones with Aluminium Housing - White
Price: £29.96

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars If you are looking at Ex 450's versus EX 650's here is the answer, 11 Jun. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
You will likely be thinking I should get the EX450 versus the EX650 which are £20 more and seem to have a lot of the same specification save for 5-25,000 freq versus 5- 28,000 but there is the rub. These are delightful with a light crisp sound and better than your pre packed ear phones. BUT they are not EX650 winners of the What Hi Fi award for best headphones 2015. The sound stage is smaller and when you listen too the 650's youre going too say WOW that sounds great and the sound stage is really wide and they would still be good value at £80 to £120 in line with Bose ( I have Bose too and the 650's are better). If you can shell out the extra £20 and buy the 650's if not you will like these. But loving costs a little bit more

Sony Xperia XA1 32 GB 5-Inch UK SIM-Free Smartphone - White
Sony Xperia XA1 32 GB 5-Inch UK SIM-Free Smartphone - White
Price: £229.00

67 of 70 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT BUT READ BEFORE YOU FALL IN LOVE- 2 UPDATES AT BOTTOM fro 5 to 2 stars, 27 May 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like several people here I love the square styling of this phone and its my 3rd Sony ( Z3 compact, Z5 compact-before.). If you are replacing either of these you need to read the below before you fall in love.
Firstly size-- its a 5" screen as opposed to the ZX compact, and Z5/ Z3 compacts. Personally I like this its just about the biggest one handed phone you can have and gives that bit bigger screen. Its 2mm thinner too than a ZX Z5 Compact and has nicer top and bottom edging moving back to the Z3 compact styling ( without the clear plastic bumpers unfortunately).
At a great price of £229 these are the features that you will miss from a ZX compact ( which is the updated Z5 compact and is now down to around £300 or less) --
---No Finger print scanner ( there is a small sticking out button on the right side)
---No double tap to wake on screen-- this is Sony being REALLY MEAN. This means that you have to push in the power button every time and then ( if you have set it and if you are using it as a work phone its likely your work email administrators will demand it in the Outlook download ) then enter the 4 digit code every time. Now there is a useful feature that you can set so as not to need the 4 digit pin. You can set a GPS setting ( i.e. home or work) that the phone will recognise and you won't need a pin. OR you can set it that a pin is not needed if you have it blue tooth connect device that you have authorised -- i.e. a Android watch or in the car. These are nice features but I really miss double tap to wake--There is a lot of moaning about this on Sony mobile chat sites so hopefully it will be part of a firmware update.
--No stereo speakers-- the grill on the face at top and bottom is mic and hearing for phone calls. The speaker is on the bottom. For me its no big thing as if I want sound I will blue tooth to a speaker/ car. Its reasonably loud speaker on the phone (louder than Z3 Compact--isnt anything :-) _ but it is a bit hissy when you turn it up.
--There is no 4k video but 1080p is fine. 4k on the ZX Z5 was only for 50 seconds before the phone got too hot and shut off anyway.

Really thats about it-- this is the good stuff you get
-- A fantastic 23 mp camera. Its actually the same one that was in the Z5 compact and that was supposed to be one of the best in the world. Like that one it shoots reg in 8mp so you have to set it to 23mp--but its a quality item in any way.
-- Don't think that as its a lower class new chip than the snap dragon-- its been specifically designed for Sony and with 3 gb RAM rather than the Z5 Compact 2 gb RAM it opens and closes faster. Note if you are a gaming fanatic you may notice a dif but for everyone else this will be that bit quicker.
--2300mah battery doesn't sound great , but what you are missing is that custom chip. It will last 20-30% longer than a Z5 Compact.
-- Added to the above is the FANTASTIC super fast charging with USB C connector ( yes you will be buying USB C Amazon basics leads for charing around your house / car). But USB C is a) uni directional ( i.e. there is no wrong way up ) and b) chargers must faster. As an example you will get 50% in 20-30 mins. I would say its 60% faster than my old Z5 Compact which in its self was 30% faster than Z3 Compact.
- Screen is 720p same as prior compacts. The Samsung brigade will shout not 1080 but its a compact screen so in reality ( unless you look REALLY close) you won't notice the diff.
-It takes a Micro SD card up to 256gb with of course the 32gb internal storage.

All in all I love it-- I hate that it doesn't have double tap to wake and with enough badgering Sony will sort this with a Firmware update. But apart from that its Brill and the price is excellent. If your coming from a XA it will blow you away. If you are coming from a Z3/ Z5 Compact you won't be disappointed and the price is great.

The other thing to note is that with Nougat Sony removed SMALL APPS -- If like me you were used to using this to cahnge tracks on i.e. Spotify whilst on another page you will miss this. Sony you REALLY need to fix your software--your design is GREAT.

If you have other questions ask me.

UPDATE 1 21 July 2017-- Still loving the style and the 5" really is the top sizing that one handed use will support.
There are 2 things that have developed that are really annoying --
1- the swipe down to view notifications doesn't work. Maybe it was a software update? Ive read that one should take off all apps and put on one by one but I really cant be bothered to do that. Ive tried soft and hard re sets and its pain not to be able to lower the brightness each evening without going through system app. ANYONE ELSE FACING THIS.
2. I constantly find that P on the right side of the keyboard won't press and show--ie it comes up as an O which is right next to it. Not sure if this is a factor of the curved edge and the side bezel being so slim or the screen formatting.
Either way neither of the above happened on my Z5 Compact that I had for 18 months which behaved flawlessly.
I still love the size / shape of the XA 1 but overall everything else is great-- but these ( and the aforementioned) seem silly software issues from Sony rather than hardware that would make it BRILLIANT for the price.

SUMMARY -- BEAUTIFUL SHAPE ( why cant Apple do this now--look at old nano iPods), ENOUGH SPECS THAT YOU NEED WITH A GREAT CAMERA. MAYBE I JUST HAD A BAD ONE. BUT I 'LIVE' ON MY PHONE SO AS WELL AS LOOKING GOOD IT NEEDS TO WORK. TOP MARKS TO AMAZON WHO OFFERED A REPLACEMENT OR A REFUND DUE TO NOT BEING ABLE TO FIX THE ABOVE ISSUE. AS MUCH AS I LOVE THE PHONE I FELT GOING FOR THE X COMPACT WOULD GIVE ME A MORE FLAGSHIP BUILD WHERE THE ABOVE WOULD NOT HAPPEN AS WELL AS GINING ME HI RES MUSIC AND FIGURE PRINT UNLOCK ( rather than hitting the on/off botton and then having to put in code. ) THE X COMPACT ALSO COMES WITH BUILT IN NOISE CANCELLING FOR HEADPHONES WHICH IS ALSO USEFUL WHEN TRAVELLING. B-U-T I WILL MISS THE 5" SCREEN GOING TO A 4.6" AND THE BRICKIER 9.5 MM WIDTH COMPARED TO THE SVELTE 7MM--EVEN IF THE BATTERY IS 2700MAH MEANING 25% MORE. If you are considering getting the XA1 have a look at the X Compact. Its down to £299 now. Thats still £70 more than the XA1 but the X Compact is about £200 less than the flagship Z5 Compact and has all the features / more speed , even if it is not waterproof and dust proof rated

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