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Ascendancy [CD + DVD]
Ascendancy [CD + DVD]
Offered by westworld-
Price: £9.86

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Pull Harder On Your Special Edition, 15 Mar. 2006
This review is from: Ascendancy [CD + DVD] (Audio CD)
Remember when Trivium released Ascendancy and sent a little shock wave through the metal scene and are now selling out massive venue's accross the UK? Its amazing what a year can do for you! making covers of many magazines and going on tour with the likes of Maiden says alot!! As well as playing a career definign set at download on the saturday morning!
What hasn't been said about the album? Pull harder and Like Light To Flies were some of the best songs of 2005.
Add an awesome song in Washing Away Me In The Tides is a nice edition. Fits in nicely with the orignal album.
Where this special edt album shines is in the videos and live footage from the astoria in london.
For once a band doesnt just release an extra song or re-release an old album from before they were "big". Its a nice change and the videos as well as live footage are top notch and very well put together!!
How to make a great album better? Do this :)

The Undying Darkness
The Undying Darkness

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3.0 out of 5 stars Better or worse than previous efforts?, 15 Mar. 2006
This review is from: The Undying Darkness (Audio CD)
I didnt like calibans last album album very much. It seemed to be very generic and follow the same principles throughout the whole album and i lost interest.
This album however fares better. Gone is the really whining annoying screech the vocalist had and its replaced with a better vocal. Well to me anyway.
The cd opens on the high point of the whole album I rape myself. I count this as the first song as the very first tracks is an intro. This is by far the best song on the album.
It goes through the trends of being brutal and heavy, with some interesting mixes of samples and various other techniques. It does seem to get to the point where it sounds the same but nowhere near as badly as the previous album.
It is a very listenable to album and should hopefully get Caliban a bigger fanbase. This is worth a listen especially if you gave up hope after the last album.

Inhuman Rampage [Parental Advisory]
Inhuman Rampage [Parental Advisory]
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £9.15

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5.0 out of 5 stars Power Metal is BACK!!!!!!!! YEAH!!, 17 Jan. 2006
Did you think that in 2006 a band thats not from scandanavia playing power metal to sold out shows accross the world? Or even power metal being liked by the masses? Its coming back :) and Dragonforce bring it big style :) This is a true masterpiece of masterpieces!!
You ready for the ride of your life as you listen to this album? Buckle up and get ready to listen to the ear crunching guitar and drumming with the amaizng vocals.
They bring the speed,they bring the old style thrash,they bring generous amounts of melodies and mix it together to create a spell binding sound that is just jaw dropping. Add that with their ability to create amazing songs and you know you have one good mixture to create one of the best albums of 2006 and we arent even a month into the new year!!
The songs flow from one to another with such ease that you can sit and listen to the album over and over again and not be bored of it!
A fan of metal,thrash metal, power metal? Well any metal to be honest, this is a MUST to add to your collection! Dont hesistate to buy this, you wont be dissapointed

{Set This} World Ablaze [DVD] [2004]
{Set This} World Ablaze [DVD] [2004]
Dvd ~ Killswitch Engage
Price: £14.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Setting DVD players ablaze!!, 4 Jan. 2006
With this being their first DVD they went for something special.
Recorded infront of one crazy ass loud crowd at the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts. They were HOT for the gig and add a special touch to the gig.
Including everyone's favourtie songs such as the end of heartache,rose of sharyn,lifeless to life and my last serenade! It is an awesome set which just gets better and makes you want to headbang along with it.
Plenty of extras on the dvd to keep you happy as well.
This is a must for any fan of the band!

Elegies [DVD] [2008]
Elegies [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ Machine Head
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £7.40

5.0 out of 5 stars Seasons Wither, 27 Nov. 2005
This review is from: Elegies [DVD] [2008] (DVD)
So Machine Head celebrated 10 years of the burning red earlier this year and this is there very first DVD filmed in front of 5000 people at the Brixton Academy.
This dvd shows that Machine Head deserve the title as probably the best live metal band in the world. They just walk on stage and play in such a way that it makes them truly awesome and something special to see/hear.
It starts with 2 of my favourite songs in Imperium and Seasons Wither and that is an awesome way to asert the powerful nature of this DVD. It moves you and makes you want to headbang away and long for being in the pit! The camera work is perfect as well as the quality of the sound and picture.
Getting to see the crowd go mental during Davidan is worth the price of the dvd alone!
As if a full concert isn't enough there is interviews and an option to watch the concert with little insights from the band along the way and some footage off the tour as well such as Rock Am ring where they headlined!
Include MH videos and your laughing :) this is well worth the small amount of your hard earned money.
This DVD does truly show MH at their best and its well deserved where they are today!
For any fan of metal or the band. You wont be dissapointed.

The All Star Sessions [CD + DVD]
The All Star Sessions [CD + DVD]
Price: £8.29

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I want a celebration like this for my birthday!, 25 Oct. 2005
What happens when you turn 25? Normally some family and friends say happy birthday and your happy? Well roadrunner decided to go all out and well show off really :P
They took 4 people and made them team captains (Rob Flynn from Machine Head, Dino Cazares-Ex-Fear Factory, Joey Jordison-Slipknot and finally Matt Heafy-Trivium)
There job was to find artists from the current bands,as well as bands no longer on Roadrunner Records. After they did this, they then went and wrote the songs on the album. 18 in total! Does that look an easy feat to accomplish? 55 artists from all over the world helped create this!
This doesnt just stick to one genre of metal. There is everything! From stoner rock through to death metal.
With so much potenial there was a chance of this going downhill and being crap but this a true masterpiece and will be around for YEARS!
I cant really describe the feeling you can get listening from the dagger through to the end! Its just something special.
Each song is special and alot of effort and talent has gone into this and you can tell. Not one song is bad on this album. I cant get enough good words to describe it!
Then you add in the dvd which is avaliable on the album everytime you buy it!! This goes through the making of the album and is a good watch and nice to see how the album came together!
This a must for any music fan due to the genres it covers and its groundbreaking nature.
To be honest if you take on a project like this again it has something special to live up to and that could be difficult!

One Nation Underground
One Nation Underground
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £7.31

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4.0 out of 5 stars This is much better!, 9 Oct. 2005
This review is from: One Nation Underground (Audio CD)
Remember when they burst onto the scene with Revolution Revolucion there was a breath of fresh air about it but then Confessions was a little of a let down!
They have turned it around this time!It still is ill nino with the heavyass metal,harmonies and melodies you expect but it does have that missing x-factor that wasnt there in Confessions.
This is War is just brutal,heavy and fast yet they can still pull off lighter songs like de la vida
A good buy

Chimaira [Limited Edition]
Chimaira [Limited Edition]

4.0 out of 5 stars Anyone for metal?, 16 Aug. 2005
This is the follow up to the imense The Imposibility of Reason which was mind blowing. That album had instant one hit songs that you felt right away. "Chimaira" doesnt. It takes a few listens to notice all of the little bits here and there but it is well worth the time and effort! Nothing Remains has an incredible build up and you can tell where the pent up aggression came from as it was written on the same Dimebag was shot *not a tribute*.
Chimaira have a new drummer and he has a big influence on the album. He suits the new style so well and is a driving force behind the songs with the double bass used alot.
The album consists of quite long songs that posses AMAZING solo's from Rob Arnold. Take the opening to Salvation! This is truely insane! Best opening ive heard to a song!
While there isnt as much singing as before it suits the songs perfectly! And add the backing vocals and samples from Spicuzza it really adds a good feeling to the songs and really makes a mark.
This album should make chimaira the next slayer/testament! It is that GOOD!

Frozen In Time
Frozen In Time

5.0 out of 5 stars Obies are back!!, 31 July 2005
This review is from: Frozen In Time (Audio CD)
Obituary are the perfect example of a death metal band! They have been there,done that and given the world some AWESOME albums! They return with Frozen in Time which to me is their best one yet! It has everything from the famous rifts you've come to expect to the growling lyrics. Insane is a stand out track! It just makes you remember that this band have managed to produce a better album than their back catalogue which is impressive!
This is for any death metal fans and Obi fans will just lap this up and beg for more!

Price: £4.79

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars TRIVIUM bring it with Ascendancy!, 16 Mar. 2005
This review is from: Ascendancy (Audio CD)
I just love this album! It is just everything it should be but not until you listen to it,can you understand the deep joy you receive from listening to 1 of 2005's best albums!
The End of Everything, what an aply named first song! This is an instrumental that leads into an hours worth of devestating thrash metal/melodic death metal and even some prog-rock.Dont let this put you off!Upon first listen i was wondering what it was and if i liked it? Another listen and im still hooked!
These guys can play their instrumens and are willing to experiment to get the best result.The result they wanted is the song in whatever fashion it comes out. Take Rain (2nd song on the album).It starts off thunderously with the drums and guitar intertwining then goes slightly melodic.It then picks up again with some very fast guitars! It has to be heard to be beilived!
This album goes from strength to strength and Pulling Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr will be one of those songs that will be around for a long time.In the video one of them is windmilling so hard you'd think his head was about to fall off! They give it their all and you cant ask a band for more?!
Being compared to Metallica,Pantera,Testament and being only 18 years old will mean that Trivium will be around for a long time to come!
I cant back this album up enough,from a purchase i made because some dude gave me a sticker advertising them with kick ass reviews on the back! I URGE YOU TO DO THE SAME! JUST BUY THE THING!

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