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A. Houten "ade625" (Sheffield)

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Chuck - Season 2 [DVD] [2009]
Chuck - Season 2 [DVD] [2009]
Dvd ~ Zachary Levi
Offered by Venture Online
Price: £8.21

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5.0 out of 5 stars Chuck Season 2 - Bigger and Better!, 1 Dec. 2009
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For those of you who have not watched Chuck before, I would recommend that you check out Season 1. Although Season 2 is superior in my opinion, Season 1 really lays down all the groundwork for what is to come.

For those of you who have see Season 1, you will not be disappointed by what the new season has to offer. In S1, Chuck was mainly the passive observer, the guy who flashed on things, and often made situations worse than before. However, at times he was given opportunity to save the day, in something I like to call a 'Chuck Moment'. Season 1 had a few of them (setting off the fireworks to distract the guards to save Sarah and Casey would be one) but Season 2 is full of them - and better off for it. Now don't get me wrong, Chuck can still be blundering and innapropriate, but in the new season, he always gets the opportunity to be the hero. The first episode has a particularly good example of this.

The season starts off very strong, following on with the storyline that involves the governement trying to make a new intersect (and invariably the team have to go on missions to help furthur that cause). In fact, the majority of the season is brilliant television, apart from a few select episodes that are merely good, dotted around the season. The season has a much more coherent storyline, with a smallish story arc near the start, and a solid story arc that takes off around episode 13.

The character's pasts are delved into alot more in this season, with a great appearance from Sarah's father, a conman. Chuck's past gets more attention however, as the long talked of ex, Jill gets reinvolved in Chuck's life. Best of all may be the casting of Scott Bacula as Chuck's father, who does a great job of convincing the audience of his connection to both Chuck and Ellie. Unfortunately, Casey's past does not get an episode that shows him in a new light, like the Ilsa episode, rather a fairly disappointing face-off between him and his old mentor.

Morgan's back, along with the rest of the buy-more crew, and a new face joins the buy-more - that of Emmet (played by Tony Hale, of Arrested Development fame) to provide more comic relief in that bizzare place.

A truly amazing series, with twists and turns abound, and an ending that will only leave you wanting more. BUY.

Important Things With Demitri Martin: Season One [DVD] [2009] [Region 1] [NTSC]
Important Things With Demitri Martin: Season One [DVD] [2009] [Region 1] [NTSC]
Price: £13.28

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5.0 out of 5 stars Demetri Martin Does Sketches, 27 Sept. 2009
If you are already a fan of Demetri Martin, you will love this television series. It blends stand up with comedy sketchs.
Each episode revolves broadly around a different 'Important Thing" such as 'Power', 'Safety' or 'Chairs'. The stand up is Demetri Martin's usual oddball observational humour, with graphs, visual aids and music all coming into play. Most of the jokes are new for the series, although a few are recycled from previous stand up routines.
The sketches are brilliantly bizzare, coming in both short form one joke formats (such as 'Da Metri' an alternate version of Da Vinci who has the same drive, but much less intellect) or longer form vignettes, weaving strange stories (such as a piece where a character finds himself in a restaurant with Gallileo, Benjamin Franklin and William Shakespeare, able to ask them any question he likes, yet they seem more interested in leching on the waitress).

Guest stars on the show include John Oliver and David Cross, and H. John Benjamin is featured throughout, however Demetri Martin is the focus throughout (and rightly so).

Chuck: Season 1 [DVD] [2008]
Chuck: Season 1 [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ Zachary Levi
Offered by Direct Entertainment Supplies
Price: £2.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars Chuck is genius, 21 Oct. 2008
This review is from: Chuck: Season 1 [DVD] [2008] (DVD)
Chuck is funny. Really funny. The premise, though a little strange, is only a backdrop for some real character driven action comedy. The fight scenes remind me of those in Jackie Chan films, or the movie Johnny English.

The character of Chuck is lovable, and as such instills an instant feeling of empathy in the viewer. He feels more real than many of the characters in big budget dramas. Similarily, the two agents sent to protect him - Sarah and Casey are both easy to like, although in very different ways.

Agent Casey is hardened and emotionally distant, but his scary demeanor allows him to occasionally come out with classic lines, that neither the viewer nor Chuck can tell are sarcastic or not. (The most memorable to me being "I never joke about quiche". Ah, it's funnier when he says it.)
There are many other comic characters in there, such as the creepy duo Jeff and Leister, Chuck's lazy boss Big Mike or his sister's action hero boyfriend Devon (who Chuck calls "Captain Awesome").
Chuck's sister provides some emotional sub-plots as does the buy-more and Chuck's will they won't they relationship with Sarah.

All in all, Chuck is a funny, action packed and filled with refrences to nerd culture (which suits me fine) with a near perfect cast. Seriously, if you like; action; comedy; espionage; drama (ok so less this one); scifi or have any tastes that are remotely nerdy, then you will enjoy watching this. (Also, my mum likes Chuck, and she isn't really into any of the main concepts of Chuck)

Mass Effect (PC DVD)
Mass Effect (PC DVD)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £5.94

9 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars DRM is bad, game is good., 1 Sept. 2008
This review is from: Mass Effect (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
I'm slightly torn over which way to vote here. Should I cast my lot with the anti DRM crew, who in some cases go as far to give the game one star, regardless of game quality, or should I vote on the game's actually strengths.
I decided to go against the flow and give an actual review of the actual game, instead of just a rant against the DRM. Don't get me wrong, I hate what the DRM means for games, and although I've managed not to have a problem with it, it doesn't mean that it could cause me problems in the future.

Gameplay is divided between third person combat, and it's incredible story. Combat can be fun, but certain classes lack the options that other classes have. If you chose to be a soldier, you can use any type of weapon (which is still limited to only - shotgun, sniper rifle, pistol and assualt rifle) whereas other classes can only use 2, or less of the weapons, and one of them only after leveling up a few times.

You can customise your weapons with mods, and get better weapons over time, and while this gives you a fair amount of control over how you would use the weapon (my shotgun is armed with a mod that poisons enemies, so I shoot them, taking most of their health, then hide, waiting for the damage to take its toll) it feels slightly mechanical.

Most classes also have abilities, some resembling Star Wars force powers, others based around "tech" although I haven't had much experience using the latter abilities. Vehicle combat is difficult and slightly clumsy, but thankfully not necessary, since you can get out of your vehicle most times and fight on foot.

After the first few missions, I decided to dial the combat down to normal, so I could focus on the most important aspect of the game - the story. I have to admit, I have never played KoTOR, so I have no comparisons to make with that bioware fans.
The story is engulfing and exciting, making you feel like you are in complete control of your actions (even though in the main missions you are occasionally - and understandably - funelled towards a certain goal). How you complete your goals is largely up to you, and you earn points for taking a stand on issues in two different sectors - renegade and paragon. These are less "Good" and "Evil" than "Selfless" and "Selfish" or "Welcoming" and "Intimidating". Earning points in these sectors is not exclusive, and they both open up new conversation options that can change the outcome of a confrontation. To me, it seems that the developers are actually rewarding the players for developing the character, in whatever direction.

All in all, an unmissable game for sci-fi lovers and RPG players, but should be avoided by anyone who hates having to do any more than fire guns at aliens.

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