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Roger Waters: The Wall [Blu-ray] [2015] [Region Free]
Roger Waters: The Wall [Blu-ray] [2015] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Roger Waters
Price: £14.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Simply brilliant., 6 Aug. 2016
Wow! This is stunning. Visually beautiful, musically brilliant and emotionally moving as well, as the real life story moves along with the live concert footage.
I attend the Wembley concert of this tour and it captures the feeling and delivery perfectly.
An absolute must for fans of the band and a great music concert for the neutral fan.


3.0 out of 5 stars A new bassline vibe CD from Fabric, 22 July 2016
This review is from: Flavor (MP3 Download)
This review is based on my own personal tastes and not intended to detract from those who will enjoy this specific genre of UK Garage/ Bassline style music.
I’m very much into techno & house and was very excited to get the new Fabric CD through the post, to see what delights awaited me.
The positives first, the mixing is excellent. Absolutely seamless and one song blends with finesse into another.
The opening two tracks are brilliant and had me really excited that I had a new gem on the horizon. Then the third track hit and the fantastic wobbly bass-line reminded me of the mid-90’s speed garage genre, a lá RIP Groove by Double 99, of which I was very fond.
Then the next track had similar bass-line and sound.
And the next…
And the next…
And so on…
Sadly for me personally, my ears got tired of the same sounds over and over. I would have ideally liked a change in style now and again to keep my head interested. However, I do feel slightly hypocritical, as I was into the hard house genre in the 90’s and you couldn’t get much more formulaic and repetitive than that, so it really is horses for courses here. If you love the UK Garage/ Grime sound, then you’ll probably embrace this one with vigour. But for me sadly I’d have liked just a little more variation here and there.

H&S® 14 Pcs Nail Care Cutter Cuticle Clippers Pedicure Manicure Grooming Tool Kit Set
H&S® 14 Pcs Nail Care Cutter Cuticle Clippers Pedicure Manicure Grooming Tool Kit Set
Offered by H&S Alliance UK Ltd
Price: £5.49

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Not great. Lacking quality., 20 Jun. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Quality isn't great and the eyebrow scissors don't close properly so they don't cut at all due to the gap.
Cheap metal and box isn't the right size for all the tools.
No instructions as to what any of the many implements do.
Bit disappointing really.

ART Tube MP V3 Tube Microphone Pre-Amplifier with Variable Value Voicing
ART Tube MP V3 Tube Microphone Pre-Amplifier with Variable Value Voicing
Price: £85.64

4.0 out of 5 stars Functional pe-amp for a small project studio., 7 May 2016
This is a well made and good looking little box.

The pros are it adds a nice warmth to the vocal sound and is very easy to use. My acoustic guitar (Fender CD140) sounds great through it, but in fairness it already has a Fishman preamp built in to the guitar, but none the less the ART works nicely as a DI box in that sense and adds a very nice warmth to the sound due to the valve.

For me the cons are that for the microphone I'm using (a Rode M3) you have to have the input and output pretty much up to full with the power boost & phantom power switches on to get a boost. I would have expected a lot more head room personally. Also there's no on/ off switch, so you have to either take the power plug out or switch it off at the wall. As this has a small valve in it I would have expected a stand-by switch on it to encourage longer life from the valve.

I've never owned a preamp before so can't comment how this stands up in a bench test to other models, but I'm guessing that for the price this is a pretty decent bit of kit.

If you're looking for a Pro piece of kit, then you're going to need to pay a lot more for better quality, but if you're looking for a cheap solution for a small project studio, then this is fine. I wouldn't pay any more than £60 or £70 for it though.

Fabric 39
Fabric 39
Price: £11.19

5.0 out of 5 stars A great effort all round, 31 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Fabric 39 (Audio CD)
I've not purchased any of the Fabric series before, so I have no mark for comparison in terms of how this volume sits in the rest of the series.

I like my mix CD's to be like a night out in an underground techno club; pacey and up tempo. I like my Techno to be groove based with lots of hooks & loops and with as few formulaic breakdowns as possible.

With that in mind this delivers on every level. Loads of pure techno which bangs along at a good pace. There's none of the stupid messing around with tempos and genres that many so called techno mix CD's have been doing lately, its just heads down, foot stomping excellence from track 2 onwards. (Track 1 is an unnecessary noodle intro).

I've always shied away from buying Fabric CD's before, as I got the impression from reviews that they were DJ ego trips designed to 'educate' rather than get you grooving. But there's no pretension here, only great techno. If you like Jess Mills, Dave Angel, Ritchie Hawtin style CD's then this is an absolute must. Highly recommended.

DJ Kicks (Series)
DJ Kicks (Series)
Price: £11.27

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Moments of genius mixed into moments of madness., 12 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: DJ Kicks (Series) (Audio CD)
I love the tunes on this album, each track is excellent. But I just can't get my head round the mixing style. It's described as 'freestyle' in the sleeve notes and also that "sometimes it works and sometime it dosent" by Young himself. Well sorry but on the whole it really dosen't. It's occasionally clunky, confused and so fractured that whilst you're getting into the groove of a really good tune, suddenly it's being cut around or dropped. Putting it into context, if you were in a club, you'd be stopping every so often as you tripped over your feet to say "what the hell was that"? To coin an old school phrase, there are moments when it sounds like "two blokes playing cricket in a lighthouse".
That said there are some brilliant moments of mixing that I know from 20 years of mixing vinyl records myself are very hard to do. So I ask myself are we dealing with a genius who paints sonic pictures of magic that ignorant people like me are just missing the point of or is this an average DJ who just gets lucky sometimes?
I do like the fact that he's not trying to be just another jukebox, so for that and the brilliant song section I'm giving it a three. But it loses two stars based on my needs when listening to a DJ mix, which here are sometimes quite frankly bizarre!

This is a true test of the question, is it the mixing or the tunes?
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 8, 2016 4:49 PM BST

When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography Of Led Zeppelin
When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography Of Led Zeppelin
by Mick Wall
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.08

3.0 out of 5 stars Good times, bad times you know I've had my share, 21 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Just finished the book and I wanted to put down my thoughts on the piece. Apologies that it is subjective in terms of my opinion, but hope that I present a balanced case.

(WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS and uses an inference to a swear word that appears in the book, but is for reference to the actual writing only and not the opinion of the reviewer).

The book (on the whole) is very well written. It has a relaxed style and the language is accessible for the narrative pieces of the historical information. I thought the early days to about 1978 were very detailed and clear. The pace was quick without being too glib. Unfortunately from 1980 onward the historical information gave way to a more subjective style and really missed out major chunks of the solo careers of members. That said there is a lot of focus on Robert Plants 'Raising Sand' project and after-all it is a book about Zeppelin and not their solo careers.

The information regarding the career of Led Zeppelin is very good and doesn't stray too far away from the subject material and if it does it is only to support the historical markers and why certain decisions were made at certain times. However, there are three aspects of the book that I personally found deeply frustrating.

Firstly, the first person pieces that appear from time to time that attempt to put you in the mind a particular person during their early days: In the beginning I found these quite endearing, although I thought it was shame that in order to portray Peter Grant it was felt that using the word C*** over and over was justified. But as the book wore on, the dropping out of narrative in order to put these pieces in just become tedious and sometimes irrelevant, to the point that the last entry for John Bonham made me feel very frustrated. Especially when you're reading about the band say in 1977 one minute and you're thrown back to 1968 by the first person sections. There is also the aspect that it took a while to work out who actually is talking from time to time, which I felt detracted from what is other wise a very well paced book.

(SPOILER ALERT!! - Actual reference to two of the sections is cited here)

Secondly, some of the writing is so utterly subjective that it made me swear out loud sometimes with frustration. For example, the authors inference that it was the band who stole the money from the hotel after the gig is purely subjective and is written more from a headline grabbing attitude than an actual historically founded position. Another example was the review of the 2007 come back gig, where the author decries the event as basically awful and low energy, (when it is pretty much universally acknowledged that it was a complete triumph and success, but that in itself is very subjective. My apologies). Here I think it would have been better just to state the facts, rather than paint a unnecessarily negative picture of the decline of the band in order to play-out the 'rise and fall' nature of the story. It almost came across sometimes that where the author didn't have solid information that he made up a headline grabbing opinion just add spice to the mix, (an accusation he throws at the book 'Hammer of the Gods'), which in honesty he really didn't need to do when the rest of his content is so very well written and researched.

My final gripe was the portrayal of the members of the band, which I personally feel came across as exaggerated in order to make the book again more spicy. (Again SPOILER ALERT!!!). Jimmy Page is depicted initially as a tyrannical dictator who descends into being an emasculated hermit, with no life direction or purpose, which is very unfair and also untrue. His solo work is reasonably glossed over and there is no mention of his charity work in Brazil. Robert Plant on the other hand is the complete opposite, starting out as a weak willed figure who is bossed around by Page and then develops into this evil figure of a man who is selfish; dictatorial when it comes to the come back show and who will do anything to smash the hopes and dreams of Page. Completely over the top! Where he does get it right is the role of John Paul Jones in the band, but again there is little development of him from 1980 onwards.

But, I want to be absolutely fair to Mick Wall because in terms of a biography of Led Zeppelin it scores hands down over Hammer of the Gods and Stairway to Heaven (the Richard Coal biography), in that it avoids the lurid sensationalism of these other two works and really has a lot of excellent detail. (However, I personally feel that "Jimmy Page: Magus, Musician, Man" by George Case is a far superior work in terms of the life if JP when compared to all three).

In conclusion, if you are a well read fan of Zeppelin lore, this makes a worth while read. But if you are using this as your very first entry into the world of Zeppelin history, then do check out other works for a contrasting view point. Especially Magus Musician Man. Jimmy Page: Magus Musician Man

Treasures of 'Led Zeppelin'
Treasures of 'Led Zeppelin'
by Chris Welch
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £25.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Distinctly Average, 25 Oct. 2012
I'm giving this a three star, middle of the road review, as my personal opinion is that its not so great as to warrant a five star review, but neither is it so bad to get a one.

As a massive Led Zep fan I fell over myself to get to this in the shop and looking at the back cover really thought this was going to be something out of this world.

I was sadly let down.

The book itself is ok in terms of content, but nothing that isn't covered already in many biography books at much cheaper prices. So I would think that many people, like myself, would be looking to by this for the 'facsimiles of rare memorabilia' it comes with. This is where I really felt let down, as the items just look really cheap and shoddy. I really wanted to frame some these items, but they'd just look rubbish on my wall.

That said, it is an alright collection, but absolutely not for the cover price of £25.00. I managed to pick up a brand new copy for £12.99, so I can't complain too much. But I would definitely urge buyers to either peruse a copy before buying or to make sure you don't pay the cover price for it.

This could have been such an amazing product, but its just distinctly average.

Tibetan Music and Oriental Music - Tibetan Meditation Music and Buddhist Music for Relaxation and Chakra Balancing. Healing Meditation with Nature Sounds and Eastern Flute Music
Tibetan Music and Oriental Music - Tibetan Meditation Music and Buddhist Music for Relaxation and Chakra Balancing. Healing Meditation with Nature Sounds and Eastern Flute Music
Price: £7.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Blissful Drifting, 28 Jun. 2012
This is a very beautiful CD for switching off and unwinding to, especially if you meditate. The simple sounds and music are a real joy to help clear your thoughts and give your mind a break from the noise of everyday life.

Positive points: I suffer from ADHD and as such find myself very easily distracted both in meditation and everyday life, but the slow repetitive nature of the album really allows you to zone out and focus if you're in meditation or just to relax if you're not. I even have it on whilst I work from home. This is because I find if I have normal music on I get distracted from my work very easily or caught up in the emotion of the music I'm listening to, but with this album I really find I can focus on my everyday work and still enjoy the calming qualities of the music.

Its structured very simply like a lot of new age or meditation music. Its beat-less music that is mainly a synthesizer playing one or two notes, with a supported sound structure of either Tibetan singing bowls; Oriental flutes or the restful sound of running water & rain. So, if you're looking for Buddha Bar Chill-out style music, then this really isn't the right album for you. But if you're looking for very floaty simple music to unwind to then this is very good, as its more about the sound-scapes and pictures you draw in your own mind, rather than just some nice grooves to chill to.

I could really see this being used effectively in a massage/ beauty treatment place as nice sounds to relax your customers.

Negative points: The only downside I can see for some people (not for me I might add) is the simple repetitive nature of the sounds. Take track one, its 26 mins long and is made up of basically two or three chords gently changing. That said, I love the tracks like 'Calm River Stream' and 'Singing Birds with distant singing bowls' as I do 15 to 30 min meditations and the sound allows me to shut out hubbub of everyday life and drift off to a restful place. With 28 tracks on the album I also think this is amazing value for money.

So in summary, if you're looking for beautiful mediation sounds; or a beauty therapist looking for music in your salon or you're just in need of some relaxing sounds to drift away from the noise of everyday life, then this album is for you.

Thank you to who ever wrote the music, you've really made my life a much more peaceful place.

Doctor Who - Earth Story (The Gunfighters/The Awakening) [DVD]
Doctor Who - Earth Story (The Gunfighters/The Awakening) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Peter Davison
Price: £12.99

6 of 26 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Vote with your feet!, 9 Jun. 2011
I'd urge everyone to write to 2Entertain and ask them to desist in putting the DVD's out in this weak box-set format.

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