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Into the Darkness (Darkness #1)
Into the Darkness (Darkness #1)
Price: £0.00

25 of 28 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Really good book, 3 Feb. 2014
Considering this book was free, I was surprised by how good it was. I love anything paranormal romance or urban fantasy without an annoying main character in it, and this book definitely fits that description to the T. At first I must admit that I thought it was a young adult fiction as the main character is in college, and here in England, college is for 16-18 years old, but as the theme of the book developed, there is no doubting that this book is certainly not a young adult fiction,

What did I like about this book? I liked the tone of it, it's the kind of book that seems to have amusement built into it, into the storyline, into the characters, and more importantly, it's a comfortable kind of humour, not the stilled type that some authors now days try to instil into their books. I like the main character, she's certainly feisty, and seems likable enough. I also like the secondary characters, they seem believable enough in a completely non-believable way. I also really like the plot, its fast but not so fast you get lost and the storyline is interesting to say the least. I LOVE the male main character, the alluring Stefan, he's cool, and he seems to have something that's missing from a lot of romance books nowadays, a conscious from the start. Authors seem to have embraced writing male chauvinistic, egoistical characters who have no morals and treat people like rubbish till they find absolution through the love of a deluded woman. This is not the case in this book, I like that fact that the guy from the onset has morals. And he's hot, like really hot, something about the shoulders.

What don't like about the book? Like I previously mentioned, i'm not sure of the main character's age, it's obscure, I don't see why it is, and to me, her age is kinda important in other to picture her. Everything else was very good.

Why three stars? It's more like 3.25 stars, it was a good book, but It's not quite one of the best.

The Infernal Devices 3: Clockwork Princess
The Infernal Devices 3: Clockwork Princess
by Cassandra Clare
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.99

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars I have no words..., 21 Mar. 2013
Having read the reviews for this book, i agree with their statements but it brings a different emotion in me. In simple english, i didn't like the book. Clare tried to please everyone, and for most people she did. She wrapped up the book in a clean bow, but i just didn't like how she did it.

I never liked Tessa, i couldn't identify with her, and she was so boring, and just a typical damsel in distress who is sick of being a damsel in distress, so she does something stupid that requires people to sacrifice something to save her, and end up being a damsel in distress again. She annoyed me through the book because i have never met a more useless person. She didn't do anything in the entire book but sit and get rescued! I understand that some people like her and disagree with me, but when you compare Tessa to someone like, Rose Hallaway in Vampire Academy, or even Sydney Sage in the Bloodlines series, then you can see her uselessness. Also, i hate how she got what she wanted, sure, it took her time, and she was sad, and blah, blah, blah, but she really had her cake and eat it too, and that annoys me so much.

I hate the ending, in fact, despite the fact that the plot of the whole story was stupid, predictable and see-through, what i really hated was the ending. How could she end up with the both of them. And what happened to Will? Where was the complete lovable prick that we meet in the first book? I know he fell in love but i hate it when writers think that falling in love turns you stupid and idiotic which was what happened to Will, i mean, he practically professes his love to Tessa even chapter!! And when Jem finds out, he just goes with it... Gosh, this book was not horrible, no, it reached so high for some people but for me it just fell flat on his face. You can't please everyone, Ms Clare. Please don't try because when you try, people that have read all your books, like me, think your not a genius after all but a crazy person who really needs to put the pen down.

About what actually happened to get me this angry, you'll have read the book for that, but i urge you to borrow it not buy it. You will thank me for it later. Or not, you could read it and love it and then curse me. Still, the book started well, and was ok, generally, it also had some surprises, and i guess, the real downfall was that i was not into it, maybe that was because i hated Tessa, and Will, Jem and everyone was pissing me or it was just not believable, i don't know. But what i do know is that Clare was too tidy with the end, everyone happened as it should, the bad guy died, everyone gets paired up, and the guy gets the girl, and then dies and the other guy gets the girl. That's all i'll say.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 22, 2013 10:54 PM GMT

Steel's Edge (Edge Novels)
Steel's Edge (Edge Novels)
by Ilona Andrews
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £6.14

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Great book, 3 Dec. 2012
I really liked this book. it was a good one. Ilona and Richard Andrews did a great job! From reading the other edge books, especially the one from Kaldar's view, i would have never guessed that Richard was so graphic and awesome. I am not normally an action in a book girl but i loved the action scenes in this book, and there were lots of them. Both Richard and Charlotte kicked ass!

In short, the book is about two characters, Richard, previously known from book 2 and 3 of the edge series, and Charlotte, a new, wonderful delight. Charlotte is a noble blueblood in the Weird, whom just having got out of a traumatizing relationship, wants to escape the pity and pressure o her society, so she decided to go to the edge (as you do). She is also the greatest healer of her generation, and a fantastic heroine in my view, Being a hero isn't jut about being able to kick ass, it's also about being compassionate, and she is definitely that. She then meets Eleanor in the edge, and that's generally how she meet Richard. Richard, is a fighter, a strong manly fighter with a sword(!). He wants to right the errors of his past by ending the horror slave trade being clever, he decided he needs to chop the head off the snake, in layman terms, kill the head of the whole organisation.

What i really enjoyed about this book, is how despite its violence (believe me, its pretty dark and violent), it interweaves a brilliant plot as well, Richard and Charlotte are incredible characters who are smart, they use both their magical powers and elegance, grace and the secrets rules of society to achieve their goals. Compared to the rest of the edge books, i would say this doesn't have as much romance, but it is bursting to the full with vibrant, colorful secondary characters, As expected, Jack and George are present, as well, as Sophie (Lark), Eleanor (previously mentioned), Rose, Duncan, Kaldar, and lots more! I personally love the boys (George and Jack), and despite Andrews saying this is the last of the series, hope to God they will decide to do one of them, or two or three. As many as they can deliver.

Overall, another great addition. It gets a three because much as i liked it, i don't love it, not like the first book of the series, and whilst its a nice neat way to end it, i wanted a bit more romance. Great book though, and definite recommend.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jan 13, 2013 3:16 PM GMT

The Crimson Crown (Seven Realms Novels)
The Crimson Crown (Seven Realms Novels)
by Cinda Williams Chima
Edition: Hardcover

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing conclusion to a fantastic series, 11 Nov. 2012
I have to say i love this book. It was awesome. It surpasses all my expectations and then more. It was a perfect blend of fantasy, action, thriller, romance and intrigue. I gorged myself on it and enjoyed every last minute of it. It was so exciting, i mean by the end of the book, i was so buzzed up and excited, i'm pretty sure every cell in the body simultaneously vibrated.

On to the story, now i don't want to give an spoilers, so i will write generic sentences. Ok, first, Hans! What an original, interesting, vibrant character. To put it simply, he rocked! He was a totally identifiable hero, not some amazing, unrealistic man that never did anything wrong or never made mistakes; he made mistakes but he took responsibility for them and did his best to correct them. In the first book, he was finding his feet in the world, in the second he was still trying to fit in and fit his place, whilst in the third book, he struggled with finding himself, but in this book, he knew himself, and he found his way and he stopped trying to fit in, he did what he wanted.He wanted something. and he went and got it, and to be honest, he eradicated anyone or anything that stood in his way. How awesome! He blew my mind, and he was just truly awesome.

Now, Raisa. If i loved Hans, i adore Raisa, she is a bit more stereotypical but weirdly at the same time new. To explain that better, i would say that she was was like every heroine, strong, beautiful, clever, but at the same time honest, defiant, clever (i know i already said that but some heroines now days are plain stupid)and rebellious. She is completely and utterly wild. In this book, she had a series of decisions to make, and whilst i may have not agreed with all of them, i accept and more important can understand them. She was brave, she needed to be because this book had a lot of challenges put in the way for her. Shw was at her best in this book.

The story is a colorful, vibrant maze with spins and twists and with random yet magnificent characters popping up everywhere. So Raisa had been crowned queen and Hans is her bodyguard, and so the story continues. The Bayars; who got what they deserved at the end; are desperately trying to either kill Hans, or kill Riasa, and crown Mellony, or get rid of both sisters, or marry Raisa, all in the hope of gaining power. The Demoniai (i know it's spelled wrong) are hiding a powerful secret, and the Wizard council is finally introduced, they are a fun bunch (that's sarcastic).

One of the things i love most about this book is that all the characters, and i mean all are NOT one-dimensional useless characters, like several books, they all are complex, and nothing is as it seems, that makes the book delightful because you never know what to expect, you can't predict the characters decisions. It makes the book exciting, and i find myself, whilst treading this book, going, "ahh!" and "oohh!", and various other noises, partly in anticipation and partly in amazement. This book is everything i described and more. If wondering whether to buy it, i will most definitely recommend you do or borrow it, just get a copy and read it! It is spectacular, and whilst most of me is overjoyed that it ended so brilliantly, a part of me can't help but be sad because it's over, and i will most definitely miss the characters that are so real-life and vibrant, they becomes heroes.

Iced (Dani O'Malley)
Iced (Dani O'Malley)
by Karen Marie Moning
Edition: Hardcover

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars It was...not special, 1 Nov. 2012
This review is from: Iced (Dani O'Malley) (Hardcover)
I really did like this book because it was written well and i love the world-building, it's so vibrant and clear, like watching HD tv but in a book. KMM is awesome, she is pure magic, and she brings that magic across in this book, but like i said, it was not special. Because, well, i don't like Dani. I myself am a teenager, just a couple of years older than Dani, and i have to say i found her so annoying. She was very dumbed down, even when she used big words, it just illustrated how much of a teenager she was. I hate all the 'fecks' and 'dude'. No one talks like that anymore, not even teenagers, she was too stereotypical and abash and just not a main character a world like that needs. The world described was so animated and colourful, and to be fair to Dani, her perception is on point, but she just lacked the wit, the maturity, and the expressions needed to truly make that world sparkle. I can't stand how she constantly boasts about herself, saying she's a superhero, and she's awesome. I guess KMM thought that that's what teenagers feel at that age but it's not, most teenagers feel that they suck, and so does the world. The best word to describe Dani would be colorful. She was too big, too bashful, too loud, and just too annoying. Unfortunately, for KMM, she spend all her time making Dani colourful, she kinda of forgot about all the secondary characters because they were plain, and stupid and emptyheaded.

Though there were glimpses of Mac and Barrons, they weren't really there, which killed me because i was really excited for to see them. Now, the boys, I don't like them. I don't like the whole sexual vibe going on, it's two grown, sexual predators with a clueless fourteen year old girl, it's just short of sick. I get that KMM tries to justify it as the fact that they are really attracted to the future her, but it's not right. And why, oh, why did Christian suddenly love her? It was oh, so sudden. From just knowing her to 'i would rip the moon of the sky for her'. It was weird and unbelievable. Ryodan is... ok. He sounds awesome to be honest but maybe it's the writing or Dani's view but he feels strange. He is no Barrons, and well, Barrons is as good as it gets.

Saying all of that, i did like this book, i love the story, it was clever and witty, i like some of the characters, like Dancer, he sounds awesome! I also like some parts of Dani, at times she grows up, and smells the coffee, and says clever stuff, when she's not too busy praising herself. But i doubt that i will be reading the next book, i am really turn off by the age thing between Dani and the guys, it's gross, and considering it's an adult book, it's not a place for a fourteen years old girl. But that's just me, i think it's a good book, but too fifty shades of gray for me.

Grave Mercy: 1 (His Fair Assassin)
Grave Mercy: 1 (His Fair Assassin)
by Robin LaFevers
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Really good book, 31 Aug. 2012
Reading Grave Mercy was as thrilling as it sounds, except probably not in the way you expect. From the synopsis, you probably imagine Ismae is a cold-hearted assassin. Nothing could be more wrong. But she's not an innocent creature either. She's being trained as an assassin and does kill people without doubt or questions but she's not completely a dutiful servant nor is she blind to vengeance and wrath she gives to her victims on the name of her saint, Mortain.

The book starts with Ismae being sold off in marriage by her abusive and cruel father to a man who is just as abusive and cruel. She was only 13/14 years of age. Before her husband kills her she is rescued and charted of the nunnery. Except it's not a normal nunnery full with God-fearing nuns. The keyword there being God. These nuns serve the god of death, Mortain, who is referred to as a saint. How do nuns serve the god of death, i hear you wonder? They kill people for him, not because they want to sacrifice them but because they feel that they are doing his bidding. This for Ismae turns out to be... well, heaven. That's the initial story.

I'm not going to tell you what happens next because i feel that it might cause some people not to buy/read this book, which is not good. This book is really good, it's not as described in the sense that she doesn't really use her assassin skills as much as you think she would but it's also very interesting. It shows an intriguing political side to being in a court, and is wonderfully descriptive. The author creates a fantastic new country and amazing characters to fill it. It's more of a love story towards the middle and end but the main character is so heartfelt that you basically humor her. Ismae is not Katsa, she isn't steel and velvet at the same time but she has a strong personality and her doubts and curiousity make her more real as a character. The author pains a glorious picture with the tale, i love that it is written in first person because it adds to the story.

Overall, not what expected but doesn't leave a bitter taste in my mouth either. Good read, would recommend but specify it's more romance than predicted.

Dreamless (Starcrossed)
Dreamless (Starcrossed)
by Josephine Angelini
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars I really don't like this book., 29 Aug. 2012
I read this first book of this series some time ago, and true be told i couldn't remember much of it. So when i started reading the second book, after seeing all the high praises and good reviews, i expected to be wowed. Surprise, surprise, i'm not! This book is terrible, absolutely terrible. I can go as far as to say i positively, undeniably, and completely loathe it.

The first thing i can't stand is the way it's written The plot is good, the story line even makes sense, but i hate the way it's written. The author makes the characters sound like idiots and the readers feel like a child. She keeps explaining what they are feeling, which itself isn't bad but the fact that it's written in third person makes it wrong, so very wrong. I hate that she tries to justify their feelings, every time she does it i feel the need to chuck the book through my window. Seriously, i am consumed by rage because i have to read rubbish like "Matt did what he could, but as soon as the most vulnerable were taken care of he ran off, feeling like he was betraying everyone he left behind". What kind of nonsense is that? I don't need to know that he feels like he was betraying everyone, what does it lend to the story? Is it supposed to make us feel like he's a good guy because it doesn't! This entire book is filled with stupid annoying sentences like that. I'm not hating, but i just feel that if she wanted to explain how her characters felt, then she should have written in first person because then i wouldn't hate her characters so much because their thoughts have become so simplified they feel like young children.

Secondly, i hate with a passion her friends. Let me correct that, her mortal friends. They make me a very angry lady. Now, just using common sense here, but just because your friend is a demigod, and hangs with other demigods doesn't mean you get a free pass to put in danger and then not die! I mean, seriously, her friends should have died in this book, they were asking for it. They were mortals, which means they were just as susceptible to the riots, yet they were just able to hold themselves back from it, yeah right! And that is not what annoyed me the most about them, that special honour goes to the fact that they stereotypically, and just plain annoyingly got paired up with this amazing super-twins who just happened to return their feelings but because nothing can ever be simple in this stupid book world, they can't be together, even though they want to be. I mean, seriously, what? Why is it important or even relevant to the story-line that her friends fall in love, and what's wrong with other mortals? It just seems to me like the author could not be bothered enough to develop these characters so she just made them into this predictable and plain figurines or more accurately "handmaidens". Furthermore, on the secondary characters, they are literally the worst I've ever had the displeasure of reading, they are so 2-dimensional, there are practically horizontal. They are all so predictable and boring and just flaccid.They seriously let the book down.

Thirdly, i despise with every bone in body, the love triangle between Lucas, Helen and Orion. One, what kind of name is Orion? Even for an incarnation of a Greek god that's pushing it. Two, what was the point of it? Because we know that Helen will end up with Lucas, simply because from what I've seen from the author so far, her writing skills are too simple to make a more complex ending. I don't mind the love triangle itself, because i can understand that Helen needed attention but why can't she have found a new best friend? She's always moaning that her and Claire are different now. Why did it have to be a perfect man, which is what Orion is, a perfect guy. He is nice and funny and smart and saves your life occasionally. He is also, newsflash, not believable as a person! He's too clean, and perfect, didn't do one thing wrong in the entire novel. I hate that one minute she's sharing spit with Orion, then the next she can't be without Lucas, he is her life. So why are you lip-locking with another guy? It's so stupid and it makes no sense and it's just typical of this kind of books. A stupid, irrational love. That's what she's suffering from as well as being a woman of loose morals and values. She keeps bed-hopping, literally. Worst point is how she thinks she's in love with them both. If i didn't hate the book, and the author before that phrase appeared, i definitely did then. You can't be in love with two people at the same time, it's an oxymoron, defeats the whole point of love! An author writing an romance novel should know that, i can't read a book with that amount of pure nonsense in it.

Saying all that, i do have to admit that i liked the idea of it, the story line made lots of sense to an extent. I could see how the plot would engage people, but this is shoddy work, and such a terrible read. The author needs to read her book and admits that it does make you want to throw it out of a window. Maybe then i'll forgive her. This book isn't worth half the price, don't buy it. Loan it from the library if you have to read it, but you shouldn't waste your time. Definitely would not recommend.
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Incubus (Fairwick Chronicles 1)
Incubus (Fairwick Chronicles 1)
by Carol Goodman
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars One of the best books i've read in a long time., 26 Aug. 2012
Lately books have just been disappointing or too predictable for me, so when i started reading this book, i wasn't excited. I was wrong not to be! This book is amazing. Seriously, it blew my mind. At first i have to admit, it started slow but it picked up, and when it did, it was fantastic to read, full of twists and turns and just pure fantasy. I love this book because it... well, it isn't stupid. Like i said, i find most books now days pretty stupid, but this book makes sense, sure the characters don't exist and i's not likely to happen but it makes more sense than the crap out there. The main character is perfect, seriously, she's not some kick-ass heroine with a trillion past issues that has a difficult life and then comes into town just in time to save everyone. She's a professor, she's clever, caring but more importantly, sensible. She finds herself completely bewitched by this shadow man who comes to her bed and seduces her every night. She, who has lead a completely normal life before doesn't immediately start saying it's real, she does what an normal person would do justify it. Even though she writes books about supernatural characters and fairies; she doesn't (do what annoys me so much and) immediately assume the shadow man is real. She thinks like a normal person would which makes her very real for me, furthermore, it makes the story seem more like a biography than a fiction, which in turns makes it blow your mind even more.

I love the story line so much. One of the best I've read. I love that it starts with her just being seduced, then she buys the house and then she learns the truth, which is not earth-shattering as by the time she learns it, it was quite obvious but the story line is brilliant simply because i could not predict it. I knew there was something too perfect about Liam but i couldn't tell what it was and then she finds out and she's shocked but then so am i. It has so many little surprises that just transforms the story from good to wonderful. Furthermore, the writer is awesome, i mean, i love her style of writing. It's special, the way she weaves the story is enthralling.

The other characters for me are super. For secondary characters they all rocked! I know this book is supposed to be Gothic but i can't see it that way, it's romantic, full of fantasy, but not Gothic. It has vampires in it, but thankfully, the are not prominent or even important. It has a wonderful portrayal of the fae, who are a species I've never love but reading this book has taught me i can learn to love them. It also has a decent amount of sex scenes, however, it's good, really good, it's not too graphic or explicit. I know some readers would read this and say it's boring but i am completely bewitched by it, it's like reading a fairy tale made for adults. It's doesn't have a happy ending but perhaps that's because it hasn't ended yet, still, it's very enjoyable to read and i definitely recommend it. Seriously, go buy it or borrow it and read it!

Onyx (Lux Novel)
Onyx (Lux Novel)
by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.66

3.0 out of 5 stars It was great. 3.5 out of 5., 25 Aug. 2012
This review is from: Onyx (Lux Novel) (Paperback)
I really like this book. Sequels are always difficult to write, good sequels are even more difficult, but i think Armentrout pulled this one out of the bag. This book starts almost immediately after the last one ends, normally i hate that(i think the endings of books should be so ground-breaking that it takes the characters some time to deal with it) however it worked in this book. Everyone talks about the chemistry between Katy and Daemon being explosive and hot and i can't denial it, it is fantastically descriptive, and Daemon is a man every young woman wants. But... and i do have to say this; whilst i enjoy the shimmering sexual tension between them and i love hot it borders on teen and adult fiction (in terms of the sex), i'm not entirely sold on them. Katy seems very unique to me, she's not annoying like the multitude of teen fantasy heroines, (seriously, it feels like it's a requirement) but sometimes it felt to me like she was fighting being stereotypical for so long, that she just become a little bit less real. Perfect example being how she refused; despite him practically professing his alien love to her; to believe that he wanted her because he wanted her, not just because of some bond between them. It kind of at times felt like a different kind of drama, which i guess is both good and bad. Daemon is awesome! seriously, i can't criticize him but i hate the spelling of his name, it's weird. Oh, guess i can! Secondary characters were a bit of shamble because i think Katy spend so much time in her head and with Daemon and Blake that she didn't really get to anyone else till the end. Plot was good, fast most of the time. Story line was amazing, lots of twists and turns and a surprising ending that even surprised me. 3.5 out of 5 because whilst it was good, and Katy's narration was super, i don't love it. I like it a lot but it's too clean, in a way for me and i kinda wish Armentrout would mess it up a bit. Can't explain it better than that, can i?

Gunmetal Magic (World of Kate Daniels Novels)
Gunmetal Magic (World of Kate Daniels Novels)
by Ilona Andrews
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £6.04

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic book. Andrews does not fail to deliver., 24 Aug. 2012
I love this book. Like many people, i was a bit apprehensive about it to start with, but once i started reading it... Well, lets just say it took me back. Andrews is an amazing author, and it's not just because she creates fantastic characters but because she makes the world they live in a real manifestation. Seriously, i thought that Kate kinda held the whole world building together, but seeing things through Andrea's eyes shows that she didn't. At times, i genuinely felt like the world was real because the descriptions were so vibrant and accurate. Back to the book, i love the plot and the story line. I love that the book was not a short story but an actual real story to sink your teeth into, it was lush! In this story, Andrea had to solve the murders of four shapeshifters and also deal with her disastrous relationship with Raphael. It worked, it was a classic Andrews story, because it had a lot of action, a lot of suspense, the story unraveled slowly but with a thrilling aspect to it. And i love the romantic side to it. If i have any critism of Andrews's Kate Daniels's books, it's that it doesn't always have as much romance as i would like, but this delivered so completely, and i nearly die when ever Kate and Curran are mentioned, and when they are mentioned together doing romantic stuff, a shot of pure joy races through me.

Andrea is amaz-balls! She is so cool,and formidable and i look this look into her. Before this book, she was always Kate's best friend, she was ok, nothing special, but now she blew my mind. I always thought that the fact that she could use guns was a bit stupid because it doesn't work doing magic but she doesn't need guns, she is totally badass! I loved Kate's narration, it was super but i also really like Andrea's, she's so likable, and i got to say, i love that she doesn't always talk in sarcasm like Kate. It makes Kate funny and works for her but it just so refreshing to hear a fresh approach, better yet see a new side to the same situation. The romance between her and Raphael was scorching, not as hot as Kate and Curran but amazing none the less. It was so nice, and bad, and awesome. It seemed so real, even when they did leave happily ever after, it was so heartfelt but with a hard edge. Raphael is hot, so cool, and i have to say a bit petty, but apart from that a totally deserving hero. I thought he wouldn't be as awesome as Curran, and he isn't but he's pretty cool in his own way, he's likable and unlikable at the same time.

A milestone in this story was when Andrea finally accepted herself (beast-kin and all), and went a bit crazy but at the same time more free, fun and entertaining. I think i might have not liked her that much in the Kate books because she always seemed a bit cold but in this book, she was the opposite, she was impetuous, impulsive and spontaneous! A perfect example being when she broke up a fight betwen some biohazard guy and a driver, and pointed a gun that said party starter at the guy and she said "You open your mouth again, and I'll get the party started." That is so cool! She is totally my new hero. The ending was good, not anti-climax like most books now days. It was surprisingly and enjoyable. I liked the secondary characters as well. Roman is a weird but strangely hypnotic man. He was perfect, i hope to see more of him, he was just an oxymoron, a dark magic priest that loved playing with children and walked women home.

All this said, i can't wait for the next Kate book to come out! I love Andrea but i need Kate and Curran, and their sarcasm. Still, fantastic book, and an absolute recommend.

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