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Black PU Leather Flip Case Cover Pouch For Nokia Asha 210
Black PU Leather Flip Case Cover Pouch For Nokia Asha 210

4.0 out of 5 stars OK but not well-finished, 28 May 2015
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Not well finished as it glue or lining protruding between the edges where they show. It is a perfect fit and all the cut-outs are perfectly located which shows some attention to detail. I know that it is inexpensive but it could have been tidied up.

Dell P2415Q 23.8-Inch Ultra HD 4K LCD Monitor (2M:1, 300 cd/m2, 3840 x 2160, 8ms, DP/Mini DP/HDMI (MHL)/USB) - Black
Dell P2415Q 23.8-Inch Ultra HD 4K LCD Monitor (2M:1, 300 cd/m2, 3840 x 2160, 8ms, DP/Mini DP/HDMI (MHL)/USB) - Black
Offered by PCBuyIT Limited
Price: £360.00

5.0 out of 5 stars A useful size of 4K screen; best for those for whom 28-inch models are too large, 28 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Dell P2415Q is the first monitor from this brand that has been purchased for about a decade and as a replacement to a larger 4K monitor which was repeatedly causing failures of several DisplayPort cables.

This is a full 3840 x 2160 (UHD 4K) monitor featuring an IPS screen panel in a 23.8-inch (sometimes described as 24) format. The majority of currently available alternatives are 28-inch models which may be too big for some and using a common TN panel with rather similar colour rendition across the several brands despite different calibration standards each manufacturer applies. An IPS panel will always out-perform a TN panel and that is certainly true with this and its colour accuracy is extremely high. A calibration certificate is supplied with each unit.
The screen is attractive with a fairly thin all-round bezel with a silver-coloured trim. Its control buttons, power included, are arranged within the lower right side. The available menus are much as expected, including input selection, and a variety of usage choices. You are not offerent multiple viewing modes, e.g. gaming, movies, vivid etc, but they are not necessary as performance is well balanced. Connections include 3 DisplayPort sockets (1 full-size in and a second out, and a mini-DP socket in). It is therefore possible to chain two monitors for a dual screen DisplayPort set-up. The sole alternative connection is HDMI; the DVI or SVGA options of most of the competiton are absent. The connection panel also includes a full USB 3.0 hub for which an upstream cable is provided to connect with your PC; one of its ports is to the side.

In addition to a rise-fall movement in its stand, it also allows both forward and backwards tilts and a 90-deg pivot for vertical viewing, excellent for page editing in DTP or word-processing and for some photo editing tasks. To get the best from the screen, you may need to modify the default screen display options (Personalize/Display/Change the size of all items within Windows 8) in order to keep icons to a reasonable size and screen text not too small to be illegible - 125 or 150% may be most comfortable.

Speakers are incorporated, digital signals being supplied through either DisplayPort or HDMI connection. An audio out socket is provided, either for headphone use or for amplified speakers which will probably provide a far superior sound as the internal speakers are sufficient but not outstanding, comparable but slightly superior to laptop quality.

The on-screen image is bright and contrasty with an all-round 178-degree viewing angle without the apparent screen dimming, tonal or colour inversion that typifies TN panels when viewed at or towards their extremes, typically about 20 degrees less overall than this.

The screen refresh timing is stated as 6ms, which is slow in comparison to the 1-3ms claimed for many others; the timing here is probably honest and realistic. However, it may mean that ghosting within some games becomes very apparent and possibly unacceptable. If a personal or family issue, you may wish to reduce resolution, thereby also greatly increasing refresh rates. Because the native resolution doubles that of full HD in both vertical and horizontal planes, viewing at 1920 x 1080 is not unpleasant due to the very small pixels and the 2 x 2 pixel groupings will be no more apparent than the single pixels of similar dimensions on a comaparable native full HD screen.

All controls and settings are via its OSD other than those few covered by its Display Manager software, which also allows the splitting of the screen into several virtual screens. The required software and documentation are on the included CD. However, the versions are non-current and you will be prompted to update. You will need the individual Service Tag number from the carton in order to navigate to the correct page. The Display Manager offers numerous layout plans. This is advantageous and an effective alternative to a cascade of overlapping program screens as it will allow simultaneous viewing, data comparison or editing for multiple programs or documents within several copies of one program where permitted. All required cables are included but you may require longer versions to suit.

Although often recommended for gaming, no 4K monitor can match at their native resolution the same high refresh rates, typically above 100Hz, that they may have used at full HD with another screen. 60Hz is currently the highest available for UHD 4K and usually only via DisplayPort and it may not suit some games. You can always compromise resolution for a faster refresh rate.

Costwise, this monitor is priced similarly to several of its 28-inch opponents. The IPS screen module is more expensive to manufacture and that is reflected in the pricing. If video or photo editing are prime interests, and possibly if watching many movies, the improved performance and viewability of this IPS module will make its choice more imperative. There is also a 27-inch version but costing about 40% more.

Anker® 8200 DPI High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse for PC, 9 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridges, Omron Micro
Anker® 8200 DPI High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse for PC, 9 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridges, Omron Micro
Offered by AnkerDirect
Price: £59.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A good, introductory level gaming mouse and sold at a fair price., 26 May 2015
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Fast responding mouse that is very lightweight until you add some or all of the additional gaming weights supplied. However, their installation is not as simple or as tidy as it could be as the provided space is small and they appear to interfere with each other if five or more are used. Even with all the weights installed, it is still not too heavy.

Its cable is usefully long and of the expected woven fabric outer common to most 'gaming' products and permanently connected. The mouse is shaped for right-hand use and shares much of its shaping with several Logitech products, including the mouse most recently used. Functionally, the mouse is different than many with several additional buttons, most of which are programmable and include two for recording and playing back macros, possibly some gaming action that is often repeated, although the limit is just two!

In the hand the mouse is fairly comfortable to use, if personally a little under-sized - there is little space for the thumb without hitting one or more of the left-side buttons. You will need its driver package to get the most from it and it is a downloadable file from Anker's Support Page. The manual is minimal and basic with little information about its additional keys or how to use them. There is no information at all about the use of the weights or any suggestions as to how many you may need and under what circumstances.

In the event of any issues, Anker have a very good Support system but it did not personally suit and was returned.

Kensington Keyfolio Fit Universal Folio with Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for 9" and 10" Windows Tablets UK QWERTY Layout - Black
Kensington Keyfolio Fit Universal Folio with Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for 9" and 10" Windows Tablets UK QWERTY Layout - Black
Price: £65.48

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Ideal companion to any Windows tablet without its own keyboard, 25 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
As some tablets are now promoted as 'notebook replacements', not least the latest Microsoft Surface 3, the absence of a physical keyboard where it applies will very quickly be noticed by anyone needing to enter more than a couple of dozen characters into an on-screen keyboard using only a fingertip or two. The Kensington Keyfolio addresses that deficiency in the design or marketing of such products and the extent to which they are now used. It is available in two versions, one for Android tablets and this for the Windows equivalents, both in 9-10 inch screen sizes although the packaging suggests 10-inch devices alone. It is attractively packaged, in a slip case with its cable in the bottom-most section which is emblazoned to indicate its existence.

It comprises a foldover case into which is fitted a Bluetooth keyboard. The keys are of slightly reduced size but perfectly capable of use for e-mailing, writing a report, in-filling a spreadsheet or anything requiring a significant amount of typing. When tapping data into an on-screen keyboard is non-productive, time-wasting or otherwise undesirable, this combination will be most beneficial. The case is quite rigid within the fixed sections with easily folded hinge sections.

As with any Bluetooth device, the keyboard needs to paired with your tablet which should take a few seconds once initiated. It uses a scissors action within its keys which, despite the rather short key travel this size of keyboard demands, is regarded in full-size models as excellent for data entry and by some as superior to the various mechanical keyboards which would be impossible in this format. Scissor action keys have the advantage of a superior typing action and greater feedback to the user. They may also prove more reliable longer-term than a typical membrane-based version. Extended use, which is where it will come into its own, is very comfortable and approaching the experience of a full-size model. It does not have a numeric keypad, which is personally preferred on a standard PC keyboard, but the omission is reasonable and expected at this scale.

The case is obviously generic and not designed with a specific brand or model in mind. As the stretchy silicone 'straps' are located in the corners, it is unlikely that they will obstruct a required connection socket or a protective cover they may use but it will not provide openings for any speakers that may be rear-facing, a rear-facing camera or other such fitment. The case is designed for those models that are essentially plane-flat and therefore may not suit the Lenovo models with their rolled and thickened battery and stand section as they could only be held at the top corners. Slightly larger-screened devices may also be unsuitable but it depends on their bezel widths, but a suitable model was not available to test the possibility.

As with many others, the case uses a magnetic closure which may enable a device's Sleep mode. The keyboard is rechargeable and comes with its own charge cable which can then plug into a PC, USB adapter in a car's accessory port, a mains adapter etc. The inside of the case is lined with a soft suede- or velvet-like finish and is formed to allow its use as an easel. However, it only offers the one position and angle which may not be universally ideal. If used for about 3-4 hours per day on average, Kensington claim a single charge should last for about 6 weeks, which is excellent and similar to an Android keyboard used elsewhere.

The Android version had been used previously and found to be an excellent accessory - the tablet was replaced and its case donated to a relative. Other similar cases and standalone keyboards, some branded to match specific tablets, are currently used with mostly total satisfaction. The keyboard used here is more comfortable to use than others ion cases for other types or sizes of device. This one replaces the Android-specific keys more often seen with a Windows key set but the keyboard could also be used occasionally with an Android tablet if no other suitable keyboard is available.

As a case, it is expensive although the inclusion of the keyboard reduces the effective cost. You may be paying slightly more for the key mechanisms which provide a far superior level of feedback than the standard and inexpensive membrane-type often found. Experience with several Kensington accessories of various types used over many years has shown no common issue of lack of quality, poor construction etc, and products have only been replaced due to excessive and long-term wear and tear where and when it occurred. If you use your Windows Tablet extensively and do not have a compatible Bluetooth keyboard, this could be the ideal companion despite its cost and is therefore strongly recommended.

IBRA® 3m High Speed PRO GOLD RED v2.0/1.4a HDMI Cable 3D 2160p PS4 SKY HD 4K Ultra HD(Version 2.0, 18Gbps, ARC)
IBRA® 3m High Speed PRO GOLD RED v2.0/1.4a HDMI Cable 3D 2160p PS4 SKY HD 4K Ultra HD(Version 2.0, 18Gbps, ARC)
Offered by Hd Zone
Price: £49.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Provides 4K but at very low refresh rates with my system, 25 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
An apparently solidly-constructed, metal-sheathed cable that is capable of providing 4K and 3D support over HDMI

However, as far as 4K systems are concerned, not all are equal. Some will support 4K over DisplayPort and usually at 60Hz but not with other connections. Others can also provide 4K over HDMI but probably at far lower refresh rates, possibly at or below 30Hz. If your system is equipped with an NVidia graphics card, you will need to use its NVidia Control Panel applet to set its resolution and refresh options. With other graphics adapters, there may be comparable control applets.

With my current higher-end 7 series NVidia card typical of many commercial systems, it provides stable 4K signals at 29Hz over HDMI but is extremely unstable at 30Hz over the same cable; 29Hz may be usable for general computing but completely unacceptable for gaming. You may wish to reserve the HDMI connection option for undemanding tasks or as a standby.

Although the cable performs as designed, you may wish to check the specific abilities of your own hardware as you may not obtain the expected results.

Kaspersky Total Security Multi Device - 3 Device - 1 Year (PC/Mac/Android)
Kaspersky Total Security Multi Device - 3 Device - 1 Year (PC/Mac/Android)
Price: £23.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The most commonly purchased version of this long-time favourite, 25 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This is the current equivalent to the former 3 PCs for One Year pack which was probably the most popular of the various Kaspersky Internet Security bundles. It allows installation on three devices which may be in any combination of Windows or Mac PCs, or Android tablets, up to the maximum permitted quantity.

Installation is normally via the supplied CD where possible but, in the event that your PC does not have an optical drive or you are intending to install on a tablet, you can also download the latest package of the appropriate version for that system from Kaspersky's site (it will often say that it is a trial) but upon using the provided key it will then become the fully registered version for that system.

Notwithstanding the possible download(s) that you may need, the on-disk version supplied may not be the most recent and will be automatically updated to the latest before installation. Actual installation is faster than of old and a reboot (typical with Windows in the past) is now less likely. As ever, in the event that another A-V product is installed, you will be asked to uninstall it as it is likely to confict and you may also need to use the relevant Removal or Clean-up Tool to remove any residuals, and there may be many.

Although KIS may not be the most advertised in magazines, is rarely pre-installed on new systems you may purchase, and probably not the product that you may be sold simply if asking in-store for an A-V product as others may involve higher seller commissions, it IS the product that is preferred by the trade and those technically-aware who know its benefits. It is the product that has been the personal A-V product of choice and within the extended family for many years.

To get it to perform at its best, you will need to update the definitions and other components regularly and set its scanning options to suit your needs; mostly the updates are automatic and can occur several times daily. They are the very minimum and there are further options that you may wish or need to set. As with almost every other item of software sold currently, there isn't a printed manual but there is one to download. It is certainly worthwhile doing so and reading through in order to understand it as fully as possible.

Correctly configured, KIS will perform very well and trap a lot of the nonsense that currently exists within much of the Web, some of it via deliberately placed malware, and sometimes in e-mails and from social media sites.

Rexel A4 Mylar Reinforced Index - White (Pack of 10)
Rexel A4 Mylar Reinforced Index - White (Pack of 10)
Price: £65.44

5.0 out of 5 stars Useful at home, school, college or work with multiple possible uses, 22 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Anyone accumulating a fair amount of paperwork will need to separate the collection into some sort of sequence so that information can be more easily retrieved; an alpha-sequence may be the most obvious example. This type is probably best used where there are groupings of documents that do not logically group well. The indexes may be used for schoolwork, at home in a hobby-related context, or for business and the contents sheet can be labelled with the category name that each number represents. One set was used in a small retail situation within a mini-filing system for accounts-related documents and survived many years before needing replacement. As the indexes are numbered 1-12, there may be several situations where there a few too many but rather few where 12 may be insufficient.

These Rexel A4 Mylar Reinforced Index sets comprise cards with staggered coloured plastic tabs down the free edge that are numbered on both sides and most suited to use within A4-size ring binders. The card from which the indexes are made is 170gsm, roughly the equivalent of two sheets of stardard office paper. There are two additional systems of indexes within the range, Alphabetical and Date, both with an obviously larger number of indexes per set but with rather smaller tabs; it is the latter two that were most often used in a professional capacity although rarely more than three sets in total (mostly two date, one alpha, but it varied). In the office, and possibly at home, you may well need all three types for different functions.

The inside edges are multi-punched to suit several binding systems, including the normal Euro 2- and 4-hole versions, and effectively mylar reinforced on both sides to prevent tearing or stretching of the punched holes. A 'Contents Sheet', similarly punched and reinforced, is included in the pack, not as I recall in the Alpha or Date versions where they may be unnecessary, which can be marked-up as required.

As the card surface is not for the most part laminated, writing on them with any type of pen or even using a printed plastic or paper label is easily achievable.

Although sold here as a 10-pack of the numeric version alone, the packs are also available singly although a 'variety pack' with small quantities of all three types could prove popular. These larger packs will better suit a large organisation, far less the individual user. If you are able to justify the larger pack quantities, they will prove more economical.

Although the card is not very thick, the indexes are sufficiently resilient to tolerate moderate wear and tear and can be re-used several times. Although fairly expensive for something so basic when bought singly, they will prove their worth over time.

CyberLink PowerDVD 15 Ultra (PC)
CyberLink PowerDVD 15 Ultra (PC)
Price: £51.99

3.0 out of 5 stars No longer indispensable, too few features for its price, 19 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The Ultra edition is the most extensively featured and most expensive of three current versions of PowerDVD 15. Unusually, its US$ price converts almost exactly to that in the UK.

The packaging is sized to include far more than the CD and leaflet actually included. Installation from CD is easy but for those whose systems don't include an optical drive, you can also download the package or consider copying it from the CD to a flash drive via a friend or relative's PC. Although a brief printed Getting Started guide is included, its main manual is on the CD.

The last version of PowerDVD Ultra personally used was 12 and many things are now extensively changed. Some features are now enhanced and others added for the first time, the latter including the ability to play a DVD or Blu-Ray ISO file; no other known software is able to do that and it could be very useful to those who will need it. Features enhanced include its Ultra 4k support which improves performance with 4K-capable graphics adapters when a 4K monitor is used and the new include TrueTheater Color and TrueTheater Sound for claimed improved media playback respectively enhancing the rendition of video and audio performance. Also added is the ability to rip audio tracks and save them in MP3 or AAC format. H265 codec support now features strongly; media files using that codec are beginning to appear in great number.

Not all of its improvements will be of universal benefit, hence you may be paying for a feature you cannot or will not use; one of the lesser versions may then better suit and to save some of the outlay.

Cyberlink have followed many other software companies and included a free-for-one-year 20GB of Cloud storage, after which it becomes fee-based if you wish to retain it. If not, you will need to retrieve anything stored or it will be lost to you.

Although an older version of PowerDVD was pre-installed by my PC's manufacturers, it has only rarely been used. Alternatives that are almost as capable but much simpler and more immediate to use are the preferred choice; access to media files via PowerDVD can be unnecessarily complex. Some may also be angered by the amount of self-promoting material it can exhibit.

Information is provided about how and where to obtain two mobile apps, suitable for both Android and iOS-based systems which can provide mobile access to some of the same facilities. However, they will be of a rather more limited feature set.

If purchased direct from Cyberlink, the price is about £10 higher. At its current price PowerDVD does not provide good value; its pricing needs reassessment and it has not provided value for a few years. Its sole exclusive feature, which will be rarely used at best and by relatively few, is insufficient justification. Every other feature can be replicated by other software that could be entirely cost free, may include features that PowerDVD does not and yet be easier and more immediate to use. Although capable in several areas, PowerDVD is not indispensible and no longer commands automatic recommendation. If you wish to commit that will be your decision, but otherwise you may wish to do a little research.
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Rexel A4 Superline Wallet - Assorted Colour (Pack of 15)
Rexel A4 Superline Wallet - Assorted Colour (Pack of 15)
Price: £33.12

5.0 out of 5 stars Many possible uses in the home, office and for students of all ages, 19 May 2015
Rexel Popper Wallets are a product that have been available for many years in slightly different forms and which have been used professionally and personally, mostly in A4 but occasionally in A5 format. They are available in several colours of which this pack is a representative selection.

These are the A4 size and you receive 2 each of 6 colours and 3 in black. In addition to the normal single-colour 5-packs, a larger 25-pack is sometimes available, also single-colour, for bulk users. Sized to fit into filing cabinets, desk drawers and a briefcase but they can be carried just as easily in hand. The surface texture provides a good grip but they are sufficiently flexible to fit into a back-pack even when quite full.

Individually able to accept up to about 150 sheets of 80gsm A4, they may be used to store things such as price lists, brochures etc in the home or office and have been known to be used by school and university students for hand-outs, lecture notes and other course materials. They can also be a perfect means to store important but infrequently used documents such as User Guides, manuals etc for cameras and other equipment which may be small enough to otherwise easily lose or mislay, although the A5 size may be a better fit for most. Some family members have also used these to store knitting patterns, recipes removed from magazines and other similar items.

The plastic is moderately thin, lightly textured, semi-rigid and opaque and the poppers on the flap will hold them closed, making them almost showerproof apart from the open slots at the sides. They now include a pocket for a label card; you can reuse the reverse of the printed card provided or cut another to size.

The wallets can meet a wide variety of needs at many levels and are sufficiently well-priced to be easily affordable. You may sometimes find them sold singly, so mixing and matching colours to fulfill different tasks then becomes practical. However, it is more economical to purchase in larger quantities when needed.

Rexel Prostyle Cross Cut 11-Sheet Paper / Credit Card Shredder with Large 20L Pullout Bin and View Window
Rexel Prostyle Cross Cut 11-Sheet Paper / Credit Card Shredder with Large 20L Pullout Bin and View Window
Price: £59.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Neat, compact, attractive for what it is, and exceptionally quiet, 19 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It is now recommended to shred any personal correspondence when it is no longer needed. This applies not only to Bank statements and utility bills that may provide a 'proof of residence and identity' to the criminally inclined but even your address may be useful. Strip shredding provides some security but is relatively easy to reassemble. Cross-shredding reduces the size of the pieces and the smaller the better. It is easier to complete a jigsaw puzzle with 20-30 pieces than one with thousands; a cross-cut sheet of A4 paper is reduced to thousands in this machine.

The Rexel Prostyle Cross Cut 11-Sheet Paper is capable of shredding several sheets of paper (11 is quoted) into many rather small slivers of 4 x 35mm, smaller than many other cross-cut shredders where the piece length may be 50mm or more, thereby further reducing the possibility of reassembling a shredded document. It is described as providing a 'confetti cut', which is a little misleading. Just how many sheets it can shred will depend upon the thickness (weight) of the material and 11 is quoted as typical; the thinner the paper, the more sheets accepted. It is also capable of cutting credit cards and other flexible plastics although poly sheeting as may be used for product packaging and to which address labels may be attached should be kept to a minimum as it can easily jam; the labelled areas are best cut out to shred and the remainder recycled. Shredding of CDs and other optical media is not supported but there are better-suited machines.

The body is constructed of plastics with a plastic removable drawer into which the shreds are expelled; a see-through window which also doubles as the bin's handle supposedly shows when the bin is full and should be emptied but, without some form in internal illumination which it does not possess, it is virtually impossible. The motor is of the induction type that considerably reduces the noise commonly associated with the use of a shredder to little more than a hum when not shredding although a very slightly louder when it is. It is a little slow to feed through.

Capacity of the bin is 20 litres, sufficient for in excess of 100 sheets of paper and probably 2-3 weeks of typical home use. In addition to its use as a personal or home shredder, it will be equally serve a small office where documents are often scanned for more efficient storage or be one of two or three such machines that serve a far larger staff.

Unlike older products of a similar nature, it should never be lubricated. A lubricant may cause damage and invalidate the warranty!

The shredder will serve well. Our past model costing about twice the price of this at the time of purchase had survived about 15 years of frequent use but the cutters are beginning to blunt, jams are now frequent and it will now only accept 2-3 sheets at best, hence the needed replacement. This should survive several years, too.

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