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7 Worlds Collide
7 Worlds Collide
Price: £8.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars South Pacific Paradise, 18 Dec. 2006
This review is from: 7 Worlds Collide (Audio CD)
This record is just fantastic. Neil Finn is most likely the best songwriter around. Neil Finn and Paul McCartney, that's pretty much it as `Worlds best songwriters' goes, in my opinion. To hear him play with friends and professionals, even family, like he does on this album is a privilege.

Essentially Neil planned to get together with some musicians he admires (Johnny Marr, Eddie Vedder, Lisa Germano a.o.), rehearse in comfortable surroundings in New Zealand, play a few gigs as a band and disband. In addition he brought his brother Tim Finn and his son Liam with his band Betchadupa along for the gig, and that's pretty much it.

What came out of this is just so good, I almost feel like crying, I'm so upset I couldn't be there to witness it. But the good news is of course this CD and the wonderful concert DVD released at the same time.

There are a couple of mild duds (Johnny Marr on his own is a rather pedestrian affair), but all over this is just a sensory festival. Highpoint of the affair, Eddie Vedder and Tim Finn rocking out alongside the kids in Betchadupa to Uncle Tim's 'I See Red', with a proud Neil watching from the side.

An early version of Edible Flowers (later released on Everyone is here) sends shivers down my spine, showing that the Finn Brothers grasp on a great tune and superior lyrics are as strong as ever.

Buy it, now!

Clerks II [2006] (Widescreen Edition) (REGION 1) (NTSC) [DVD] [US Import]
Clerks II [2006] (Widescreen Edition) (REGION 1) (NTSC) [DVD] [US Import]
Offered by passionFlix UK
Price: £5.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love, Jersey Style., 15 Dec. 2006
So, now I have received and devoured Clerks II. The region 1 version is, as one would expect from Kevin Smith, a treasurethrow of extra material, good deleted scenes, bloopers, little hidden gems and a long documentary.

The film as such was a real nice surprise. I was a little apprehensive, I worried he would go overboard on this, make a lot of fart and sticky jokes, as a reaction to Jersey Girl. As it turns ot, this is a return to the provocative humour, understated emotions and modern friendships of Chasimg Amy and not the forced 'gross out' factor of Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back.

That's no to say I didn't enjoy the latter, but everything has its time and place, and the title 'Clerks' does set the bar to a higher standard.

Something Kevin Smith seems to be fully aware of, and delivers.

This was a really fine film, I really enjoyed it, yes I had a COZY time!

Clerks II comes in as the best Kevin Smith film since Chasing Amy, and is a worthy bookend to the first Clerks. Our characters are brought to a harbour of sorts, and it just feels right, natural, un-forced.

If Smith chooses never to return to this universe, then this was a worthy conclution.

Corroboree [Ltd Edition] [Remastered] [Australian Import]
Corroboree [Ltd Edition] [Remastered] [Australian Import]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Makes me want to dance..., 22 Nov. 2006
I won't get into the debth and with of this album, I just have to a write a few lines and say that this, to me, is one of the best albums of its time. I absolutely love Split Enz, the two Finn Brothers and the whole wibe and feel of this band, in it's many incarnations. If you are new to Split Enz, but know of and have heard Crowded House, then this is a very good way to star appreciating Split Enz. The band was going very strong, incorporating more and more the extremly professional pop song sensibility of Neil Finn, merging it with Tim Finn's weary melancholy, and not least both members quirky and at times superbly dark lyrics.

An absolute joy, I can't recommend it enough.

Imaginary Kingdom
Imaginary Kingdom
Offered by westworld-
Price: £11.26

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5.0 out of 5 stars Going Strong(er), 16 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Imaginary Kingdom (Audio CD)
Tim Finn holds a special place for me. He is the man behind one of my absolute favorite bands, Split Enz. His solo work was often been marred in my ears by sounding too much like the 80's, even for the time. But there are some great tunes over the years, like Fraction Too Much Friction and Underwater Mountain. His last two albums were really good, with an edge I haven't heard from Tim since the Split Enz days. After those came a Finn Brothers album verging on the divine if that's an apropriate word. And now, Tim, being inspired and more prolific than his brother it seems, is here again with Imaginary Kingdom.

I gave this album 5 stars, despite 2 songs that I just can't feign interest in. In spite of that, this is just such a great pop album. There's this feeling of it being a married couple, who have been around for a while, and now have fallen in love all over, and walk hand in hand on the beach and can't get enough of eachother. Then there's the pacific wibe on some of the tracks, like catnip for a Norwegian stuck in a dark and cold November Oslo.

I wish he could have brought Split Enz with him to Scandinavia for a continuation of the re-union tour, but this album goes a long way to soothe the pain!

The Best Of Depeche Mode Volume One
The Best Of Depeche Mode Volume One
Price: £28.66

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Bundle Of Joy, 15 Nov. 2006
Been a fan of Depeche Mode for 22 years? Got every scrap of stuff they've ever made? Even all the singles individualy and in box sets? Then you'd expect me to say you don't need this, right? Well, wrong, I love Depeche Mode a lot, and I'm a completionist, so I had to have this. Also, this version includes a dvd with the videos to go with the songs, as well as a little documentary, and the new song Martyr.

I have gone along with this band, even though I still suffer from Alan Wilder leaving, even if they don't want to include the video for Get the Balance Right anywhere, and even after seeing the "video" for Martyr. Despite the fact that this compilation might seem like overkill in a year where we've had singel releases, 6 remasters and a live from Milano dvd, I'm really happy with this set, both in terms of the look and what you get with it. But would I have bought it without the DVD? Probably... I guess I'm a fan.

Two And A Half Men - Season 1 [DVD] [2005]
Two And A Half Men - Season 1 [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Charlie Sheen
Price: £3.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfectly Flawed, 11 Nov. 2006
Here in Norway we have Two and a half men on one of the comercial channels, so you'd think it fits really well, being american and all. However, I think it goes against the grain quite a bit. Very few if any of the people in this sit com are in any real sense of the word; "good people". Charlie Sheen (Platoon) plays Charlie Harper, a fornicator of grandiose proportions, he has a given talent, but squanders it on the easy buck. Jon Cryer (No Small Affair) is Alan, a character weak at best, his only real strong trait his love for his son. The brothers mother (Holland Taylor) is deplorable on most occations, Alans former wife Judith (Marin Hinkle) is all business and neuroses. Our titular half man, Jake (Angus Jones), is a dunce, and not your lovable, smart mouthed, wise beyond his years, kind of kid most US sitcoms are filled to the brim with. The neighbour, Rose (Melanie Lynskey, Heavenly Creatures) is sweet, but may or may not be borderline dangerous.

Despite all of this you got to love these flawed people, and that's probably why this is a success. As much as we loved Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel and all the rest out there, perfect gets boring.

Here in Norway you can watch Two and a half Men as well as My Name is Earl on the same day. Talk about a perfect pairing of flawed people.
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5.0 out of 5 stars History Rewritten?, 9 Nov. 2006
This review is from: Martyr (DVD Audio)
give the Martyr DVS 5 stars because it's another great song from a clearly resurgent Depeche Mode. However, as someone who has followed Depeche Mode for 22 years, and who's favorite member used to be Alan Wilder (who left the band officially in 1995) this video is an annoyance. Not only was the intended video reported to have been pulled, but this collage video omits history. Yes, it's true as someone put to me the other day, Alan Wilder is no longer in Depeche Mode and he didn't participate on the song Martyr. I agree, but he was a member during the greatest period in the bands history, he shaped the sound of the band and, this single comes off a best of compilation. Thus, the video collage represents a look back for the band. To cut every single frame so Alan Wilder doesn't show up, to me feels pety and wrong.

Aside from anything else, it's not very cleverly done this, but again, it's a really nice song. If you only get one of the 3 versions on offer, get Pt. 1, the remix is really cool.

Price: £5.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ice Maiden, 25 Oct. 2006
This review is from: Rollerskating (Audio CD)
Bertine Zetlitz is a norwegian electronica pop princess. She stems from Oslo and a part of town called Frogner. A place where people are comfortably well off, and young girls like Bertine, can grow up knowing they can follow their dreams and ambitions. Like starring in a popular pre-teen programe on Norwegian tv, going to highschool and college tailor made for her musical aspirations.

After joining a band she was quickly aproached by record company people who told her to ditch the scruffy guys and go it on her own. Thus was born an electronica pop star.

She would have been launched outside little Norway with her third album (this is her fourth) but just before that happend EMI sacked people along the board and Bertine was lucky she sold as much as she did in Norway or maybe they would have dropped her as well.

This her fourth album continues the electronic path she has been on, with cooly breezy lyrics, containing more passion than one might at first think. She can be a scary woman Bertine. She is very beautiful and well spoken, but look long enough into those ice blue husky eyes of her, and you will be taken on a ride the makers of Narnia could only dream of.

And to those who would like to experience what can go on in Norway these days, and want some well made electronic pop with a heartbeat, spend a pound or two extra on this import. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

All Mod Cons
All Mod Cons

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Musical history, 15 Jun. 2006
This review is from: All Mod Cons (Audio CD)
A peak in the history of rock music, the Jam never the less went un-detected as far as I was concerned when the band was active. Being between 6 and 7, living in Norway at the time of it's release, you normally wouldn't expect a kid that age to listen to rock at all. But with brothers 14 and 16 years older, I was baptised to the sound of Ten years After, Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk.

But, just a few years later, in my pre-teens I discovered Paul Weller and his wonderful Style Council. From there I backtracket to the Jam, and I have been a fan of all of Pauls incarnations ever since.

I write this to explain why I would buy this special edition. Having heard most of the music on this set surely hundreds of times, I hardly need convincing. But maybe there are people out there who needs some?

If they haven't heard the Jam, then just get this thing, NOW! And if you think "I know the Jam, do I need this?" Well, maybe not, but listen to me, this set is a beautiful gem. The music is the best there is, and the dvd is a really great look back to a time a lot of rock history ignores (after punk, before rap and not Heavy Metal). And if nothing else, this set just looks so damned good, I wish I could wear it on my jacket when I go out.

Leave it on your coffee table when you have dates or friends over. Show some class.

Offered by nagiry
Price: £8.15

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Feet stompin' good time !, 11 Mar. 2006
This review is from: Youth (Audio CD)
Here in Norway the live version of Matisyahu's King Without a Crown has been shown on music video programs (the kind where people vote with their mobiles and there is no presenter) for a while now. That's not where I saw him first, I caught the tail end of his performance on Letterman and then I read about him in Q's March 2006 issue. I have always had a warm spot for Jewish people and Jewish culture (in fact, if there are any unmarried upper west side Jewish princesses out there, I'm currently single and... Oh, yeah, the review!), I have read most of Chaim Potok's books, The Promise, The Chosen, My Name is Asher Lev and The Gift of Asher Lev. Chaim Potok was not unlike Matisyahu an orthodox Jew living in the United States. He grew up as a young man during the Korean War, and the characters in his books faced a lot of the same things I would expect Matisyahu has had to contend with to some extent. Choosing a life in art, coming into contention with the more conservative trends of his religion and so on. Of course, Matisyahu has come into Hasidism on his own merits, and his parents weren't of the same branch, so I guess the similarities ends to some extent there.
But why else would I recommend that people buy this album?
The music is just great. I am not kosher (excuse the pun) when it comes to music, I'll explore most things. One thing I have kept myself well away from is rap, which I under normal circumstances can't stand, and never have. Reggae never really spoke to me either, but with the 80's, Ska and 2 tone as part of my baggage and recently, over the past three years having fallen for the music of The Streets, I guess I was open for something new.
Matisyahu's album Youth works for me on so many levels, it's toe tapping good fun, my mood is elevated by so many degrees it's almost silly. I have a keen interest in history and listening to the lyrics I must say I nod along, not just with the rhythm, but what he has to say. As a goyim and non-religious person, I still have an above average clue about the workings of Jewish culture, having read among other things, Wanderings, again by Chaim Potok, and I feel a bit of a tingle when I feel the love he has for his culture, people and for J**ve/G-od.
I really can't recommend this record enough, if nothing else for the sheer fun and joy I got from it. I'm sure I'll play it so much I'll tire of it, but so it is, in our world of fleeting fancies.

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