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The Siege
The Siege
Price: £3.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars WOW, this was made before 9/11!, 6 April 2014
This review is from: The Siege (Amazon Video)
This film is so shockingly accurate on so many levels, that I hope you will forgive me when I say, the US officials, government, CIA, etc. and the Al-Qeda must have watched this film and then began their respective planning.
The fact that the Army did not go and round up all Arabs, etc. in a stadium in New York after 9/11 is possibly due to this film, as it shows the likely outcome, public outcry/ demonstrations and sympathies, if they had done so.
Instead they round many people up and shipped them to their own "camps" out of sight and out of mind. They are still detaining and torturing people just like the film shows and worse.
That the FBI is the honorable protector of freedom is of course completely fictional but they couldn't have made a sell-able film otherwise.

This film should be filed under non-fiction.

(I had seen this film before 9/11...)
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Illustrated Dictionary of the Most Common and Essential Words: Visual Dictionary of the Essential High Frequency Words to Assist Teachers and Parents
Illustrated Dictionary of the Most Common and Essential Words: Visual Dictionary of the Essential High Frequency Words to Assist Teachers and Parents
by Johannes Ott
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Illustrated Dictionary a Valuable Educational Resource, 25 Jun. 2012
Illustrated Dictionary of High Frequency or most Common Words

The Illustrated Dictionary of the most Common or High Frequency Words in English is an essential resource for those teaching or learning English, both for native speakers and English as a foreign language. It is aimed at teachers, students, parents, homeschoolers, TEFL teachers and TEFL students.

This book exists to make the learning of the English language easy, fun and quick. It is based on research which shows that nearly 90% of most English based communications rely on about 1,000 common, or High Frequency, words.
These highly important common English words are the vital building blocks upon which the rest of the English language is built. Learn them and the meanings of more complicated words and concepts will follow, as night follows day.

Each of these High Frequency words - 585 definitions - is defined in simple, easy to understand language and accompanied by clear and recognisable images - 585 images - which illustrate the word's meanings. This is especially effective when it comes to helping students to appreciate the meanings of confusing abstract words, such as `the', `their' and `to'. These images also aid in the building of associations between a word, its meaning and its correct use in everyday speech and writing. Each word is shown in a sentence to reinforce the student's understanding of how it can be used in routine situations, encouraging them to experiment with the material as part of the learning process.

This unique dictionary is clearly laid out and comes with a selection of suggested learning exercises and offers additional download via the website: [...]. These exercises enable the teacher to get across the key concepts of the English language to their students without the need for expensive equipment or facilities. The guidance also gives teachers the tools to create their own learning exercises tailored to the needs of their students. For the student, this book provides an easy to understand guide to the most common English words. Exactly the knowledge they need to progress to the more difficult English words with confidence.

Here are some sample definitions and examples.

Two definitions are given for the word `there'. Firstly, `going to a place' is put into context with the example `We want to go there', and accompanied by an image of the Houses of Parliament in London, UK. The second definition of `there' is `used with is or was to show or ask if something or someone exists'. It is then put into context with the phrase `there is no money', accompanied by an image of a couple handing out food and water, rather than cash, to a homeless person.

The word `been' is firstly defined as `something was there in the past', then contextualised with the phrase `It had been a grand house a long time ago.', and illustrated with an image of a derelict old house. The second definition is `something that is over; started and ended in the past' with the example `The shop has been open until now.', and accompanied by an image of a woman putting a closed sign in a shop window and a graphic depicting a clock.

If you want to learn or teach English quickly, painlessly and easily then this book is for you. It concentrates on building the basic understanding of English so that students can go on to explore the richness of the English language with greater confidence and ability.

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Black Iron versus Non-sticking and Stainless Steel Pans, 26 April 2012
Many moons ago, as student, and with no valuable cooking know-how, I attempted to fry my eggs in a stainless steel pan. I tried and tried and 9 out of 10 times half the egg stayed in the pan, not to forget the horrible cleaning procedure that had to follow. Since that time I gave up on stainless steel for frying and simple bought me a non-sticking one.
I used them for years and years but what irritated me on the non-sticking ones is that they don't last, and the scratches and bits of the pan, which surely can't be good for me are going into the food. I had this picture of eating a piece of rubber after it was on the barbecue.
So, I was looking for a better pan but my confusion was that I thought black iron pans are the same as stainless steel pans; remembering the everything-sticking-to-it experience all too well.

However they are not, they are brilliant. They totally "naturally" don't stick, it is really amazing!
I waited with this review for about a year because I wanted to be sure my experience isn't based on the initial "Yippee my new pan."

As the name states the black iron pan which is not initially black at all, gets black and I mean black. There are a number of sites that suggest how to prime or create the "non-sticking quality." In addition never wash it with soap or put it in soapy water to soak. I got one brush and water and that it; I always clean it quickly after the cooking, heat it up and add a little oil, ready for next time. Once my wife washed it in soap, ;-), so I had to clean it in water and prime it again. No big deal. (...any time it starts to stick a little I do a quick priming."

Once you know how to prime it and you do this repeatedly it very quickly gets its non-sticking qualities.
However a word of caution, it takes a little bit of persistence and changing your routine, instead of putting in for a good soak with soap. (Oh, and open the windows, during the priming, for the smoke as the oils starts to burn.)

So, the conclusion is that the black iron of the old days beat the non-sticking hands down and doesn't require any bi-yearly repurchasing.

In particular this pan has a steel handle, yes it can get hot but only if it is left over a naked flame; the good part is you can put them into the oven and don't have to worry about burning plastic. It is very sturdy and I like its heavy feel. You don't quickly knock it over...

Saying this, if you are getting a small one than watch out for long metal handles because if the handle is too heavy for the size of the pan, the pan can easily dip over. I got a small one and this is something I have to watch out for. The best size for us is 12" and I would not go below it again.

There is the stainless steel pan, which I usually use for risotto or other dishes and it is brilliant but frying I avoid unless I add water/liquid to it anyway.

Originally I opted for a cheap one just to see how I'd go and I can't tell if there is much of a difference between the different brands but I am happy and I would not hesitate to purchase this or any black iron pan but it is unlikely as the pan is probably going to out last me. ;-)

Dirty Medicine - The Handbook
Dirty Medicine - The Handbook
by Martin J. Walker
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very informative - Names for writing Thank-You-Notes, 22 May 2011
it is simple, names, events and how they are all connected. You wondered what labour and US corporation have in common, or how Lord Sainsbury and the Science Media Centre are connected or do certain professors and doctors profit from their statements... You heard about all these things and here is someone who gives you the name of the person you should "thank" for all the tax that's being wasted and the un-cured people in hospital while you donate in addition to your charities...

The data and it is all documented reveals a bottomless pit of big corporates, certain educated professionals and certain politicians are enjoying their lifestyles at our expenses; not to leave out media professionals.

What in particular impressed me was the fact of actually it being so few people who are responsible for the sheer gigantic proportions of damage caused and being caused as you read this.

The best bit is that now I can put a face and name to specifics, takes the generality out of the game, not all corporations, doctors, journalists and politicians are in it; just a few!!! - Let's start writing some Thank-You-Notes to the above.

Lego: The Adventures Of Clutch Powers [DVD]
Lego: The Adventures Of Clutch Powers [DVD]
Dvd ~ Howard E. Baker
Offered by ReNew Entertainment
Price: £4.56

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Clutch's Adventure aren't suitable for under 5s, 1 May 2011
This film is great and even entertaining for adults as it contains a humorous/adventure format that will appeal to most ages.

However it is not suitable for all ages as it contains scary bits and also at times is a bit dark and evil.

I would think it is suitable age 5-7 upwards but realise if you have subjected your kids to most U rated films they will be used to it. Kids love colors, etc. they don't need scary bits, so I don't really understand why it must contain such scenes. We have to fast-forward esp. the first 10 minutes where a monster is roaring and our 4 year old gets scared.

Also I don't understand who is giving this and many other kids films a U-rating that I think shouldn't have. Please compare this to Strawberry Shortcake, both are U rated, yet there is a world of difference.

Otherwise a great great film. If you are familiar with the Lego video games and love them this is very similar in format and style.

Hitachi HDT721016SLA380 3.5 Inch 160GB SATA 8MB HDD Saturn
Hitachi HDT721016SLA380 3.5 Inch 160GB SATA 8MB HDD Saturn
Offered by ITShop
Price: £173.10

4.0 out of 5 stars Sata Harddrive Review - Hitachi, 28 Feb. 2010
I bought the Hitachi as being recommended from a Benchmark test as being inexpensive and a significant improvement to my current IDE Harddrive.

The Sata HD is indeed an significant improvement over my IDE drive in speed on all accounts. It was noticeable even by my wife who is not a technical person.

Installation is easier then an IDE drive as no jumper setting required etc. All I had to do was disable my IDE drive on the Bios Setup and off we went. Windows XP still finds and can access both drives despite the disabling in Bios Setup.

However the Benchmark test I refer to gave a much higher result then the same benchmark performing same test on my computer. I don't have an explanation.

The figure I reached seems to be in the range expected for the price of this Sata Drive; so I didn't get a bargain but I am definitely pleased with the purchase.

I reviewed a lot of them but the last one I compared, a Raptor 160gb - used on ebay - against this one but new. The raptor performs much higher on all tests but the price tag reflects this. I decided to go with a new, with warranty, item because my data is too important to me to have a product that develops a fault in a years time. (I am not alawys uptodate with my backups, so this give me a bit more of a sense of security being brand new.)

Lastly in my opinion the future will be the new solid Harddrives which in a couple of year will be on my list, so for the time being and if you are not gaming this SATA is a good buy.

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