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nogreaterlove "nogreaterlove" (Lancashire)

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Rockin' In Cleveland 1984
Rockin' In Cleveland 1984
Price: £10.69

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Early glory days, 23 April 2012
No it is not an "official" release - so don't go complaining about that. But compared to the abysmal live CD BJ themselves put out a few years back - this gig actually has ATMOSPHERE! It is a live Radio broadcast so the quality is pretty good - but we are talking 1984 here, so it is not brilliant quality. Plus it is a live recording - some poor mixing, duff notes etc..

She Don't Know Me starts off at a real pace before suddenly slowing down early on - did someone give Ticco a kick?!

Also this is a show live to air, BEFORE the band played a proper show later that night at a different venue. These guys worked hard! Only 2 months after the release of their debut album this is a great historical record of a band bound for glory. And it is a chance to hear different versions of the songs. Many songs have extra bits to them - some obviously part of the live gig scenario, other bits probably cut from the original record to make the songs shorter and punchier.

We also get to hear Richie as an exciting new guitarist (and not just in his "Guitar Solo"). When you listen to this album you can easily hear the direct influence this band had on other bands such as early White Lion for example. We all miss Richie - the Rock God and Jon's songwriting partner and axe mauler, as was. We now just have Jon's puppet. Where is the young Richie who was so full of life and just wanted to express it through his guitar? This recording is EXCITING, it's a GIG. When did Bon Jovi last do one of those? There is no comparison between the Corporate Concert era of Bon Jovi now, and the youthful energy shown on this record. This was Jon when he made jokes, made mistakes and didn't take himself too seriously.

Plus you get a rare cover version "I Want To Take You Higher" which i have never heard BJ do before.

There are some early photos of the band included (but the cover is circa 1986 i am sure) and a few sleeve notes. But really this is what you would expect from an "unofficial" release.

Recommended for the hardcore fans and for those who remember the OLD Bon Jovi.

So please can we now have someone release the 1985 Japan show. now that WAS a gig!!

Vain - Official Bootlegs [DVD]
Vain - Official Bootlegs [DVD]
Dvd ~ Vain

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bootleg quality, official release, what the fans wanted.., 18 Nov. 2011
This is an official release by the band but is bootleg quality throughout.
There are early interviews with Japanese TV, A live gig (half a dozen songs or so songs filmed via one camera (ie bootleg quality) in Japan, an excellent 1995 appearance on Japanese TV where they do stripped down versions of 2 songs off Fade, Beat the Bullet (official video) with TERRIBLE SOUND, and Who's Watching You official video with excellent sound. Some orther TV stuff and a great bootleg quality closing headline cover song with Skid Row and special guest Lemmmy in 1989 (Train Kept a Rollin).

This is for hardcore fans only due to the quality, but as there is nothing else out there to see of this great band - this is a great selection.

102 minmutes total.

Postcards From A Young Man
Postcards From A Young Man
Price: £111.08

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1.0 out of 5 stars This is when the devil comes for what is his, 12 Sept. 2010
This is when the devil comes for what is his

Many years ago when New Model Army left there indie label and signed to a major, many fans were up in arms -"traitors" they cried - how can you do this to us. But NMA claimed that if they were to get their message to the masses, then the best way was through a major label. And, fair dos, they were right.
The Manics followed a similar path and also reaped the rewards.

However, NMA's popular star burnt out and they went back to indie obscurity and their original fanatical following. MSP went from strength to strength. And the devil never forgets to collect on what is his. So here they are, the now, no-longer powerful big labels, (the equivalent of the all controlling banks a youthful Manics sang disdainlfully about) are looking at how to make their living now that the tables have changed and that they are now being ripped off by those who they once ripped off.

So Sony/Mercury/Atlantic/Columbia/Youareallthesameproblem are desperately trying to work out how to survive - re-release this, re-package that, release this new album in a Supercalafrgulisticdeluxe package that no TRUE fan can deny...........

But we can, Oh yes we can. I am not one to promote illegal downloading, but if you put out this stuff at a stupid price when everyone is worried for their job then you will reap what you sow. Stupid greedy people.

Manics, you should be ashamed.
But I guess you didn't see Billy Bragg's toilet rebuke as a warning.

Beware, you have become the people you hate(d)
Beware, we have all become the people we hate(d)
Comment Comments (10) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 28, 2012 10:32 PM GMT

All Those Strangers
All Those Strangers

12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Released at LAST!!!!!!!, 12 Mar. 2010
This review is from: All Those Strangers (Audio CD)
After their CLASSIC debut album 'No Respect' (1989) Vain disappeared for a while before returning with 'Move On It' (1994). But fans knew that there should have been an album released in between. We even had the bootleg copied from a cassette as proof. But as Grunge hit and Island dropped the band, 'All Those Strangers' got lost and I guess the band had no power to release it.......until now!

Davy Vain was a Rock Star pure and simple and his band should be up there with Skid Row and LA Guns as one of those GREAT bands that were big but not massive. Instead they are in the company of Cats In Boots and Spread Eagle - bands that those in-the-know, know were BRILLIANT! But never got the commercial success they deserved.

So - All Those Strangers - is it any good? Yes - it's brilliant. It is the missing link between the 1989 and 1994 band - it makes sense how they went from the heavy-glam-metal to the more blooze-based 1994 band, now. But also, the songwriting is slightly better than on 'No Respect' (as an album). BUT, it lacks the KILLER songs of 'No Respect'. So, it's more consistent, but not as exciting.

Still, Vain fans NEED songs such as "Love Drug", "Freak Flag" and "Looking Glass" - all high-octane killers. Many of the other songs are slower, but you can feel Davey's enthusiasm and know that it is no act. He is an artist who does not conform to what the public or media want from him. When he sings "Do you sleep with strangers" you can feel the hurt, in the same way Prince sounds on "when You Were Mine". ROck Star or not - we all get hurt. But Rock Stars right great songs about it....

Davy Vain was/is a producer of bands and this is clear in the quality of production AND songwriting here. For those of us with dodgy copies of this album already - this production is crisp and flawless and if anything sounds TOO GOOD for 1991!! I don't know if there has been any re-recordng done?!

Today, listening to this album with its new clear production, I honestly felt 18 again, momentarily. What price is there on that?!!

Sleazeroxx says there are only 500 copies. I don't know if this is true (I doubt it). But if it is - BUY IT QUICK!!!

We've waited 19 years for this, I HONESTLY thought it would never be officially released. So whatever the print run, buy it before you regret not doing so.

New Model Army Bd3
New Model Army Bd3
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £11.05

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Bonus tracks you must have!, 3 Dec. 2009
This review is from: New Model Army Bd3 (Audio CD)
The correct tracklisting is as follows:
1. BD3 (remix by Chris Kinsey)
Not a stratling remix - but one for the completists!
2. Rumour & Rapture (1650)
FANTASTIC song - that they played live on the Freeborn John shows (an original Sullivan song played on the Rev Hammer Freeborn John show) and a song about the Civil War and of course the original New Model Army....
3.To Fall In Live With (Bluebeat Remix)
I am not a reggae fan, but this is a different dimension to the song.
4. Caslen.
NOT the same as the version on the bonus Strange Brotherhood Bsides/vinyl.
THIS version has VOCALS!!
5. Over The Wire (live)
6. Another Imperial Day (live)
7. Here Comes the War (live)
With the extra lyrics/bit in the middle - that they do live.

Buy it - it's a great EP.

A Thousand Friday Nights [Us Import]
A Thousand Friday Nights [Us Import]
Offered by vsmusic_com_us
Price: £2.40

5.0 out of 5 stars Springsteen imagery, Hard Rock Guitars and a little regret., 4 Sept. 2009
No one has reviewed this so I felt I should.
One of my best ever cheap buys, purely on a hunch.
And it's one I go back to all the time.
It's recent, so modern equivalents are Jet (for the big riffs)and..........well no one else.
It's far more street punk lyrics, old-school Bruce Springsteen, but not as poetic, and so, so likeable. When he sings about his life changing when he hears Peal Jam's Ten, you know it's from the heart. There is no pretence or pretension.
This is along the lines of bands like The Replacements, and Soul Asylum - Rock N Roll, southern influences, punk spirit and everyday lyrics. You follow the stories, recognise the situations and get carried along on the hooks and the sentiments.

This is a really nice surprise - a consistently good album, where you and I will argue about what is the best track.

They had a different name before this, and the lead singer is now a solo artist - but none of that matters, as none was as good. This is a small punt for a guaranteed big win.

There are so few of these gems.

The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection
The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection
Price: £7.09

13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Download the rarities, 3 Jun. 2009
We'll never agree on what the "best" tracks are will we? I mean Faith No More have so many styles, singers, lead guitarists and the like that we will not agree on what is their best.
And therefore there is a little joke in the title,as befits a band that was never overly serious.

Personally, I am dissapointed that there is very little Chuck Mosely fronted FNM (2 songs + 1 on the Bonus disk) as the Introduce Yourself album in particular was brilliant. And Chinese Arithmetic was my favourite track.

So let's not argue about what SHOULD be on here. Let's marvel at the fact that someone has seen fit to include a couple of REAL RARITIES.
"Sweet Emotion" (not an Aerosmith cover) was only available on A Kerrang Flexi Disc and would have fitted easily onto The Real Thing - yes, it is that good. And New Improved Song (featuring Chuck Moseley!)was only available on a Sounds 7" and was again of a quality that could have made it onto either of the first 2 Chuck fronted albums - These are real rariries and never before available on CD. So Thank You whoever saw fit.

Download these tracks and save yourself the cost of buying all the other songs you already own.
Or buy for the first time and revel in the twisted genius that was Faith No More.

Their like may never be seen again on such a large stage.

Rude Awakening
Rude Awakening
Price: £52.01

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Muddy sound, poor production, poor performance, 4 Mar. 2009
This review is from: Rude Awakening (Audio CD)
What a disappointment!
I have everything by Megadeth except their live stuff and I saw this going cheap and thought - why not. I had delayed buying it as live albums are usually more miss than hits - and so is this. Oh Dear.
Megadeth are technical/thrash/power metal GIANTS. In the studio they are flawlwss because you know Dave Mustaine will not let anything but the best they can do be released. But this is simply POOR.

The sound is muddy, the drums are too high in the mix (and not as precise as any studio recording), the guitars are not sharp and if there are TWO guitars playing you'd do well to hear it - it's just a mess. Megadeth are so clear and crisp in the studio. I know live things are more raw, but this isn't raw it's ROUGH (but in a bad way).

I've seen Megadeth live both in an arena, a theatre and in a club and they are far more exciting than this. How to make GREAT songs sound ORDINARY.

I have a bootleg of them live and acoustic in Buenois Aires in 1997 and even though it is acoustic it is VIBRANT!! I'd pay a lot of money for an official release of that gig.

(I hate to compare them but...) Listen to Metallica's Live *** and ... that's how to record live Metal.

Save your money, those positive reviews obviously have very limited experience/expectations.

Megadeth are so much better than this.

I bought this for three quid and wish I hadn't.

Footnotes 92-94
Footnotes 92-94
Price: £10.48

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Overlooked gem of a band - should have been HUGE, 20 Mar. 2008
This review is from: Footnotes 92-94 (Audio CD)
We all have favourite bands that were criminally ignored by the record buying public, but loved by a cult following. So here are Adorable - if you've never heard them you'll want to know who or what they sound like: Well think Kitchens Of Distinction soaring guitars, wandering - sometimes groovy - bass lines like The Cure or Stone Roses and a passionate singer who sounds a bit like David Gedge but far less nasal. This complilation takes most of the best bits from their two albums - the more guitar heavy feedback drenched Against Perfection and the dissapointing and comparatively timid, Fake.

What Adorable did, was great songs which built up, slowed down and dragged you along in a maelstrom of noise and emotion. Songs like Homeboy moved from rumbling moody bass lines to clattering guitars which sweep me off my feet. That was why, when the 2nd album ditched these extremes of sound, it sounded poorer for it. Also the songs weren't quite there on the 2nd album.

So this compilation is patchy, but the highs are so good (Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Glorious, Sunshine Smile...) that it gets 5 Stars. Few bands reached these heights.

In my opinion, better than 5:30, not as good as Kitchens Of Distinction - probably the two easiest comparisons.

Shoegazing? Similar guitars at times and the ability to write the sort of epics Catherine Wheel did - but more in the style of 4 minute alternative pop songs of a band like Blur.

Highly recommended for lovers of 90's alternative (when Alternative really meant alternative).
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 28, 2009 6:35 PM BST

SanDisk Sansa Express 2Gb MP3 Player
SanDisk Sansa Express 2Gb MP3 Player

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars 30 days then BROKE!, 11 Mar. 2008
I still have a 512mb Sandisk that works brilliantly. I bought the same version in 1 or 2GB and they both packed up within days! Then Sandisk brought out this updated version - so I thought I'd give them another go. Wish I hadn't. It wobbled a couple of times, but still worked. Then after 30 days it wouldn't re-charge. It wouldn't switch on. It wouldn't do anything! So it's on its way back for a refund. Fortunately Amazon are good about these things. Maybe you'll be lucky - but look at the good reviews - they are all written soon after receiving the product (before it had time to pack up). Can anyone make a reliable machine?

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