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A4 Inkjet T Shirt Transfer Paper for Light and White Fabric X 10 Sheets
A4 Inkjet T Shirt Transfer Paper for Light and White Fabric X 10 Sheets
Offered by Photo Paper Direct Ltd.
Price: £6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Cute clothes for cheap!, 4 Aug. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is awesome! I wasn't sure if it would work for bright coloured shirts but it has printed very well on my deepish green shirt! Here's a pic: [...]
Now I can have super cute clothes for a fraction of the retail price!!
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Nina is Not OK
Nina is Not OK
by Shappi Khorsandi
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £9.09

5.0 out of 5 stars What an amazing book. Couldn't recommend it enough!, 28 July 2016
This review is from: Nina is Not OK (Hardcover)
Here's my spoiler free book review followed by a spoiler discussion on this book:

(Originally posted on Netgalley and Goodreads)

This book was absolutely brilliant. I think this is the first 5 star book I've read in a long time and is definitely the best read of the year so far, which may be difficult to understand due to the touchy subject matter. However, that is the reason it makes it so highly rated in my opinion.

The big plot drive in this is not one I'll spoil (which I'm not saying lightly as it is a majoir issue in society) because I want you to feel the emotions I felt when I read this and not realise how deep and sad this book will go until you read it for yourself.

We're following a young girl, called Nina, taking her A levels at college and drinking a bit too much. Nina was such an emersive protagonist and one who's emotions really projected on to me. Everything she felt, I believed I felt, of course to some degree. She was not only funny, but incredibly emotional to read from and at times I couldn't help but have tears stinging my eyes. I think it's the way she said it. Like a real girl.

Nina's friends, family, tutors, antagonists and everyone else in this novel felt so real that it was scary, especially with some of the situations happening.

Nina's voice was so full on and expressionable; the author literally said everything that was on Nina's mind (I say the author because Nina didn't really express her feelings) which made it more unbearable and heartbreaking when the book took a dark turn and at times, I had to put it down and take a break from the heartache this novel made me feel. In saying that, the writing and the book in general was absolutely absorbing! I pretty much flew through it! And I just don't know how the humour was still managing to be hilarious even when terrible things were happening, but it did, and that is certainly a skill.

At first, I wasn't sure about the gaps in the story, but it made sense, aligning symmetrically with Nina's party hard, forgetful, wild lifestyle, so this added character to the writing style and I appreciated it as it mirrored perfectly what Nina must have been feeling.

Some names were hard to keep track of as there were quite a few side charters, but the confusion never lasted long and there was a particular scene that I felt shouldn't have been rushed as much as it was, but was still satisfying.

I've never heard of the comedian/author, Shappi Khorsandi, before, but if she writes more books as powerful as this, or has already done so, I'll be eager to check them out!

Overall, I've got to say that this was totally an unexpectedly powerful read and one I urge others to read because it deals with disturbing issues that people should know about and do something about.

SmartPixel screen recorder
SmartPixel screen recorder
Price: £0.00

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty decent app, 23 May 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: SmartPixel screen recorder (App)
Had a few practises and works pretty decent, but doesn't record your voice and I haven't tried recording for long or attempt to upload to YouTube.

SoundCloud - Music & Audio
SoundCloud - Music & Audio
Price: £0.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Four Stars, 8 May 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: SoundCloud - Music & Audio (App)
I enjoy soundcloud anyway, although I haven't used this actual app on my tablet

Fire Tablet, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB (Black) - Includes Special Offers
Fire Tablet, 7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB (Black) - Includes Special Offers
Price: £39.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Love it!, 28 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Love this! So helpful for reading ebooks and uni work! Only downfall is the Appstore isn't as good as the Playstore and I wish it'd let you donwload the same stuff!

The Sims Freeplay
The Sims Freeplay
Price: £0.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Super fun and addictive, but..., 26 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Sims Freeplay (App)
Awesome game! Just wish it were more like the other games in terms of faster activity It takes hours to complete them in this. Plus I wouldn't consider it entirely free to play.

Birdsnatch: A Tale Told Twice: Volume 1
Birdsnatch: A Tale Told Twice: Volume 1
by C J Cummings
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.96

2.0 out of 5 stars Interesting read, 25 Mar. 2016
I got a copy of this free from the authors, but that does not alter the opinions that were formed.

So, straight off the bat, I loved the idea of 'A Tale Told Twice' and how well it was explained before the stories were presented to us. It sounds like an interesting concept, especially as the authors don't know what each other has written until after they're finished. I'd like to see how this concept develops in further books.

Birdsnatch by C.J. Cummings
In this story we are seeing an apocalypse begin with two very different characters.
I didn't find it to feel very apocalyptic at all, but the general idea was certainly different.
I liked how one of the main characters had a hoarding problem. It gave him a kind of basis for all his issues and how he decided to cope with it. There was a fair bit of character development here, but not enough for my liking. Perhaps a longer story would have allowed characters to be fleshed out more. We got an insight into other POVs, but I felt like they were added in a little too late, and felt irrelevant at the time for where the main storyline was going. However some were interesing.
I found this version of Birdsnatch to be unexpectedly grotesque and had some language I didn't really appreciate, however I did go into this pretty much knowing little to nothing about the plot and Chris's writing style, so I wasn't prepared.
In saying that though, his descriptions were very visually stimulating, but could be a little heavy loaded at times, with unnecessary similies and overly explicit language.
When I got to the ending, it was totally unexpected and so well written, but I feel like it was plucked out of nowhere. It just felt too random and nothing was building up to it, well at least nothing that I could detect. I feel like the ending was written too beautiful in comparison to the majority of the story and doesn't mirror how the rest of the story was written. I think I would have preferred if the whole thing was written like the last passage.

Birdsnatch by Mark Ryan
This version of Birdsnatch was very different, as we are introduced to a time where surgery induced villany is a major problem.
At first I thought this sounded silly, but in some aspects I preferred it to the previous story. I liked how Mark decided to layout his story and the different formats he used (reports, diary entries), instead of chapters. It made it more fun to read and enhanced the reading experience.
I found that there was a lack or misuse in punctuation frequently, which made the reading feel broken as I had to read sentences a few times over to make sense of them.
A lot of the characters felt bland to me and at one point, the main character describes another as being a father-like figure, but I didn't see how any of that made sense because I felt there wasn't very much development in terms of character relationships.
A lot of action during the final pages were a blur, but it was quite exhilarating, seeing how things panned out.

From the main stories (only) I feel like Chris's version was better written and had an interesting concept, but Mark's story was more to my taste and I felt a little more compelled to read on for a longer period of time, even though both stories were quick and easy reads.

Origins by Mark Ryan
I didn't really feel much for this short story and can't really remember much of what happened. I know for sure I didn't hate it though, but I also know that I didn't love it either.

The Light by C.J. Cummings
This short story felt like it was supposed to be touching, but fell flat for me. I know it could have been tear inducing if it was longer.

Overall thoughts
Firstly, I will say that I'm aware that both (?) authors are a fan of the bizarro fiction and the weird and as this would be my first time exploring that kind of genre, not really knowing what to expect and if I like it or not, my rating may reflect that.
These stories certainly do feel like a debut. I do feel like things need to be tweeked and developed (in the opinion of a reader, as I am no way a writer) but I'll be looking forward to seeing the improvement of both authors and the growth of their skills in further works! They should think of sharing this on Netgalley if they haven't already.

Pluvios Lightweight Digital Camera Tripod + Tripod Carry Bag for Panasonic Lumix FH, FP, FS, FT, FX, L, S, SZ, TZ, 3D Series inc DMC-SZ3EB-K, SZ8EB, TZ30, TZ35, TZ40, TZ55, TZ60, F5 - 2 Year Warranty
Pluvios Lightweight Digital Camera Tripod + Tripod Carry Bag for Panasonic Lumix FH, FP, FS, FT, FX, L, S, SZ, TZ, 3D Series inc DMC-SZ3EB-K, SZ8EB, TZ30, TZ35, TZ40, TZ55, TZ60, F5 - 2 Year Warranty
Offered by Gadget Barn
Price: £11.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful product, 16 Feb. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This arrived within days! Very happy. Longest part of legs don't feel as sturdy as rest though. However, fits my new camera wonderfully! Will certainly by off seller again! Good customer service!
I have an unboxing too. I'll link the video for when it is live:[...]

Avon Makeup Setting Spray
Avon Makeup Setting Spray
Price: £6.95

0 of 3 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars One Star, 13 Jan. 2016
This review is from: Avon Makeup Setting Spray (Misc.)
I didn't by this here, but I have a review explaining my thoughts on this product: [...]

Elysee Star Dreads Snow White & Purple Red with Purple Spiral Dreadlocks Double Ended Synthetic Dread
Elysee Star Dreads Snow White & Purple Red with Purple Spiral Dreadlocks Double Ended Synthetic Dread
Offered by CyberloxShop
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 13 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Lovely!! Unravels a littee too quickly though!

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