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1.0 out of 5 stars Lacks basic essential features, 6 Aug. 2015
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This review is from: UKTV Play (App)
No way to navigate through a programme, so if anything interrupts a programme, not only does it force you to watch all the adverts again, but you can't navigate back to where you were in the programme, you have to start the programme again from the beginning, which is completely useless,.

August DVB400 - HD Freeview Set Top Box - 1080p DVB-T Receiver and Multi Media Player with HDMI Out and Digital Coaxial Audio Out - USB PVR Style TV Recording
August DVB400 - HD Freeview Set Top Box - 1080p DVB-T Receiver and Multi Media Player with HDMI Out and Digital Coaxial Audio Out - USB PVR Style TV Recording
Offered by Daffodil UK
Price: £28.25

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not worth it. Too many critical issues., 17 Mar. 2015
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This seemed like a bargain, but it is so full of bugs that it is not worth the money.

The good:
- Picture quality is excellent
- User interface is ok looking.
- Able to record in HD to a usb stick.

The bad:
- No programme information or schedule for all the HD channels, and some others. This means you can't even see what the programme is that you're watching. Seeing as most of the main channels are in HD now, it basically means that you get no programme information at all.
- Programme info and schedule for all other channels is incorrect most of the time, and thus useless.
- Due to the issue above, you cannot schedule recording on a HD channel without searching on the internet for the programme and its times, and then manually entering them into the recorder.
- Channels are all mixed up. There is no logical order to the channels and so they are all over the place. This makes watching normal tv a pain in the proverbial, as flicking between say BBC 1 and ITV involves searching through about 50 channels. There is an option to rearrange the channels, but to my annoyance I have found that they get reset to a random order when you turn off the digibox.
- The box seems to randomly delete and add channels on a daily basis. This means that you often end up with multiple versions of the same channel: I ended up with 60,000+ channels added randomly, which then get mixed up! Try finding the channel you want in all that.
- No red button interactivity.

Don't even bother with this piece of junk. I can put up with pretty rubbish things, and have done for the last 6 months, but I've finally got fed up and got a better replacement.

Yes Man
Yes Man
Price: £3.49

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2.0 out of 5 stars This whole movie is stupid. There are one or two funny bits, 20 July 2014
This review is from: Yes Man (Amazon Video)
This whole movie is stupid. There are one or two funny bits, and Zooey Deschenal is good as always, but the plot is simple and clichéd to the point of total disbelief. Yes, I know this is meant to be a silly movie, but when all the scenarios are completely daft, the humour loses it effect as you just get fed up with the nonsense.
The thing that really annoyed me was how flippantly the whole saying 'yes' thing was dealt with. There was no real acknowledgement of the potential for very bad things to happen, and pretty much all of the 'yes' scenarios ultimately end in a sickly sweet happy result. Even breaking the law and doing potentially very dangerous things all end with sickly sweet happy ending. A guy who is going to commit suicide is talked around, just by Jim Carey singing a song. Everything in the movie is dealt with in such simple terms. A Korean shop assistant is instantly turned from moody and rude to happy and grateful just cause Carey speaks some Korean at her. Later on she is apparently desperate to date geeky weird guys (presumably because she is non-white and has an accent?!).

Also, as this is rated a 12 I expected it to be fairly family friendly but I'm surprised it's not a 15. It has a fair amount of swearing in it, including quite a few F-bombs, and quite a lot of crude sexual humour, including a scene where Carey gets a blow job from an elderly lady.

Not exactly the kind of stuff I would show my 12 y.o., especially as many people show children films much younger than their rating.

No Title Available

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2.0 out of 5 stars No instructions, no fittings, no screws / bolts, doesn't remotely fit., 11 April 2013
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I'm completely mystified to how the other reviewer fitted this to his bike in 5 minutes. There are zero instructions and no fixtures, bolts, or screws to attach it to your bike.

On top of that, I can't see how this would possibly fit my bike as the front attachment point is much narrower than the rack attachment points on my bike, and wouldn't be able to reach them even if they matched in size. My bike has attachment points that look pretty standard, and from looking at other pannier racks it seems that they would fit those, but this rack has no flexibility in positioning, and no attachment bolts.

The bottom attachment points seem confusing also, as my bike has two eyelets per side, where as this rack only has one. Am I supposed to just use one of the eyelets per side, or am I meant to have some kind of extra fixture? I have no idea.

On the plus side, it is sturdily made and seems like it could take a decent weight and long usage.

Odd Blood
Odd Blood
Price: £8.14

4.0 out of 5 stars 7/10- Yeasayer do Friendly Fires., 3 Feb. 2011
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This review is from: Odd Blood (Audio CD)
Well, first of all this is significantly different to the first, very original, album. After hearing Ambling Alp and ONE I was persuaded to try this album (I had heard all the comments about dissapointment). I thought that Ambling Alp and ONE would be the popiest 'singles' and that the rest would be more All Hour Cymbals- like. If anything, the reverse is true, with Ambling Alp being the closest thing to the first album.

The rest of the album is alot more electro-pop and kind of 'camp' in many places with most subject matters being romance based and with some oompa-oompa base lines similar to Scissor Sisters in places. On the whole it sounds alot like Yeasayer to doing a version of Friendly Fires (who I do like)- interesting, poppy, electro dance with alternative / indie influences. Example of the cheesiness: 'Mondegreen' has the refrain "Everyone's talking about me an ma baby! Making love till the mornin' light!" accompanied by Madness-like trumpets.

Now, don't get me wrong, if you are fairly open about your musical tastes (and quite like Friendly Fires) you will find an enjoyable album with plenty of catchy and interesting songs. I can imagine 'ONE' being a pretty big club anthem, and songs like 'I Remember' making good singles.

If, however, you detest poppyness and only want a unique, melancholic, folky, experimental, ethereal album like 'All Hour Cymbals', then you are probably going to be greatly dissapointed.

Still an enjoyable album, but much more lightweight and poppy than the first.

Sony ICD B600 Digital Dictation Voice Recorder
Sony ICD B600 Digital Dictation Voice Recorder

60 of 63 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Poor quality and ill-thought out layout., 1 Mar. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
*Poor Audio Quality
*Folder switching over complicated
*Unnecessary packaging

I bought this item to record university lectures as I had been using my phone's (LG KP500) voice recorder function but was dissatisfied with the quality and range. My girlfriend had bought a Olympus dictaphone which I was impressed by the audio quality. I assumed that this was because it was a dedicated dictaphone and so looked for one for myself. I, however, could not afford the same model as hers which had USB PC connection and so went for this cheaper one.

First off I was very disappointed with the AUDIO QUALITY- its HQ mode is about the same as or perhaps worse than that of my mobile phone's quality, not what I'd expect from a dedicated dictaphone. Its range was also similar to my phone's when it was on the 'Low' setting, but when it was set to 'High' range it was much wider, though unfortunately this meant it picked up alot of background 'clatter' and a slight buzz from the dictaphone itself. My girlfriend's Olympus has what I'd describe as FM radio quality- very clear, rich audio as if listening to a radio broadcast. The Sony is very tinny in quality and sounds seems to blend into one and interfere with each other, making hearing what a person is saying sometimes quite difficult.

The other problem I found was to do with the usability of the product, in particular SWITCHING BETWEEN THE 'FOLDERS' you can use to organise your recordings. This is something I need to do quite frequently as I have a different 'folder' for the lectures from each subject. On other models I've seen there is a simple button you can use to quickly switch between folders.
Unfortunately on the Sony, to change folders I have to hold down the 'menu' button for a few seconds to enter a menu system. I then have to scroll through several options- Mode, Sensitivity, Voice Activated Recording, Cont. (?), before eventually reaching the 'folder' option. I then press the 'Enter' button before cycling through the folders A, B, C, and D. Then press Enter then press Menu. Really very annoying when wishing to quickly start recording a new lecture (or whatever). To me this is bizarre as there is a dedicated face button for 'divide'- something I have yet to use.

One last gripe that isn't really product related but annoys me nonetheless is Sony's choice of packaging. I was surprised when I received the product at how large the box seemed to be for such a small object. When I opened it I realised why- most of the box is taken up with instruction manuals. This is not because it is a very complicated product requiring lengthy instructions, but rather that Sony have chosen to include a stack of 15 separate manuals in 15 different languages creating a stack of paper over an inch thick! I personally find this ridiculous.

If I could send this product back I would, but I might have to just sell it on ebay.
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