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Artbox A4 tracing paper - 60 sheets
Artbox A4 tracing paper - 60 sheets
Price: £1.52

2.0 out of 5 stars Two Stars, 9 Sept. 2016
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Basically old fashioned flimsy toilet paper. Perhaps okay for very young children to use but nothing else.

High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter
Price: £15.27

12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars ONLY for the real fanatics!, 1 Mar. 2012
This review is from: High Plains Drifter (Audio CD)
This release both excites and disapoints. If you like top quality re-mastered releases then forget about it as the label clearly states that these are obscure Jamaica 45 rpm releases. The sound has a good, clear volume but you can tell that every track is taken from a vinyl source. It is vinyl quality BUT at least Pressure Sounds HAVE made these tracks available at last. The cover gives off the impression that the collection is from the 'Spaghetti Western' era of Scratch's Upsetter output (1968-1970) but in truth only 4 tracks are or could be described as 'Spaghetti Western' inspired. Also, the other thing I noticed about the names of the tracks is that many of them have simply been 're-titled' for the release (many wrongly). 'Val Blows In' is a version of 'Bronco' (which was also later re-titled 'Django Shoots First'), a better name for this track would have simply been 'Bronco Shoots First' (in order to give it that 'Spaghetti Western' feel and connection to both 'Bronco' & 'Django Shoots First' titles). The track itself has Val Bennett (of 'Return of Django') blowing over the already established track. He does a good job but the eerie 'organ' was always the main instrument sound for this track and somehow the sax blow over isn't as good as it should be. 'Amigo' is one of the best tracks of the album. It is a 'striped down version of both 'Sipreano' and 'Fresh Up'. It has a brilliant intro by Scratch and is quite percussive. It misses the 'organ' terribly though. The track 'High Plains Drifter' is actually a brilliant alternate version of 'Dig Your Grave' which was cut in 1970 - Eastwood's film came out 3 years later in 1973 (& incidentally wasn't a Spaghetti Western either) so it couldn't have possibly been titled 'High Plains Drifter' when it was originally recorded in 1970. It would have better been called 'Face To Face' (a 1967 Spaghetti Western title) or 'Dig Your Grave - Version 2'. The track 'The Man With No Name' is the real deal, that of being an obscure eerie organ instrumental track from 1969. Although this is not a confirmed statement of fact, it is probably in all but likely a track called 'Wagga Wagga' that was released as a B-side to 'Medical Operation' in Jamaica in 1969, and has again been retitled (but like I said this is not established fact). What is fact though is that the track 'Rockfort Physchodelion' is actually NOT by the 'Upsetters' at all! It's actually by British band Freddie Notes & The Rudies and was originally released with a longer intro on their 'Unity' L.P. by Trojan in 1970 under the simple title of 'Rocco'. It may have some Scratch input as it WAS released in Jamaica on his label but it is absolutely 100% 'Freddie Notes & The Rudies' from England. The track 'Boss' is credited to 'Count Sticky' but it certainly does not sound like him - not by a long shot and is probably somebody else (in all probability it's another UK track). 'It's Growing' has a better sound quality release on Trojan's 'Motor City' box set and its rhythm was used for Hugh Roy's 'OK Corral'. The original ( actually titled 'It Grows') was released on the Pama 'Escort' label in 1970 and credited to Martin Riley. The tracks 'Big Joke', & 'Bhutto Girl' have already been released on the WIZDOM releases of similar quality. And 'Ain't No Love' and 'The Thanks We Get' are also available on other releases. 'Awake' and 'Inequity Workers' are Rastafari tracks and should'nt have a place on this release as it is supposed to be a 'Western-inspired' release. I hate releases that do this mixed Rasta stuff with the early non-racist Skinhead Reggae sound - 2 world's apart! 'What's Wrong With You' is brilliant and is probably by 'The Race Fans' and not 'The Bleechers' as it has the 'Bookie Man' vocals going on. 'What A Botheration' is another version of the Mellotones' song with 'tin pan' accompanyment. 'He Don't Love You' is an out of key ('messed-up') alternate version by The Silvertones of their 'He'll Break Your Heart' song (found on the 'Silver Bullets' LP/CD from 1973, although recorded in 1968). 'Rub Up Festival '71' is an excellent gem by Junior Byles. The Dave Barker tracks 'Next To You' & 'Sitting & Waiting' (both using the same rhythm track) are in all probability 'One More Bottle Of Beer // Part 2'(original titles) of a single that was originally released on the Trojan subsidary 'Smash' label in the UK in 1970 - which credited Bunny Lee as the producer! This CD release is a real mixed-bag of both good and bad which makes it real ugly! Personally I would have scrapped the Jamaican 45's idea and just released Upsetter stuff from both JA and UK that has never been available on CD before, keeping the years of 1968-71, and by removing the later Rasta tracks like 'Awake' (to be put on other releases that have a different subject matter) and added tracks like 'Soul Juice' and 'Lennox Mood' (from the UK Punch label from 1969) giving it a more complete feel release. Instead it's scatty BUT having said this I still like it.

Cloak & Dagger
Cloak & Dagger

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The Full 1972 U.K Edition L.P on CD!, 28 July 2011
This review is from: Cloak & Dagger (Audio CD)
Lee Perry is a legendary Reggae producer who hit it big in England in October 1969 with a huge chart hit by his Upsetters band with 'Return of Django'. This was the time when the 'Skinheads' had adopted Reggae due to it's fast chugging danceable beat and the hits were mainly 'instrumental' tracks featuring either a horn (sax, trumpet or trombone) or an eerie hammond organ solo.

By 1971 things changed with Bob Marley, and Reggae became more 'roots' orientated with the subject matter changing to that of 'black conscience' and 'going back to Africa'. These subjects did not really interest the white youth of the U.K. and by 1973, both 'Trojan' and 'Pama' records (the two main Reggae exponent record companies in the U.K.) folded soon after.

The Lee 'Scratch' Perry CLOAK & DAGGER L.P. has a short story to tell because it was released in 'two different version issues in 1972'; - the Jamaican issue (featuring a different tracklisting) - and a seperate 'U.K.' issue originally released on the 'Rhino' Records label. The Jamaican issue (where only 300 were originally produced first time around) had the following tracks on it; A-1. Cloack & Dagger; 2. Sharp Razor; 3. Hail Stone; 4. Musical Transplant. 5. Liquid serenade; 6. Side Gate // B-1 Iron Claw; 2. Iron Side ; 3. Rude Walking; 4. Bad Walking. 5. Caveman Skank; 6. Pe-We Special. Sharp Razor, Iron Side and Bad Walking were 'Dub' instrumentals of their preceeding tracks and the album was hailed by some as being the first true 'Dub' album of the Reggae genre. In the U.K. the tracklisting was 'altered' and contained the following 12 tracks. A-1 Cloak & Dagger; 2. Hail Stone; 3. Musical transplant. 4. Liquid Serenade 5.Retail Love. 6. Creation. // B-1. Iron Claw; 2. Rude Walking. 3. Cave Man Skank. 4.Pe-We Special; 5. Sunshine Rock and 6. Wakey Wakey. Apart from the alternate tracklisting, the U.K. album was 'SPED-UP' so that the tracks had a 'faster tempo' to them than the 'slower' JA album release ones. It is probable that this was done for the U.K. market in order to continue the series of 'Upsetter' instrumental albums such as 'Return of Django', 'The Upsetter', 'Clint Eastwood', 'Many Moods of The Upsetter', 'Eastwood Rides Again' and so on. The U.K. version of 'Cloak & Dagger' is in fact the last true full Reggae instrumental album of The Upsetters as 'Blackboard Jungle' in 1973 was a full 'Dub' album. The JA issue of the 'Cloak & Dagger' album is found on the triple "DUB TRIP-TYCH" Double CD issued by Trojan, and is also recommended. My brother bought a copy in 1979, and I loved it ever since (I bought a re-issue copy in the 90's myself).

Incidentally, this ORCHID 'Original 1972 Mix' issue contains 2 tracks which were NOT issued on the original U.K. album (on RHINO) and they are entitled 'Bull Bay Skank' and 'Fish Tea' - which gives the impression that they are two previously unreleased and unavailable tracks. However, to avid followers of Upsetter music, these tracks are actually 'Serious Joke' (masquerading as 'Bull Bay Skank') and 'Ex-Ray Vision' (masquerading as 'Fish Tea') which are both from the 'Many Moods Of The Upsetter' L.P. from 1969 which comes as a dissapointing if one has them already (despite being brilliant tracks). These two added tracks also seem out of place on the rundown of tracks as the rest of the album was recorded and released in 1972.

The only other points of note are that 1; the sound is good - despite seeming to be taken from a vinyl source as their are a couple of cracks (but no pops) on some of the tracks. It is not as bad as that sounds, the tracks are highly enjoyable with good quality sound, and 2; there is no real information with regards to the album except from a repeat of the original back cover notes that appeared on the U.K. album.

It is a great release of a historical album that when originally released on vinyl didn't really sale well and disappeared without making a big impact thus making it an expensive collectors item at one point. This CD release brings all the original U.K. version tracks together on one disc (all 'sped-up' tracks from the original U.K. versions with the exception of 'Cloak & Dagger' and 'Creation' were previously available on two obscure releases entitled 'Heavy Manners' and 'Glory Dub' - but these have long been deleted and very hard to find.

This release by ORCHID is great if you are an avid 'UPSETTERS' fan and like their instrumental work between 1969 - 1972. If you are of a later style fan and like the 'flying cymbal' sound then this is not really for you.

Hammer Films (Pocket Essentials)
Hammer Films (Pocket Essentials)
by John McCarty
Edition: Paperback

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Fangless and lacking bite!, 12 Feb. 2010
I've collected several Pocket Essential releases (Spaghetti Westerns; The Carry On Films: Sergio Leone: Bruce Lee: and Laurel & Hardy) and I've got to say that this is the poorest of the lot. The first 3 chapters are okay, although very brief with information, but from page 48 - 74, where it becomes a simple writing down of title, cast and running time (info that anybody could get from a brief browsing on the net) it is dead! (no pun intended). Even at a low cost, it is not worth it in my opinion. There's nothing in the way of chronological order and basically the book is over by page 47 after reviewing about 20 odd films acceptably. Save your money and put it to one of the other releases that has in-depth information and better production value.

Mazes And Monsters [DVD]
Mazes And Monsters [DVD]
Dvd ~ Tom Hanks
Price: £5.99

15 of 19 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH RELEASE!, 9 Jan. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Mazes And Monsters [DVD] (DVD)
My wife went on about this film she had seen in the 1980's and always told me that she would like to see it again. Knowing that the great Tom Hanks was in it made me curious and so I was thrilled when I saw that it was finally being released. To cut a long story short I bought it for her as a secret present and when a few of us gathered around to watch it it was UNBEARABLE due to its absolute appallimg picture and sound. This can be regarded as a 3rd Generation pan and scan full screen poor sound copy. Absoloutely rubbish. It left me embarrassed!!! Beware that you too do not have the same experience. The company who have released such a poor standard dvd should be ashamed! They have taken a vhs videoed copy off the TV and have put it out in a good front cover package. The reverse side shows the poor quality in the caption stills of the movie. I was going to send it back and get my money back but as I had bought it as a gift for someone I couldn't. Do not get mugged, stay away, you have been warned!!!
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