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Kholat (PS4)
Kholat (PS4)
Price: £13.99

19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Basic but atmospheric exploration horror, 26 Aug. 2016
This review is from: Kholat (PS4) (Video Game)
Kholat, based on an unsolved grisly incident in a cluster of Russian mountains proves to be an enjoyable if flawed 4-5 hour horror tale. It’s essentially a glorified first person walking simulator, (in a similar vein to Fire-watch, everybody’s gone to rapture, gone home) with little input from the player, as you set out to solve the mystery of the mountains.

It’s a budget game and it has its share of issues, you’re essentially dumped straight in the world with no idea what to do. You’re given a map with some scribbled on coordinates and a compass, which for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to use for the entirety of the game. When you do find something of interest (scattered notes, a tent safe zone) it’s updated on to your map and you can get a rough idea of where you are and where to go next.

The enemies can be a bit difficult to see in some darker areas, which can prove irksome particularly if you’ve not hit a checkpoint in a while as they instant kill you. There’s no combat either you can only run. In terms of the game performance there’s also the occasional slow down but these are generally infrequent and pass quickly.

Thankfully Kholat has a great atmosphere – alone and confused in a blizzard wilderness, exploring eerily abandoned landmarks trying to piece together just what happened in the Dyatlov Pass. Accentuated by a sparse but effective musical score, it’s easy to get lost in the icy nightmare. Sean Bean (dead Ned, dead Boromir, dead bond villain) narrates at occasional points, a sole voice in the wilderness helping to paint a bigger picture, and when you do reach one of the 8 points marked on the map you’ll usually be treated to an effective set piece, the bunker particularly is good fun (make sure to look behind you).

Unfortunately it does feature a rather anticlimactic ending, there is a 2nd ‘true’ ending you can get if you find every scrap of paper in the game, if your so inclined, but prepare for a lot of aimless walking. Similarly while I enjoyed Kholat I wouldn’t feel inclined for a second go around even with the prospect of a proper conclusion to come back for.

Whether you enjoy Kholat will largely depend on your patience and aptitude for exploration, if you’re looking for variety or quick pacing you’ll want to look elsewhere, but if you appreciate atmospheric and mystery/story driven horror you could do much worse.

Dexter - Season 7 [DVD]
Dexter - Season 7 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Michael C. Hall

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4.0 out of 5 stars Return to form, 17 Dec. 2012
This review is from: Dexter - Season 7 [DVD] (DVD)
*It's very hard to review this season without spoilers as such mild spoilers akin to what's been in trailers will be included but if you'd rather go in with no knowledge best to avoid.

Following the blood soaked finale of season 4 Dexter has had a lot to live up to, five fell short of this, six even more so with a lacklustre main villain and inconsequential stories, Dexter was showing signs of wear, maybe a season too far? However season 7 becomes a blazing return to from for the show, not perfect but a huge improvement and the most engaging the show has been since Trinity.

Picking up where season 6 ends (which should have been end of 5) Dexter faces the consequences for the murder of Travis before his sister's eyes but soon finds himself with bigger problems, a key figure of the kashca brotherhood targets him for vengeance and he finds himself a new love interest in the guise of the damaged and possibly dangerous Hannah.

Season 7 smartly decides to recognise its past; Dexter as a show has a tendency to hit the reset button at the end of a season with the exception of Rita, each season acts as a separate story rather than acknowledging what came before. Season 7 finally picks up on the rich tapestry the show has weaved for itself, connecting the dots right back to the start and how they play into present day, it's a smart move, one the gives the show new and exciting direction.

Dexter's revelation to Deb finally gives the two something new to do together and gives Jennifer Carpenter a real chance to shine, as the emotional toil takes hold of her, confused and conflicted about what to do next, a big improvement over the caricature she has become the last couple of seasons, pouting off potty mouthed one liners. Indeed the relationship between the adopted siblings takes centre stage this season and easily the most interesting thread, as what to do following Dexter's crime becomes a bigger and bigger weight, it will be a turbulent season for the pair and by the finale big changes will come.

Ray Stevenson of HBO's Rome turns up at this year's big bad and is easily one of the best. Rather than being all out nuts or irredeemable of any good qualities, Issak is a much more human character equally dangerous but charismatic and interesting, indeed Dexter and Issak's exchanges superbly written and acted by the pair are very resonant, the parallels between the two stronger than either would care to admit. Chuck alum Yvonne Strahovski also joins as the intriguing Hannah, as well as being rather nice to look at she brings a layered performance to the damaged Hannah, her relationship with Dexter neither enabling or disabling and a fresh take on Dexter's hidden/exposed relationships of the past.

The minor bad points, Quinn's side-story is poor, very poor, like taking a cliché from every cop show and rolling them into one, strippers with hearts of gold, money bribes, trying to go straight, undermining investigations, you name it, it's there and a distraction from the main season story. The character of Louis introduced in last season is handled very poorly, his motivations for his fascination with Dexter thin to say the least but thankfully his story is rounded off quickly.

The last few episodes see Dexter in serious danger of loosing it, and some real changes for the character down to his very core, and the finale delivers a shocking conclusion, easily the best since season 4, as Dexter again sees the price of what his need has cost those around him.

This season has restored my faith in Dexter and with the final season next year I'll definitely been tuning in.
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Casino Royale/ Quantum of Solace Double Pack [Blu-ray] [2006]
Casino Royale/ Quantum of Solace Double Pack [Blu-ray] [2006]
Dvd ~ Daniel Craig
Price: £9.14

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Craig's 007 outings, 9 Nov. 2012
Following the bloated excess that was Die Another Day, Craig arrived on the scene a bringing to life a reinvented and much more human Bond in the process. Casino Royale sees Bond earning his stripes, a blunt instrument who becomes a crafted killer, the opening sequence depicting a violent and messy assignation of a security leak a far cry from the wise cracking refined agent we know.

Royale ditches the gadgets and the world domination plots planting Bond firmly in the 21st century taking on terrorist financiers and exploring what makes a man like him tick. Campbell, who gave bond a mini restart with Goldeneye several years previously returns balancing well shot action sequences with seamless character development. Craig's performance is suitably assured, developing Bond as the movie progresses, he imbues Bond with a human quality, we see him bleed, we se him hurt, a flawed and damaged man and by the end a colder one than when the movie started.

The transfer on Blu ray looks great sharp picture and sound however it lacks the special features of the 2-disc copy which is a shame but does contain the uncut 15 version of the film.

Quantum of Solace is the much criticised 2nd act to Casino Roayle, a much shorter but action heavy film, the action is unfortunately not very well done, director Marc Forrester, much more at home with emotional drama akin to his earlier works 'Finding Neverland' and 'Kite Runner' doesn't seem quite sure where to put the camera during the frenetic fights and chases add to this horrible over-editing rendering certain scenes hard to watch. A lacklustre Villain doesn't help proceedings either but there's some beautiful scenery to look at and a range of solid performances.

Craig again is very good in the role and the few scenes which highlight the effect of his loss are a welcome to distraction for him to flex his acting chops, the final scene where he confronts Vesper's boyfriend the most human we've seen him, the man behind the agent but it's nowhere near the level of depth that Royale instills in the character. It's also a pleasant change to see a Bond film flow into another the previous films all being standalone adventures not allowing the character to grow, it could have been handled better it's not the best Bond film but it's certainly not the worst either.

Again picture and sound hold up very well but the special features are a bit superfluous and lacks a proper 'making of'. Ali in all one great film and one decent one, a welcome refresher in time for Skyfall.
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A Streetcar Named Desire [1951] [DVD]
A Streetcar Named Desire [1951] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Marlon Brando
Price: £5.99

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars "Funerals are pretty compared to deaths", 10 July 2012
Sixty years on Streetcar remains essential viewing, a tour de force drama which continues to be ageless as it examines the human condition in a way in which we can all relate to.

Based on the Tennessee Williams play of the same name Streetcar follows Blanche who comes to live with her sister and brother in law harbouring a few secrets, she finds what awaits her is not what she expected.

Brando is oft discussed when it comes to Streetcar and with good reason, his performance is truly iconic here as Stanley, representing a brutish exciting and sexually charged male, predatory almost like an animal, albeit one with a bad temperament, he exudes all these features at times coming across more like a force of nature than anything else. His Oscar nomination accordingly deserved and arguably his most memorable performance outside the Godfather

However Leigh as Blanche for me is the central component, gorgeous, exciting, vulnerable and damaged a volatile mix, feminine but promiscuous, a woman of means reduced to staying in a run down housing block, repulsed and excited by Stanley's raw masculinity. As the film develops we discover the events that drive her forward in her precarious state, just how lonely she is, how badly she needs human connection an utterly complete performance of a complicated character. David Fincher commented the Vivien Leigh was fantastic in streetcar but will always be Scarlett O'Hara, for me however I saw Streetcar first and her performance as Blanche Du Bois is and forever will be engrained in my mind, a deserved Oscar win though the parallels in Leigh's real life make it an even darker role.

Spousal abuse as well as the entwining links between violence and sex are explored in as much detail as they could be during the 50's, at times necessarily subtle which if anything adds more to the picture and at it's core Streetcar remains a psychological study of emotionally driven or even damaged people, multi-layered performances from all the cast present a tragic picture. Blanche's need to create 'magic' to be courted like a lady to compensate for what she's done her continued downward spiral you find yourself unable to pull away from. It addresses the generational shift the old giving away to a new.

Indeed everything about streetcar worked, despite only taking place in a few locations the direction is never dull, the use of light and shadow important and creates a beautiful picture to look at amidst the streets of New Orleans, you can feel the grime and sweat as well as the steamy sexuality. The score represents the situations with aplomb with haunting polka covering Blanche's tragedy.

Still current and surpassing many a modern drama due to it's winning performances Streetcar is a timeless classic and always will be, long after 250 million dollar blockbusters like Transformers are gone people will still remember "Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers" and for good reason.

Silent Hill HD - Collection (PS3)
Silent Hill HD - Collection (PS3)
Offered by APE-GAMES
Price: £20.99

24 of 28 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars "There was a hole here, it's gone now", 10 July 2012
There are enough reviews on here listing the problems with the HD port (represnting the fun rating) so instead I'll focus on the games themselves as opposed to the technical issues; which do unfortunately affect the gameplay experience.

Silent Hill 2 redefined what horror video games were, prior to it's release Resident Evil sat firmly atop the pile, while fun they were rarely scary, more akin with a homage to cheesy horror films complete with hammy dialouge than an actual frightening experience.

Silent Hill 2 changed all that, there's a reason more than a decade on its still looked back on with such adoration, held as the gold standard. Indeed the six sequels since have never been able to recapture what made Silent Hill 2 so great.

So what is it that makes Silent Hill 2 great? Simply it's the story. You take on the role of James Sunderland who receives a letter from his previously terminally ill, now deceased wife Mary asking him to return to their special place of Silent Hill where she's waiting for him, upon arrival James begins scouring the town but finds it overrun with monsters.

While it sounds like a fairly run of the mill horror scenario it's not, evoking cinematic ques from the likes of David Lynch's darker works or Adrian Lyne's Jacob's ladder, it's an incredibly atmospheric tale that will completely suck you into the oppressive world, loaded with dark, sexual and nihilistic imagery that will leave a lasting impression. Certain scenes in particular as you watch one of the characters walk away from you up a burning staircase as they become slowly enveloped remain haunting even now.

James meets a selected range of characters including Maria, a doppelganger for his wife albeit a more flirtatious and sexual one, Eddie a overweight seemingly twitchy young man, Angela a young woman whose emotionally unstable and Laura a small girl who seems oblivious to the horrible goings on around her. All these characters will play into the larger canvas of the story in various ways as they all confront their own demons. There is also of course the series icon Pyramid head who appears repeatedly throughout the game to torment you, ingrained into the franchise DNA following his appearance here. All the characters human or otherwise directly relate to James in ways you can only fully appreciate upon finishing the game.

Games with great or even good plots, you can effectively count using the fingers on one hand, Silent Hill 2 will always be at the top for me, a psychological tale which deals issues of sexual abuse, bereavement, mental illness, and suicide to name a few, adult issues. How many games can you say that about? As you play you piece together the past of some of Silent Hill's main institutions, like the hospital, you can see positions were abused long before things went bad.

The tale leads to a harrowing gut punch of a conclusion, one that will not leave you accentuated by a powerful score as amidst the ruins of the Lakeview Hotel you learn Mary's final fate. Depending on how you play the final motivations and fate of your character change dramatically, giving way to multiple playthroughs, leaving you with either a poignant or oppressive ending.

Simply put Silent Hill 2's contribution to the genre cannot be overstated, by todays standards the controls are clunky the camera angles occasionally awkward and the combat hit and miss (though deliberately so), if the rebooted Resident evils are the type of 'horror' you want then Silent hill's probably not for you, but if you appreciate slow burning, psychological and engaging horror and have never played the game before, I implore you to give it a go.

Silent Hill 3 the second game in the package serves as a direct sequel to the PS one original Silent Hill game, so if you're picking it up for the first time while you can dive straight in some of the story may be somewhat lost on you.

Silent hill 3 is an enjoyable yarn but it trades out a lot of the deeper storytelling for a more conventional horror plot of cults and evil deity's akin to The Wicker Man and the monster designs are a bit more literal than the prior instalment. It still retains the oppressive atmosphere of the Silent hill 2 and memorable moments; a particular room in the hospital will no doubt bring back a few memories for older players.

Ultimately Silent Hill 2 is the main draw of this package Silent hill 3 is an added bonus together marking the glory days for the franchise which would soon be shopped between different developers and never again reach the quality here. Annoying technical issues aside if you have never played these games you owe it to yourself to give it a go, nothing else can compare.
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Game of Thrones - Season 1-2 Complete [DVD] [2013]
Game of Thrones - Season 1-2 Complete [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Sean Bean

175 of 189 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars You win or you die, 4 Jun. 2012
The Fantasy genre gets the HBO treatment in the adaptation of George RR Martin's a Song of Ice and Fire novels.

The story take place in the mythical land of Westeros where seasons can span decades, it follows four central families the Starks, the Baratheons, the Lannisters and the Targaryens, allegiances shift, betrayal is rife as is the quest for power to be seated upon the iron throne, becoming more bloodthirsty and wider reaching as it goes on.

Game of Thrones pushes the fantasy genre into a truly adult realm without becoming hokey or silly like the recent Conan remake and while the likes of the supernatural and sorcery do feature, it paints a much more grounded world full of human characters with human flaws, the relationships they build and the ploys they use to outmanoeuvre each other becoming centrepieces for the show. Characters you love to hate quickly emerge though as time goes on it becomes apparent everyone is not who they seem and even the most loathsome characters have their endearing moments. Season 2 introduces even more players into the mix, quickly becoming part of the on-going story continually building momentum to a climatic battle.

Like HBO's other drama series the focus is on character, it develops into an epic sprawling story but it's the people that will keep you coming back for more. Sean bean effortlessly heads up the cast slipping into the title role with ease bringing gravitas to a demanding role of a man with honour in a realm that has none. Peter Dinklage also shines in his emmy winning role as Tyrion, the sharp tongued quick thinking dwarf who is a firm fan favourite for a very good reason, despite being in the most loathed family you will quickly find yourself rooting for him.

The production value of the show is immense, from costumes to locations everything is brought to life as a screen marvel, beautifully shot with the best directors working on TV giving an episodic program a truly epic feel every time, creating not just a story but a world. Season 2's siege episode 'Blackwater' is unparalleled in terms of quality, never has TV felt so epic. Bone crunching, unflinching violence and graphic sex feature throughout an adult show not for younger viewers.

As book adaptations go the show is largely very faithful, fans of the novels will delight in seeing Martin's vividly described fantasy world coming to life, while there are a few changes, the end product is close to the source material but still manages to throw in a few surprises along the way. Going in without having read the books provides many twists and turns but as the show progresses attention must be paid to which families side with which and whose related to who.

Even if fantasy is not your usual taste its well worth giving Game of Thrones a go, there's a lot to enjoy, in a world you will quickly find yourself swept up in, bring on season 3.
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Spartacus - Vengeance [DVD]
Spartacus - Vengeance [DVD]
Dvd ~ Liam McIntyre
Offered by Direct-Offers-UK-FBA
Price: £8.90

88 of 94 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Out of the arena, 1 April 2012
This review is from: Spartacus - Vengeance [DVD] (DVD)
*Minor Spoilers*

Vengeance picks up where Blood and sand left off, Spartacus continues his quest to recruit more slaves to his cause as Glaber returns to crush the building rebellion. Season 2 gets off to a bit of a shaky start picking up the ending of Blood and Sand two years later with a new lead actor and no defined antagonist.

Liam Mcintyre takes up the title role after the tragic death of actor Andy Whitfield. Comparison is inevitable with big shoes to fill, thankfully Mcintyre continues to get better and better as the season progresses, the first few episodes a trial by fire in which he seems somewhat uncomfortable but by the middle of season he seems to find his footing and by the end he is Spartacus.

I had my doubts that season 2's villain of the piece Glaber, played by Craig Parker, would be able to hold his own after John Hannah's utterly brilliant rendition of Ludus owner Batiatus, and while the first few episodes set him and his ambitions up he continually develops to be more ruthless and cunning becoming a worthy rival for Spartacus.

Indeed the first four episodes of season 2 are a little directionless with Spartacus running around getting into fights and freeing slaves however episode 5 lights the match on this season, Liam's performance has become more assured, Glaber shows his true colours, a truly explosive action sequence and the return of Gannicus. From then on the seasons steps up and becomes a relentless ride to the finish.

It's still nice to see a step back from the action at times for some quieter moments as Gannicus tries to heal his broken friendship with Oenomaus; Crixus tries to help a damaged Naevia reassert herself as well as the developing relationship between Spartacus and Mira. There is of course still the political intrigue and manoeuvring back at the Ludus as Lucretia, Ashur and Ilithya dance around one another with there various schemes.

The theme of vengeance is obviously a very prominent one this season, more importantly the price of that vengeance, as Ilithya is delivered to Spartacus he weighs the price of taking her life, an eye for an eye or becoming the man he despises? In between the bouts of violence it's good to see some solid storytelling there.

I know some fans tune in for the action and sex scenes more than anything, which are still there in spades, as graphic as you remember them, they should be more than appeased by the body count.

And the final episode, provides an action spectacle like no other, also a shocking number of character deaths as well which will leave fans taken aback at the seriously culled cast, it's certainly up there with the viscerally thrilling season 1 finale 'Kill them all' and wraps up a lot of stories that have been hanging around since day 1.

So after a little shaky start, which is to be excepted, vengeance and it's lead find their footing to deliver a solid second season that fans will enjoy and as the credits roll leave them waiting breathlessly for season 3.
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Stargate Universe - Complete Season 1-2 [DVD]
Stargate Universe - Complete Season 1-2 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Robert Carlyle
Price: £15.00

69 of 70 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Grown up Stargate ended before it's time., 5 Aug. 2011
Unfortunately science fiction in TV seems to be dying out with the likes of Caprica - Season 1, Volume 1 [DVD], V - Season 1-2 [Blu-ray][Region Free] and of course Stargate universe being cut down before been given the chance to get going.

Universe sees a collection of civilians and military personnel transported to the ancient ship destiny, cut off from command and a long way from earth, the crew must learn to get along or at least tolerate one another as they repair the damaged ship for the many threats that await them in the form of hostile aliens, the Lucian alliance and A.I drones as they attempt to complete the Destiny's mission.

Universe had a rough ride from some Stargate fans, very unduly, while I like SG-1 and Atlantis they were very formulaic for the most part, that get into a situation, have a gun fight, make a quip, and then be right as rain again at the end of the episode. Universe didn't rely on action sequences or dazzling special effects (though dazzling they are) in the way it's predecessors did and the stakes are high, characters die and regardless of short reprieves stay dead unlike the above mentioned, giving an invested emotional stake.

Universe put character development to the forefront, be it the slowly boiling animosity between Rush and Young, or the budding relationship between Chloe and Matt, it's more true to life that when you have a large group of people working together some aren't going to get on and personalities are going to clash. While it's true some episodes particularly the earlier ones, would be fairly slow paced, the focus on the characters was always enough to keep me interested, a credit to the script and actors, particularly Robert Carlyle and Louis Ferreira who are fantastic. The development would be an ongoing process building up over time. SPOILER- Young's mercy killing of a wounded officer and his eventual break down due to his guilt and stress is expertly handled and a shining example of SG-U's quality- END SPOILER

Honestly it's seems more akin to the quality of an HBO show, character based, intelligent and grown up as opposed to the flashy pulp of many other sci-fi shows which assume you dont have a very long attention span, than that of the Sf-Fy channel(which has precious little sci-fi now)and had it been on the likes of HBO or AMC I feel it would have been treated much better. The docu-drama camera fits as well with Universe, though for the some it being used on Battlestar first was a bad thing, the movement is freeing compared to the relatively static SG shows of the past, with some truly wonderful lighting and inventive shots.

The first season is rather good, though at the start is does take a fair few episodes to get the ship up and running. The second season is the sharper of the two with stories flowing seamlessly with character development and by the end of the season Stargate Universe had a winning formula nailed. Tragically universe was cancelled and is left on an unresolved cliff-hanger, originally a TV movie was planned to wrap it up it seems that will no longer be the case.

A great show, massively underrated that I will sincerely miss, even if sci-fi isn't your usual cup of tea give it a go, get passed the occasional techno bable and you may be pleasantly surprised, and for the sci-fi fans who appreciate the genre, when it's grown up and mature, this is most definitely for you.
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Heroes: The Complete Collection [DVD]
Heroes: The Complete Collection [DVD]
Dvd ~ Hayden Panettiere
Offered by Real Satisfaction
Price: £40.71

151 of 162 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Save the cheerleader,save the world but then what do you do?, 13 Sept. 2010
Heroes started out very well. It was met with both critical and audience acclaim. It followed the likes of Claire, Peter and of course Hiro, long before their characters become repetitive and at times, annoying (season 3). The stories were engaging and exciting, the villain of the piece, Sylar, was mysterious and dangerous exuding real menace before becoming overexposed in later seasons. And more than anything it was a lot of fun to watch

Season 2, while is wasn't quite as good as as season 1, could still hold it own and despite some annoying new additions (namely Maya) there was still a lot of enjoyment to be had, however the writers strike cut the season in half and just as the story was all coming together, as a result the ending was rushed and unsatisfying (what did happen to Peter's Irish flame?), ultimately it would mark the beginning of the end for the show.

Season 3 was contrived and convoluted, boasting a 25 episode season count, the show would loose it's way, new characters would be brought in only to disappear a few episodes later, character motivations would shift rapidly and with little reason. Sylar was explored in too much depth patterned with an annoying sidekick for a limited time before eventually going a bit Norman Bates. The rest of the characters would be saddled with largely redundant stories. The second half of the season would pick up somewhat however there was no big season story arc akin to 'save the cheerleader' of season 1 and it showed, as season 3 proved to be overindulgent and unfocused making for a very mixed bag and the weakest of the four.

The fourth and final season hit the brakes big time. While season 3 was all over the place, season 4 concentrated on far fewer stories but as a result many of these became too long winded, episodes would progress where very little happened or for a situation to be resolved only to be back at square one. While it was a step up from season 3, with a stronger story focus on Samuel and his carnival, it still lacked the greatness it once possessed. The season 4 finale would prove to be the series finale as heroes was cancelled. While originally a TV movie was planned to wrap up the show, this is looking a lot less likely, which is a shame as the season 4 cliffhanger looked set to finally propel heroes into some fresh and interesting territory but now we will never know.

Heroes is a mixed bag, the quality of the show would greatly decrease but for all it's flaws, for the vast majority, it was an interesting and fun ride. If you haven't experienced it before it's well worth a go just don't expect it to maintain the quality of season 1.
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