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B. Golding (Norfolk, England)

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FIFA 14 (Xbox One)
FIFA 14 (Xbox One)
Offered by Topbaer
Price: £5.44

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars DO NOT BUY IF YOU PLAY ONLINE, 27 May 2014
This review is from: FIFA 14 (Xbox One) (Video Game)
FIFA has always been slightly annoying with glitches here and there, however the error EVERY player is getting on this game is terrible. The 'online squad error' roughly means you will be searching for a game and get kicked out of it before it has even started maybe 80% of the time. A quick search online shows this error has be present since the games release and absolutely nothing has been done to solve it. There is no fix, there is no update, there is only the error. Constantly.

Plus, no matter what your internet speed is you will get very laggy games, and for some reason (I don't know if it's just me) but I would guess 50% of all online games are in the rain. If you have played FIFA 14 before, you know how difficult and slow the players are in this game (the whole stuck in quicksand effect), which is extremely frustrating even more so when you add rain into most of the games.

I felt the game deserves one star because this is the only way of complaining against EA I have. It really, truly makes me wish there were some sort of 'Game Regulations Committee', who could discipline companies when they release unfinished and/or buggy games which cost £40 - £50. I could understand a game being released with a glitch, but EA have completely ignored this issue and seem to refuse to send a patch, they've got their money and so they're happy. Please, I implore you, do not waste your money. Yes, the graphics are nice, but when we continue to buy game after game from EA which are continually terrible or less than we hoped nothing will change, as we continue to give our money to them. And as we all know, all that matters to them is money. They do not care whether the game is rated terribly as long as it SELLS. I have honestly never felt 100% ripped off from buying a game before, and just want to save others from feeling the same.

FIFA 14 (Xbox 360)
FIFA 14 (Xbox 360)
Offered by os store
Price: £4.88

22 of 29 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Worst in a long time, 8 Oct. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: FIFA 14 (Xbox 360) (Video Game)
Okay, so I felt compelled to write a review on this because I couldnt quite believe how wrong they have gotten this. How can they go from FIFA 13 which had a few annoyances here and there, to this - one of the worst FIFA titles in a very long time. When I first got this game, I didn't want to write a review because I felt that, like every year, the changes just takes a bit of getting used to. However, I can confidently say now after a good week of playing, that it IS a massive jump backwards.

My main gripe with the game is that it has become so much more sluggish and slow. Every player seems like they've been playing for 5 games non stop and have been sent out to play again. It has become very slow and you get many feet in quicksand moments. The whole 'momentum' thing is absolutely terrible and is one of the worst points of the game. It means that when you are either attacking or defending, the opposition can easily swivel around you whilst you slowly build up your speed to try to chase them down. Even when you have the ball, everyone else is stupidly faster than you because you have to slowly build up your speed. It makes the whole 'players stuck in quicksand' effect A LOT worse. In a game I recently played, I played a through ball for my player to run on to - he picked up the ball and immediately lost all his speed which he had before he had the ball, and proceeded to slowly run forward with the ball only for three opposition players to catch up with him and tackle him to the ground.

With regards to tackling, don't expect to get many free kicks at all. I have been brought down many times and been astounded at not being given a free kick. Now, I know this is normal in a football game - players thinking they should have a free kick when it may be arguable. But I assure you, play this game and you will see what I mean. Another big annoyance is that in previous FIFA games I have always (like everyone) loved shooting from afar and seeing a spectacular save or a spectacular goal. It felt like there was a good balance between defenders blocking far out shots, the shots going in, the shots missing, or the shots being saved. Now however, its around 90% shots being blocked. Its crazy how many times a defender magically blocks ANY shot you take from outside of the box. I have gone around defenders, found myself with a gap THOUSANDS of times, taken a shot expecting it either to miss, get saved or go in - surely it CANT be blocked with such a gap? Oh, nope, again it gets blocked by the defenders. Its really frustrating. If you want to shoot from afar you better be one on one with the keeper because if there is a defender any where near you he WILL block it.

Now I know I just sound like an annoyed player who can't see the good points of the game, and you are half right. I am an annoyed player, but this is only because the game I used to love has been changed so drastically to the point of it not being as much fun. I'm not saying it isn't fun - this is still Fifa, its just nowhere near as fluid, fast and exciting as previous games. It feels so much slower. You know those REALLY rainy games in previous games? Where it would rain very hard and it would be very hard to run and pass etc. - well, they were fun every now and again because of the realism of the rain. Now however, it does feel like every game, no matter what the weather, is an extremely rainy, slow game. Every player just seems to sluggishly run around and it makes it so much more frustrating and boring.

The only thing I can say that is a lot better are the set pieces and the headers. It feels like there is a good balance between corners going well and finding a player, or getting immediately cleared. Also, free kicks have become better and you really can bend the ball easier than you could before which makes it easier to score. Headers are also a lot easier as it seems like the player won't just head the ball randomly in any direction when they're two yards away, you are able to actually score from headers quite often. However, these improvements do not make up for the slow nature of the game, and the poor changes.

I play career mode primarily, as I have always played career 90% of the time I play. I have always loved Fifa's career mode, but the random change with scouting seems to have made the career mode so much less enjoyable. I do not know why they thought forcing players to scout EVERY person they want to buy would be better than simply searching for players in a database. We do not want to have to pointlessly wait weeks just to find out what a player is good at. When I play a football game, I expect the information on a the footballers to be there - not have to be waited for for no reason. I liked that we could previously choose to scout youth level players, and ALSO be able to find excellent players who had a RATING. Now there are no ratings when you search for players, and you are forced into using scouts, which makes the whole process of simply going out a buying someone so much more tedious. I dread having to scout someone simply because I used to love the education Fifa gave me about players. For example, in Fifa 10 I knew of people like Christian Eriksen, Erik Lamela, Ross Barkley, James McCarthy, Eden Hazard (just to name a few) before they actually became stars in real life, simply because they were young and had a rating that grew up to the 80's - 90's. This was brilliant as it means we can see the future stars of football (or atleast those expected to become stars). Now, I can never search for young players who might be in the low 70's and have a chance to grow to the mid 80's - because there is no rating system to search with.

I know that changing Fifa is good for the games in the long run, as it means we don't get the same product every year, but you do expect that when EA change the game drastically, they will be improvements! These changes have made the game a lot worse, and I do hope that they don't continue down this road, else I will seriously consider jumping to PES (although I hear PES 14 is terrible). It's been a bad year for football games.
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54 of 57 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful, 19 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My Girlfriend is a heavy snorer, and it has become extremely hard to concentrate and sleep. She goes to sleep a lot earlier than me whilst I read a book until quite late, but I found myself not being able to concentrate, and when it came to sleeping I would end up getting hardly any at all. It was becoming a real strain on our relationship to the point where I would sleep downstairs on the sofa just to get a good nights sleep. So of course came the endless quest for decent earplugs which would completely drown her out, and enable me to finally sleep.

I went through many different products, to name a couple: 20 Pairs of Moldex Spark 7800 Ear Plugs - which would quieten the noise, but nowhere near the level I needed to go to sleep. Then I tried 20 Pairs of Howard Leight Laser Lite Ear Plugs, which many people were recommending online. They were good, but didn't fit in my ears as well as I would have liked and were an uncomfortable shape for my ear. After many others (I think I tried about 5 brands of earplug), I eventually bought these - just on the fact that they were bog-standard looking and had half-decent reviews.

I have used these earplugs for about six weeks now, and I am so glad I did. When I inserted them the way the pack actually told me to do it (squeeze them into a very thin shape, pull back the top of your ear and insert quite deep but still enough that some part of the earplug still sticks out), I found that the snoring was completely drowned out, and I could enjoy an absolutely silent night. Its true that sometimes I have woken to find one earplug fallen out, but this doesn't happen very often, and to be honest I'm yet to find an earplug that doesn't fall out in the night every now and then. These have now basically saved my relationship as I was becoming very resentful of something my girlfriend couldn't change, but now I no longer have to sleep on the sofa and can have a wonderful nights sleep in our bed.

Logitech X-140 Multimedia Speakers (2.0)
Logitech X-140 Multimedia Speakers (2.0)

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Much better than expected, 15 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I wanted some speakers for my laptop, as everyone knows laptops have terribly poor and quiet speakers and so I needed some external, loud speakers. I read the reviews on these speakers to find that the majority were good, but, like most people, I always look at the bad reviews to see what could go wrong. This made me a bit apprehensive about buying these, but I am so glad I went ahead and purchased them. They are extremely good for the price they are. I bought these for £20, and for that, they have an excellent sound and are an excellent size too. I read some reviews saying they are too big, but this isn't the case for me at all. The top of the speakers stand level with the top of my laptop (I have quite a small laptop as well). They aren't heavy speakers at all which makes carrying them or moving them easy, and the fact that I can plug the speakers into my phone as well as my laptop and play music is excellent, and you still get a clear, crisp sound.

I was also apprehensive about how loud the speakers could go (I have no technological knowledge about anything) but found that I would NEVER need to go to full volume, they are extremely loud if I want them to be. They aren't difficult to set up at all, you literally plug them in, turn them on and that's it, no confusing set up of anything. I feel these speakers were a brilliant purchase and urge anyone else who wants some cheap, but really good speakers to go and buy these, because for £20 they are definitely worth it.

10 out of 10 for me.

Rosetta Stone, French, Version 4, TOTALe, Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (Mac/PC)[OLD VERSION]
Rosetta Stone, French, Version 4, TOTALe, Level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (Mac/PC)[OLD VERSION]

93 of 101 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Good with flaws, 10 May 2012
Okay, so I have seen the 5 star reviews on this, and the many people who are praising Rosetta Stone. And I agree to a certain extent. This IS one of the best ways to start to learn french. I'll start with all of the advantages. Firstly, when I got this I was very excited as I studied french in high school but was terrible and really lost interest in it, and so never really tried very hard. However, Rosetta Stone makes learning fun - not in a way that you will be wanting to do French constantly or even in a way that you will be doing fun activites, it just makes you more confident in your own ability. After a few weeks of learning, you do start to feel really proud of yourself and of how much you have learnt and that you can now already say a few sentences and know a decent amount of words. After many months of learning it continues to add to your vocabulary and advance your french speaking ability. So, in a way this is a really excellent way of learning french, and it does keep you interested for a good amount of time. They even do stories for you to read after every chapter you complete in which you can have read out loud to you - and what I would do was to translate these stories into English, because this helped me learn new words. You work through it like a book, going from one chapter to the next, with small activities in between, gradually building in new words and a bit of basic grammar.

Yes, Rosetta Stone is a very good way of BEGINNING french, however, one of the biggest flaws with it, is that it DOES NOT tell you what ANY of the words mean. This means, eventually, when you get into reading sentences it DOES NOT translate words for you and tell you the french to english translation. You may be able to read a lot of the words, but as soon as it brings in a new word it shows you what words mean with pictures. Easy enough, the word 'pomme' is above a picture of an apple. However, once you get to words like 'Je voudrais' which means 'I would like' there is no way to show this in a picture. Most words cannot be shown with a picture, look at the words in this sentence for example, how can the words 'look at' be shown in a picture. This is not too bad however, yes it doesnt translate, but a good dictionary next to you means that Rosetta Stone can still affectively teach you. Although for £280 odd pound (at time of writing this) is excruciatingly expensive for what you get. It is in NO WAY worth that amount of money. I could understand if it was maybe £100. One of the things I didn't like about this, was that the little activites (mainly just match up the sentence to the picture) get extremely repetitive, and you find yourself thoroughly bored after awhile doing the same thing over and over unti lyou get to the next chapter. You can skip ahead, yes, but as soon as you learn something new you have to do all of these little boring activities again to get through to the next chapter.

I stuck with Rosetta Stone for about 6 months, and I am not arguing that it is not a brilliant way to get you started, (I had forgotten everything I had learned in high school) and this helped me greatly to get off of my feet to start learning. But, eventually, I bought a basic textbook. Just a £15 odd pound textbook that I could remember using in high school. It honestly took me MUCH further with my french ability than I believe Rosetta Stone could. With Rosetta Stone, yes you learn a language with new words and a bit of grammar, but you never learn any REASON for anythign you are learning. For example, I started to learn more in depth grammar when I started to use the textbook, because Rosetta Stone does not teach you WHY these things happen with grammar. WHY when you write 'You are' is it COMPELETELY different to 'I am', what infinitive is it under? What are infinitives? How do i comnjugate them? It doesn't answer any basic grammar questions but just shows you picture after picture hoping you understand what each word means. When I started learning grammar I started to learn SO MUCH because I could finally underdstand HOW to speak and write french rather than just knowing a load of jumbled up words that I could put into sentences and for the sentence to not mean anything because I hadn't learnt that some words change meaning in different places of a sentence and that I have to move other words in a sentence because English and French have completely different order of words.

I certainly am not saying Rosetta Stone is bad, I DID really enjoy it, however, after I started learning with a basic textbook I found it was NOT worth the price in ANY way, and that it really can't teach you past a certain basic level of french. If you think you can finish all five levels and be fluent without any outside help, I will tell you now, you can't. I have since joined an online penpal site with many french people on there (for free may I add) who I can email and have full conversations with them in french (yes with the help of a dictionary), this is basically free help that is priceless in comparison to Rosetta Stone. I have come along with my French in leaps and bounds since joining the site and using a textbook, whereas I can guarantee if I were to have just stuck with Rosetta Stone I would still be in a very basic ability and not know HOW or WHY things happen in french sentences. And if you don't know how or why, you will never learn how to put sentences together. I urge that if you buy this, first make sure you will not regret spending that much money, and secondly know that it will not be the only tool you will need to use to learn the language, it can be used as a small help to the side, but for that amount of money, I really dont think a small help to the side is worth it.
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Fable II (Xbox 360)
Fable II (Xbox 360)
Offered by sellatronic
Price: £25.50

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Ehh, not great., 9 Dec. 2008
This review is from: Fable II (Xbox 360) (Video Game)
Well, firsty I was expecting much better than I got, and at first I didn't particuarly like this game. Then, I was half way through, and thought 'Hey, this game is actually pretty decent' and then I finished it. My last thought was Not good.

This game is good with the many things you can do but really how funny is it after the first time to 'blow a kiss' or 'blow a raspberry'. It's not. The graphics are good and I like some aspects of the game but the storyline is not great at all. It's very short and after it is finished all you have is online play and the rest of the achievements to get.
I loved how you could be fat or thin, bad or good, and look different from any of your friends. But the gameplay however was boring. I played for an hour at a time as I got quite bored sitting there and fighting things and doing the quite dull storyline.
However, another good thing is the spells or whatever they are called. Where you can do a fire attack, time control, wind etc. and get them up levels to make that spell better. But again, just fighting bandits with these spells was not a game I will ever overly enjoy.

And also, how you can get married, have children and cheat on your wife/husband is quite fun. It has all the small, fun parts of a good game, but the main storyline is not brilliant one bit.
Online I thought was okay, with just one person who can accompany you throughout your quests and you can trade items. But still this wasn't a great experience.
Good points:
Different appearances
Leveling up in different things e.g. strength.

Bad points:
Mostly bandits you are killing
Boring, short storyline

All in all it levels out to be a pretty average game. I had better expectations for this game but was dissapointed, I would recommend it for players who would just like an adventure game with a relatively weak storyline but with still small aspects to surprise you. 6/10

I Am Legend [DVD] [2007]
I Am Legend [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Will Smith
Price: £1.66

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Good idea, but rushed ending., 6 July 2008
This review is from: I Am Legend [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
I liked most of the film, loved the zombies/infected people and thought it was going well with quite a bit of action but then it came to the end and (I won't ruin it) it was quite dissaponting, I felt as if it was just quickly put together as they couldn't decide what to do.
Also it was wayyyy too short, by the time I got really into it and knew exactly what was happening it was practically over.
Dont get me wrong its a good film, but the end was a bit of a let down and it was short.

Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock - Guitar Bundle (Xbox 360)
Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock - Guitar Bundle (Xbox 360)

5.0 out of 5 stars Love it, 6 July 2008
I bought this game about 3 weeks ago after enjoying the demo, and have so far completed easy and medium difficulties, and I just simply love it. At first I thought i'd get bored within a week of playing but I realised when I got further in just how many songs are available and as soon as
i'd finished playing them all once through I wanted to play them again!

You can easily get into this game if you are a first time Guitar Hero player (like I was) and if you start on easy you'll soon be wanting a try at medium level. It's very addictive and has Live! With a choice of Battle, Pro Face-Off, Face-Off or Co-op it had me playing with my friends and against the world.

The boss battles can become difficult but the only one I have had any difficulty on so far was Lou on Medium but I eventually beat him. So I urge you to buy this game, the price isn't bad and it is definately worth it.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (PS2)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (PS2)

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Excellent scenery, bad gameplay., 7 Nov. 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Well, when I first bought this game, it was great fun, but being the caretaker for the school soon starts to get boring. The gameplay is not the greatest at all, you just run around doing spells on broken objects and making things float and just helping Hogwarts get clean and tidy really. All main gameplay is collecting DA members and doing their chores, then you get to be sirius and dumbledore which is very dissapointing.

The first 3 games were excellent they had alot of things to think about, but on this game all there really is to think about is which spell to use.
But there are also some very good points about this game, such as the whole of Hogwarts is absolutely huge, and its free roam, and no more loading! As the whole place is like 1 big room. The scenery is excellent and obvious that they've put alot of work into it, but shame about the actual playing of the game!

But all in all, the scenery doesn't make up for the poor gameplay, another good point though is that you get to duel, but they are pretty easy and over quite fast.
Once I finished the storyline, I really got bored very quickly because all you do is play chess or gobstones (which is very fun at first but eventually gets very tiring) and then you just have to go around clearing up Hogwarts again, so now the game is gathering dust on a shelf.
So I advise you to buy this game if you are a Haryy Potter fan and will appreciate the good work they've put in on Hogwarts, but I warn you the gameplay is very dissapointing and very boring.
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