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P. McCormick "Large" (Basingstoke)

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Price: £7.99

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding., 30 Aug. 2017
This review is from: Scarecrow (MP3 Download)
Where to start? Perhaps controversially, I'll start by saying this album won't be everyone's cup of tea. Rock is a wide old genre, and if you like Crobot, Clutch and Mastodon then I'd wager this album probably won't be for you.

But if you yearn for the days of melody, riffs, pomp and big, powerful harmonies that haven't been seen since the days of Queen, ELO, 10CC and The Sweet then you won't hear a better album this year. It's fun to listen to, yet powerful, from start to end - and there isn't a duff track here.

The follow-up to critically acclaimed debut Too Many Gods, this picks up where that album left off. It's not quite as 'immediate' as the debut - but I challenge you to listen to this album all the way through without a smile being plastered on your face by the end. Each time I listen, I hear something new that I didn't hear the previous time. Their influences are unashamedly from the 70s (the album was recorded on analogue equipment, including mic'd up piano and Moog) but don't try and think of who these guys sound like. They sound like Cats in Space - and they are phenomenal.

Highlights are the epic opener Jupiter Calling, the emotionally charged September Rain and the closer, Scarecrow. You won't hear a better album in its field this year.

Price: £9.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Meh., 11 Nov. 2016
This review is from: Resonate (Audio CD)
So the first track, Heavy, is ok. Then when the next one starts, it sounds the same.

Then you get to the end of the album and realise it's finished, and you haven't noticed that a single song has ended.

It's ok. But a bit of a vanity project for the Voice (Ego?) of Rock. No doubt any criticisms will be everyone else's fault as ever though, huh?

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Make Some Noise
Make Some Noise
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The Dead Daisies prove that Rock Music is Very Much Alive!, 1 Sept. 2016
This review is from: Make Some Noise (MP3 Download)
Just outstanding. Rock & Roll is alive and well.

Every track, bar one or two, are a 9 or 10 out of 10, and even those that aren't are a solid 7 or 8.

This band/collective/whatever just get better and better, and the line-up changes haven't done them any harm. Stonking live too, so excited to catch them at Planet Rockstock for the second time this winter.

Buy it.

Aquostic (Stripped Bare)
Aquostic (Stripped Bare)
Price: £5.99

2 of 8 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Wish I could give half-stars, as 3.5 would be about right., 21 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm in two minds about this. It's laid back, chilled and has a nice sound to it - it shows some of the complexity of melodies in Quo material that has sometimes been lost beneath the twin-tele onslaught, and some of the arrangements are lovely.

But - it's a shame that it's full of old material and there's nothing new at all - even a couple of originals as bonus tracks (as they did on the XS All Areas hits compilation some years ago) would have made this feel like better value for money, despite the 24 tracks on offer here. I have to wonder how much longer Quo can continue to rehash Rockin' All Over The World, Whatever You Want, Caroline and Down Down - wonderful songs but there are SO many different original/live/re-recorded - and now acoustic - versions.

The highlight is Mystery Song, an excellent version with the strings adding something special. Lowlight - well, probably Marguerita Time, or Rock & Roll, neither of which is different enough from its respective original to be worthy of inclusion here.

This could well be the last album we get from Quo, particularly given Rossi's recent comment that he's out of creative ideas - it would be a shame for them to leave us with this well-intentioned, but largely mediocre effort.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Oct 22, 2014 1:59 PM BST

Hammered Again - EP
Hammered Again - EP

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hell to the yeah, 5 May 2013
This review is from: Hammered Again - EP (MP3 Download)
Just been to catch Four Wheel Drive at the launch of their Hammered Again video in London. Bugger me, these guys rock. Quite possibly my current favourite band, there's nobody quite like 'em. Want your face melted off? Check 'em out.

Price: £12.51

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding, 13 Mar. 2013
This review is from: Rockville (Audio CD)
When FM made their comeback after a 12 year hiatus in 2007, it took until 2009 for their first new album in years to be released - and it was worth the wait. Metropolis was something special, and even featured a couple of tracks playlisted by Radio 2, for the first time in their 25 year career.

Now, four years later, the journey continues with Rockville. Not content with just one album, they had so much material that they've recorded two. And they're both knockout.

Melodic, powerful, beautifully produced and with an oustanding sound, every track on Rockville gets a solid 9 or 10 out of 10 from me. The balance of tracks, the light & shade - Steve Overland's voice is as soulful and powerful as ever, and it would be remiss not to mention Jim Kirkpatrick's outstanding lead guitar. Some of his solo work has to be heard to be believed, and fits the songs like a glove.

Crave has had a spin on Radio 2, and is surely the most radio-friendly of all the tracks - the heavier Crosstown Train has been A-listed on Planet Rock.

Rockville I arguably contains the more melodic work, with Rockville II leaning towards the heavier material, but that's not to say that either album is better than the other.

If you've ever heard of FM, or even if you haven't; if you've ever heard anything on Indiscreet, Tough it Out or Metropolis (arguably their best albums), or even if you haven't - if you like melodic rock music with catchy hooks, singalong choruses and the impression of belting along an empty motorway in the summer with the roof down, buy these.

And if you can, catch them out on tour in March. You will not regret it.
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 23, 2013 8:19 AM GMT

Price: £11.36

13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Back with a vengeance..., 24 Feb. 2010
This review is from: METROPOLIS (Audio CD)
The Wildside EP was a good taster for this album - and I was lucky enough to be at the Roadhouse in Covent Garden for the album launch gig, which included a full playback of the album.

It is FANTASTIC. With echoes of the old FM, and influences of Bad Company and AC/DC, this album is just the sort of music FM should be making based on their past. It's fantastic, and a crying shame that (in all reality) it's unlikely to get the success it deserves.

Wildside is an absolute stormer, and I challenge you to listen to "Over You", and not have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day... I've got it on pre-order from the record company - everyone else: BUY THIS ALBUM!
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 27, 2010 11:19 AM GMT

FIFA 10 (Wii)
FIFA 10 (Wii)
Offered by Revolution Media
Price: £8.21

46 of 47 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars I like it!, 13 Oct. 2009
This review is from: FIFA 10 (Wii) (Video Game)
As someone who sits in-between the "hardcore" and "casual" categories of gamer, I thought I'd buy this on the strength of the Official Nintendo Magazine review, which gave it 80%-odd.

And do you know what? I think it's a blast.

I've owned the other FIFA games on the Wii, and I'm afraid I don't have the patience, the memory nor the dexterity to get to grips with the control combinations, and don't particularly want to sit through a realistic football simulator for a "real-life experience", as quoted from a PS3 review (I'd watch Sky Sports for that).

This is an arcade-style game - nobody's trying to make out it's anything else.

But having played it for a good 3½ hours last night, I'll be going back to it tonight - because it's fun!

If you want serious football simulators with more options than any person could possibly remember in an entire lifetime, go out and grab a cheap X-Box, or a PS3. If you want a bit of arcade-style fun with your mates over a few cans, I really don't think you can go far wrong with this one. And that's what the Wii is all about.
Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Oct 13, 2009 7:19 PM BST

You'll Come 'Round
You'll Come 'Round
Offered by Buks4less
Price: £2.94

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Heavy Quo, 14 Sept. 2004
This review is from: You'll Come 'Round (Audio CD)
I love this single. It's a bit of a dichotomy - it's not what you'd expect from Quo (i.e. not a standard 12-bar shuffle), but it's so obviously them.
It's the best single, in my opinion, since Whatever You Want in 1978. Gone are the country-style guitars and weak vocals that plagued Quo in the 1990s, and back are the heavy rock guitars, thudding drums and classic Rossi vocal that were re-introduced in their superb album "Heavy Traffic" in 2002. Written by Francis Rossi and his long-time writing partner Bob Young, try listening to it, and I defy you not to stomp your foot and nod your head, from the moment the incredibly catchy riff starts the song, to the second it fades out.
The way I judge a good Quo single, is to see if I can imagine the original 70's line up playing it. I've not had that feeling for a long time. With this one, I almost can.

Brave As You Are
Brave As You Are

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome. These guys rule!, 8 Jun. 2004
This review is from: Brave As You Are (Audio CD)
Brave As You Are is a 4-track EP by Jon Amor and his band (formerly known as simply Amor).
They have had a bit of a reinvention since the "Amor" and "Even After That" albums, both of which are superb collections in their own right.
Gone are the loops, the samples and the vocal effects. In come brilliantly constructed songs, played by one of the best live bands in the UK.
Start with Brave As You Are, a blues/rock ballad with excellent guitar work. You Should Be Alone starts acoustically, and is a superb listen. Moving onto Sweep the Room, an atmospheric blues number, and finishing off with the superb up-tempo 1999, which really moves.
Check out samples of their work on [...] Then come back and buy this EP.
Buy it. You won't regret it. I promise.

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