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@GeekZilla9000 "I am completely operational and all my circuits are functioning perfectly." (Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK.)

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Gioteck EX-01 Bluetooth Headset (PS3)
Gioteck EX-01 Bluetooth Headset (PS3)
Price: £6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Get immersed!, 20 May 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased these for £6.99 and they have been absolutely fantastic.

Two of my daughters play on PS3s and have been wanting to join in the online conversations when playing Minecraft. I wanted to steer clear of the double-ear headphones because when they have those on they can never hear me and they are a little too zoned out! These are ideal because they have an ear free so they still have a foot in the real world.

These are very easy to pair up and the charge lasts quite some time, the charging cable is short and so you can't really charge it and wear it at the same time, but leaving it to charge between gaming sessions means that it has never been flat when needed. The game sounds come through the TV speakers as normal, it's just the conversation which is heard through these, that makes having an ear uncovered even more of an advantage as my daughters can hear both the game sounds and the online chat sounds.

The mix is stubby but picks up their voices well, they are incredibly clear and the actual device is quite small and therefore unobtrusive.

In a nutshell: These budget bluetooth earpieces are perfect for our needs and have had many hours of use. Strongly recommended.

H2D VI Gold Line Professional Ionic and Infrared Hair Straighteners
H2D VI Gold Line Professional Ionic and Infrared Hair Straighteners
Offered by HAIR2DAY
Price: £129.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Smooth..., 20 May 2016
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
These comments are from my wife who has been using this product...:

I’m not a girl who spends a lot on beauty products and like to spend as little time as possible preening myself in front of a mirror. I do however find that a quick going over with the hair straighteners can transform a barnet from ‘bag lady’ to some level of social acceptability. My previous straighteners were of the cheap as chips variety but fine for what I needed (simultaneously straightening and drying my hair) and I was sceptical as to whether the extra cost would be worth it.

First impressions - they do come in a lovely gift box, a storage bag and are a pretty light gold colour. And they have nice digital display which lights up when switched on.
Now for the science bit- The infrared heater does heat up incredibly quickly and does indeed dry my hair much quicker than my old hot plates. The tourmaline plates glided effortlessly over my hair and left it feeling conditioned and shinier too. My hair is quite fly-away and prone to a bit of frizz but the ionic generator seemed to take care of that and produced a smooth finish. Even my husband noticed the difference. High praise indeed.
The ability to reduce the temperature is a useful feature as is the automatic shut off and the handy plastic shield that covers the straighteners.
Overall I’m very impressed and it’s made me rethink my penny-pinching approach to future styling tool purchases.

BEST OF 60 UP MAGAZINE No.35 - Great Grannies!
BEST OF 60 UP MAGAZINE No.35 - Great Grannies!
by Paul Raymond
Edition: Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Oldies but goldies!, 9 May 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this as a birthday present for my boss with a note saying "Now we're getting a bit older, I decided you buy you a more mature gift".

He actually wasn't that impressed - but if you like your 60 plus ladies then you'll love this. All sorts of body shapes from natural to enhanced, and no holds barred. Everything is on show, spread and in great detail here.

Russell Hobbs 22700 3-in-1 Ultimate Juicer, Press and Blender - White
Russell Hobbs 22700 3-in-1 Ultimate Juicer, Press and Blender - White
Price: £94.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars To pulp, or not to pulp..., 9 May 2016
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I have a juicer and it works great, but I have juicer envy because some of my friends have those bullet machines which leave the pulp and all that good stuff inside. It always feels crazy throwing away all that pulp which is full of fibre and still contains nutrients - and is actually filling too. Now with this machine I have the option of 'smooth' juicing and keeping the pulp seperate, or 'blend' juicing and having everything in the juice/smoothie.

Using the Juicer attachment the pulp is contained in the compartment at the side, whereas the blender/smoothie maker attachment will blend everything. The juicer works great and the pulp comes out very dry (which shows that the liquid extraction is very efficient). The blender is great for soups and I have made some excellent smoothies with it. As well as fruit, it blends through nuts with no issues.

There's also a fruit rotating fruit press which to be honest I wasn't bothered about, but I used it and was quite impressed. It's much more efficient than the little manual glass one I used to use as a kid!

When juicing/blending/souping (is that a word?!) the liquid flows out of a little tap which rotates. This means that once you have collected the juice you can simply twist it to point upwards so that there are no messy drips. Other than the actual base, everything can be cleaned easily and can go in the dishwasher.

The base is heavy as it contains the motor, this means that the unit sits firmly on your worktop - it's also very loud - but I've never used a decent juicer yet which was quiet!

In a nutshell: Easy to use, easy to clean, and multiufunctional - perfect for those who aren't sure whether to eat pulp or not - bother options are available here!

Gojira [Blu-ray] [1954]  [US Import]
Gojira [Blu-ray] [1954] [US Import]

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Gojira - the start of the longest running film franchise in cinematic history., 6 May 2016
Reviewed as part of the "Godzilla: 28 Movie Challenge" on

It's hard to underestimate the cultural significance of a film which went on to inspire 27 sequels (with another due out next year), 2 American re-imaginings, a mainstream cartoon, several fan made productions plus the celebrated animated short 'Bambi Meets Godzilla'. Godzilla is a household name across the world and despite his many different incarnations still manages to be incredibly recognisable. Although many of the sequels are far from great and the reputation of the franchise outside of the fan-world is one which isn't taken seriously, the original 1954 film is a piece of serious cinema dark in tone, and politically loaded.

When watching the 1954 Gojira, it's important to consider the zeitgeist - this was released only nine years after the atomic blasts in Japan which catalysed the end of World War II. American occupation of Japan ended only in 1952, until this time the media was controlled and stark images of H-bomb aftermath were kept away from the public. The true horror of Godzilla isn't in the shock of a massive reptile rampaging through Tokyo, it's the effects of atomic energy which go beyond fiction, and this films enabled audiences to get a glimpse of what that may have looked like. The visual effects employed to portray the destruction is hauntingly similar to the after effects of the atomic bombs. Godzilla himself is part of that atomic by-product, a giant metaphor for uncontrollable force.

The talents of director Ishiro Honda, producer Tomoyuki Tanaka and special effects wizard Eiji Tsubaraya combined post-war paranoia and inspiration from American movie monsters to create the King of the Monsters. Actually, "King of the Monsters!" was the re-titled and heavily doctored US version of this film, however - this article focuses on the original release with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

There's no delay in building tension - the film opens with the booming drums which represent Godzilla's footsteps and Akira Ifukube's signature theme. The theme would become an anthem for Kaiju fans but it's great to hear its first use here. Personally, I think Ifukube's audio work in the Godzilla franchise is no less important than Tsubaraya's visual effects. His music and Godzilla's roar are synonymous with the series of films and are an integral part of the whole product. The music is genuinely effective in telling its own narrative (such is Ifukube's gift) and the poignant moments aren't just heightened by the melancholy musical cues - they are established by them. In contrast, Ifukube's jaunty numbers are energetic and fun with "Japanese Army March" (as listed in the official soundtrack) being my favourite Godzilla track of all time and making appearances in other films over the decades.

Godzilla himself is scary, over the years he'd mutate into a child-friendly, cute monster - but here he is wild. The animalistic behavior is perfectly depicted when he starts snapping his jaws at a chiming clock tower before toppling it with his clawed hands. The iconic design is firmly established here, the general shape of the body and the rows of spines, the atomic breath with glowing effect, this is considered one of the best Godzilla suits. In profile it's practically perfect with well portioned limbs and a muscular stature (in some films Godzilla looks a little deflated!). Straight on - it looks less impressive in some shots (I think a hand puppet was used to animate the head at times and it looks a little wonky!)

The booming sound of Godzilla's footsteps are a signature cue rather than a mere sound effect. They prelude any appearance in the film and build tension - but that constant, slow, unwavering rhythm sounds foreboding and contrasts with the frantic movement of people running away. Although hardly a benign figure, Godzilla isn't evil - he's just a creature who is the result of humankind's activities, when we see heartbreaking scenes we understand that we are ultimately to blame. Gojira focuses mainly on the argument and discussion around Godzilla and how to deal with him than the actual stomping through Tokyo. By targeting Godzilla in dialogue, the film is able to explore deeper themes around war. The film is preoccupied with radiation and explicit references are made to Godzilla's appearance being as a direct result of H-Bomb testing. There's even a comment made by a commuter about barely escaping the Nagasaki bomb and the act of evacuation. The scenes of destruction are analogous to the war, and the aftermath of a destructive force is depicted as we see stretchers full of injured bystanders, crippled infrastructure and death. The scenes of death are particularly heartbreaking - especially where children are concerned, I found the sound of a child crying out for their dead parent disturbing and I'm still haunted by the acceptance of death by a mother who says to her kids "we're going to join daddy soon".

The human element to the film give it soul, and the love story between Emito and both the films heroes - Hideto Ogata and Daisuke Serizawa add an extra dimension to the film, especially given their clash of emotion and ideology. This plot runs parallel to the whole film and most of the major characters are linked to them in some way.

We all want to see destruction in a monster movie, and Gojira does not disappoint. This was the highest budget Japanese film ever made when it was released and you can see why. The miniature work is exceptional and under Tsubaraya's guidance various techniques are employed to make the implausible believable. You don't really have to suspend belief much here (there's no Jet Jaguar for a start!) because everything looks so convincing. Yes, modern audiences are used to more sophisticated effects and the truth is that the black and white picture does hide some flaws, but there's no denying that the special effects are a spectacle. I still watch in awe as Godzilla melts steel pylons with his atomic breath - the way they glow red hot and then twist and buckle is incredible - this film is called a masterpiece for a reason!

This is a film as much to do with the circumstances surrounding Godzilla (radiation, H-Bomb testing and political relations) as it is to do with the spectacle of a giant monster. The creature was simply a vehicle to open a narrative around weapons of mass destruction. The message in this film is clear - destruction carries the burden of responsibility. Godzilla isn't just a monster, he's man-made disaster.

Remember how cartoons such as He-Man would end with a moralistic moment tagged on before the end credits? (Kids, don't do drugs. And stay away from strangers!) Well the closing moments of Gojira are a direct message to the viewer, a warning that there will be more Godzillas if we continue to destroy ourselves with acts of war.


Cult Kingdom rating: 5/5

A solid start, a genuinely dark film with visual effects which still impress 60+ years on. Contemporary issues around war and atomic weapons inject real fear and authenticity into what could have been a dumb monster movie.

Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 600 Deluxe - 60 m
Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 600 Deluxe - 60 m
Price: £150.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Big and 'airy'!, 4 May 2016
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The first thing you notice about this rotary line is the size of it - it's huge! Even when in the original packaging it is a long item, but it's incredibly light. My older and considerably smaller airer is far heavier than this.

To install it you need to dig and set the base in concrete. I already had a base installed but its too narrow for this which requires a wider hole for the pole, I used postcrete which is just a readymixed and very fast drying concrete mix designed for fenceposts.

One in, I'm very impressed, the span of this thing is massive and I can easily fit a huge load of washing on here to dry, it moves freely without spinning wildly and the arrangement of the line means that it doesn't tangle and twist. It's easy to collapse and raise using the dedicated mechanism. The actual lines store inside the arms which means that they won't dangle and get dirty - there's no point putting clean clothes on a dirty washing line.

Although this is light, this is very sturdy and feels as though it is incredibly well engineered.

In a nutshell: this costs more than your average rotary airer, but for the extra cost you get a strong light airer with an amazing amount of drying space. If you don't have a large family or do a large amount of washing then a smaller rotary airer would suffice, but I have 5 kids and this is brilliant for drying large batches of clothes or bedding.

Wireless Doorbell, Jerrybox DT52 Waterproof Door Bell Chime Kit, 48 Melodies, 1000ft / 300m Range, 1 Push Button & 2 Plug-in Receivers, Black with LED Flash Light
Wireless Doorbell, Jerrybox DT52 Waterproof Door Bell Chime Kit, 48 Melodies, 1000ft / 300m Range, 1 Push Button & 2 Plug-in Receivers, Black with LED Flash Light
Offered by Jerrybox UK
Price: £28.99

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Ding dong!, 29 April 2016
I was sent this as a free item to review, however my review is based on my experience and is an honest appraisal free of outside influence.

My house has no doorbell, so when I get (frequent!) deliveries I tend to miss the knock at the door if I'm in the kitchen or round the back of the house. This is a really simple solution which was installed in minutes.

The doorbell itself has a battery already installed, you just have to pop it open and remove the sheath around the battery so that it is connected (this takes seconds). This can then be secured in place - there are screws included, but I used the sticky pad (also included) to attach it to the plastic doorframe. Then the two receivers plug directly into the mains. AND THAT'S IT!

The two receivers have buttons on the side, the lower button cycles through the various melodies, personally I opted for a 'standard' doorbell noise rather than a long melody. There's an impressive array of melodies and it reminded me of the mobile phones of the early 2000s when people would run through all the midi ring tones on their new phone! There are some seasonal ones on there too ("Happy Birthday" and a Christmas tune).

The upper button is for volume. Pressing it plays the melody at the selected volume, just press it again to go down to the next volume level, once it hits the lowest it starts from the top. The highest volume level is much to loud for me but perfect for those hard of hearing! I have mine on the lowest setting, it's loud enough for me to hear when in room or adjoining rooms.

In a nutshell: a fantastic solution which looks quite smart (the receivers are smaller than I expected, which is nice) and is incredibly easy to set up. I like the fact that the receivers plug straight into plug sockets meaning that the only battery required is in the doorbell itself.

3M 9332+ Flat Fold Particulate Respirator - White
3M 9332+ Flat Fold Particulate Respirator - White
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Comfortable over long period of time., 25 April 2016
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I've been wearing these types of mask a lot over the last few weeks because of a DIY project (I'm making a full-size R2-D2, if you want to see my progress then check out!) and so I had something to compare this to...

...This fits easily over the head with the two elastic straps. The upper and lower section fold into the mask when storing and easily pull out to cover the nose and chin when in use. The masks I've used tend to get very hot, however this allows for much better airflow meaning that your breathing doesn't feel forced and the air trapped inside the mask isn't uncomfortably warm.

In a nutshell: Fantastic protection and far more comfortable than cheaper masks for prolonged use. Before I found that after 20 minutes or so I had to take the mask off to catch my breath, but with this I can wear for far longer.

Be!Board 1 x 1 x 1 cm Cube Design Neodymium Magnets for Magnetic Glass Boards - Silver (Pack of 8)
Be!Board 1 x 1 x 1 cm Cube Design Neodymium Magnets for Magnetic Glass Boards - Silver (Pack of 8)
Price: £7.49

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Mini cubes of power - but they don't stay pristine for long., 16 April 2016
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
My daughter has a magnetic glass noticeboard and these have been absolutely perfect for her to display notices and photos.

The magnets are small and incredibly difficult to prise apart, but they have to be strong to stick to a glass noticeboard (regular fridge magnets won't stick as they lack the strength) and once on the board they are easy to take of and re-position, it's only when the magnets are attracted to each other that you struggle to seperate them. Personally that's not a problem for me, I want strong magnets and these are perfect.

** EDIT **

Moved from 5 star to 2 star. These have only been used for a couple of weeks and not treated roughly. However the coating on the cubes is coming of and several have chipped simply after "clacking" together.

In a nutshell: small and mighty magnets. The power is required to hold things to a glass magnetic board and the small size is required so that they don't dominate the display. Unfortunately they have a habit of chipping and the outer coating comes away easily.

Ultrasport 4 in 1 Door Bar/Pull-up Bar/Upper Body Trainer, 100% Metal
Ultrasport 4 in 1 Door Bar/Pull-up Bar/Upper Body Trainer, 100% Metal

5.0 out of 5 stars Frame it!, 15 April 2016
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
It’s certainly sturdy and is fitted within seconds to a door frame. Initially I was dubious as to whether it would take my weight and did a fair bit of yanking to test it out, but it stayed in place.

After a little bit of construction (this requires some assembly) this is ready to use. It only takes a few minutes to put together, and then seconds to 'install' in place.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best and this is a great example of this. I’ve used this a fair few times now and it’s a fantastic solution for those who want to do some physical training but don’t have the space for equipment or a large budget. It enables you to perform several exercises all using the one item. It can be left on the door frame, and although you won’t be able to close the door – it’s a gentle reminder that the equipment is there to be used and you do a few pull-ups every time you walk though.

It’s not just for door frames either, it can be placed on the floor and used for all manner of other exercises too such as press-ups and sit ups, but the main purpose is pull ups and for that it excels. Using the curved part or the horizontal bar, simply grip the foam covered surfaces and apply some effort!

In a nutshell: I've used one of these before and was impressed, this is essentially the same basic design and works brilliantly. As long as you use it correctly it won't fall down, and the kids love being lifted up so they can dangle from it!

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