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Mr. C. R. Moore "craigisageek" (North Wales)

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Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Wireless DTS 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset - PS4, PS4 Pro and PS3
Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Wireless DTS 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset - PS4, PS4 Pro and PS3
Price: £89.99

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars No complaints here.., 28 Dec. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I am extremely pleased with this headset. The product arrived promptly and is in excellent working order. I was initially undecided whether to go for a 7.1 headset or buy a cheaper alternative. Take it from me, your gaming experience will be much more enhanced from buying this headset with 7.1 surround sound. I use these in Battlefield 1 online and they sound phenomenal. For instance, I was recently mid-match sniping on a rooftop when I heard the clatter of footsteps over my shoulder of the opposition climbing up a ladder - this subtle disturbance alleviated by the headphones enabled me to quickly turn around, rush to the top of the ladder and secure a melee kill :)
This headset is also excellent for watching blu ray films through the PS4 with settings to enhance bass, bass and treble, etc. at the touch of a button. You can really feel the power of explosions!
Really pleased - 5 stars.

To Pimp A Butterfly
To Pimp A Butterfly
Price: £11.34

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5.0 out of 5 stars Masterpiece., 27 April 2016
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This review is from: To Pimp A Butterfly (Audio CD)
This album is nothing short of stunning, I know that the hype machine on Kendrick Lamar has gone into overdrive in recent months but I truly believe it's justified. The thought that has gone into this album is commendable, it touches on so many musical genres yet sounds completely cohesive. Also, the gradually revealing poem that weaves it's way through the album is a very clever idea and ends in an outrageous fashion that shouldn't work but totally does. The songs are amazing - King Kunta, The Blacker The Berry, I and Alright are my personal favourites. A future classic in every sense of the word - buy it.

Nirvana - A Tour Diary
Nirvana - A Tour Diary
by Andy Bollen
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic, 16 July 2014
This review is from: Nirvana - A Tour Diary (Paperback)
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend that every fan of Nirvana buy it. What makes this book so refreshing compared to other Nirvana books is Andy Bollen's non egotistical writing style. This book is written from the perspective of a young man in the right place at the right time that still can't quite believe it all really happened. Andy was the drummer in Captain America (later Eugenius), a band who landed a support slot on Nirvana's 1991 European Tour. Nirvana were on the cusp of world domination at this point and Captain America were there in the eye of the hurricane to witness it all. You can really feel the excitement as Andy recalls moments where the band's popularity was clearly going into overdrive (the venues they were playing at that time were already too small to compensate for the demand of tickets from fans). There are also many shared conversations/moments with Kurt Cobain which reveal the wicked sense of humour he had. Bollen kept a journal at the time (another hobby shared by Cobain) which allows him to re-visit memories in great detail that would normally be forgotten. There are also various on-the-road antics from Andy (not Nirvana related) that will have you in stitches! If you want Nirvana's full story (or as good as) you are best advised to look elsewhere. However, if you didn't think there was much more to know about Nirvana and want to read a book with a personal touch this is a must buy.

Rival Dealer EP
Rival Dealer EP
Price: £12.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars His best work (in my opinion), 10 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Rival Dealer EP (Audio CD)
I love this EP- in my opinion this encompasses all the best bits of Burial. The breezy beats, darkness, euphoria, happiness, sadness and melancholy all rolled into one. Each track is like a journey (particularly Rival Dealer and Come Down To Us). I once read an interview with Burial describing what he aims to achieve with his music...
"“The sound that I’m focused on is more, you know, when you come out of a club and there’s that echo in your head of the music you just heard…I love that music, but I can’t make that club sort of stuff…but I can try and make the afterglow of that music. You know what I mean…it’s like people after a club and they’re sitting around or playing Playstation and stuff, still listening to the echo of their night out in their heads. Or when you walk down the stairs into a club and you start hearing the music, but there’s people talking around you and the music mixes itself in with real life. I like that sound…it’s like a memory of a tune."
This is the perfect description of the Rival Dealer EP; beats ebb in and out, snippets of conversation are heard, sometimes clear, sometimes barely audible, haunting vocal lines groan out from the speakers evoking a range of emotions from the listener.
Dim the lights, put this on a decent stereo and zone out. Perfect.

I Am Here
I Am Here

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Terrifying, 11 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: I Am Here (MP3 Download)
There is so much I could say about this band but I'll keep it brief..I had the pleasure of going to watch Savages a few months ago and it was the best gig I've witnessed in a number years (and I go to alot of gigs). This live EP is brilliant, if you like your music on the heavier side and want to hear something refreshing you should buy this.

Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem
Price: £11.70

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Carpe Diem, 6 Jan. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Carpe Diem (Audio CD)
I played this CD today (after not listened to it in a while) and I felt compelled to write a review for it. I dunno what it is about Will Haven's music that compells me in a way other metal bands don't. You'd swear at certain points on this CD that you've heard a riff on another of their equally excellent records, but therein lies the point...Will Haven's music is heavy but at the same time has a very hypnotic quality to it. Carpe Diem for me is different to the previous albums - the trademark screams and flange-drenched guitars are still there but there is a real emphasis on the stacato single string riffs. Whereas El Diablo was a relentless face melter of a record Carpe Diem has a much more WEIRDER vibe. I have no other way to describe it, but I mean it in a positive way :)
Orignal vocalist Grady Avenell (so I've heard) is now re-joining the band for a second time after Jeff Jaworski picked up vocal duties in 2007. On the strength of this album let's hope Will Haven pick up where they left off and give us another amazing piece of work.

Live At Reading [DVD] [2009]
Live At Reading [DVD] [2009]
Dvd ~ Nirvana
Price: £9.15

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A milestone in music, 30 Dec. 2009
This review is from: Live At Reading [DVD] [2009] (DVD)
This DVD is long, long overdue but thank heavens it's here in all it's cleaned up glory after many years of scratchy bootleg versions. Nirvana blew all and sundry away with their set that evening, after all the scathing press ramblings regarding Kurt's personal life this set was a triumph. What's clear is the band's sense of fun and fearlessness in larking about. Take Smells Like Teen Spirit - probably their best known song but the band decide to sabotage it and morph it with Boston's More Than A Feeling! Can you imagine a band from today doing this in headline slot at Reading? Also, technical mistakes are here in all their warts and glory for all to see but this was what Nirvana were all about. Setwise this DVD is a belter - nearly all of the Nevermind album gets an airing along with rarer gems such Spank Thru, Aneurysm, covers of D7 & The Money Will Roll Right In AND early versions of Dumb and All Apologies. The start of Lithium will send chills up your spine as 40,000+ voices sing along with Kurt. 10 out of 10.

A must buy....also, stick around after the credits for a very poignant and previously unseen clip :) A sad reminder that a great talent was lost less than 2 years later - R.I.P Kurt

JFK [1992] [DVD]
JFK [1992] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kevin Costner
Offered by ReNew Entertainment
Price: £7.39

6 of 22 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars History in the eyes of Hollywood, 28 Dec. 2009
This review is from: JFK [1992] [DVD] (DVD)
When I first saw this film a couple of years back it seemed like one of the greatest things I had ever seen. JFK surely must have been murdered by the government/CIA...or did he?
One thing that I am thankful for is that this film inspired me to go off and find out for myself the facts about that day. And here is where the film goes dreadfully wrong, it plays on some horrendous innaccuracies to paint a very distorted vision. Here are just 3 that will explain...

1) The positions of JFK and Governor Connally in connection with Garrison's magic bullet theory. They were not seated directly in front of each other but rather at different angles. Kennedy leaning with his arm outwards onto the car exterior and Connally slightly inset AND sitting approximately a foot below Kennedy on a booster seat. The bullet therefore continued as it should- through Kennedy's back/throat and into Governor Connally.
2) Kennedy's head does roll back after the fatal shot but only after it goes forward first. Look closely, many videos to reference for this - some even slowing it down to show he goes forward THEN back. Hence, he was shot from the back- no other gunman.
3) The belief that Oswald was no good at wielding a rifle...blatant lie! Records documented from Oswald's military past reveal that not only was he competent rifleman, but an exceptional one. Not quite sure where Stone got that info from.

What is laughable is that Stone implores so many different angles for what could have happened that day yet in reality this happened one way only. I urge you to not watch this film and instead watch a documentary entitled JFK: Beyond Conspiracy, this offers a far more reasonable explanation of events and even goes to some lengths to debunk the half-truths provided in this film. Shame on Oliver Stone for further clouding people's judgement on an event which has reached ludicrous levels of conspiracy nonsense.
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West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.00

38 of 49 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Far out maaaaan..., 24 May 2009
OK I've heard it, here's my track by track review of The West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum by Kasabian...

1) Underdog - known to many from a certain telly advert. This is a soaring, epic track in the vain of LSF from their S/T debut.

2) Where Did All The Love Go? - I'm probably setting myself for criticism with this one but this is very disco in it's style. Has some great strings and backing vocals.

3) Swarfiga - a short, electro instrumental number that contains a background sample not far removed from the Monolith noise in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

4) Fast Fuse - a quick paced song with a great bassline and a certain bluesy vibe to it.

5) Take Aim - a track that really builds. Starts off with a basic acoustic/vocal set up and gradually layers with electronica and horns. Great string arrangements at the end too.

6) Thick As Thieves - reminds me of a certain La's track. Very mellow, this is the equivalent of Empire's British Legion track. You'll swear you've heard the melody somewhere else before..

7) West Rider Silver Bullet - a real curveball this one. Sounds straight out of a Western film in some parts. Tom Meighan trades vocals with Rosaria Dawson to croon the "She's my baby/He's my baby.." refrain.

8) Vlad The Impaler - classic Kasabian. Angry squalling guitars and samples, nasty distorted bass and a great chorus ("Get loose! Get loose!") that's sure to ignite moshpits.

9) Ladies and Gentlemen (Roll The Dice) - this reminded me of Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade Of Pale"! Organ-led with some lovely tremolo guitar parts. Very melodic and a different side of Kasabian for sure.

10) Secret Alphabets - whoooa..psychodelic to the max. Some nice layered vocal harmonies that keep the song drifting along. Then the synths come in halfway to take it to another level. The song ends with an orchestral arrangement straight out of a Tim Burton film.

11) Fire - Great song, slowly galloping along with a haunting melody before erupting into a huge chorus. Sure to be a massive crowd sing along at concerts.

12) Happiness - an uplifting track complete with gospel choir and handclaps nearing the end. Ends the album on an optimistic vibe.

In conclusion, TWRPLA is Kasabian's most diverse work to date. Sonically, it is certainly the most mellow of all their albums. However, it is probably their most complex that will require repeated listens to fully appreciate. Oasis talked about how Dig Out Your Soul was their psychodelic record, however they barely scratched the surface. THIS is what a modern psychodelic album should sound like. It will probably annoy the elitists that want Club Foot Part 2 but it is sure to enrapture anyone that gives it the time it deserves. Get it!
Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 27, 2009 7:50 PM BST

Offered by ReNew Entertainment
Price: £2.78

10 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Give it a go, 1 Aug. 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Glasvegas (Audio CD)
I fully realise that this album isn't out yet but I was lucky enough to get sneak listen to it yesterday. If you've already heard Geraldine and Daddy's Gone you probably have an idea what to expect from this debut. Highly emotional rock and roll delivered with a nostalgic euphoria...whoa, did I just say that? Some of the songs have a "vintage" feel to them, in particular the song It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry. The thing that strikes you immediately upon listening to this album is that it is chock full of singalongs. Songs like Go Square Go, Stabbed and Daddy's Gone have sections that you could easily imagine 40,000 people at a festival hollering along to. The reverb levels on the vocals have been toned down considerably since their earlier singles but the whole album still shimmers beautifully. However, stripped of all it's production methods the songs still shine through. The album closer Ice Cream Van is breathtakingly stark and minimalist, James Allen sounding child-like and vulnerable with an organ humming away at the forefront.
As mentioned in the above review, Glasvegas are being hyped to no end in the press. Just ignore the hysteria and buy the album to judge for yourself, they may not be the best band in the world but they ARE good. This band has the potential for a very wide appeal, check em out!

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