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The Quiet Storm: the Best in Electric and Acoustic Rock Ballads
The Quiet Storm: the Best in Electric and Acoustic Rock Ballads
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £9.97

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4.0 out of 5 stars 'MANY FAVOURITES AMONG THE PLAY-LIST', 26 Feb. 2015
This an album of great 'rock' sounds, maybe not so hot on the 'acoustic' claim perhaps, nevertheless what is on
board is a very acceptable collection of popular numbers from the 70's upwards.
As an earlier reviewer pointed out great material for your CD-Player in the car with it's 36 track 2-CD collection.
To give a flavour of what an be found on the play-list i'll highlight a few from each disc........disc one........'Nickelback'
-- 'How You Remind Me'........'Dire Straits' --'Romeo and Juliet' (a firm favourite of mine down the years).......'Chris Rea'
--'Fool If You Think It's Over'........'The Who' --'See Me Hear Me'........and........'Lynyrd Skynyrd' --'Free Bird'........just a
few of the pretty good line up to be found upon disc one........on disc two........'Sting' --'Fields Of Gold'........'Texas' --
'I Don't Want A Lover'.......,'Squeeze' --'Labelled With Love'........'Cast' --'Free Me'........and........'The LA's' --'There She
Goes'........again just some of the great sounds that can be found on the play-list on disc two..............I have quite
simply pin-pointed a few of the many super tracks on-board this collection, many more were indeed worthy of a mention.
Though, like myself you probably have most if not all the tracks on-board, for me, just love compilations that harbour a
collection of favourites on a couple of CD's.........worth checking out the complete play-list.
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Best Of Bobby Darin: Vol 1
Best Of Bobby Darin: Vol 1
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £16.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'A POPULAR RECORDING ARTIST OF THE LATE 50'S AND EARLY 60'S', 26 Feb. 2015
Born 'Walden Robert Cossotto' in 'East Harlem' 'New York' 1936.
His early career in the music industry was song-writing which he began doing in 1955 with a college friend, he wrote numbers for
several artists such as 'Connie Francis'
His first break was with Decca-Records in 1958 when he had chart-success both sides of the Atlantic woith 'Splish Splash' (Chart
'19' U.K - '3' in the U.S) the song was a hit all over again in the 60's for comic 'Charlie Drake'
'Bobby Darin' was now on his way on the music-scene following his early success with a string of chart-hits including - 'Dream Lover'
(Chart '1' U.K and '2' U.S 1959) probably my favourite of his in truth, he had a number '1' both sides of the Atlantic with 'Mack the Knife'
in 1959 (not on-board this release) followed by 'Beyond the Sea' a top ten hit, again both here and in the U.S in 1960 (not included on
this release) 'Nature Boy' (Chart '24' U.K 1961) 'You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby' (Chart '10' U.K and '5' U.S 1961) followed by
'Multipucation' (Chart '5' U.K ALSO 1961) 'Things' (Chart '2' U.K and '3' U.S 1962) chart success eluded him for a few years however
after recording a 'Tim Hardin' number 'If I Were A Carpenter' in 1966 he had a Top-Ten Hit both sides of the Atlantic yet again.
'Bobby Darin' as well as recording many hit songs and writing many numbers for both himself and others, he also turned his hand to acting,
his best known role was in a teen-love movie 'Come September' starring alongside 'Sandra Dee' who he married in 1961 they parted company
some 6 years later.
'Bobby Darin' suffered ill health throughout his life, sadly passing away at just 37 years of age in 1973........
This album although not a complete collection of his chart - success does harbour many of his best remembered songs during his chart -days.
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Darkness Falls [Blu-ray] [2003] [US Import]
Darkness Falls [Blu-ray] [2003] [US Import]
Dvd ~ Chaney Kley

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4.0 out of 5 stars 'YOU WON'T WANT A VISIT FROM THIS TOOTH-FAIRY' (STAY IN THE LIGHT !!!), 25 Feb. 2015
In the late 19th Century a woman 'Matilda Dixon' was lynched wrongfully for the kidnap of two children, who a little
while after turned up,the woman was well known for giving children a gold-coin in exchange for their very last child-tooth,
before she died she said that she would get her revenge upon the people of 'Darkness Falls' .........the legend remains in
the town.
For years she's continued to collect the last-tooth of the children of the town, however, those that had looked upon her
were long gone, though the records show no such occurrence, she had been badly disfigured in a fire and could not face
the light.
Young 'Kyle' had in fear gazed upon the disfigured image but had escaped it's wrath, his mother however did not escape
the vengeful being.
15 years have past, 'Kyle' (Chaney Kley) who had been blamed for his mothers death when only 10 years of age is contacted
by his childhood sweetheart 'Caitlin' (Emma Caulfield) her younger brother 'Michael' (Lee Cormie) is experiencing similar visions
to 'Kyle's' of years past and cannot sleep, he's afraid too.
Trouble is 'Kyle' has never come to terms with the past, what had happened years before just won't go away.....he fears the dark.
He now has to face his fears all over again if he is to return to 'Darkness Falls' to try and help 'Caitlin's' younger brother.............
This is a dark and often tense tale with one or two jump out of your skin moments, a great use of shadows to build the tension, a
trick frequently used in films of old, i felt the films climax took the edge off it a little.
Worth a Viewing.
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Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'A MULTI-TALENTED ENTERTAINER', 25 Feb. 2015
This review is from: Greatest Hits (Audio CD)
Born in 'Hackney,London' in 1931 singer/songwriter, actor, International Star, Hall of Fame for his song-writing 1989, certainly
had a sparkling career down the years.
In film, among his roles was as 'The Artful Dodger' in 'David Leans' 'Oliver Twist' (1948) also famously taking the title role in TV
series 'The Strange World Of Gurney Slade' a role he dreamt up after noticing a small Somerset village called 'Gurney Slade'
His song-writing included numbers such as 'What Kind Of Fool Am I' (a song also adopted by king of comedy 'Norman Wisdom')
'Anthony Newley' also famously had a hand in writing the song 'Goldfinger' with 'John Barry' he also penned hit songs for artists
such as 'Tony Bennett' and 'Sammy Davis'
He truly had a terrific career, in later years he was a star-attraction on the 'Las Vegas' stages..............
Way back in 1960, his 'Strawberry Fair' / Pop Goes The Weasel' (Chart '3' U.K) was among one of the first half dozen 45's i bought,
played both sides frequently, also that year another 'Vinyl' i bought 'Why' (Chart '1' U.K) and indeed 'Do You Mind' (Chart '1' also 1960)
Among some of his other chart-hits that can be found on-board 'Personality' (Chart '6' 1959) 'And The Heaven's Cried' (Chart '6' 1961G)
The song 'Pop Goes the Weasel' became a hit in it's own right peaking at number '12' in 1961 and 'D-Darling' a number '25' hit for him
in 1962..........these among the many numbers harboured on this album, he also had chart-success in the U.S though somewhat lower
entries than in the U.K.
He certainly was a multi-talented entertainer, his personality standing him in great stead, this release, genuinely a great reflection of his
recording career.
'Anthony Newley' died in Florida in April 1999 from renal Cancer aged 67.
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Eve Of Destruction
Eve Of Destruction
Price: £7.25

4.0 out of 5 stars 'GREAT ROCK' VOCALS ON-BOARD', 25 Feb. 2015
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This review is from: Eve Of Destruction (Audio CD)
'Born' in 'Oaklahoma' in 1935, singer/songwriter 'Barry Mcquire' after a brief spell in the U.S Navy he turned to the 'fishing'
industry for a while whilst singing at a local bar releasing his first single in 1961, with little in the way of success.
Though eventually achieving a few lower-chart entries in the 'States' it was only when recording the 'P.F.Sloan' protest song
'Eve Of Destruction' in 1965 he achieved a taste of success, Charting at Number '3' in the U.K Chart and Topping the U.S Bill-
Board Charts.
Though recording several similar songs he never repeated the success of that one genuine 'Gem'
This album has an interesting selection of recordings including a couple of 'P.F.Sloan' numbers along with some very acceptable
versions of one or two 'Bob Dylan' songs such as 'She Belongs To Me' and the classic 'Baby Blue' curiously only one of his own
penned numbers 'Why Not Stop & Dig While You Can'
He did perform with the 'New Christie Minstrels' earlier in his career, and has even had a role in the 'James Coburn' film 'The President's
Come 1971 'Barry' became a born-again Christian and has written several songs with a religious theme., though changing record label
during the 70's he never managed a further chart-entry,though he did have success with a Children's Album Release with 'Bullfrogs and
Butterflies' in 1978 , he left the music industry in 1981.
This is an enjoyable rock/protest album, worth a listen, however the truth is he will always be regarded in the 'One-Hit-Wonder' category.

Serena [Blu-ray]
Serena [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Jennifer Lawrence
Price: £12.99

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Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Serena [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
The film is set during the great depression of the late 1920's in 'North Carolina'
After a whirlwind romance 'George Pemberton' (Bradley Cooper) brings his new-bride back to his homeland where he has a extensive timber
empire, 'Serena' (Jennifer Lawrence) has knowledge of the business as her father when alive had a similar business.
'Serena' insists on becoming involved as a partner, together they will make a formidable team.
A business tycoon wants to buy a large part of 'George's' land to build a commercial park, however their offer falls well short of 'George's'
'Serena' is a shrewd and single minded partner, she can see that friend and business associate 'Buchanan' (David Dencik) is not the friend
that 'George' had always looked upon him as.
The 'Pemberton's' won't let anyone or anything stand in their way of their ambitions, the logging business is a dangerous occupation and
injury's are a frequent occurrence.
When 'Serena' looses the child she is carrying a measure of jealousy invades her mind because she suspects that baby 'Jacob' 'Rachels'
child is in fact her husbands also.
The past begins to catch up with 'George' and threatens to destroy him, 'Serena's is uncovering a series of things about her husband he'd
kept from her.
The intense and loving relationship begins to crumble..........
The setting foe the film is set within stunning scenery............
There are a few violent sequences, and scenes of accident, along with moderate sex moments..........
There are many great performances throughout the film, 'Jennifer Lawrence' certainly puts in quite a shift with her portrayal of 'Serena'
Well worth a viewing.
Features -
* Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Collaberation
* The Production Story
* Susanne Bier's Directing Style
* Serena a Strong Woman in a Man's World
* Interview with Susanne Brier and Christopher Kyle
* Trailer
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Country Guys - The Absolutely Essential: 3CD Collection
Country Guys - The Absolutely Essential: 3CD Collection
Price: £4.99

Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These collections are always worth checking out, even though you may well have a comprehensive number of Country-Albums
there is often one or two tracks that you haven't got, plus the benefit of playing the many favourites in unfamiliar play-order.
Many of the tracks on-board date back quite a way, though, if you've followed the music and indeed like myself had spent time
listening to radio-shows of old you'll know most if not all, though i have to admit there are one or two that don't jump-out at me,
the enjoyment of playing the 3-CD Compilation becomes a great reminder.
I'll highlight a handful of tracks from each of the three discs to offer a flavour of what can be found among the play=list on each..
on disc one.........'Tennessee Ernie Ford' --'Sixteen Tons' (a great 'old' standard country track)........'Al Dexter and his Troopers' --
'Pistol Packin' Mama'........'Burl Ives' --'A Little Bitty Tear'........'Johnny Cash' --'Cry Cry Cry'........'Eddie Arnold' --'Cattle Call'........and
'Ferlin Husky' --'Wings of a Dove'........just a few of the memorable numbers to be found upon disc one........on disc two........'Slim
Whitman' --'Rose Marie'........'CLaud King' --'Wolverton Mountain'........'Hank Williams' --'Lovesick Blues'........'Don Gibson' --'Sea
Of Heartbreak'........'Roy Rogers' --'My Four Legged Friend' (Roy Rogers, there's a name that will trigger one or two fond memories
of years gone by)........and........'Jimmy Lee' --'Go Ahead and Go'...........some of the genuine gems that can be found among the 20
tracks upon disc two........on disc three........'Marty Robbins' --'El Paso'........'Pee Wee King' --'Tennessee Waltz'........'Hank Williams'
--'You're Cheating Heart'........'George Jones' --'She Thinks I Still Care'........'Tex Ritter' --'High Noon'........and........'Floyd Cramer' --
'Last Date'.......again just a sample of some of the legendary artists and their songs that are on the disc three track listing..............
I have merely pinpointed a few of the many great memories harboured on-board, there are truly many of the great names of Country from years past, when playing the CD i feel sure you'll remember many of the songs that are not instantly recognisable,
along with one or two rare finds.
At it's current price of just £4.99 it has to be worth checking out........

The Vintage Collection - The 50s
The Vintage Collection - The 50s
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'TAKE A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE', 23 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have to say this 3-CD Compilation releases conjurers up all sorts of memories, as i'm sure it will for many collectors,
it's a bit of a mixture in my view, not strictly all archive sounds of the day but harbouring many gems from the distant
I remember listening to many of these tracks on the radio back when, and watching several artists performing some of
the numbers on early TV variety shows.
Whilst there are one or two I don't recall when reading the play-list, most I do, and when hearing those I couldn't, they
soon become familiar.
The Collection has many names from a distant time that remained prominent during the early years of the 'Rock' - era, and
many that reflect the early days of the emerging era with a little 'Skiffle' with artists such as 'Lonnie Donegan' and one or two of the, then, new-age artists like 'Paul Anka' and 'Connie Francis'
I'll highlight a few of the numbers that may well bring back a memory or two from each of the three discs..........on disc one
....'Tony Bennett --'Stranger In Paradise'........'The Platters' --'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes'........'Tommy Steele' --'Singing The
Blues'........'Frankie Laine' --'I Believe'........'Johnson Brothers' --'Hernando's Hideaway'........and........'Alma Cogan' --
'Dreamboat'........just a few of the many memories upon the play-list of disc one........on disc two........'The Chordettes' --
'Mr Sandman'........'Bobby Darin' --'Dream Lover'........'Lita Roza' --(How Much Is That Doggie) In The Window'........
'Johnny Ray' --'Cry'........'Michael Holliday' --'The Story Of My Life'........and.........'Ellen Barton and The New Yorkers' --'If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked A Cake' with the first disc a collection of many memorable numbers from way back in time........on disc three.......'Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr' --'Shall We Dance' (from the timeless 'Rodgers and
Hammersteine' timeless classic movie - 'The King And I'........'Lord Rockingham X1' --'Hoots Mon'........'Craig Douglas' --'Only
Sixteen'........'Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group' --'Freight Train'........'Frankie Vaughan' --'Garden Of Eden'........and........'Bing Crosby' --'Chattanoogie Shoe-Shine Boy'...........again some of the many priceless memories that can be found on disc three.
I have merely highlighted half a dozen or so of the memorable tracks on each of the three discs on this 3-Disc Collection,
there of course are many more tracks equally worthy of a mention, this is truly a compilation of numbers that will surely trigger many a memory from way back when.
I have to say, these are songs I do remember hearing on the radio along with many tracks from my very early days of vinyl buying.............surely worth checking out the complete play-list.
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Fury - Limited Edition Booklet (Exclusive to [Blu-ray]
Fury - Limited Edition Booklet (Exclusive to [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Brad Pitt
Offered by Speedyhen Ltd
Price: £20.12

Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The film has had many varying comments from film critics and reviewers alike....I myself enjoyed the film.
''Your Job is to kill them, given the chance, they would kill you.......
The Crew of 'Fury'
'Sergeant Don 'Wardaddy' Collier' --'Brad Pitt'
'Boyd 'Bible' Swann' --'Shia Labeouf'
'Norman Ellison' --'Logan Lerman'
'Grady 'Coon-Ass' Travis' --'John Bernthal'
'Trina 'Gordo' Garcia' --'Michael Pena'
It's April 1945 the Allies are advancing through German territory, after a tank battle 'Wardaddy' and his crew head back to base, during the
battle they had lost one of their number.
They are assigned a rookie to the replace of their lost comrade 'Norman' who had only been in the U.S Army for 8 weeks and obviously has
no combat experience.
The battle weary-crew of 'Fury' are ordered to join up with 'Baker-Company' ......en-route they are ambushed and lose some of the tanks in the
fire-fight, there are only four remaining, the 'Sergeant' has to assume command of the remaining Sherman's.
They are soon back in the thick of battle facing stubborn and intense resistance, their enemy often just children defending their homeland by
order of the German High-Command.
Rookie 'Norman' has had to learn fast having to adjust his mind-set to the realities of war however reluctantly, the crew of Fury have no time or
patience for beginners, they have to depend upon each other to survive.
The town that had been designated as the target - taken, the crew have a little time to chill, but, their war is not over, they will have to go even
deeper into enemy territory and will face overwhelming odds before - their war is done........
There are several graphic and brutal battle scenes along with many uncomfortable choices during which the brutal reality of war is well portrayed.
The film is certainly worth a viewing....
Good Picture and Sound Quality throughout.
The package includes a booklet that gives a background of the making of the film along with passages about the actors playing the role of the
Tank crew.
Blu-ray - Exclusives -
Over 50 minutes of deleted and extended scenes * Directors Combat-Journal * Armoured Warriors - The men inside the Shermans * Taming
the beast * How to Drive - Fire and Shoot inside a 30 ton Tank * Photo Gallery.
Also Includes -
Blood Brothers - Cast and Crew discuss the harrowing experience of filming in a tank together.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [DVD] [1954]
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [DVD] [1954]
Dvd ~ Kirk Douglas
Price: £4.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'A DISNEY 'GEM' FROM YESTERYEAR', 21 Feb. 2015
The year 1868, a war-ship goes in search of the sea-monster, 'Professor Pierre Aronnax' (Paul Lucas) and his companion and apprentice
'Conseil' (Peter Lorre) have joined the voyage as no other ship would risk venturing the waters of their intended destination, 'Ned Land'
(Kirk Douglas) a Sailor and skilled Harpoonist has also joined the voyage as a crew-member.
After seeing a war-ship sunk by the monster they become the target of the monsters attention, 'the professor and Conseil' survive and are
hanging onto a 'mast' ....'Ned' also survived by hanging onto an upturned accident rather than design they come across
the monster and board it, the monster is made out of metal, man-made.
They become guests upon the futuristic 'Nautilus' captained by 'Nemo' (James Mason) the unpredictable leader has made it a mission to
destroy the ships that carry materials of war, his reason is historical, which along with may other things will be shared with the professor
who's works the Captain has read.
They set out on an incredible journey, they will see many mysteries of the deep, and be unwilling witnesses to encounters with war-ships,
along with a battle with a giant-squid.
The three have learnt that the Captain has no intention of putting them safely ashore, they are in effect prisoners on board the 'Nautilus'
'Ned' never gives up the idea of escape and will become the tool of 'Captain Nemo's' ultimate downfall.
This is a terrific adaptation of the 'Jules Verne' tale, written with it's visionary futuristic technology,(19th century writers such as 'Jules Verne'
and 'H.G Wells' had great insight of what was yet to come)
Though one or two attempts to re-tell this story have been screened i'm a little surprised that with today's technologyat their disposal that
'Disney' have not remade this 'gem'
Made in 1954 the picture and sound quality on-board the DVD are really very good.
Feature -
Jules Verne and Walt Disney explorers of imagination - Monsters of the Deep.
Bonus Material -
* The Humbolt Squid and real Sea-Monsters
* Lost Treasures - The Sunset Squid
* Tour the Nautilus
* Plus a wide range of language options.
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