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Extreme Championship Wrestling: Heatwave 2000 [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: Heatwave 2000 [DVD]

5.0 out of 5 stars Slightly disappointing main event doesnt spoil brilliant PPV, 25 July 2004
2000 was the year that ECW reached its peak before the Network (TNN) that gave them the chance to become bigger and better than the WWF, cruelly discarded them in favour of their rivals. Which ultimately led to a lack of income and eventually the company going out of business. This event sees ECW at its best, a standard of wrestling that any of the company's rivals could never compete with.
The event has so many highlight, the 6 man tag Kid Kash, Danny Doring and Roadkill vs CW Anderson, Simon Diamond and Swinger is brilliant.

And seeing Jerry Lynn writing 'die' across his chest in Steve Corino's blood during their superb match is a sight to behold.
Rhino and Sandman were locked in a bitter feud that all stemmed from Rhino basically putting Sandman's wife in the hospital. This is a grudge match in every sense of the word and both men play up the story line brilliantly and put on very entertaining match. Sandman is definitely a hardcore legend, and can dish out and take a lot of violent punishment, but his wrestling ability has always been questionable. But Rhino drags the best out of the Sandman and although the match is pretty hardcore, you very rarely see the Sandman do so many wrestling moves. A guard rail is brought into the ring and continually used from the start and both men deserve credit for such creative and entertaining use of it.
Rob Van Dam vs former best friend Scotty Anton (formerly Scotty Riggs in WCW) is a very good match. Anton was never really given a chance in WCW so his ability was an unknown quantity, but after this match you will wonder how his former employers let such a talent go to waste. It is a closely fought match and Anton brings the best out of RVD, and baring the series of matches with Jerry Lynn, this is the best I match I have seen RVD have. But ultimately the match will be remembered for the spectacular debut of the 'Van Terminator' (not to be confused with the often used 'Van Daminator') if you know what this is then you know what an amazing move it is, if you haven't ever seen it, then this video is worth buying for that alone.
The only slight disappointment on this video is the main event a Stairway To Hell Match between Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible. It has all the signs of a good match but it is far to short, as the match seems to end as it should be just getting going. The barbed wire above the ring is retrieved about 2 minutes before the match ends and is not really used, which seems to make the match gimmick a little bit pointless. Uncharacteristically of ECW it is not real barbed wire (which is probably a relief if you ever saw 'Born to Be Wired'!). After such a brilliant under card, you expect the main event to blow you away and it doesn't. But what has gone before has been so good that you can forgive the standard slipping in the main event.
Overall this is a brilliant video, and is ECW at its finest. Well worth watching, cant recommend it highly enough.

Extreme Championship Wrestling: Living Dangerously 2000 [VHS]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: Living Dangerously 2000 [VHS]

5.0 out of 5 stars ECW at its peak, 25 July 2004
2000 was the year that ECW really put itself on the map, they got a major television deal with a national network, and finally had the budget and experience to put together a show stopping PPV to rival anything the WWE and WCW could do. This video shows ECW as it was at its peak.
Most of the matches on the event are very good, but 2 of the highlights of the night weren't even scheduled matches!
World champion Mike Awesome comes down and demands a match (even though he is defending his tag titles later on) and Kid Kash steps up. It is a bit of a David and Goliath situation, but Kid Kashs Arial offences against the power of Mike Awesome makes a entertaining match, which predictably has some high impact table breaks (as all Awesome matches do).
Half way through the event New Jack makes his traditional random appearance to continue his long running feud with the Baldies, and he Brawl through the crowd with Grimes and both men end up taking a death defying 40 foot drop from scaffolding to the concrete through a table. You definitely feel that both men are more stupid than they are brave, but the stunt is every bit spectacular as it is dangerous.
The main event is the Triple threat tag title match, which sees unlikely champions Raven and Mike Awesome take on the Impact Players (Lance Storm and Justin Credible) and Tommy Dreamer and Masato Tanaka. It is a really good action packed match.
The event also sees the semi finals of the TV title tournament (the title was vacant after Cyrus and the Network stripped RVD of the belt after he broke his leg and was unable to defend it). The semi finals were Rhino vs Sandman and Super Crazy vs Little Guido with the winners of each match meeting in the final later in the same night. The tournament matches are largely story line based so I wont give anything away, but these 4 men act play out a compelling story and put on some exciting wrestling matches which lead to a thrilling and unpredictable finish to the tournament.
Overall the video is brilliant entertainment, the action is fast and furious, the story lines were well put together and genuinely interesting, but never got in the way or detracted from high quality wrestling. Well worth seeing.

Under My Skin
Under My Skin
Offered by ReNew Entertainment
Price: £3.58

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5.0 out of 5 stars Its Avril but more mature and aggressive, 20 July 2004
This review is from: Under My Skin (Audio CD)
Avril Lavigne gets a lot of criticism, they say she is manufactured, she hasn't paid her dues and she isn't cool and she is fake rock. But those criticisms are often from people who forget she isn't a rock star, she is a pop singer who writes pop songs. And regardless of people's opinion of her fast track raise to fame, she should be judged by the music she makes, and Avrils new album is very good.
On Avrils debut record there was a lot of different styles displayed in songs, this gave the album good variety but a somewhat scattered feel and gave the impression that Avril was still searching for her own sound.
However on 'Under My Skin' Avril seems to have decided what she feels most comfortable with and the album has a consistent rock-tinged pop style throughout. The songs are hardly rock anthems, but the lyrics are more personal and sung with a newfound passion and sincerity. While instrumentally they have a more aggressive, heavier feel than anything Avril has previously written.
On this album Avril has co-wrote with some of America's most talented songwriters such as Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace (both of whom mean little over here but are well known in America and Canada). These collaborations are bound to raise issues about if Avril can write a hit without any help. But any questions about Avrils ability as a songwriter are dispelled by the fact that probably the albums 2 best tracks ('Take Me Away' and 'Don't Tell Me') have been written solely by her.
If you liked the first record then there is no reason you wont like 'Under My Skin', also for those people who felt that Avrils first album was a bit lightweight and too poppy, this album is more likely to appeal to you.
Avril has written a good album that both pop and rock fans of all ages could appreciate if they approach it without preconception. Don't get me wrong there are rock influences but this is still very much pop music, but it is proper pop music (not the manufactured rubbish from Christina, Britney and the rest). This album has a darker more aggressive feel than Avrils debut, but is still catchy, melodic and accessible.
Overall the songs on this record have a more mature sound than any of Avrils previous material, the change is noticeable but it is not a drastic one, and will not alienate any of Avrils old fans. If you are already an Avril fan then you will like this, if you are not and are willing to give this cd a chance, she may just surprise you.

Extreme Championship Wrestling: November To Remember 98 [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: November To Remember 98 [DVD]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Top entertainment from start to finish!, 14 July 2004
From day one ECW had a lot of good ideas, but sometimes the good ideas were not shown to their full potential due to the company's lack of budget and showmanship. The quality of wrestling in ECW has never been in question, but often the entertainment value dipped during pointless interviews, prolonged periods of show boating and winding up the crowd. But the later half of 98 was when ECW learned the art of putting on a real show for the fans, they cut out all the time wasting and messing around, meaning there is never a dull moment and the excitement level never drops. This video shows how ECW could compete with its much richer rivals and is a great example of how good ECW really was.
The video is good from start to finish, plenty of fast paced entertaining wrestling, lots of stiff chair shots and hardcore action and some good story lines played out along the way. All the matches are good but the following 3 deserve a special mention;
The tag title match between The Dudley Boys vs Tanaka and Balls Mahoney has everything and is possibly the best tag team match I have ever seen!
Often 6 man tag matches in ECW just descend into chaos and just end up a big mess, so it was a pleasant surprise that the main event, The Triple Threat (Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigalow and Chris Candido) vs RVD, Sabu and Taz is not just good, it is brilliant. Seeing three ECW icons on one team is pretty cool (even if they dont get along), all 6 men work hard to ensure the action never lets up and that you can't look away for a second without missing something good.
Lance Storm and Jerry Lynn are two of the best wrestlers to ever grace ECW, so it was always going to be a classic match, but the match also has 2 guest refs (one biased to each competitor) which gives a whole new unpredictable dimension, and it is all the better for it. Lynn and Storm put on a brilliant wrestling match, the conflicting refs add the humour, it all adds up to a very entertaining display.
And the appearance of Jake the Snake is brilliant for everyone who has watched wrestling over the past 15 years.
This is as entertaining an event as you can see in ECW, it is just good fun from start to finish. Highly recommended.

Extreme Championship Wrestling: Living Dangerously 99 [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: Living Dangerously 99 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ecw Wrestling

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3.0 out of 5 stars 3 good matches the rest is poor, 2 July 2004
The event saw the beginning of the brilliant RVD and Jerry Lynn feud, although many wrestling fans may not have seen the best of these men (as their talents have been wasted in the WWE) I can assure you they are the best 2 wrestlers in the business. This is a very good match, it is fast very fast paced, a few near falls, countless reversals and creative/spectacular use of tables and chairs. This was their first encounter, and although it wipes the floor with most other wrestling matches you will have seen, it can't touch their rematches on other ECW PPV's. This is a truly great match, even if you have seen all their other encounters, this is where it began and is well worth seeing.
Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas vs The Impact Players (Lance Storm and Justin Credible) is not that spectacular, but it is still pretty entertaining. The 4 wrestlers and their managers use the ECW rules (or lack of) to their full potential and ensure that there action never stops, at no point are all four men lying on the floor or taking a breather, there is always something happening, which means the match never loses any momentum. It is a well thought through match and the constant interference from both teams' managers gives this an unpredictable element. It isn't anything that you haven't seen before but it is still good to watch.
The main event Sabu vs Taz, is a good advert for the ECW's brand of wrestling, it had plenty of spectacular table breaks, chair shots and brawling in the crowd, but they don't let it get in the way of putting on a wrestling match. The pace is relatively quick, and the innovative use of furniture is backed up by entertaining wrestling. The end to the match isn't as spectacular as you may hope for, but you can't fault the competitor's efforts after they put on such a good show. Overall a very entertaining match.
The rest of the video is a bit bland, Tajiri vs Super Crazy never lives up to expectations, Steve Corino vs Ball Mahoney is short and pointless, same goes for Guido vs Antifaz Del Norte (I don't have a clue who he is either!). New Jack vs Mustafa, and Dudley's vs Spike and Nova are just chaotic brawls, which aren't that entertaining. New Jack does his traditional balcony dive, which will either be spectacular or just repetitive depending on how many times you have seen him do one. And Sid makes an appearance breaking tables to spectacular effect.
Overall the whole event is below ECW's standards, the 3 main matches I mentioned are all good efforts, and save the event from disaster. As entertaining they these matches are, they are not the best you will see in Extreme Championship Wrestling, they are undoubtedly worth watching but there are better ECW videos out there

Extreme Championship Wrestling: Anarchy Rulz 2000 [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: Anarchy Rulz 2000 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ecw Wrestling

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4.0 out of 5 stars Quality throughout, 1 July 2004
Perhaps just looking through the matches on this video, there isn't much that stands out to anyone unfamiliar with the ECW wrestlers. But I can assure you that every one of these guys put in a brilliant performance. With Kid Cash vs EZ Money, and Steve Corino vs CW Anderson deserving a special mention.
The only problem was that such high standards were set in the early matches that it became very difficult for the 2 main event matches (Rhino vs RVD, and Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn) to top them. Don't get me wrong they are both good matches, but only equal rather than surpass what had gone before. But perhaps it is an unfair criticism, as the under card matches were exceptional rather than the main events being poor.
The weapons and dangerous stunts are present, but not as often as in other ECW videos. This event relies more on fast paced, quality wrestling to entertain rather than a countless chair shots and table breaks.
There probably isnt anything on this video that you haven't seen before, but it is still a very good event with entertaining matches throughout.
If you are just after hardcore action with flaming tables, balcony jumping and barbwire, look at the other ECW videos. If you want top quality wrestling this is well worth the money

Extreme Championship Wrestling: Hardcore Heaven 2000 [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: Hardcore Heaven 2000 [DVD]

5.0 out of 5 stars The best I've seen, 1 July 2004
This is probably the best ECW event I have seen so far, it gets the balance between quality wrestling, hardcore action and dangerous stunts just right.
All the matches on this video are pretty strong, but the true highlight of the video is the amazing encounter between RVD and Jerry Lynn. You may have been aware of the series of awesome matches these men had in ECW (if you are not, trust me they are brilliant!), and this in my opinion is the best. It is so fast, unpredictable and innovative, and is possibly the best wrestling match I have ever seen in any wrestling organisation.
Other matches that deserve special mention are; Rhino vs Sandman, which provides the hardcore carnage, and Steve Corino vs Tajiri, which is a blood bath that shows how good Tajiri was before the his talents were wasted in the wwe.
On this video there are 3 or 4 big, impressive stunts that will shock or amaze depending on your disposition. This isn't just mindless violence, amongst the chair shots and table breaks there is a lot of good wrestling on display.
If you are an ECW fan, this is a must have! If you are unsure about ECW this is the video that shows you what the organisation it is all about. I can't recommend this highly enough.

Extreme Championship Wrestling: House Party 98 [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: House Party 98 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ecw

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1.0 out of 5 stars Sick, unentertaining main event and poor undercard, 1 July 2004
This is an earlier ECW video and you definitely feel that this was filmed at a time before ECW had matured and learned how to put on a real wrestling spectacle.
The main event is a stairway to hell match between Sandman and Sabu, this is basically a ladder match with barbwire hanging above the ring and the first one to get to it can use it. In theory it sounds great, but in truth it isn't very good.
Sandman isn't known for his wrestling, in fact he doesn't know how to wrestle but he can certainly take the pain. Sabu is also known for taking a lot of punishment, but he can also wrestle, but Sandman's lack of ring ability brings the worst out in Sabu as this match descends into little more than a demonstration of both men's extremely high pain threshold. Unlike other similar matches you may have seen in other organisations, this isn't a series of impressive stunts, the ladders and barbwire are real and there is no faking this violence. I love ECW and I am all for extreme wrestling, but when there is no wrestling and a match is just 2 men mutilating their bodies it is no longer fun or entertaining.
At one point Sabu falls on the barricades and breaks his jaw, despite being in agony he tapes his mouth shut and carries on! At this point you think that this match has gone too far. And you stop actually caring about being entertained and start to genuinely feel sorry for the competitors. It is hard to watch and by the end of the match you are just glad that it is over before either man does any more damage to their injured bodies.
This is very much the sick spectacle that the barbwire match on the Born to be wired video is. If you liked that match then this will be to your taste.
Elsewhere on this video wrestlers take far to long to get in the ring, and wasted time cutting useless and unentertaining promos and talking trash to the crowd. The best example is before the Al Snow and Roadkill match, Roadkills manager Chastity grabs the mic then starts to talk, she winds up the crowd and then continually makes long pauses every time a chant starts, so you are basically sitting for nearly half an hour listening to the fans chanting! You end up waiting 30 odd minutes for about 3 minutes worth of promo and she doesn't even say anything interesting or relevant to the match. Similar things happen elsewhere in the video, it is boring, pointless and adds nothing to the matches.
As for the in ring action, all of the wrestling is slow paced and average at best, even matches that have potential all end abruptly or disappointingly. There are only 2 cameras, so often the lack of cameras or badly positioned camera men mean you get bad views or completely miss some of the action this is especially frustrating in the chaotic 6-man tag match.
The only match that is half decent is Justin Credible vs The Great Sasuke.
Ultimately this event is not very good, average wrestling, and the long spells between matches stops the event from creating any excitement, poor camera work also doesn't help matters. The main event relies solely on sick violence and just isn't entertaining. There are so many better ECW events out there, that are perhaps less violent but are much more entertaining.

ECW - Heatwave '99 [DVD]
ECW - Heatwave '99 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ecw Wrestling

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3.0 out of 5 stars misuse of air time slightly spoils great event, 1 July 2004
This review is from: ECW - Heatwave '99 [DVD] (DVD)
The unlikely highlight of the video is Super Crazy vs Little Guido. It is fast paced with lots of reversals and so many near falls, that make this match every bit exciting as it is unpredictable. They may be 2 wrestlers that many fans are unfamiliar with, but I can assure you they put on a very entertaining match.
The Dudley Boyz vs Spike and Balls Mahoney is a falls count anywhere street fight, and is chaotic, as you would expect. But the match is delayed by the Dudley Boyz coming out and talking trash to the crowd, and although it is not un amusing it is drawn out far too long, and you feel it is a waste of time as another match could have been on instead. But when they do eventually get down to wrestling it is a fairly good hardcore match. A long spell of fighting through the crowd interrupts the ringside action, where this match is at its best. In ECW when they decide to do an out and out hardcore match, they tend to forget the wrestling and just go over the top with weapons which usually gives little entertainment. And although this match uses weapons, it doesn't loose site of the wrestling action, which holds this contest together and makes this an entertaining match. But for all the chair shots and balcony diving, what really makes the match is the infamous flaming table at the finish!
The world title match between Tajiri vs Taz is also subject to a long delay when Tommy Dreamer comes out and argues/fights with Steve Corino, again it is relatively entertaining but you still feel that the time would be better used for another match. When the match eventually starts, it gets off to a flyer and is very entertaining. But it doesn't take long before Tajiri's entourage lure Taz out of the ring, things then take a turn for the worse, as very confusingly Taz gets disqualified (I didn't think that could happen in ECW!) for pulling barb wire off the ECW sign and using it on Tajiri. It is very annoying firstly the camera is so far away you can't see what is going on properly (almost certainly intentional due to the nature of the stunt) and secondly we never get to see an proper end to what was turning out to be a very good match.
The main event Lance Storm and Justin Credible vs RVD and Jerry Lynn, is a very good wrestling match, which is no less than you would expect from 4 such great wrestlers. The match is based on good, fast paced wrestling, but it doesn't neglect the hardcore elements, with tables and chairs used creatively to great effect. It is not the best ECW match you will ever see but it is still very entertaining.
All wrestling on this video is very good, without ever being spectacular. But the problem is that despite the video being nearly 2 hours and 40 minutes in length, there are only 6 matches. Now that is fine as each match is given a good amount of time, but the time taken by The Dudley's and Dreamer talking could have been used more effectively. My other issue is we never got to see a proper end to the Taz vs Tajiri contest, which was a bid let down.
Overall this event had some very entertaining matches, but it is ridiculous that two long interviews took up time that could have been better allocated to another match. It is a pretty good video that is slightly spoiled by the misuse of allocated airtime, it is certainly worth seeing but there are better ECW videos available.

Extreme Championship Wrestling: Guilty As Charged 99 [DVD]
Extreme Championship Wrestling: Guilty As Charged 99 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ecwwrestling

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2.0 out of 5 stars Promises a lot but fails to deliver, 1 July 2004
A look at the list of matches on this event suggests that we are in for a wrestling treat, but due to problems with injuries and wrestlers unable to make the show the card is altered drastically. Credit to ECW, they reorganise the event to ensure that we get equally good match ups, but perhaps the last minute alterations don't give the performers enough time to prepare properly and sadly the matches fail to live up to expectations.
RVD and Lance Storm seemed to spend more time brawling in the crowd than they did in the ring, which is detrimental to both men as their main strengths are their wrestling skills. When they were in the ring the match showed potential, but by this time they had spent so long in the crowd that there wasn't much time left. And by the time the match finally started to get going it ended. It should have been great but they didn't play to their strengths and that match suffered for it.
The Stairway to Hell match between Justin Credible and Tommy Dreamer should have been great, but turns out to be very average at best. It bares little resemblance to the last Stairway to Hell match between Sabu and Sandman, so if you are expecting a similar masochistic blood bath you will be disappointed.
Perhaps back in January 99 (when the event took place) a lot of the things Dreamer and Credible do with the ladder would be revolutionary, but since then the WWE have stolen their ideas and pulled them off a lot better. And when you have seen the Dudley's, Hardy's and Edge and Christians TLC matches, it's perhaps hard to appreciate how good this match was when it originally took place. But when you watch it now it just can't compete with what has come since.
The rest of the matches on this video are nothing to shout about, the wrestling isn't particularly bad, but it isn't that great either.
This event ultimately promises a lot more than it delivers, it is never really boring, but it doesn't surprises or excites either. This still is much better than current WWE, but it falls short of ECW's usual high standards, there are much better ECW videos around, I would give this one a miss.

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