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Lord of the Rings-Map , 67x46
Lord of the Rings-Map , 67x46
Offered by Poster Revolution UK
Price: £7.89

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 9 Jan. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Love this map!!! It looks amazing on the parchment-like, crinkled, yellowed paper. Came well-packaged in a cardboard tube.

Event Horizon (2 Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [1997]
Event Horizon (2 Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [1997]
Dvd ~ Laurence Fishburne
Price: £4.82

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Hugely underrated sci-fi horror, 16 Sept. 2013
I loved this film when I first watched it years ago. It braught back the claustrophobic, tense atmosphere of the Alien movies. I loved the concept as well; a spaceship gets lost in a part of space so far away humanity can't even fathom it, and then appears again, its crew gone. Another crew gets roped into retrieving the wreck, only to discover the ship has brought something back with it. And no, it isn't an alien monster (because, let's face it, that would be lame). It held my attention right throughout and was proper scarey at many points. I remember the moment where they found the ships digital log and watch what happened to the crew. Chilling.

A little gem of a sci-fi horror (and possibly one of the very few ood movies Paul Anderson ever made) that shouldn't be overlooked. If you like your sci-fi to be dark and claustrophobic, you'll like this.

The Three Musketeers [DVD]
The Three Musketeers [DVD]
Dvd ~ Matthew MacFadyen
Price: £4.58

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Horrible, painfully unfunny mess, 9 July 2013
This review is from: The Three Musketeers [DVD] (DVD)
How Paul W S Anderson is still in the film business is beyond me (and many others, judging by IMDB). He was a one-hit wonder with the excellent sci-fi horror Event Horizon, but has produced, directed nor written anything worth watching ever since (and thought that having the highly overappreciated Mila Jovovich star in almost every project he has done since was a good idea...). I watched this film because it stars two of my favorite actors, Matthew McFadyen and Mads Mikkelsen. Unfortunately, I had to cringe my way through almost 2 hours of watching these two very talented actors humiliate themselves in the most anachronistic, unfunny and unexciting "adaptation" (I use that term very freely here, as really this has about as much to do with Dumas' novel as ninjas and airships have to do with early 17th century France) of the well-known story.

I can appreciate a good tongue-in-cheek action/adventure movie and anachronisms don't bother me (a historian) either, if the film they're in is done well. This drivel however proved a total waste of time. Perhaps it's fun for an audience of under ten-year-old boys, but nothing more.

Ronia, The Robber's Daughter
Ronia, The Robber's Daughter
by Astrid Lindgren
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars My favorite story as a child, also, check out the dvd!, 29 Jun. 2013
I won't go into details about how great and refreshing and amazing and heart-warming this book is. Many have done so here already. Astrid Lindgren has enchanted generations of children with stories that were way ahead of their time, featuring strong, independant child heroes and heroins. This book is no exception. I haven't bought my copy here as I'm Dutch and cherish my own (Dutch) copy that I've owned since the 80's when I first read it as a little girl. I, however, do highly recommend buying a copy for your daughter or son (or any family member under 12 :-), as this story hasn't lost any of it's appeal over time. It's amazing to think it was written so long ago. Like I said, Lindgren was way ahead of her time, especially with her feisty, strong female heroins like Pippi or Ronja. Still great role-models for young girls (though boys will enjoy the adventure just the same)!

I just wanted to let fans of the book know that there is a wonderful Swedish screen adaptation available, for which Lindgren herself wrote the screenplay (it was a mini series that was aired in 1983, and then that got cut down a year later to make a feature length film). Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to exist a copy with English subtitles. There is German dubbed version, a Polish and a Swedish one (I believe one of those is the original miniseries, which is slightly longer than the film made out of it, but not that much longer), both without English subs.

I would recommend the Swedish version (or watching the Polish one without the Polish subs), the story is easy enough to follow (especially if you've read the book). The two young Swedish child actors playing Ronja/Ronia and Birk both act very natural, as they both never had acted before. I adored the film as a little girl, replaying my old VHS recording of it countless times untill it broke (I was inconsoleable...). I've written a review of the dvd on this site as well. I was lucky to finally find a copy with Dutch subs a few years back. Untill that time I cherished my copy bought on a holiday in Denmark, even though it didn't have Dutch or English subs. I watch this little gem once a year, just to feel like an adventurous kid again. I loved it so much growing up, both the book and the film. So, there's a great screen adaptation out there. Please, do yourself or your young family members a favor and check it out!

Ronja Räubertochter [DVD]
Ronja Räubertochter [DVD]
Offered by RAPIDisc
Price: £13.44

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars My all-time favorite children's movie!, 28 Jun. 2013
This review is from: Ronja Räubertochter [DVD] (DVD)
This adaptation of the children's book by amazing and well-known Swedish author Astrid Lindgren (who wrote the screenplay herself) is wonderful. I grew up watching it on an old VHS tape that my parents recorded when it was aired with Dutch subtitles. I was unconsoleable when it finally broke after years of playing it over and over... Then I went to Copenhagen, where I was lucky to find a dvd of this heartwarming little film. No Dutch or English subtitles, but knowing it by heart, I didn't mind. Now finally I've found a copy with Dutch subtitles, and I still watch this little gem of a film once a year (I'm 33 now btw)!

This story is so genuinely heart-warming, so original, so gentle, so adventurous, so classic for everything Lindgren stood for. She was way ahead of her time creating strong and independant child characters like Pippi Longstocking, The Brothers Lionheart, Emil and Ronja. This film tells the tale of the 11-year-old Ronja, feisty, headstrong daughter of a an equally headstrong medieval robber who has his own gang of 12 thieves and who lives in a castle on top off a cliff in a remote forest in Sweden. Ronja, born on a stormy night when lightening split the castle in two, takes after her parents; gentle but stern and strong mother Lovis (who keeps 13 rowdy, beardy men in check with just a look) and tough on the outside but with a tiny little heart-dad Mattis. She roams the forest alone, learning, watching the animals (real animals and fairytale creatures inhabit the woods) testing herself to do everything she is afraid of. One day she meets Birk, the 11-year-old son of another robber chief, who has secretly moved his gang, wife and son into the empty, ruined half of the castle. The children discover they were born on that same stormy night. Used to being on their own and disliking each other immensely at first, the two equally feisty children become friends after Birk saves Ronja from peril (and vice versa). Together they must find a way to make their stubborn robber dads (arch-enemies that they are) stop fighting one another and join forces to evade the sherrif's soldiers.

This tale is told with such magic, warmth, down-to-earth humour and a realness to it that is hard to find in modern children's tv. Adult themes such as fear, disputes and the loss of a loved one are not avoided (or sugarcoated to a ridiculous extend). It is a tale of love conquering anger and hate, growing up and defying one's parent(s), coming to terms with the loss of a family member, and the courage to be who you want to be and love who you want to love.

This may sound a bit serious, but trust me, it isn't. The more heavy themes are interchanged with great comedic or exciting and adventurous moments. This is coupled with beautiful sets in the lush Swedish pine forests and wonderful puppet creatures to inject a bit of magic. I was 7 when I first watched it, and I think I must have re-watched it a thousand times over after that. I absolutely loved it, being an adventurous child myself. I would advise parents sitting down to watch with their children, as some scenes can be a bit scary for younger kids (up to the age of 7-8 or so).

I advise against buying the German-dubbed version. Even a Swedish version without subtitles is better than that horrendous mistake (unless you're German I guess). The story is not hard to follow at all, even without subs. I do have to mention that there are some scenes containing nudity. This is a Scandinavian 80's production, a time people were less hung-up about showing a bit of harmless, non-sexual nudity even in children's tv and films. There is one scene were Ronja and Birk (both pre-pubescent kids I must add) are skinny-dipping in a lake and then sunbathing on the shore. Another scene features the 12 robbers being chased out into the snow by a stern Lovis to wash because they are smelly and have lice. I found this particular scene hilarious as a child, but I can see how perhaps some parents perhaps can't handle the nudity (I honestly don't think any kid would bat an eyelid, the scene is as non-sexual as it can be. Just very funny!).

A little gem of a film that I'll certainly show to my children if I ever have any. Untill then, I cherish my dvd copy and the very fond memories I have of watching (and acting out with my friends) this wonderful film over and over.

As It Is in Heaven ( Så som i Himmelen ) [DVD]
As It Is in Heaven ( Så som i Himmelen ) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kay Pollak
Offered by Mr.Molotov
Price: £20.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Uplifting, wonderful film. But why no English subs???, 14 May 2013
I can safely say this film was an immediate arthouse hit in my country (The Netherlands), and it played in cinemas for over a year due to it's huge popularity. I saw it in cinema twice, both times around Christmas, but in 2 different years :-)

I won't go into the story here, but it'is one of my all-time favorite films. I love arthouse films, and Scandinavian cinema in particular. But unlike many great Scandinavian arthouse films, this one avoids being bleak and gloomy. It's a very uplifting little film, but with a poignant side to it as well. The acting is very natural, and the actress playing the young women Lena made me almost fall in love with her, so headstrong but also so vulnerable. Michael Niqvist is a well-known Swedish actor for those familiar with Scandinavian cinema and series like Wallander, and in the part of the famous conductor Michael, who after a serious burn-out returns to the quiet little Swedish village he grew up in and takes over the failing church choir, he shines again.

A feel-good movie with a difference, in being Swedish and having an unconventional ending. But a feel-good movie nonetheless, one I will re-watch again and again. It's beyond me that there seems to be no English dubbed version around. I feel blessed to have been able to see, and then buy, it with Dutch subtitles as I love listening to Swedish (it adds a whole new layer to the experience that would be completely missed when dubbed). I hope sincerely for all you UK fans of this that such a release will come out sometime in the future. I can;t see why or how this film has been so overlooked in the UK, when it was a huge hit in other countries.

The Impressionists [DVD] [2006]
The Impressionists [DVD] [2006]
Dvd ~ Julian Glover
Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The passion for beauty and life is infectious in this wonderful series, 11 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Wonderful miniseries that gives us a glimpse of the people behind their world-famous, well-loved paintings. The passion of these young, struggling artists shines through in every scene, their lust and love for light, nature and the simple, elegant beauty of everyday life. It made me want to pause the dvd and take a trip to the museum immediately to look at their amazing, moving works! To us, the modern audience, it seems ridiculous, implausible almost that these paintings were once rejected as vulgar, unprofessional, "unfinished" and crude. They are so filled to the brim with light and life, how could the people of the time not see it? This series does well in not only portraying the young artists and their almost ferocious need for beauty and art (as well as their financial and personal struggles, that for some of them lasted a lifetime) but also the restraints and ridicule they had to endure from the conservative minds and politics of their time. It takes persistance and a brave heart to break the mould of convention, and these men collectively smashed it with a passion that is to this day truly inspiring. And when the classical works of their time are still displayed in museums and admired for their technical skill, the paintings of these artists are admired and loved throughout the world for their colour, their vibrance, their passion and their sheer life. They persisted and together, in their own unique ways, changed art forever. The scene where a young Monet is painting at Les Grenouilles, using bright, bold colours and brushstrokes, and tells Renoir that "we can never go back from this moment" sent a shiver down my spine. He was right.

I'll admit that I mainly bought this for Richard Armitage, and he's brilliant as the passionate (his face beams with an infectious enthusiasm when he paints or describes the beauty he sees in the world around him), but also naieve young Claude Monet through who's eyes we see this world. But the rest of the cast is just as good, and I was drawn in completely from the get go. It was filmed on locations in lush, sunny France, and many times the scenery itself seems like a painting. The paintings themselves are the beats of the story, as they should be, each being shown in all its glory after the scenes where we see how, where and most importantly, why, they came into being.

A series that re-kindled my love for the impressionists and the beauty of nature and that I'll gladly re-watch many more times to come!

Robin Hood - The Legends Returns - The Complete Series 1 - 3 [ 2006 - 2009 ] 12 DVD Box + extra's  (Dutch Import)
Robin Hood - The Legends Returns - The Complete Series 1 - 3 [ 2006 - 2009 ] 12 DVD Box + extra's (Dutch Import)
Dvd ~ Jonas Armstrong
Offered by NextDayEntertainment
Price: £16.75

7 of 11 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Poor script, poor acting, poor everything. Just fun for young kids., 19 Mar. 2013
I really wanted to like this. I loved the 80's series Robin of Sherwood growing up. Compared to that this is utter nonsense. At least, if you're over 12 years old. Poorly acted, poor dialogue, sloppy camerawork, slapsticky kung-fu fights, painfully unfunny comedy and way too modern to even give off a slight feeling that this is supposed to be medieval. Dare I say, I even liked the Kevin Costner film better (and that's saying something...). Not even Richard Armitage in black leather could save this for me. Verdict: cheesier than a double cheese sandwich. Well below the usual standard of BBC productions. Why they decided to make 3 series of this is beyond me.

This series totally missed the mark, pun intended.

And.. who knew Robin Hood was a Jihadist/communist trained by terrorists and sent back home to upset the social order? Or that the sherrif has not even a basic sense of the workings of the feudal system?
Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Sep 20, 2016 8:41 AM BST

Alien Quadrilogy [DVD] [1979]
Alien Quadrilogy [DVD] [1979]
Dvd ~ Sigourney Weaver
Offered by Quality Media Supplies Ltd.
Price: £15.49

12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Amazing movies, but transfer of 5-disc collection is crap, 23 Jan. 2013
There seem to be a lot of different box sets of the Alien Quadrilogy out there. This one has 5 discs mentioned in the description, yet 9 in the summary. Very confusing. My version has the 5 discs, 4 for the films and one with bonus material. The films are all amazing, with Alien being the superior of the 4 and a timeless classic. I just wrote this to make clear that there is a lot of confusion as to which sets have what number of dvd's and what transfer quality. I have the 5 disc quadrilogy box set, and was very sorry to discover the digital transfer is very poor. It looks almost as grainy as a VHS! It didn;t cost me much, but it states at the beginning of each film "Digitally remastered", which it clearly isn't. Amazon should do well to get their information straight and make clearer which versions are what quality, how many discs, etc.

again: this review refers to the 5-disc edition, NOT the 9-disc or BluRay editions. For some reason, Amazon heaps all comments together to confuse matters more...
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Mar 24, 2015 9:22 AM GMT

Shutter Island [DVD] (2010)
Shutter Island [DVD] (2010)
Dvd ~ Leonardo DiCaprio
Price: £2.99

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Only the lobotomized won't see it coming..., 9 Jan. 2013
This review is from: Shutter Island [DVD] (2010) (DVD)
I had high hopes when renting this movie. Great reviews, solid cast and acclaimed director. It started out ok. But already knowing there would be some amazing plot twist at the end (it said there would be on the back of the cover), it took me about 20 minutes to figure out what that twist was going to be.


The fact that the hallucinations, dreams and headaches started almost as soon as DiCaprio's character arrived on the island, left only 2 logical explanations: 1) he was administered some type of medication in order to prevent him from discovering the islands secret (and that secret being unethical experients wasn't a huge leap of the imagination) or 2) he was suffering from hallucinations and flashbacks because he himself was, in fact, a patient. Sadly, both explanations are equally illogical. The first because, how would they ever have explained to his superiors on the mainland that he went "insane" while investigating the disappearance of a patient? And what about his partner Chuck? He would have been given the same medication. The second explanation proved laughable to say the least. He was given free reign of the island for 2 whole days, in the hope this would break through his delusions of being a marshall and bring him back to reality enough to avoid a lobotomy. A lobotomy that was, in fact, planned because he was considered a highly dangerous patient because of his militairy training. And they let this dangerous, violent mental patient run wild for 2 days? Really? Unfortunately this second, highly implausable plotline proved to be the one they went with here.


That was a real letdown, as this movie had potential with great actos and a good, eerie location. I did watch it through to the end, which turned out to be pretty much what I had expected. I sort of kept hoping that this in fact wasn't the big plot twist, that there would be another following it. But when the end credits rolled, I knew that was it. I simply can't see how this movie got such raving reviews. I have seen many many movies, in all genres, and I suspect every seasoned movie watcher will get the twist long before it is revealed.

Mediocre movie at best, if it hadn't been for the hyped reviews it might have been entertaining though, as the acting and locations are good (hence the 2 stars). Now it just was a letdown. Talented actors and a great location gone to waste in my opinion.

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