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Solid Bronze - Great Hits
Solid Bronze - Great Hits
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £5.12

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The Group were formed in 1988 by former 'Housemartin' members 'Paul Heaton' and 'David Hemmingway'
They had quite a string of Hits for the following 10 years and indeed beyond with many favourites with numbers such as -
'Song For Whoever' (Chart '2' 1989) 'You Keep It All In' (Chart '8' also 89') 'A Little Time' (Chart '1' 1990) I suspect, like
myself many will remember the video that went with that one - 'Old Red Eyes Is Back' (Chart '22' 1992) 'One Last Love
Song' (Chart '14' 1994) 'Rotterdam' (or anywhere) (Chart '5' 1996) the same year another favourite 'Don't Marry Her' (Chart
'8') 'Blackbird On The Wire' (Chart '23' 1997) 'Perfect 10' (Chart '2' 1998') and the same year 'Dumb' (Chart '16') and -
'How Long's A Tear Take To Dry' (Chart '12' 1999) Just some of the many popular numbers to be found on this album.
'Beautiful South' were hugely popular with music-fans of all tastes, there music was significant often and certainly fun with
the clever lyric's ....that were frequently topical.
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The Very Best Of Sutherland Brothers & Quiver
The Very Best Of Sutherland Brothers & Quiver
Price: £4.12

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4.0 out of 5 stars 'SINGER / SONGWRITERS - 'THE SUTHERLAND BROTHERS', 26 Mar. 2015
'Gavin (born in 1951 in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, and Iain (born in 1948 in Ellon, Aberdeenshire) first set out in 1968 as
'A New Generation' in the early 70's performing as a Folk/Rock duo until 1973 when they linked up with Rock-Band 'Quiver'
Their song 'You Got Me Anyway' was a lower order hit in the U.S in 1973, they broke into the U.K Chart in 1976 with their
song - 'In The Arms Of Mary' (Chart '5' also a minor hit in the U.S) the same year reaching number '35' with 'Secrets' in the
U.K - all three songs were written by 'Iain Sutherland'
The Sutherland Brothers without Quiver did go on to have a minor Hit with 'Easy Come, Easy Go' (a favourite of mine)
Famously 'Gavin Sutherland' wrote the song 'Sailing' which they recorded (on-board) but as we all know was in fact a massive
hit for another 'Scot' - Rod Stewart
This album a great example of their best known recordings.
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Paddington [Blu-ray] [2015]
Paddington [Blu-ray] [2015]
Dvd ~ Nicole Kidman
Price: £12.99

5.0 out of 5 stars 'A DELIGHTFUL FAMILY MOVIE', 25 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A young Bear living in the Jungles of Peru has grown up hearing of his Aunt and Uncles ambition to one day
visit the far-off land called London, a place that an explorer had told them they would both be welcome and
find a new home.
After an Earthquake in the Jungle the young Bears Aunt helps the young Bear stowaway on a cargo-ship bound
for London.
When he arrives at the London Docks he gets unloaded with the mail-bags which takes him on a journey to
Paddington Station.
At first he try's to converse politely to people in the bustling crowds who just don't seem to have time to stop and
talk, it doesn't seem to be the friendly place he'd been led to believe it was.
The 'Brown' family passing him by stop, though Mr(Hugh Bonneville) doesn't want to know at first, though 'Mrs'
(Sally Hawkins) is more friendly, seeing that the young Bear seemed lost she asks her husband to let the Bear stay
at their home, even if it's for just the one night, reluctantly he agree's, children 'Johnathan' (Samuel Joslin) and 'Judy'
(Madeleine Harris) are of course delighted.
But, what do the call the little fellah, 'Mrs' looks up and see's the stations name on a sign-board - 'Paddington' (voiced
by Ben Whishaw) which seems an ideal name for him, and yes he approves.
London is such a strange place for 'Paddington' not what he'd imagined at all, but the 'Brown's' seem quite nice..........
Well, 'Paddington' is about to embark on quite an adventure..............though, beware, the wicked 'Millicent' (Nicole Kidman)
is on his trail with evil intent......
The story of the 'Marmalade' loving 'Paddington Bear' is a delightful movie for kids of all-ages.........
Bonus Features -
* Meet the Characters
* When a Bear Comes to Stay
* From Page to Screen
* Gallery

She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina
She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina
Price: £7.29

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4.0 out of 5 stars 'AMERICAN' FOLK/COUNTRY ARTIST', 25 Mar. 2015
Buffy Sainte-Marie' was born on the 'Piapot' 'Cree' First Nations Reserve in the Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan, Canada.
in 1941.
'Buffy' a Singer/Songwriter and multi-talented musician is almost certainly remembered best here in the U.K for singing the
Title-Track for the brutal film - 'Soldier Blue' (1970) the song itself Charting here in the U.K at number '7' in 1971 staying in
the chart for an impressive 18 weeks She only had a few lower-order entries after that one song though her quivering vocal
style has kept her in work in the States for over 50 years....singing, composing, producing records along with her on-going humanitarian work.
This is an interesting selection of songs, many written or part written by the singer herself.
For me, having bought the 45' back in 71 of 'Soldier Blue' (A film I've watched many times down the years) whilst this Hit-Song
can be found on several of her albums, when i started duplicating my Vinyl-Collection in the 90's the flip-side of 'Soldier Blue'
eluded me for some time until coming across this album, (the vast selection available these days wasn't the case in the 90's)
The song, a WAR/PROTEST number she wrote 'Moratorium' is in my view a total classic of the Protest-Song Era.
For me, this is an album i dig out every so often and enjoy...........'Buffy Sainte-Marie' still performs today.

The Spinners
The Spinners
Price: £2.55

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This review is from: The Spinners (Audio CD)
U.K Folk -Group The Spinners formed as a Skiffle-Group back in 1958 in Liverpool..........the days of skiffle were already
on the wane however, they were encouraged to sing Sea-Shanties and English Folk,which proved very popular from the
Reviving the old Folk-Songs went down well in the clubs they performed at gaining quite a following which down the years
led to the release of around 40 albums down the years.
In 1970 they were given their own television show on BBC which ran for 7 years, not too many music acts can boast that in
On this album there are many well known numbers including - 'Lord Of The Dance' 'Amazing Grace' 'Jamacia Farewell' -
'Greensleeves / Lovely Joan' 'Liverpool Hornpipe' 'We shall not Be Moved' 'Banks of Ohio' 'Waters of the Tyne' and
'So Long it's Been Good to Know You' - these can be found among the 22 tracks of, in the main, well known 'English'
'Irish' 'American' and 'West Indian' Folk Songs on-board.
It's quite simply easy-listening music to Chill With............The Spinners continued performing until 1988 - 30 years of Song.
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The Drop  [Blu-ray + UV Copy]
The Drop [Blu-ray + UV Copy]
Dvd ~ Tom Hardy
Price: £14.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars 'YOU DON'T CROSS SWORDS WITH THE MOBSTERS', 24 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
'Bob Saginowski' (Tom Hardy) is a bar-tender at the Brooklyn-Bar run by his cousin 'Marv' (James Gandolfini) who in turn
is employed by a gang-land boss and these days owner of the Bar.
The Bar is used by the gangland fraternity to funnel money around, 'Marv' is no longer the respected and feared man he
once was, 'Bob' seems a rather timid sole.
On the way home from the bar one night he finds a puppy in a garbage-bin, the occupant of the house see's 'Bob' looking
in her bins, the Doberman Puppy has suffered a beating, 'Nadia' (Noomi Rapace) helps 'Bob' tend the puppy's wounds.
'Bob' who is lonely wants to keep the puppy as company, 'Nadia' will help him sort things out for the dog, could romance be
on the cards ??
When the bar is robbed by a couple of armed men wearing masks, it's money belonging to the gangland owner, who holds
'Marv' and 'Bob' accountable for the loss.
There are choices that will have to be made by both 'Bob' and 'Marv' that could mean life or death to one or perhaps both.
Nearly missed this one, 'Tom Hardy' a great-actor is the reason i invested, he rarely makes a poor movie, and this is no
Of course many will remember 'Noomi Rapace's starring role in the Swedish 'Girl With/Who' film trilogy......
This is an often tense gem which slowly builds as the tension mounts and it's outcome unfolds........there are sequences of
violence along the way along with the usual dose of colourful language............certainly worthy of a viewing.
Features -
* Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by Michao'l Roskam and Dennis Lehane
* Promotional Featurettes
* Audio Commentary by Director Michao'l Roskam and Writer Lehane
* Gallery
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Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen: The Best Of Neil Sedaka
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen: The Best Of Neil Sedaka
Price: £6.05

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'Neil Sadaka' Singer/Songwriter and pianist was born in 'Brooklyn' New York in 1939.
This 2-CD Collection targets his early works of the late 50's and early 60's...early on he with a few classmates formed a Band
called 'The Tokens' they did in fact have a few minor-chart successes in the late 50's - 'Neil' branched out on his own in 1957,
his first chart success as a solo artist was 'I Go Ape' (Chart '9' 1959) which was followed by 'Oh Carol' the same year which
charted at number '3' here in the U.K, he went on to have a further five Top-Ten Hits here in the U.K these being - 'Stairway To
Heaven' (Chart '8' 1961) 'Calendar Girl' (Chart '8' 1961) 'Little Devil' (Chart '9' also 61') 'Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen' (Chart '3'
again 61') and 'Breaking Up Is Hard To Do' (Chart '7' 1962)
This double CD has all his early hits and best known material from his early years along with a couple from the early 70's in fact,
among some of the other well know songs on-board 'Solitaire' which he wrote, i believe 'Andy Williams' had a hit with that one....
'Beautiful You' 'Let's Go Steady Again' 'Next Door To An Angel' 'King Of Clowns' 'Silent Movies' and 'I Found My World In You'
among the many songs featured on-board.
In my opinion if you want just the one 'Neil Sadaka' album, because of the selection on this 2-CD Set, i'd have to say you won't
get a better collectable of his early works.
'Neil Sadaka' still performs to this day.
Footnote - with a few line-up changes the group he helped form in the mid 50's had a World-Wide Smash-Hit with 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'
a song many will of course remember.
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The Homesman [Blu-ray] [2014]
The Homesman [Blu-ray] [2014]
Dvd ~ Tommy Lee Jones
Price: £12.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'A NO-NONSENSE WESTERN', 23 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Life in the untamed territory of Nebraska is tough....
Land owner and Farmer 'Mary Bee Cuddy' (Hilary Swank) tends her land, keeps house and gives the appearance of being so
together and in truth she's lonely.
When three local women 'Arabella' (Grace Gummer) 'Theoline' (Miranda Otto) and 'Gro' (Sonja Richter) are declared insane by the
local preacher 'Reverend Alfred Dowd' (John Lithgow) 'Mary Bee' volunteers to drive a wagon with the women on-board to Ohio
where a ministers wife awaits them with the intention of helping these troubled women to find their way back.
After picking up the wagon she comes across rough diamond 'George Briggs' (Tommy Lee Jones) hands tied behind his back, sat
on a horse with a rope around his neck which is attached to the branch of a tree, moments from death, perhaps.
'Mary Lee' offers to cut him down in return for his help to take the women over the plains to Ohio, a task that would be easier with
'George' agree's, of course, better than hanging when the horse he's sat on decides to move off, but can this reprobate be trusted
to keep his word ?
The lands ahead are unforgiving, the journey with the challenges the three troubled passengers will bring to bare on proceedings along
with the many dangers to come, will almost certainly push the unlikely companions resourcefulness to the limits.
This is a no-nonsense and gritty western that will hold your attention throughout...........'Tommy Lee Jones' and 'Hilary Swank' put in
one heck of a shift.............This is a very good Film........a worthwhile watch.
Features -
* The Story
* Shooting The Film
* The Western
* The Homesman at Cannes
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The Love Songs
The Love Songs
Price: £5.32

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'FOR THE 'ROMANTIC'S' (GREAT EASY-LISTENING), 23 Mar. 2015
This review is from: The Love Songs (Audio CD)
Chris De Burgh - Singer/Songwriter and Instrumentalist was born 'Christopher John Davidson' in 'Venado Tuerto' Argentina in 1948
(His father was a British Diplomat stationed in Argentina)
This is a singer with a velvet voice, easy-listening and a great talent to write a beautiful tune, probably strictly for the 'Romantics' and
lovers of easy-listening material....the title for the album, says all you need to know, a selection of Romantic-Songs....
He got his first real break in 1974 signing for A & M Records, some of his early work was as a backing musician for artists such as
'Supertramp on-tour, he soon built a fan-base which led him to releasing his first album in 1975 which failed to impact in truth.
His Chart Career clicked-into place for him in the early 80's though he had to wait until 1986 to really get noticed when his song - 'Lady
In Red' became a World-Wide Smash-Hit staying at Number '1' in the U.K Charts for an impressive 3-Week Spell.
This album contains five further Chart Successes for 'Chris' including - 'Missing You' (Chart '3' 1988) 'So Beautiful' (Chart '29' 1997) -
'Separate Tables' (Chart '30' 1992) 'Fatal Hesitation' (Chart '44' 1986) and 'Lonely Sky' a song sung with 'Ben and Jamie Hazelby' (Chart
'36' 2011) along of course with the 'gem' mentioned earlier 'Lady In Red' (probably the song that springs to mind when you think of 'Chris
De Burgh)
Overall this is a great moods-album, maybe as background for a Romantic-Meal or maybe just to create that moment.
All the songs on board pleasant listening.
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Sensational Sixties - 1960
Sensational Sixties - 1960
Offered by RAREWAVES
Price: £3.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'MORE MAGIC MEMORIES FROM THE 60'S ERA', 23 Mar. 2015
This again is obviously a re-release, so before ordering check that it's not already harboured within your collection.
1960...This was the year i bought my first 45' my collection hasn't stopped growing since, only these days it is CD's that i buy.
These Compilations are always worthy of being checked out often offering a collection of favourites in an unfamiliar play-order
or indeed occasionally turning up a difficult to find track.
Though in this case i suspect collector's of music from these times will almost certainly own what can be found on-board.
The music of this time really was 'stuff of memories' for many, pre-group explosion of 62' / 63' and full of great-artists of the day.
Among the numbers included on this release - 'It's Now or Never' - 'Elvis' (the song broadened his appeal even more back then,
not only the 'King' of Rock'n'Roll but a great love-song and ballad singer) - 'Cathy's Clown' - The Everly's' (this release selling
over nine million copies World-Wide) - 'Three Steps To Heaven' - 'Eddie Cochran' (this Chart-Topper released shortly after his
tragic death) 'The Twist' -'Chubby Checker' (the number that started a new-dance craze, for a while at least) and 'My Old Man's
A Dustman' -'Lonnie Donegan' (Lonnie, who introduced Skiffle to the U.K a few years earlier still managed to come up with one or two
popular tracks such as this when the Skiffle era faded).............just a sample of the 20 memories that can be found on this album,
if you don't already have this Compilation among your collection, maybe worth checking out.....
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