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Love and Decay : Episode Eight : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 8)
Love and Decay : Episode Eight : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 8)

4.0 out of 5 stars Tyler's POV!!!, 18 Oct. 2013
Tyler's POV this time! Who expected that? Not me. I never even thought of getting a book from her POV since she's so new to the group. But with my changed opinion of Tyler after the last episode, I wasn't too mad that she was this week's center of attention.

I LOVED getting a better perspective of what life at The Colony was like for her. Because let's be real, we only saw a glimpse of it when Reagan and the older Parker boys were there. I knew that The Colony was fishy, but I never really understood why Tyler hated it so much and why she was so determined to leave. Now I totally understand why Tyler hated her life there and why she wanted to leave her father and brother behind. (Her father really is one messed up dude. I see that more clearly now.)

In this episode, I had a mixture of feelings about Tyler. Yes, in the last episode I actually started to like her though I wanted not to, and in this episode, my like for her continued. Arg! If I decide to hate a character, then why can't you just let me hate that character instead of making them all relatable and likable?! But even though I like Tyler now (Gah, I don't like saying that!), I was still frustrated with her sometimes. The sad girl is broken and kinda pathetic. You guys! She has a martyr complex! Someone needs to watch Tyler very carefully or she's gonna do something stupid like get herself killed.

Love and Decay : Episode Seven : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 7)
Love and Decay : Episode Seven : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 7)

4.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous yet again!, 29 Sept. 2013
Shoot! I've been adamant to keep my annoyance and dislike of Tyler strong and unyielding but I just can't seem to keep my resolve. Most people seem to have loved Tyler from the get go and I've been determined to stay away from that. Especially when it comes to the whole shipping Tyler and Vaughan thing. I mean, why must we have to pair people up and make couples out of everyone??? This is like a running theme in every book! Readers are always begging for every character to find a life partner and they always grasp for that life partner to be the first single girl/guy that comes into view. And in this case Tyler is the girl who comes onto the scene and poor Vaughan is probably gonna be matched with her some day just because she was the closest available option. Grrr. Can't we just wait and see if there are other options out there people?

But despite my obvious dislike for a Tyler/Vaughan relationship in the future and despite my irritation with Tyler's grating personality (I mean, did you see her in the last episode? She was impossible!), I couldn't help but start to actually, kinda, maybe like Tyler in the episode. Ah!I know! I'm horrible! How could I change my opinion of her so quickly when I was so determined to dislike her for eternity? Rachel happened. That's what. She totally wrote a story and actually made Tyler a kinda likable person, even with her irritating personality still floating around in my face. Humph!

And yes I did like this episode. Awesome zombie carnage just the way I like it. If I could title the episode I'd call it "Fighting for weapons when you have no weapons", because that was exactly the plot was. Sounds riveting, doesn't it??

Now I have to go yell at myself for starting to like Tyler. I'm still not on board with a Tyler/Vaughan romantic connection, but I'm willing to let Tyler be a part of the gang now. Grudgingly. I want to hate her but I can't seem to find the strength. Gah!

Love and Decay : Episode Six : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 6)
Love and Decay : Episode Six : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 6)

4.0 out of 5 stars Full of love and action as usual!!!!, 14 Sept. 2013
Has anyone else been missing out on zombies for a while now? Or is it just me? Not gonna lie. Every episode we have a run in with some humans or their messed up communities my heart plummets a little 'cause I know that a zombie attack isn't gonna be the prime action in the episode. I think the zombie fighting bits are actually my favorite. Who would have guessed I would become a fan of zombies? Not me.

Now, finally the zombies are back! No creepy human settlements with dictator men who like to use women in this episode. I'm talking just some good old zombies. And, of course, the wonderful Parker brothers and the gang who get to kill the filthy beasts.

But now the dynamic has changed a bit with the addition of two new members to their gang - Tyler and Miller - who joined them up at the end of the previous episode. I'm still not sure about how I feel when it comes to these two newbies. I liked the way things were going with just Reagan, Haley, and the Parker family, so I'm kinda trying to adjust. If Tyler and Miller are staying forever...well, I'm not sure how I like that. Especially since I'm a little annoyed with Tyler's personality right now. She's too bossy and whiny for my liking. I like Reagan and Haley because they are strong women who go out there and kill zombies like they are toned champions who were born and raised to be beasts at what they do. I don't need Tyler coming along and pulling this pathetic woman act on me. No sir. I like strong female characters.

In this episode the gang is still headed on their long journey south but it starts out with them sweeping a store of zombies to make a secure place to sleep in for the night. Not only are there zombies, there are rats! and there's rotting food with it's pungent odor. Bleh! The smell of rotten food is one of the worst smells. My nose protests at the hint of souring milk, so when the gang chooses to stay the night in an old freezer with rotten food my gag reflex is ready to hit the roof. 'Cause really, the idea of having to clean out a space with decaying food and then sleeping there sounds like a nightmare to me. In my mind, rot is like the zombie equivalent for food. A person gets infected, they turn into a zombie; food gets infected, it rots. The thing they both have in common is the yucky smell and their ability to make me squeal in fear.

And that's all I'm gonna say. I'm not gonna give anything else away about this episode. Just know that I loved it and as always, I am totally ready for more.

Love and Decay : Episode Five : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 5)
Love and Decay : Episode Five : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 5)

4.0 out of 5 stars Can't get enough of this series!!!, 8 Sept. 2013
And we are back to Reagan's POV! I loved Haley's POV in the last episode, but it was nice to get back to Reagan.

In this episode we pick up right from that cliffhanger ending of last episode where Nelson and Hendrix leave in the night to go find medicine for Paige. The two boys have been gone all night and the group is getting worried. So what does my fabulous Reagan decide to do about it? You all know Reagan. She is not the kind of girl to sit idly by and wait for stuff to happen. She's the girl that chooses to be strong and fight. So that's what she decides to do. Reagan and Vaughan team up in this episode to go find Hendrix and Nelson and keep the family safe and whole. :)

I always love Reagan's attitude, and in this episode she did not disappoint. Sadly there were no steamy Hendrix/Reagan moments this time around, but future episodes are soon to come right around the corner so I'll wait patiently.

Bring on them zombies! I'm ready for more!

Striking (Forged In Fire Book 1)
Striking (Forged In Fire Book 1)
Price: £0.99

3.0 out of 5 stars A fun read, 1 Sept. 2013
I'm gonna confess right away that this isn't one of my favorite reads of all time. But I really really did enjoy this book. It wasn't the bestest book ever, but I really thought it was fun to read and I would definitely read it again.

The thing I loved most about this book was the fact that I could totally relate to Cami - which is baffling because where she is obsessed with designer brands and the finer things in life, I couldn't care less and I'd actually prefer to scoff at her desire for material things. You see, Cami is kinda floundering around in life, and when she ends up stealing her date's car and crashing it into a store, her parents have finally had enough. They send her to her aunt and uncle's house in Tennessee in hopes that she will learn from her mistakes and desire to change. What Cami doesn't know is that there is a certain boy - Stockton Wright - out there that she is destined to meet. Someone that can challenge her and make her want to be that better person she always knew she could be. And boy does she want to be the better person and show them all just how good she can be.

Now let me just put my thoughts out there about Stockton Wright...he really is such a good man that...Arg! He's one of those people who is so good that you cringe at how horrible you are in comparison. You know what I mean?? His parents are dead so he takes care of his siblings. He works like crazy for not only his family but for all the other families in town. His life is like doing charity work 24/7 for anybody he can. It's amazing and beautiful and intimidating all at the same time. I don't for one second argue Cami's words when she calls him a "god among men" because he really is so wonderful.

So then why do I find him apologizing and making up excuses to Cami all the time? She's just as much at fault (or arguably more at fault), but with the way Stockton's always apologizing you'd think he was the messed up one and not her.

Now, pet names are really a hit or miss. Either they are sweet and endearing, or the are annoying and a constant turn-off.

I thought at first that it was kinda cute. Stockton called Cami Duchess and she called him Hillbilly. It was like stating the facts, making sure the other person knew that they had every understanding of exactly who they were talking to. He recognized her as a spoiled little princess from L.A. and she saw him for the blacksmith, Southern man that he was.But after time had passed and they grew closer, the pet name Duchess wasn't dropped and it started to grate me the wrong way. The girl has a name. It's Cami. Use it.

Ahem. That wasn't meant to sound rude. I'm just very particular when it comes to pet names.

Anyway, I loved the growth in Cami's character. Seeing her change and grow made me happy and was the highlight of the book for me. Oh, and Stockton too. There's actually this horribly good-looking picture of this guy "blacksmithing" or whatever that Rachel drew my attention to, and for some disturbing reason my brain would flash to that pic whenever I read about Stockton hammering away at his metals. So...thanks for that? I feel like a dirty girl for looking at that picture. But it sure did make me like Stockton even more. As if his good deeds and love weren't enough he had to have an amazing body to go with it.
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Love and Decay : Episode Four : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 4)
Love and Decay : Episode Four : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 4)

4.0 out of 5 stars Haley's POV this time!, 28 Aug. 2013
Haley's POV this time!!!!!!! Woohoo! I mean, I love Reagan and all, but it was a nice to have a change of perspective. Especially because I've been dying to know exactly what Haley has been feeling about Nelson. It's one thing to hear Reagan's views in those first three episodes, it's a whole different scenario when you get the inner monologue in Haley's mind. And I learned more about Haley than I knew before too. So that's a plus!!! Excellent character development. Check!

It's no surprise that I am in love with this novella series because I've been gushing over every single episode that comes out, but I loved the difference of this episode. I loved that Haley was the narrator in this episode and I look forward to more episodes in the future from her and other characters we have yet to get an up close and personal with. Like Hendrix...Yeah. He's definitely my choice on the list of POVs I am DYING to read. I can just imagine it...

(Oh yeah, and this one kinda leaves off on a bit of a cliffhanger. Thanks a bunch Rachel. Now I'm even more eager for the next episode to come out!)

Love and Decay : Episode Three : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 3)
Love and Decay : Episode Three : Season One (Love and Decay, Season 1 Book 3)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Totally in love with this!, 16 Aug. 2013
I'm loving this series! So so so much! Like, it's what I look forward to day in and day out. The only problem is that they are so short and I want MORE!!!

The story picks up with Haley attempting to pick brain guts out of Reagan's hair after Reagan blew a zombie's head to pieces of gunk. Now, right away I am totally disgusted. I can just imagine how nauseous I would be if I were in that situation and I am 100% sure that I would be gagging as well, trying to hold back the puke. Poor Reagan is trying not to throw up and Haley has to run away to puke in the bushes because she's so disgusted, but then...along comes Hendrix! He lowers Reagan into a creek and washes her hair out for her. Like WOW! Her hair is disgusting and has brain chunks all tangled in it and he has the stomach to wash it out like it's nbd. What a man. Hendrix is amazing. Like for real. He didn't get turned off by Reagan's hairy legs and now he isn't repulsed by the zombie gore that Reagan is bathed in. He's just a really loving guy.


I would say this series keeps getting better and better, but honestly it is all so brilliant that I'm loving each episode with equal measure. Every single second is captivating and absolute perfection that I literally can not get bored by a single sentence. That's how I feel with each of these books. I feel like a snotty impatient girl who just wants to beg for the next 5 books to be in my possession right now so I can read them all.But I'll try to be nice and resist. I can wait two weeks for more. Right? That isn't too hard. Right? I just have to tell myself that I can do this. I can be patient...

Truthfully, I can be patient. Rachel is a beast and can write like crazy. And even if she could't, I'd still wait five years for the next episode to come out. That's how much I love this Love and Decay series. I just don't want to have to wait because I love this zombie world Rachel has created. I actually think that I wouldn't mind living in a zombie world if I had the Parker brothers by my side. It would kinda be awesome...right??? Am I the only one who has this feeling?

The Rush (The Siren Series Book 1)
The Rush (The Siren Series Book 1)
Price: £3.01

4.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING!! Will definitely read it again and again, 26 July 2013
I absolutely love Rachel and she is my favorite author ever, so I am beyond thrilled to say that she did it again and wrote another incredible book!!!!!

This book is all about Ivy Pierce, a girl who's just waiting to turn eighteen and get away from her messed up family. And as the book goes along, we slowly get to see all the puzzle pieces come together as we find out the dark mysteries of her family and her past. (We also get to see a beautiful friendship grow between her and Ryder Sutton.) *wink wink*

The story is thrilling and the characters are intoxicating as always! I'll be waiting excitedly to buy the next book when it comes out!!

Hopeless Magic (Star-Crossed series Book 2)
Hopeless Magic (Star-Crossed series Book 2)
Price: £3.01

5.0 out of 5 stars So good it hurts, 26 July 2013
Loved Reckless Magic and loved Hopeless Magic as well. It got my heart racing and breaking all at once. The story of Eden and Kiran's romance continues after the events in the first book and it was not disappointing at all. Gotta love Eden for being her awesome, strong self. I seriously love this girl. She's such an amazing character!

Fearless Magic (Star-Crossed series Book 3)
Fearless Magic (Star-Crossed series Book 3)
Price: £3.76

4.0 out of 5 stars Gotta be fearless, 26 July 2013
Loved this book! But I was so torn. Jericho, Kiran, Jericho, Kiran. Who to choose? I love Jericho but my heart just wants Kiran even after everything that happened in Hopeless Magic. It was great to see Eden taking charge in this book. She's always let Avalon be the leader, but in this book she has no choice. Avalon isn't around and she has to figure out how to lead. Brilliant. It's all about being fearless and taking charge in life, even when life is tough and you have no clue what you are doing. I can totally relate to that. You're scrambling around trying to make it look like you know what you are doing when you have absolutely no idea.

4 stars for awesomeness. (Would have been 5 stars if Kiran were in it more. What can I say? I'm in love with him.)

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