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10 Cloverfield Lane [Blu-ray] [2016]
10 Cloverfield Lane [Blu-ray] [2016]
Dvd ~ Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Price: £12.99

4.0 out of 5 stars 'A PRISON OR SANCTUARY ? (OFTEN TENSE - WORTH A SPIN), 24 July 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Wasn't going to buy this one, however i was persuaded by being told i'd enjoy the film....i had no
preconceived notions about the film and had read no write-ups, so knew little or nothing of the
plot, just wanted something different to watch....
'Michelle'(Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has had an argument with fiance 'Ben' and decides to leave him
...on her journey away from New Orleans whilst travelling through rural Louisiana she is distracted by
a bulletin on her car radio and crashes......when she wakes up she finds herself in a concrete room chained
up and on a drip....where was she ?
When the door opens a man she comes to know as 'Howard' (John Goodman) enters the locked room, he
tells her he'd found her upturned car and saved her, he also tells her that they are the only survivors after
a chemical attack, telling her it may have been the 'Russians' or maybe 'Aliens' and it was unsafe to leave.
In recent years he had built a bunker for such events which is where 'Michelle' now finds herself.
She will discover there to be a third person in the bunker 'Emmett' (John Gallagher Jr) who claims to have
witnessed the attack which is why he had made his way to 'Howard's' bunker.
'Howard' has to be in complete control, suffocating control, can what he says be true ?
After uncovering a worrying lie, 'Michelle' knows she must escape the bunker and find out what is really
going on outside.....there are locks/ padlocks on every exit.
Collusion between her and 'Emmett' will be questioned, 'Howard' will pick-up on it.....will 'Michelle' escape
the bunker ?......what has really happened beyond ?
The film does feel a little slow at times, however there is a high level of tension along the 'Howard'
delusional, is he completely mad, or had building the bunker been well conceived plan to protect himself
from such attacks as he'd described....
Must admit, i asked myself these questions along the way unsure of the films outcome.....worth a spin.
Features -
Commentary by Director Dan Trachtenberg and Producer J.J.Abrams
Cloverfield Too
Bunker Mentality
Duck and Cover
Spin Off
Kelvin Optical
Fine Tuned
End of Story.
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All Over The World: The Very Best Of ELO
All Over The World: The Very Best Of ELO
Price: £7.99

'E.L.O' were one of the most successful outfits of the 70's era.....this album does indeed have many
of the groups best known tracks on-board, however i would respectfully guide you to consider their
1997 Double-Album release - LIGHT YEARS - track listings below if you want a more comprehensive
cover of the groups hit-sounds (at the same price currently)
Disc: 1
1. Turn to Stone
2. Evil Woman
3. Livin' Thing
4. Twilight
5. Telephone Line
6. Four Little Diamonds
7. Xanadu - Olivia Newton-John
8. Last Train to London
9. Strange Magic
10. Ma Ma Ma Belle
11. Confusion
12. Rock n' Roll Is King
13. The Way Life's Meant to Be
14. Can't Get It out of My Head
15. Secret Messages
16. Calling America
17. Don't Walk Away
18. Don't Bring Me Down
19. Mr. Blue Sky

Disc: 2
1. Sweet Talkin' Woman
2. I'm Alive
3. Shine a Little Love
4. Ticket to the Moon
5. Illusions in G Major
6. So Serious
7. Nightrider
8. All Over the World
9. Here Is the News
10. The Diary Of Horace Wimp
11. Across the Border
12. Showdown
13. Hold on Tight
14. Wild West Hero
15. Do Ya
16. 10538 Overture
17. Getting to the Point
18. Rockaria!
19. Roll over Beethoven

Risen [Blu-ray] [2016]
Risen [Blu-ray] [2016]
Dvd ~ Tom Felton
Price: £9.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
This review is from: Risen [Blu-ray] [2016] (Blu-ray)
The film does drift some from the biblical stories, and may not be of interest to all because of this, however the story
written primarily as a stage production written by Kevin Reynolds and Paul Allello was adapted and brought the big-
screen directed by 'Kevin Reynolds'
In Troubled Times -
The story is told by Roman Tribune 'Clavius' (Joseph Fiennes) who is in the service of 'Pontius Pilate' (Peter Firth)
'Clavius' is instructed to ensure the Nazarian 'Yeshua / Jesus' (Cliff Curtis) who he'd ordered crucified is dead even telling
him have 'Jesus's' legs broken whilst still on the cross....however when 'Clavius' arrives at Calvary he will look into the eyes
of the dead figure still nailed to the cross.
Unlike other victims, it is allowed for 'Jesus' to be taken and interned in a cave....however, 'Pilate' is fearful of the prophecy
he'd been told by the elders of Jerusalem so orders the cave/tomb to be sealed and guarded.
However news will reach 'Pilate' that the Tomb is could this be....the likelihood is that his followers have taken
the body so people would believe 'Jesus' had risen....'Pilate' cannot risk the unrest that would surely follow so orders 'Clavius'
to find the body and bring it to him to dash the rumours.
'Clavius' worships the God 'Mars' what he will come face to face with on his search will have a profound effect on his religious
beliefs......Things will never be the same for the Tribune.
Though as mentioned the story does drift from how it is told in the Bible, the film has been well portrayed and does pull you
in, telling the story in the way it has been told through the eyes of a Roman Tribune does put a different slant on the well
know story surrounding the crucifixon and resurrection and onto the ascension.
Whether you have faith or not, the film is certainly worthy of a viewing,
Must admit having watched the film earlier this evening, wasn't sure how to score it, though, it was well-cast and totally absorbing.
Features -
Blu-ray Exclusives -
Deleted Scenes
The Battle of The Zealots Deconstructed
Special Features -
The Mystery of the Resurrection - Making Risen
Creating A.D Jerusalem
Script to Screen
Feature Commentary
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Joan Of Arc - The Messenger [Blu-ray] [2008] [Region Free]
Joan Of Arc - The Messenger [Blu-ray] [2008] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Milla Jovovich
Offered by Squirrelsounds
Price: £25.99

5.0 out of 5 stars 'MAID OF ORLEANS' - '15th CENTURY FRENCH HEROINE' - (JEANNE d'ARC), 21 July 2016
15th Century France in both political and religious turmoil, there has been 100 years of war with the English, it is desperate times.
Inspiration, a saviour is needed to rid the lands of the invaders who roam freely.
A young peasant girl who had been born in 'Domremy' in 1412 was to emerge from obscurity to give France hope.
At the age of 13 'Joan' began to have visions, when finding a sword and returning home she finds her village under attack from a
group of English Knights, 'Joan's' sister sacrificed herself to save young 'Joan'
'Joan' believed at the age of barely 16 that she'd been given a mission by God to lead her Countrymen to victory and rid the land of
the English....already building a reputation and following she seeks out at 'Chinon' the 'Daufin' - 'Charles' (John Malcovich) the would
be King of France if the English King 'Henry VI' relinquished his claim.
'Joan' (Milla Jovovich) asks to lead his army against the occupying forces, could she convince 'Charles' that her visions and mission
were from God ?....truth is, he and France were desperate to believe that salvation was possible.
After a series of victories over the English 'Charles' does indeed exceed to the Throne, her task not over she asks for a army to complete
her mission but will be refused.
'Joan' during the battles and more so when facing trial for heresy struggles with her conscience and is often seen talking to an imaginary
figure played by 'Dustin Hoffman'
She had been a thorn in the side of the English forces and at the age of just 19 will face their brutal justice.
This interpretation of the legendary French heroin does approach the story in a very different way to earlier efforts seeing 'Joan' frequently questioning her motives for her actions and interpretation of her visions though never straying from her faith.
The film probably drifts from historic accuracy but as an epic spectacle wins hands down with many well staged brutal battle sequences
and many an outstanding performance none more so than that of 'Milla Jovovich'
Quite a time ago since last viewing the film, glad i took time out to do so again.....well worth viewing.
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Good Luck Charm [Double CD]
Good Luck Charm [Double CD]
Price: £5.20

5.0 out of 5 stars 'MORE 50'S AND 60'S MEMORIES AT A GREAT PRICE', 21 July 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There are so many of these 50's/60's Compilations out there it's often difficult to make a sound choice especially if you
are not familiar with the tracks on-board if just a fan of the era's music rather than a collector or someone reflecting on memories of those dizzy times.
(This is almost certainly a re-release so do check you don't already own it before committing to buy)
Glancing through the play-list there are one or two perhaps lesser known tracks on-board along with one or two B-Sides from memory, also it would be
right to say that one or two tracks are remembered best as hits for other artists such as 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow' a big hit here in the U.K by the
'Shirelles' back in 1961, 'Little Eva' best remembered for another 'Carole King' song 'The Locomotion'.....the song 'Do You Wanna Dance' was a a number
'2' Hit for 'Cliff Richard' in the U.K in 1962.
However, overall there really are some terrific memories from the late 50's and early 60's on-board, which for those that listened to the songs way back
when will surely trigger a memory or i have said many times before listening to great sounds that we remember in unfamiliar play-order does
give a buzz, i'm sure many like myself remember the words to most of these tracks also, we can sing along whilst listening, though if your singing
voice is as rough as mine (on your own might be advisable)
Some of the tracks that pulled me into buying along with it's current price of little over £4.00 currently on this site are - 'Paul Anka' - 'Diana'....'Sam
Cooke' - 'Cupid'.....'Jimmy Jones' - 'Good Timin'......'Freddie Cannon' - 'Pallisades Park'......'Tommy Roe'' - 'Shelia'.....'Elvis' - 'Girl of My Best Friend'
(one of my favourite 'Elvis' numbers, it began as a B-Side to 'Mess of Blues' but also made the Top 10 at the same time back in 1960).....'Jimmy Jones'
- 'Handy Man' (both his major hits on-board).....and 'The Cascades' - 'Rhythm of the Rain' (another favourite of mine, funnily enough this song was the groups only U.K hit)......
There are many others worthy of a it's current price it has to be worth checking out (have added the listings to make it easier to do so)
Disc: 1m
01. Good Luck Charm - Elvis Presley
02. Teenager In Love - Dion & The Belmonts
03. Dream Baby - Roy Orbison
04. Up On The Roof - The Drifters
05. Diana - Paul Anka
06. ('Til) I Kissed You - The Everly Brothers
07. Hey! Baby - Bruce Channel
08. Bobby's Girl - Susan Maughan
09. Sea Cruise - Frankie Ford
10. Cupid - Sam Cooke
11. Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly
12. Runaway- Del Shannon
13. Good Timin' - Jimmy Jones
14. Return To Sender - Elvis Presley
15. Eddie My Love - Teen Queens
16. Hello Mary Lou - Ricky Nelson
17. Oh, Neil - Carole King
18. A Picture Of You -Joe Brown
19. Palisades Park - Freddy Cannon
20. Dedicated To The One I Love - The Shirelles
21. Pretty Blue Eyes - Steve Lawrence
22. (I Don't Know Why) But I Do - Clarence 'Frogman' Henry
23. Do You Wanna Dance - Bobby Freeman
24. Happy Days - The Marvelettes
25. Will You Love Me Tomorrow - Little Eva

Disc: 2
01. Good Time Baby - Bobby Rydell
02. He's So Fine - The Chiffons
03. Sheila - Tommy Roe
04. The Wanderer - Dion
05. It Might As Well Rain Until September - Carole King
06. Oh Carol -Neil Sedaka
07. Wonderful World - Sam Cooke
08. The Girl Of My Best Friend - Elvis Presley
09. Plenty Good Lovin' - Connie Francis
10. Travelin' Man - Ricky Nelson
11. Rubber Ball - Bobby Vee
12. Yum Yum Yum - The Cinderellas
13. Hey Paula - Paul & Paula
14. Wake Up Little Susie - The Everly Brothers
15. Here Comes Summer - Jerry Keller
16. What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For - Emile Ford
17. Handy Man - Jimmy Jones
18. Rhythm Of The Rain - The Cascades
19. Tonight You Belong To Me - Nancy Sinatra
20. Let Me In - The Sensations
21. Fever - Ann Margret
22. It's All In The Game - Tommy Edwards
23. Dear Mr. DJ (Play It Again) - Tina Robin
24. Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me Of You) - Little Caesar and The Romans
25. Happy Times (Are Here To Stay) - Tony Orlando
(as an earlier reviewer points out thee is a leaflet inside with both small photo's and writings from Kingsley Abbot)
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The Trust [Blu-ray]
The Trust [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Nicolas Cage
Price: £10.00

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars 'WORTH A WATCH' (BETTER SHOWING FROM 'NICOLAS CAGE'), 19 July 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Trust [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
'Jim Stone' (Nicolas Cage) works for Las Vegas Police Department in Evidence-Management....whilst in the mist
of an investigation he discovers in a case file that a drug-dealer had been bailed by someone handing over some
$200,000 in cash which triggers a question or two in his mind he shows the file to friend and boss 'Sergeant David
Waters' (Elijah Woods)
'Jim' uses vacation leave to dig a little deeper into the dealings of the drug-dealer and discovers that all merchandise
handled by the dealer is taken to a building and apparently goes no further.
'Jim' persuades 'David' to help him dig deeper into the mystery, though unsure of where it's leading he'll help his friend.
Both 'Jim' an 'David' have been disillusioned with their lot at work and both have found it difficult to make ends meet,
so when the inquiry leads them to believe there to be easy pickings on offer they set about planning how to go about
it....however there will be one or two surprises ahead.....have they got in over their heads ?
Though there are no awards to be won here, it is an enjoyable watch.
Many a 'Nicolas Cage' fan will have i'm sure been disappointed with his efforts in recent years, in this although perhaps
not back to his best he does turn in a good performance as too does 'Elijah Wood'
In my view the film is worth a watch if by only catching it on the movie-channels maybe.
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London Has Fallen [Blu-ray] [2016]
London Has Fallen [Blu-ray] [2016]
Dvd ~ Gerard Butler
Price: £14.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars 'IT'S LONDON'S TURN' (ACTION-THRILLER), 16 July 2016
As many suggest, in truth, the film is wildly o.t.t, however, if viewed with little expectation, it is, action-packed
and hugely entertaining....
'Mike Banning' (Gerard Butler) is bodyguard to the U.S President 'Benjamin Asher' (Aaron Eckhart)...'Mike' has
decided that it's time to walk away from this dangerous occupation and focus on his pregnant wife and forthcoming
child, he is writing a note of resignation....when a message comes through from the President, the U.K Prime Minister
has suddenly died and he has to attend the state, the resignation letter will have to wait as he is to
accompany his boss on his flight to London.
Two years ago America had set out to kill Terrorist and Arms dealer 'Aamir Barkawi' (Alon Moni Aboutboul) and had
used a Drone to target him, however though many were killed in the compound including his daughter, the Terrorist
had survived the blast.
Upon arriving in London and making their way to the funeral - all hell breaks loose, it seems even the police stationed
to secure the area are among the attackers....the truth is, 'Aamir' had planned he whole thing with the help of his sons
including the death of the Prime has been staged, the target - The American President.
'Mike' has to get his boss away from the turmoil as fast as he can with famous landmarks being blown up and bullets
flying they will have to fight to make their escape.
On the ground the London authorities are trying to co-ordinate restoring order, but, how did the terrorists know of the
arrangements, and how were they able to infiltrate the security cover and get so close to the visiting dignitary ?
Will 'Mike' keep his boss alive ? Will he himself live to see his new-born ?
The film has much if but unlikely action sequences along with some good visual effects as you would be
honest 'Olympus Has Fallen' is the better of the two films in my opinion....however for simply entertainment purposes for
me it's a '4'
Features -
The making of London Has Fallen
Guns , Knives and Explosives.
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Offered by Beat The Bomb
Price: £14.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars 'AN OFTEN TENSE AND EMOTION CHARGED DRAMA', 15 July 2016
This review is from: Strangerland (Blu-ray)
Catherine' (Nicole Kidman) and husband 'Matthew Parker' along with their children 'Lily' (Maddison Brown) and
'Tommy' (Nicholas Hamilton) live in a back-water town these days on the edge of the 'Australian' outback.
They are a pretty dysfunctional family, 'Catherine' and 'Matthew' barely get along these days and sleep separately,
15-year old 'Lily' is out-of-control and has built up quite a reputation among the local-lads of the small town, the
problems within the household have rubbed off on younger sibling 'Tommy' he often goes for a walk-about at night.
When a ferocious dust-storm hits town, both 'Lily' and 'Tommy' had earlier seemingly run-off together, there is no
trace of their whereabouts, local Sheriff 'David Rae' (Hugo Weaving ) organises a search in the surrounding out-back
knowing that in the searing heat the two siblings can survive but a few days.
Desperation quickly overwhelms 'Catherine' and 'Matthew' their personal difficulties become even more evident, as
time appears to be running out it becomes an emotion-charged search......will the two be found alive ???
This Australian made movie has been well crafted, many actors among the cast emerge with credit for their roles in
the film, 'Nicole Kidman' in particular is superb.
Well worth a viewing..........
Features -
The Cast Featurette
The Story Featurette

The 70s Summer Album
The 70s Summer Album
Price: £5.00

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 'A SUPER REFLECTION OF THE 70'S', 15 July 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The 70s Summer Album (Audio CD)
The 3-CD Compilation concentrating largely on the early to mid 70's, even without many of the major acts of the day does
embrace the feel of those times with examples of the 'soul-music' 'early disco' 'blues' 'glam-rock' and rock/pop to be found on-board.
Because there are and have been so many releases of the music of the era picking ones way through has become difficult for collectors/ fans of those times
(though i suspect this to be a re-release, so check you don't already own it before committing to buy)
Glancing through the play-list of these popular 70's tracks i would consider it unlikely that you'll find any difficult-to-find material on-board that if a collector you
don't already own.....
However, as mentioned, there are many favourites / memories on-board which at a sensible price (currently £5.00 on this site) is worth consideration offering
the opportunity to relive those times listening to many popular numbers in unfamiliar play-order....
Among the favourites that persuaded me to invest - 'The Jacksons' - 'Blame it on the Boogie'......'the Hughes Corporation' - 'Rock the Boat'......'Sarah Brightman
and Hot Gossip' - 'I Lost my Heart to a Starship Trooper' (a little after this song 'Sarah Brightman's' career certainly took-off if but in a different direction in music
-style terms)......'Dolly Parton' - 'Jolene'......'Santana' - 'She's not There'......'Ram Jam' - 'Black Betty'......'Mott the Hoople' - 'All the Young Dudes'......'Melanie' -
'Ruby Tuesday' (love that version of the Rolling Stones classic)......and......'Lou Reed' - 'Walk On the Wild Side'......just to mention a few of my favourites that can
be found among the 60 tracks on-board this collection, of course, as always there are many more worthy of a mention.
I just feel at this price it has to be worthy of consideration, certainly worth checking out.....i have added the complete listings below to make it easier to do so -

Disc: 1
01. Heatwave - Boogie Nights
02. Andrea True Connection - More, More, More
03. The Jacksons - Blame It On the Boogie
04. Boney M. - Daddy Cool
05. Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
06. Dan Hartman - Instant Replay
07. Earth, Wind & Fire with The Emotions - Boogie Wonderland
08. Labelle - Lady Marmalade
09. The Hues Corporation - Rock the Boat
10. The Trammps - Hold Back the Night
11. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - The Love I Lost
12. Odyssey - Native New Yorker
13. The Emotions - Best Of My Love
14. The O'Jays - Love Train
15. The Pointer Sisters - Fire
16. The Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again
17. Average White Band - Pick up the Pieces
18. Eruption - I Can't Stand the Rain
19. Billy Ocean - Love Really Hurts Without You
20. Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip - I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper

Disc: 2
01. The Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze, Pt. 1
02. Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine
03. Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden
04. Tammy Wynette - Stand by Your Man
05. Dolly Parton - Jolene
06. The Nolans - I'm In The Mood for Dancing
07. Tina Charles - I Love to Love
08. Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music
09. Santana - She's Not There
10. Sly & The Family Stone - Family Affair
11. Billy Paul - Me and Mrs. Jones
12. Gladys Knight & The Pips - Midnight Train Georgia
13. MFSB - TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)
14. The Drifters - Kissin' in the Back Row of the Movies
15. The Tymes - Ms. Grace
16. Chairmen of the Board - Give Me Just A Little More Time
17. Freda Payne - Band of Gold
18. Ram Jam - Black Betty
19. Toto - Hold the Line
20. The Guess Who - American Woman

Disc: 3
01. Sweet - Blockbuster
02. Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby
03. Mott The Hoople - All the Young Dudes
04. Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
05. Terry Jacks - Seasons in the Sun
06. Art Garfunkel - I Only Have Eyes for You
07. Johnny Nash - Tears On My Pillow (I Can't Take It)
08. Tony Orlando & Dawn - Knock Three Times
09. Showaddywaddy - Under The Moon Of Love
10. Edison Lighthouse - Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
11. Melanie - Ruby Tuesday
12. Sailor - A Glass Of Champagne
13. Billy Swan - I Can Help
14. Kursaal Flyers - Little Does She Know
15. Colin Blunstone - Say You Don't Mind
16. Cheap Trick - I Want You to Want Me
17. Steve Miller Band - Rock'N'Me
18. Boz Scaggs - Lido Shuffle
19. Patti Smith Group - Because the Night
20. Lou Reed - Walk On the Wild Side

Wanderin' star
Wanderin' star
Price: £14.28

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 'MANY A MEMORY FROM BOTH 'TV' AND 'FILM' (WESTERNS), 14 July 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Wanderin' star (Audio CD)
Was actually seeking out 'Lee Marvin's' - 'Wand'rin' Star' (a number '1' sound back in 1970 from the film 'Paint Your Wagon' - from memory it'ssuccess was something of a surprise to the rugged actor)(Do own the film, however have, until now, never owned the track on either 45' or as a CD number) As a collector i have over a period of years tried to dig-out many old-favourites to buy on this format including covering my vinyl collection also,just when you think you've cracked the quest there is always a track you've maybe missed.This CD not only supplied me with this old favourite but also with many a memory from film and TV series including 'River of No Return' a filmi do own on the Blu-ray format, 'Bonanza' a TV series i'm sure many like myself followed religiously, 'High Noon' from the classic film of the same name and sung by the great 'Frankie Laine' (who sang many a 'Western' TV and Movie theme) - 'Gene Pitney's' - 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance' a great song which funnily enough wasn't featured in the film of the same name....'Wagon Train' another superb TV series many followed.during the late 50's to the mid 60's.
All in all, this a CD of memories for many....certainly worth a glance -Have added the track-listings so it can be checked out on the same page -
01. Wand'rin' Star - Lee Marvin -
02. Get Along Home, Cindy - Ricky Nelson/Walter Brennany
03. The Call Of The Far Away Hills - Victor Young And His Orchestra
04. River Of No Return - Tennessee Ernie Ford
05. Jim Bowie - Gordon MacRae
06. High Noon - Frankie Laine
07. Bonanza - David Rose Orchestra
08. You Can't Get Far Without A Railroad - James Stewart
09. The Ballad Of Wes Tancred - Eddy Arnold
10. A Man Is Has Good As His Word - The Lancers
11. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - Gene Pitney
12. Laramie - Rex Allen
13. The Comancheros - Claude King
14. Young Billy Young - Robert Mitchum
15. King Of The Five Card Stud - Dean Martin
16. Wagon Train - Sons Of The Pioneers
17. The Last Wagon - Tex Ritter
18. Whiskey, Leave Me Alone - Kirk Douglas/Dewey Martin
19. Johnny Guitar - Peggy Lee
20. The Last Frontier - Rusty Draper
21. Hannah Lee - Guy Mitchell
22. Tales Of Wells Fargo - Prairie Chiefs
23. 3:10 To Yuma - Frankie Laine
24. Ballad Of The Waterhole #3 (Code Of The West) - Roger Miller
25. Happy Trails To You - Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

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