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Nigel Hollingworth "Nigel Hollingworth" (North Lincs UK)

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Godox Propac PB960 Flash Power Battery Pack Dual Output for Canon Sony Nikon Metz Camera
Godox Propac PB960 Flash Power Battery Pack Dual Output for Canon Sony Nikon Metz Camera
Offered by Junipa
Price: £100.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous, performs so well, no issues at all ..., 26 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Fabulous, performs so well, no issues at all, last wedding I shot with it for over 10 hours, never missed a beat.

Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Cream 200 ml
Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Cream 200 ml
Price: £6.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not good for a vasectomy, 7 Oct. 2013
So, after much deliberation my wife decided I needed a vasectomy. Not my choice but clearly I wanted to keep friendly relations going and if this is what it takes... I got my appointment through and with it the instruction that I should conduct a little "manscaping" down there presumably to make it easier for the surgeon to conduct his act of barbarism without having to do it through the mass of vegetation down there.

The day before the op, there I was, stood with my Mach III razor and a tin of foam enjoying soapy goodness that now coated the boys when I started to think. "How , exactly, do you shave a walnut whip?" More to the point, how do you stretch the skin with a twisted lip face that I usually make when shaving? Normally, when I use a wet razor my face looks like the Battle of the Somme took place on it so I tend to use an electric razor and I wasn't exactly relishing brandishing the Mach III and it's 4 blades anywhere near my conkers, I started to regret this idea. So then it hit me, why not use the Veet stuff I had seen on TV?

Opening the box I immediately discarded the instructions and slapped half a tube on and waited. 15 mins later, Dante's inferno....

Not content with covering the conkers I went for the full mashings literally washing my nether regions in the stuff, Back Sack and crack doesn't do it justice! By now hair was falling out in clumps and my barse felt like I had used a cheese grater on it to pull the hair out. I won't bore you with the gory details but suffice to say. I wouldn't be rummaging around down there for a while.

Anyway, I have given this product 5 stars. Why? Because as I was laying on the slab, the surgeon pulled back the sheets and with scalpel in hand said "Wow! Now that's what I call a shave!"

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars You need time and a few spanners....., 2 May 2013
This should take about 3 hours, however it took me 8..... but there are some lessons learned that I feel I should share.

1. There is a reason BMW charge a fortune to do this YOU SHOULD NEVER ATTEMPT THIS!

2. Don't wear your new Breitling when you do this.

3. A Hammer is not viable substitute for a Torx wrench, no matter how hard you hit it.

4. AF and Metric are different, even if you hit the smaller one with the hammer to make it fit.

5. Remember the order that things came off, generally it works better if you put them back in the same order

6. A 96 piece socket set had a maximum dispersal of 10 feet when nudge it off the engine with your elbow. It also takes 22 mins to put them back into order.

7. If it doesn't come away with gentle pulling, ragging it until you snap the plastic won't be good.

8. Left hand one is not the right hand one....turning it upside doesn't change this.

9. Generally when replacing things, if it doesn't go back into place, there is a reason. Don't use the hammer.

10. You don't need to bash it with the hammer.

11. Sometimes you have to bash it with a hammer.

13. My blood clots in about 4 minutes

15. When you have done, the main reason you can't shut the bonnet with your usual "Good slam" is because your screwdriver is still under it.

16. When it doesn't slam shut again, the second reason it won't close is because you left the oil filler cap off.

17. It takes about 1.7 miles to be really annoyed about the rattle coming from the Torx nut you couldn't be ar55ed to tighten.

18. Your wife will not appreciate the "Terms of endearment" you call her by when she says this is why you should use a main dealer.

19. Those three screws you have in your pocket are important. This isn't Ikea furniture, go back and replace them.

20. Anything that came out did not magically change shape just because you can't get it to fit back.

And one final bonus one for you. As it is summer, and no matter how much more tread there seems to be on one pair of your summer tyres, the front set are are smaller than rears and swapping them only hurts your suspension struts, not matter how hard you bury your foot in the throttle.

HyperX Genesis 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 CL9 DIMM Memory Kit (2 x 4 GB) - XMP Ready
HyperX Genesis 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 CL9 DIMM Memory Kit (2 x 4 GB) - XMP Ready

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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Memory, 25 Sept. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
So, why am I here again? Oh yes, memory, it's terrible! Mine that is, not this. I was getting some wicked blue screen of death crash dumps from my trusty PC, generally at the most inopportune moment, Skyping the boss, just about to level up on BF3, just about to lace that $1 million trade on the markets.. (yeah right), but you get the picture. It took ages to work out what was happening but I finally traced it down to 2 faulty Memory modules. (Thanks a lot Crucial!) I had tried to save a few quid and paid the price. So here we are, I bought this and it works just fine, no issues whatsoever and no crash dump errors in over 6 weeks.... Finally ranked up in BF3 too. Good memory that works well, oh and it's blue.

Bladez 3D Radio Control Helicopter
Bladez 3D Radio Control Helicopter

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4.0 out of 5 stars What the hell is this?, 10 Feb. 2010
SO I told my wife I wanted this Christmas and true to her word I bought it for myself in February. Its my problem you see. I just buy "Stuff" apparently. I got it out of the box and I was a little surprised at the quality, it wasn't half bad. I immediately put all the batteries where they should go and switched it on in eager anticipation. Nothing. Ahh I have to charge it. Ok, no problem, I took the charger out, plugged it in and saw a green light! Happy days it must have come ready charged!! I unplugged it again and....nothing? Ok, let charge it again, green light immediately.........well I did this a few times of course it took about ten attempts until I finally read the instructions. What kind of buffoon makes a charger that lights green when you plug it in and then the light goes out when its charged? Madness.

Ok, so now throttle up, blades fire into life, helicopter leaps up into the air and hits the ceiling so hard 2 feet of moulding come off the ceiling. Oops. Helicopter crashes down and bounces off my cup of tea. There is tea and plaster everywhere. I'm giving up until tomorrow.

Tomorrow arrives and I try again, this time with a little more success and actually get it to fly in a stable hover(ish) and manoeuvre around a little. I am feeling quite pleased with myself before I realise I have to turn it round. Oh dear, left is now right and vice versa. I decide more power is required and push the throttle. The helicopter leaps up and I panic remembering the coving issues of yesterday and kill the throttle. The helo commences a "Death Spiral" and is heading for my wife's freshly bought vase of orchids. In blind panic I resort to the standard male defence mechanism. MORE POWER!!!! I shove the throttle hard and watch in slow motion as it scythes through said orchids, decapitating them like King Henry at a wife lopping party!

I am not allowed to play with this any more in the house. Its a shame because its soooo much fun. Its really well built and withstands more punishment than I can give it.
all in all its a super toy. My wife hates it with a passion.
Comment Comments (10) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 5, 2012 8:04 PM GMT

Wii Fit with  Balance Board  (Wii) [Nintendo Wii]
Wii Fit with Balance Board (Wii) [Nintendo Wii]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Oh no!! The Wii Fit has arrived!, 2 Jun. 2008
So my new Wii Fit arrived and with the usual gusto I opened the package plugged it in and jumped on. The game told me to get off, it hadn't finished calibrating. Having done the usual of not bothering to read ANY instructions I started again this time following the intuitive program that led me through my body calibration.

Apparently I am obese, I find that strange though? Whenever I look in the mirror I am a toned Adonis?

The first game fired up, I had chosen Hula Hooping, I followed the program instructions (How hard can this be anyway) and started gyrating like a 70's disco diva. The first hoop thrown to me bounced off my head as I continued to gyrate like a man possessed. This is where the Wii's only problem is. You see it was at that time that the postman arrived, I have no idea what he thought but he rang the doorbell, I answered, he coughed and said "One to sign for" and legged it, laughing all the way.

Yoga is especially fun, although it does need to come with a warning, although they say to leave plenty of space around you for the exercises, they do not mention that should you lose your balance doing the "Hunter/Archer" stance, you have a high probability of falling over and careering across the living room as if you caught your leg in your trousers trying to put them on.

There are so many things you can do with this, the board is excellent to use and while you may get bored with exercising you will always have that elusive high score to beat that will keep you motivated like any good game. Jogging on the spot never struck me as a particularly difficult exercise however trying it at home has proved a very worthwhile activity that takes quite a bit of effort and one of these days I WILL catch that Mii! There are lots of different activities to go at, I have to say I have left the muscle work out alone for while until I can face doing press ups in front of the post man. The whole point of this seems to be to enjoy what you are doing and I can honestly say that I do, this coming from a man who whenever he thought about exercise, used to lay out on the sofa until the thought had passed.

Having never been to the Gym (I really hate the thought of that) I am now doing a little exercise, I quite enjoy it, I am not saying this is a serious workout to a marathon runner but to lardy old me, its a start and that cannot be a bad thing.

****FOLLOW UP****

So its been nearly a year since I bought this, (Ok, so its 8 months but it feels like a year) and I can hear the question being asked "is it nicely gathering dust under the sofa?" The answer is yes, sort of. You see I broke my leg, and there was a fire, not to mention the flood, my dog chewed it, well I think you can see what is happening here.

Every now and again I drag it out, plug it in and try to work out what input source the TV has for the Wii, I usually forget. When I finally get to the screen it says "It's been 89 days since I last saw you". Yes well, I bloody know that don't I. "You have gained 4 lbs since your last visit." Its normally at this point that I lift the other leg off the floor and it tells me to get off again as something is wrong. I have put on 20 lbs. Nothing quite prepares you for the crushing blow of learning such a fact however as I am on a diet of lager, curry, crips and chocolate it shouldn't really surprise me as much.

So, why haven't I lost weight and more importantly why have I not continued to use the pristinely conditioned Wii fit board? Well my homage to the Chocolate Hob Knob is testament to my inability to stop ramming the things into my face. The board is also conveniently placed to shove it with my foot so far under the sofa the only time I know it is there is when I roll off the sofa to go get another Hob Knob I see it lurking there. Its not Nintendo's fault, they had no idea they were trying to market it to me. The Japanese have no idea such apathy existed. I still think the product is great, but I'm not so great, in my pursuit of all things shiny, this was the shiniest. It lasted a month. I did my best. Cheers Nintendo!
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