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Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves [Blu-ray] [1991] [Region Free]
Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves [Blu-ray] [1991] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Kevin Costner
Price: £7.10

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'Robin of Loxley' (Kevin Costner) has during his role fighting in the Crusades been captured and thrown into a Turkish prison,
when escaping some while later he also assists 'Azeem' (Morgan Freeman) a Saracen Warrior, who tells 'Robin' as he is in
his dept for saving his life, he will as a matter of honour stay by his side until he fulfils the promise to save he who had saved
When finally reaching his homeland he, with 'Azeem' head for 'Nottingham' to rejoin his father unaware of the treachery and cruel
intent served up by 'The Sheriff of Nottingham' (suitably and wickedly portrayed by Alan Rickman) - 'Robin' will also learn of his
Fathers death at the hands of the Sheriff and his men, and that the lands were also lost.
'Robin' has no choice but to fight the tyranny as an Outlaw with Sherwood Forest as his domain....he will be joined by the men of
the Forest, he and they will fight for the people, for his lands,for honour and of course in Robin's case - for the hand of 'Marion'
(Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)
An enjoyable if but fanciful romp with many a character among his followers such as - 'Christian Slater' as 'Will Scarlett' - 'Nick Brimble'
as 'Little John' and 'Michael McShane' as 'Friar Tuck' among them along with a cameo role by - 'Sean Connery' as 'King Richard'
Not sure the Hollywood production team checked out the geographical location of 'Nottingham' to 'The White Cliffs of Dover' as after
landing on English shores it seemed a short stroll.
Wonder if the exaggerated accents and phrases were thought of as the norm' here in the U.K ?
That aside, this is a light-hearted action adventure telling the tale of fictional-hero - Robin Hood.
(This version has an additional 11 minutes to that of the Theatrical-Version)
Special Features -
* Commentary by Kevin Costner and Director Kevin Reynolds
* Commentary by Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater and Producer/Screenwriters Peri Densham and John Watson
* Robin Hood - man - myth - legend
* TV Special Vintage Interviews with the Films Stars
* Bryan Adams live at Irelands Slane Castle performing (Everything I do) I do it for you' (music only audio track (5.1)
* Theatrical Trailer & T.V Spots
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Bad Land: Road To Fury [Blu-ray]
Bad Land: Road To Fury [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Nicholas Hoult
Price: £9.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars 'THE RAINS WILL RETURN ?, 24 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
In the not too distant future a long-term drought has laid much of the lands to waste, water is a precious commodity
that man will kill for.
Though many have left the area 'Ernest' (Michael Shannon) a small holdings owner lives on his farm with daughter
'Mary' (Elle Fanning) and son 'Jerome' (Kodi Smit-McPhee) believing the rains will return and his lands will rejuvanate.
He defends his lands against intruders, though the greatest danger to him is in fact his daughters boyfriend 'Flem Lever'
who has designs on ''Ernest's' land, and will do anything to get his hands on it.
'Ernest' doesn't trust 'Flem' and try's to drive a wedge between him and his daughter though she is determined not to listen
to the sound advice given, though in time 'Flem; will get what he desires and indeed marry 'Mary'
However 'Jerome' has similar doubts with regards to 'Flem' as his father and will by chance uncover a brutal truth which he
will at some stage have to make a decision upon.
This is an unusual film which is played out in three parts, though it certainly has it's moments it is quite slow overall.
There are some violent sequences along the way, maybe a film to perhaps catch on a movie-channel some time rather than

The Big Hits of Yesterday
The Big Hits of Yesterday
Price: £5.98

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Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This an interesting music-series which comes up with one or two gems rarely seen upon too many compilations, obviously
these releases are worth a glance, one might well find one or two tracks that have been hard to find.
As with the second in the series some of the numbers on-board are cover-versions which we remember being charted here
in the U.K by a different artist than is featured such as - 'Love is Like a Violin' which was a big-hit for comedian 'Ken Todd'
and - 'Theme From a Summer Place' a Chart Success for 'Percy Faith and his Orchestra'
Many of the songs are not well know hit-sounds indeed some were never chart entries, of course there are one or two fondly
remembered hits also on the play-list such as - 'Love Letters' -Ketty Lester' ....'Michael' -'The Highwaymen' which charted
alongside 'Lonnie Donegan's' version of the song ....'Hey Baby' -'Bruce Channel' the later version of which by 'DJ Otzi' can
be heard at football grounds as a 'chant' these days ....'Dominique' -'The Singing Nun' this was a massive hit, a very different
song to what we were used too back then ....'Rhythm Of The Rain' -'The Cascades' one of my all-time favourite songs, is was
in fact the groups only hit ....and ....'Crying In The Rain' -'The Everlys' ....these among the chart memories on-board this release.
Worth a glance for collectors still perhaps looking for that missing gem that's been hard too find.
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The Big Hits of Yesterday Vol. 2
The Big Hits of Yesterday Vol. 2
Price: £7.43

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Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These compilations often harbour one or two gems not frequently found on releases of this kind.
Not sure that the albums title is overall a true reflection of the tracks on-board as some of the
numbers included are cover-versions that were indeed a hit for a better-known artist such as
'Halfway To Paradise' which, here in the U.K was a big-hit for 'Billy Fury' and of course 'Bobby's
Girl' a hit in the U.K for 'Susan Maghan'
And as an earlier reviewer has pointed out some were indeed near-misses, however there are
one or two well-know hits also included such as - 'More Than I Can Say' --'Bobby Vee'....'Sealed
With A Kiss' --'Bryan Hyland' to be found on-board.
For me, the purchase of this was for one or two tracks that don't turn-up too often on multi-artist
albums such as this, including - 'Yes My Darling Daughter' --'Eydie Gorme' and indeed - 'End Of
The World' --'Skeeter Davis'
The re-released album is certainly worth checking out to perhaps find a song or two that has maybe
has eluded you in your effort to cover your old 45's collection.

Wild [Blu-ray + UV Copy]
Wild [Blu-ray + UV Copy]
Dvd ~ Reese Witherspoon
Price: £14.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'WITH NO PREPARATION 'CHERYL' EMBARKS UPON AN 1100 MILE TREK - 'ALONE', 22 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Wild [Blu-ray + UV Copy] (Blu-ray)
The film is inspired by a true story -
After a reckless lifestyle and haunted by memories of her mother 'Bobbi' (Laura Dern) - 'Cheryl' (Reese Witherspoon) makes a
decision to embark upon an 1000 - Mile plus trek following 'The Pacific Crest Trail' to re-discover herself.
Trouble is she has done no preparation whatsoever for the ordeals yet to come, she starts off with a back-pack she can barely
lift, on-rout the first nigh she has to read the instructions of how to assemble her tent, the same aplys to her use of burner to
cook her food.
She has to overcome the fear of being alone at night in the middle of nowhere and get used to the noises of the night the baron
desert encountered early on.......all this adds up to painfully slow progress.
She finds the unfamiliar creatures and the searing-heat quite challenging, there will be many more yet to come.
During her Trek she has frequent flash-backs telling the story of moments in her childhood, her wayward times leading to moments
of sadness and indeed despair.
On her journey her early progress is laboured, thankfully at a stop-over she gets some sound advice which will lead to her discarding
unnecessary baggage making her burden somewhat lighter along with acquiring more suitable footwear.........only 900 plus miles to
go -
She'll come across several diverse characters along the way.........
This again is a film that could easily pass one by, unless like myself you've read the many positive comments harboured in the reviews
of the film, the thought of watching a lone woman trekking over a 1000 miles maybe not conjuring up a interesting image, however because
of the flash-backs telling her story of the past along with the many characters along the way does make the film both work and indeed
It really is an absorbing watch during which you can almost share the pain and frustrations of the trek - It is a story of true
courage and determination often against the odds.
There are also moments during the reflections that are very 'moving'
A truly remarkable story coupled with some stunning scenery along the way.
During the film there is use of colourful language, some nudity and brief scenes of an adult nature.
Well Worth A Viewing.
Features -
* Deleted Scenes with Commentary
* The real Cheryl Strayed
* The real location is the best location
* How much does a monster weigh ?
* Pacific Crest Trail Interactive-Map
* Promotional Featurette
* Audio Commentary by Jean Marc Vallee
* Bruno Popandrea and David Greenbaum
* Gallery

The Essential Roy Orbison
The Essential Roy Orbison
Offered by MediaMerchants
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'GREAT MEMORIES OF THIS QUALITY ARTIST', 22 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I do have several albums of 'Roy Orbison' in my music collection including a A and B sides double of all his 60's Hits, of course
as followers of this class-act will know, many of the B-Sides were indeed as good as the A-Side releases, so that is a prize
possession i have.
Many of the albums i have does not include the hits that Charted following his passing in late 88' those that do have many album
tracks also and not so many of the 60's Hit-Material, this release however more or less does both, though i do have to point out
that one or two of his 60's favourites such as - 'Borne on The Wind' and 'Goodnight' are not in fact included, that aside, many of
our fond memories are.
For myself, as i'm certain is the case for many followers of 60's favourites such as 'The Big O' you cannot put a price on memories.
Among the favourites upon disc One - 'Oh Pretty Woman' (Chart '1' U.K 964)......'Only The Lonely' (Chart '1' U.K 1960) this being
his first U.K success - 'Love Hurts' (not released as a single in the U.K of course the song proved a winner in further years for artists
such as - 'The Walker Brothers' and 'Nazareth' ) ......'Running Scared' (Chart '9' U.K 1961) this is certainly one of my favourites which
in fact topped the U.S Charts - 'The Crowd' (Chart '40' U.K) another favourite of mine, though it's Chart-Success didn't, for me, reflect
the quality of that one......'Falling' (Chart '9' U.K 1963)......and.....'It's Over' (Chart '1' U.K 1964) must admit when i saw 'Roy' on stage
back then, he had to do around three encore's of that one before finally leaving the stage.....just a few of the great memories to be
found among the play-list on the first disc, on disc two......'You Got It' (Chart '3' U.K 1989)......'I Drove All Night' (Chart '7' U.K 1992)
of course both 'Cyndi Lauper' and 'Celine Dion' had success with that one, all three versions, for me, are worth owning......'In Dreams'
(1987 Version) the song was a number '6' hit for 'Roy' back in 1963......'She's A Mystery To Me' (Chart '27' U.K 1989) with his version
of great songs such as - 'Unchained Melody' and a list of lower order Chart entries such as - 'Crawling Back' and 'Walk On' included
upon the play-listings of the second disc.
This is a great reflection of this 'All-Time-Great' artist works down the years, an artist that could sing as well on-stage as on record...
A Great Collectable (currently just £4.99 on this site.
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Ultimate Kylie
Ultimate Kylie
Offered by Leisurezone
Price: £4.99

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This review is from: Ultimate Kylie (Audio CD)
'Kylie Ann Minogue' was born in 'Melbourne' S.Australia in 1968.
She first came to our notice as a fresh-faced teen in the Australian-Soap 'Neighbours' during the 80's before she broke onto
the music-scene in 1988 fast becoming an International Recording Artist, her first hit of course was 'I Should Be So Lucky'
which became the first of her seven Chart-Toppers.
Things weren't always great for 'Kylie' in May 2005 she was diagnosed with Breast-Cancer which lead to her cancelling the
remainder of her - 'Showgirl / Greatest - Hits Tour'
Because she raised awareness of her condition she did get much acclaim, thankfully she got through that period and after a
complete break picked up where she had left off in terms of Chart-Success.
This 2-CD Collection which covers much of her Chart-Success between 1988 and early 2005
Upon the first disc other than the track already mentioned we find tracks such as - 'I've Got To Be Certain' (Chart '2' 1988) -
'Especially For You' sung with 'Jason Donovan' (Chart '1' also 88') which was followed by 'Hand On Your Heart' (Chart '1' 1989)
'Tears On My Pillow' (Chart '1' 1990) and 'Give Me A Just Little More Time' (Chart '2' 1992)....these among 15 tracks to be found
upon disc one........and on disc two......'Confide In Me' (Chart '2' 1994) - 'Where The Wild Roses Grow' wit 'Nick Cave' (Chart '11'
1995) - 'Breathe' (Chart '14' 1998) after a short spell out of the Top-Ten Smashing-Right-Back-Up-There with - 'Spinning Around'
(Chart '1' 2000) - 'Kids' with 'Robbie Williams' (Chart '2' 2000) - 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' (Chart '1' 2001) very few will have
forgotten the video-image performed for that one - 'Love At First Sight (Chart '2' 2002) - 'Slow' (Chart '1' 2003) and 'I Believe In You'
(Chart '2' 2004) - just some of the successes among the 18 tracks upon disc two.
Overall this is a great reflection of 'Kylie's' Chart Success up to 2005, certainly one for both collectors and indeed fans of this Lady's
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Into the Woods [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Into the Woods [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Meryl Streep
Price: £14.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars 'GO FORTH INTO THE WOODS', 20 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Have to say i was caught in two minds with this one, the critics and reviewers were indeed in two camps, some hated it,
some loved it, after cancelling and re-ordering a couple of times, i gave in to my love of Disney down the years..........
The story entwines several fairy tales merging them in to the lives of the 'Baker' (James Corden) and his wife played by
'Emily Blunt' who to undo a wicked curse bestowed upon them by the Witch (Meryl Streep) to have the child they crave
they must deliver to her a 'White Cow' that is being led to market by 'Jack' (Daniel Huttlestone) - 'Red Riding Hood's (Lilla
Crawford) Red-Cape - 'Cinderella's' (Anna Kendrick) Golden-Slippers and locks of her daughter 'Repunzel's' (Makenzie Mauzy)
So into the Woods the Baker and his Wife go, to try and collect that which the Witch has demanded in return for the lifting of
the starts the caper in the woods playing out the fairy tales in - song and with perhaps a different twist.
Just when you think it's Happily-Ever-After - things begin to take a turn for the worse for the characters of the Kingdom - all
because of a sixth 'Bean' that had been discarded.........a new quest now unfolds........Once-Upon-A-Time indeed.......
The film certainly has an all-star cast which also includes - 'Chris Pine' (Cinderella's Prince) - 'Billy Magnussen' (Rapunzel's
Prince) and for good measure - 'Johnny Depp' (as the Wolf)
It's fair to say that not all cast-members have great singing-voices, however how the film has been set up it wasn't really necessary
everything came together in a delightful way.
The film is charming and very enjoyable, maybe not everyone's bag, though in my view 'Disney' did make a good job of bringing
several tales into just the one.
Good Picture and Sound Quality throughout.
Sub-Title options - English - Danish - Dutch - French - Finnish - Italian - Norwegian - Spanish - Swedish
Special Features -
* Streep sings Sondheim - She'll Be Back
* There's Something About The Woods - The Cast As-Good-As-Gold - Deeper into the Woods
* Audio Commentary by Director Rob Marshall and Producer DeLuca
* Music and Lyrics
* Play Film with Lyrics On-Screen
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Roy Orbison: Live At Austin City Limits [DVD] [2003]
Roy Orbison: Live At Austin City Limits [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Roy Orbison
Price: £10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'QUITE SIMPLY' - 'THE BIG ''O'', 20 May 2015
'Roy Kelton Orbison' was born in 'Vernon' Texas in 1936.
He had great chart success during the early 60's which indeed saw three U.K Chart Toppers - 'Only The Lonely' (1960)
'It's Over' (1964) and 'Oh Pretty Woman' (1964) the latter becoming popular all over again with the release of the 'Richard
Gere' - Julia Roberts' movie 'Pretty Woman' (1990)
Of course 'Roy's' chart success was indeed both sides of the Atlantic.
On stage, as this 1982 concert clearly shows his performance vocally seemed almost effortless, his vocals were quite
simply that good.
I was indeed fortunate to have seen him perform live at a local theatre in the early 60's.
The Play Order -
01 - Only The Lonely
02 - Leah
03 - Dream Baby
04 - In Dreams
05 - Mean Woman Blues
06 - Blue Angel
07 - Lana
08 - Blue Bayou
09 - Candy Man
10 - Crying
11 - Ooby Dooby
12 - Hound Dog Man
13 - Working For The Man
14 - 'That Lovin' You Feelin' Again
15 - (Go Go Go) Down The Line
16 - It's Over
17 - Oh, Pretty Woman
18 - Running Scared
As you can see the play-list includes many of his best-known 60's songs.
Bonus Features include -
* Documentary, Photo Gallery and Song Lyrics.
This show recorded 'Live' at 'Austin City Limits' 'August 5th 1982'
Just over 6 years later, sadly aged just 52, Roy Orbison passed away.
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Foxcatcher [Blu-ray] [2015]
Foxcatcher [Blu-ray] [2015]
Dvd ~ Steve Carell
Price: £12.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars 'CERTAINLY A MOVIE WORTH A WATCH', 19 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The film is based upon real-events -
Wrestler 'Mark Shultz' (Channing Tatum) is invited by the very wealthy 'John Du Pont' (Steve Carell) to move to estate and
join his wrestling academy - Team Foxcatcher to help him form a team to represent the U.S.A in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.
'John Du Pont' see's himself as mentor, trainer and indeed a father-figure to his team, a little delusional perhaps.
'Mark's' elder brother 'Dave' (Mark Ruffalo) is also a wrestler, though 'John Du Pont' also wants 'Mark' on-side to help train
the team, 'Mark' and his family are more than happy and settled where they are......
'Mark' is introduced to a very different life-style and is drawn into 'John's' world and slowly drifts into the standards and values
demonstrated to him....seemingly becoming first name friends.
Winning is what drives 'John' who likes to be called 'Golden Eagle' he becomes obsessed in his quest to bring 'Dave' to the
grounds and training school, money no object.
However when it does actually happen the relationship between the once close brothers becomes strained things are not as
'John' had envisaged, 'Mark' distances himself from the team, though he will surely rekindle his friendship with 'Dave'
The power-struggle and need to win will ultimately change the course of events, the three, in truth, have different values,
leading to perhaps an unexpected conclusion.
(Must admit every time i see 'Steve Carell's name on the cast-list it always brings to mind his roles in the Almighty' movies)
Also among the cast list in 'Foxcatcher' the celebrated actress 'Vanessa Redgrave' plays 'John Du Pont's' mother.
This is an often intense and well portrayed drama in which 'Channing Tatum' in my view plays out his best acting role to date.
Well worth a viewing.
Special Features -
* The Story Of Foxcatcher
* Deleted Scenes

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