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Need for Speed Most Wanted (Xbox 360)
Need for Speed Most Wanted (Xbox 360)
Offered by PROGAMES
Price: £11.64

7 of 10 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Well-Built but Poorly Executed, 30 Nov. 2012
I've grown up following the Need For Speed series from when I fell in love with Underground 2 to spending hours causing carnage and collecting bounty in the original Most Wanted and there's nothing I want more than for this series to come back to the glory days and actually bring out a game worthy of five stars.

In terms of graphics, performance and audio this game is perfect. It's very hard to fault anything really and I like the difference in handling between cars, for instance the Porsche that you initially begin with has very 'heavy' steering but the Mercedes 65 AMG has lighter steering. The cars handle in the way a Need For Speed car would handle - not that realistic, which just adds to the fun and doesn't require that much effort to drive in a decent way.

However, there are so many faults in this game that even good graphics can't make up it. We are introduced to the city of Fairhaven which we are allowed to drive around as much as we like. The city is well made but just looks like a typical urban setting, everything looks the same and for some reason I didn't really enjoy or indeed want to just cruise around.

The way the game is set up is just laughable. There is a list of the 12 best drivers in Fairhaven - the Most Wanted drivers, but, we aren't given any indication to who they are or who the driver is that we're controlling, we're just told to beat them by an AI called 'Autolog' which doesn't make sense. That would be fine except for the fact that it's insanely easy to beat them all and I only had to retry a few events once before winning; you can actually notice the cars slowing down more as they get closer to the finishing line. In order to access this list you must attain 'speedpoints' and reach a certain threshold and I still have no idea which actions gain speedpoints and which don't.

But since all this illegal street racing is, in fact, illegal the police are going to try and stop you. However they would need to go back on a few training courses because everything about the police involvement in this game was hilariously bad. First of all, they actually don't solve any purpose and are nothing but a slight distraction and a massive annoyance. Unlike the original MW, you don't have to interact with the police in any way to progress up the Most Wanted List and even the concept of 'heat levels' was lost on me because it didn't actually matter and required no attention to be paid towards it. The seriousness of the pursuit seems to change in an instant from having one cop car chase you to having spike strips and road-blocks here, there and everywhere; it was all so unnecessary and more than poorly executed.

I'm still undecided as to whether or not I liked how the races were presented in this game. Since every car except the MW cars are available to drive as soon as you start the game, you can compete in 5 races per car in order to unlock 'mods' and earn speedpoints. This makes the game less boring but it's more than frustrating if you invest time in winning races in your favourite car in order to fully customise it and you have no other choice but to dump it for another one in order to get more speedpoints.

The cars were good and I liked having the choice from the outset but customisability was bad. Speed improvements were all that was available (not even body kits) and these were hard to apply. And this brings me to 'easydrive'.'Easydrive' seems like a good idea but like so much of this game, is poorly executed. It's menu that sits at the top left corner of the screen that can be used without pausing the game in order to select a race, change car, customise car etc. but I still had to biring the car to a stop so I could actually have time to read the menus. Plus, the fact that you have to use the D-Pad in order to access the menu means that you cant steer the car, which results it in crashing and then resets the menu after an irritating cutaway showing in slow-motion how the car crashed.

And this is what brings me to the main problem of this game. This game is not perfect, I know that, and I would have really enjoyed playing it if it wasn't for the fact that every time you touch a wall, car or anything that sticks out of the ground - you crash. Not only do you crash, you have to watch a video of you crashing and then have to start off from 0mph again after about 5 seconds. It's irritating, infuriating and resulted in me turning off my 360 in ager more than a few times. These cars are SO. BLOODY. SENSITIVE. It doesn't matter what you're doing or how fast you're going, if you touch anything you're not supposed to - you're gonna crash. Not only is it annoying, it also takes away from the fast pace of the game and detracts from the fun. It's more than ridiculous and has plain ruined this game for me because that's not how a game like this should work; a car going 30mph should not be able to wipe out a car that's going 200mph just because it's been rammed, IT'S JUST SO STUPID.

So it goes without saying that the single player mode was a massive disappointment to me. The storyline was in no way well-thought and couldn't even be described as 'simple' because it wasn't - it was a mess. The fact that the look of the car couldn't be customised in terms of outward appearance is just bizarre, as the premise of this game is STREET racing, and the clunky UI of 'easydrive' was just baffling. Along with the fact that you don't even get the chance to actually drive a car without having to watch it get destroyed every 10 seconds, this game has left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

Multi-player is marginally more enjoyable. I really enjoyed the challenges such as jumping a certain height or drifting for a certain length of time and there's a good balance between those and actual races. In order to win a a set of five races and challenges you need to have the highest amount of speedpoints. The hole here is that the only way I can see of winning these points is to win races or to 'take down' other opponents by crashing into them. This inevitably resulted in having twits constantly ramming into me and I found it very hard to actually compete in challenges without having some ignorant moron try to take me out. Of course I was yet again plighted by the over-sensitive car issue but the difference with multiplayer is that if you crash, the rest of the cars aren't going to slow down for you so you can still have a chance of winning, so there isn't really much point in competing.

This game was a massive let down for me and in my opinion doesn't deserve the 'Most Wanted' title attributed to it. In saying that, it wasn't completely awful and the multi-player turned out to be more than enjoyable. I'm genuinely saddened at how this game, and the franchise in general has turned out but I'm still hoping and praying for a release of Underground 3. It's been fun but after exactly one week of playing I'm ready to trade it in and move on to the next game without feeling the need to invest any time into it, which is never good.

HTC Desire HD Sim Free Mobile Phone - Mocha
HTC Desire HD Sim Free Mobile Phone - Mocha

13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Phone I Have Ever Owned... At a Cost, 1 Jan. 2011
I'm 16 and being a spoiled kid, I have used a lot of smart phones over the years; first I had the Nokia N95 8GB, the N96, the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and now the HTC Desire HD. And I have to say, that the hardware and software of this phone make it the best phone I have ever owned.

I'm going to start off with my five positive points.
1. The screen on this phone is amazing, the size and resolution are perfect and have allowed me to use my phone in ways I never have before. For instance, browsing the web on this phone is beautiful and effortless and watching movies or TV shows is a delight.
2. The Android OS is the exact reason I bought this phone. I live my life in the Google cloud, I have my contacts, calendars, e-mails, tasks and news delivered to me by its services and to buy a phone running an OS made my Google seemed like the right choice. The HTC Sense skin which serves as a user interface made by HTC is wonderful, the levels of customisation of the home screens allows me to have my phone working the way I want it to. The widgets are also extremely handy and I couldn't begin to list my favourites. (This would be a good time to mention that iOS (iPhone) does not allow widgets on it's homescreen).
3. The uni-body design of the HTC Desire HD is superb, it feels like a solid piece of machinery that is not going to break into a million pieces if I dropped it (which is what my BlackBerry felt like) and everything seems to be proportioned perfectly. Before I got the phone I didn't feel this was enough bezel around the edge of the phone to stop be tapping the screen when holding it but extensive use showed that is definitely not a problem and the phone fits perfectly in my hand.
4. The 8MP camera on the Desire HD is almost better quality than my 10MP Samsung Point-and-Shoot camera which says a lot. The pictures look beautiful on the screen and on my laptop and they seem to always come out perfectly. The only problem that I would have is that the phone sometimes doesn't detect that flash needs to be enabled so it has to be done manually.
5. The applications in the Android App Market are vast and never ending. I've found an application to do everything that I ever wanted to do like stream music wirelessly over Spotify, talk to my friends over different IM networks with Trillian, listen to automatically downloaded podcats with Google Listen and post to my tumblr with the Tumblr app. I could list the many more amazing applications that make the Android OS as amazing as it is but I haven't even got to the negatives yet...
(Honourable mentions to the other features of the phone that I love. The dolby sound technology inside the phone makes listening to music though headphones a very enjoyable experience and is one of the main reasons that I no longer use my iPod. The touch screen is very responsive and seems to work perfectly all of the time, although coming from a BlackBery its taken me a long time to get used to typing on the phone and I really miss the physical keyboard but I'm getting better every day!)

Now for the negatives.
1. As other reviewers have pointed out, the battery life on this phone is not good. But to be perfectly honest that is expected, you have the large processor, huge screen and demanding OS to run and you're just going to have to make do. I unplug my phone from the charger at 7.30am, during school my phone is checking FaceBook every hour, Twitter every 12 minutes along with automatically syncing and listening to music though the headphones for about 2 hours. The battery dies at 6pm and I can live with that.
2. The FaceBook application has come on leaps and bounds on Android but I still think there needs to be a lot of work done. Push notifications have been introduced recently but when you get a notification, your recent notifications list refreshes to display the new notifications and on a 2G network, that takes a long time. There are a few other things about the FaceBook application that I don't like such as the row of recent media that sits at the bottom wasting space, the fact that nothing seems to be pre-loaded or cached in terms on comments on a status or photo and an un-fixed bug that doesn't display certain people's profile thumbnail (including mine).
3. The phone is quite heavy which I don't mind but some people do.
4. The large screen is (obviously) prone to smudges and consistently gives the phone a untidy, messy look which, as a 'clean freak' really annoys me.
5. The screen and cost of the phone (£40 a month with O2 Pay Monthly giving me 800 minutes, unlimited texts and 750mb of internet) is turning me into a mental wreck, I've already invested £15 in a case and screen protectors are coming in the post as I write this. This annoys me a lot as one of the things I like about this phone is how it looks and covering it with cases and protectors steals some of the allure away from the device.

You can see that the positives outweigh the negatives of this phone and it is really worth buying. I just wouldn't recommend it to someone who needs the battery to remain consistently good from - say - 6am to 11pm because no matter how much tweaking you do, it's just not going to happen. I can safely say that during the 2 years that stems my contract, I will be very happy with this phone and will not want to change, and HTC have promised that the Desire range will be getting all of the major android updates in the near future, so the phone will remain future-proof.
Comment Comments (5) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 20, 2011 7:37 AM BST

Paperchase Display Book. Black
Paperchase Display Book. Black

3.0 out of 5 stars What's Inside, 26 Jun. 2010
I think it's important to mention that this "Display Book" is not a scrapbook as I thought it was. Inside are plastic sleeves to place paper not paper to stick on other things.

Regardless, it's still I very good quality product.

Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB USB Portable External Hard Drive
Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB USB Portable External Hard Drive

4.0 out of 5 stars Its so good, Its HOT, HOT, HOT!, 1 Oct. 2009
This really is a smashing little gadget! Its small and sleek, with a nice glossy finish. Following everyones advice, I formated the drive to NFTS and got rid of that silly software and now use it to store my music, videos, and pictures.

Everything is great accept for one thing, it gets hot! Very hot. Well maybe its because I have it on all the time and I am constantly accessing it to play music etc. but it does get hot after a few hours of use. Although it doesn't bother me A LOT, its still inconvient.

Another ploblem desktop PC users might have is that the lead it quite short.

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