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Resident Evil 1-4 [DVD] [2011]
Resident Evil 1-4 [DVD] [2011]
Dvd ~ Milla Jovovich
Offered by Discs4all
Price: £4.94

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2.0 out of 5 stars "The problem was... they didn't stay dead", 10 Feb. 2016
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This is a review more on the films themselves than the boxset. The boxset itself I can't find anything to complain about. You get all the films as advertised with each on its own disk. If this is what you were looking for, you'll be happy I suppose. Yadda yadda.

As a big fan of the Resident Evil games, it was more of curiosity that made me watch these films. I saw the first two when I was younger, but never watched beyond that. It was only recently I decided to purchase this and watch the rest (apart from 5: Retribution of course). I did try and enjoy them for their own merits and watch them with a fresh mind and perspective. Sadly, I just didn't find the films very good. In fact, they're pretty terrible.

Resident Evil: A woman named Alice wakes up with amnesia, only to soon be captured by Special Forces. They take her along on their mission to shut down a rogue AI in an underground laboratory called the Hive where a deadly virus has been released, turning all the employees into mutant zombies. This one in my opinion is probably the only somewhat decent film of the film franchise. It does feature good moments of suspense and it has a good atmosphere, with the beginning containing subtle references to the mansion in the first game and most of the film taking place in the claustrophobic halls of the Hive lab. Even though the Hive and many of the other elements were never in the games, the film does a pretty stand-up job of capturing the tension of roaming unwarily around hallways, unaware of what's going to pop out next. It has tight pacing and doesn't feel like it drags too long in one place and even has a great ending to boot. Thankfully, this is before a lot of the huge problems of the later films begin to surface. Unfortunately, like the later films, the characters are bland as cardboard, apart from the feisty Michelle Rodriquez who puts in an excellent performance as Rain. Unlike the STARS members or other characters from the games, you never feel like these characters share a friendship or bond with each other and just end up making me tap my watch wondering when they will inevitably get eaten. Most dialogue is centered around "Do this, do that, bla bla." Most of the characters end up getting killed off very early in the film in one scene, which is a shame as I felt that more could have been accomplished with them to make the viewers care for them. But overall, it was a decent shot at adapting Resident Evil to live action even if it wasn't particularly good. Compared to videogame films like Doom or Alone in the Dark, the first Resident Evil is perhaps one of the only movies that at least tried.

Resident Evil 2 - Apocalypse: Picking up almost immediately from the last film, Apocalypse follows what happens when all of the creatures from the Hive are released into Raccoon City and proceed to start a zombie apocalypse. Alice joins forces with the few survivors of the outbreak as they all attempt to escape the city before it gets nuked. As entertaining as this entry was, it was of much lower quality than the first film. This one focuses more on action and explosions. These were fun for maybe the first half of the movie but with forgettable characters and a bad plot (The cause of the Raccoon incident being that Umbella apparently cannot lock a giant door when they clearly know lots of monsters are behind it, Alice being the center of the world with all characters revolving around her, crying Nemesis and Umbrella somehow passing a nuclear explosion off as a reactor meltdown), it starts to get real old real quick. You can see they tried to insert some of the game characters there like Jill and Carlos, but their personalities are nothing like their game counterparts, they're as boring and underdeveloped as the movie characters and only seem to be there to meet Alice and support her existence. There's even token black character: LJ, who acts as comic fodder! On the other hand, it was nice to at least see a live action zombie apocalypse of Raccoon City on high budget so I suppose it's worth a watch just for that. But, aforementioned problems and the Godpowers ending foreshadow why this movie series should have stopped with the second movie.

Resident Evil 3 - Extinction: Taking place sometime after the events of Apocalypse, Extinction follows the adventures of Alice across Nevada as she tries to help a band of survivors reach the supposed safety of infection-free Alaska whilst braving crazed hillbillies, killer crows and the Z's, but not before the big bad Umbrella corporation try to capture her again for their clone experiments to domesticate the zombies. This is when it starts to get awful, to be honest. The story is worse than the previous film, which whilst not good, still had a narm-charm quality to it that still made it watchable. The zombie infection still spreads from Raccoon City to the world in a matter of weeks (I guess this makes the Umbrella nuking the city plot from the second film rather pointless in hindsight) and the T Virus has also turned everywhere into a desert and dried up all the lakes and oceans (I don't quite get it either). It makes as much sense as Umbrella trying to control the zombies to make them more effective weapons, I don't know who in a post apocalypse would really be bothered about buying B.O.W's. Claire Redfield and Albert Wesker get introduced, but they suffer just as Jill and Carlos did. The setting and environments, which worked well for films such as Mad Max, are just completely alien to Resident Evil and it's hard to figure out just what kind of zombie film this is supposed to be. With Alice's superpowers, a world ruined, Umbrella seemingly able to continue their pointless experiments in making weapons for nobody but themselves and Alice clones, the writers seem to have written themselves into a proverbial corner. The film could honestly be renamed to something else and you wouldn't know it was supposed to be Resident Evil. It's not even that it barely resembles the games, it's just a really poor effort of a film with its shoddy story, Michael Bay movie effects and dull characters.

Resident Evil 4 - Afterlife: Seemingly realizing the corner the have painted themselves into, the writers of Afterlife do their best to figure out how to continue the plot thread of Alice's god powers, clones and a world turned to desert. After the prologue of the film, gone are the clones, superpowers and the deserts with cities going back to their original zombie infested selves. In some respects, I like this decision, but it's accomplished so lazily it really shows what a literal zombie this film series has become in that it refuses to stay dead. Anyways, the main story is that after Alice destroys Umbrella, she goes back to travelling by herself and looking for survivors. She goes to Alaska where everybody went in the last film but finding nobody but Claire, they head to Los Angeles and encounter some new survivors in a prison. Zombies soon start to break in, and it's a race to get out of the prison to somewhere safer and take down Umbrella who created these zombies in the first place. The story by now is so unrecognizable that it's hard to imagine that this film series started out with good promise with the first movie. Chris Redfield is the next contestant for pointless obligatory game cameos. Alice finds him in a prison and he's played by Wentsworth Miller, the Prison Break guy. Get it? Wesker plays more of a part but does little other than re-enact the fight scene from the fifth game (complete with the whole throwing sunglasses scene). Strangely enough, I found this film to have the worst CGI yet. It's hard to take these films seriously anymore with how ridiculous this one got. Just stay away from this film. Or rather, watch it once to see what I'm rambling about and never watch it again.

In short:

Resident Evil: Pretty decent, give it a watch.

Resident Evil 2 - Apocalypse: Bad story and characters but entertaining to see the Raccoon City incident in live action.

Resident Evil 3 - Extinction: Terrible story and characters with no relation to the games at all.

Resident Evil 4 - Afterlife: The same as Extinction but taken up to 11.

Play the brilliant games instead!
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Eraserhead [DVD] [1977]
Eraserhead [DVD] [1977]
Dvd ~ Jack Nance
Price: £6.09

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1.0 out of 5 stars One of the worst films I've seen, 23 Aug. 2014
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This review is from: Eraserhead [DVD] [1977] (DVD)
Let me first start off by saying that I do not hate David Lynch, nor am I new to his works. Hell, I loved Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks is one of my favourite TV shows of all time. But like all creators, they can have good works and bad works and Lynch is no exception. I'm cool with films which are a bit on the "subjective" and interpretation side, hence the reason I enjoyed Mulholland since the abstractness is used for a purpose. Eraserhead is a whole other story however. The film follows a man named Henry who's going out with some woman (fair enough, a bit on the 'seen it all before' side but still, it's alright). Henry is told that his girlfriend has invited him to dinner with her family so he goes over to their house and then... the film devolves into nonsensical mindlessness. At the dinner table, the chicken for some reason starts moving and gushes blood from its body. Apparently, nobody really seems that surprised since they go on afterwards like nothing happened and why would they? The characters show no aspect of emotion or humanity when they act or even talk. It's almost as if they were aliens dressed up in clothes but they misunderstood the concept of human emotions. I suppose the only good thing about this scene is that the mother attempts to kiss Henry because it served to remind me of that famous scene from The Graduate; a book and/or film I would've rather been enjoying at this stage.

Anyway, the mother tells Henry that his girlfriend has had a child and that they must marry and look after it. They go back to his apartment and try to look after the baby which looks like the monster from Basketcase which cries incessantly. And when I mean incessantly, I mean it. It is one of the most annoying sounds you could ever hope to imagine and many times did I contemplate shoving all manners of objects into my ears to drown out the noise. Not even the sound of dying cats failing miserably to play the bag-pipes could compare to this monstrosity of sound. It served no other purpose than trying to piss off the viewers as much as possible so that they may turn off the film and that's what this film really is: a thought experiment designed to drive you mad as you contemplate different ways of killing yourself to escape it. The only times when you cannot hear the baby crying is when the radiators in Henry's room hiss non-stop which sounds like a grating on your ears and it's at these points when other characters are speaking so you cannot even understand what they're saying because of those damn radiators! Sound effects should never be used to drown out dialogue. It's at this point when Henry's girlfriend is driven mad by the sound of the baby that she leaves, perhaps one of the only intelligent moves a character ever does in this film. Henry decides to look after the inhuman devil-monster by himself despite the fact that any other rational and sane human being would have flung the little bastard out of the window by now.

After this my mind gets very hazy. There are all manners of depthless imagery like a woman with hamster cheeks dancing or something, a moon with a man inside and then at the very end Henry's head is chopped off and filled with erasers. Wooh. At least the title got something right. Too bad I had to sit through an hour and a half to reach the end of what seemed like a shaggy dog story.

I have no problem with films which require analysis and personal interpretation. As I said, Mulholland Drive is a delight and somewhat of a masterpiece. 2001 by Kubrick stands as a visionary marvel. But Eraserhead had no hidden themes, no motivation, no message to unravel. It is just contrived garbage and bad taste with its shock value, but even a film which has the title 'Bad Taste' was actually good! Many times I have wondered what the film was really about, if it really did have some deepness I failed to appreciate but all those times I have failed again and again. Judging from Lynch's own comments about this film, he doesn't even seem to know what the hell it was about. The only good thing I can think to say about this film is that is is only 1 and a half hours, compared to the 3 hour stinker that was Inland Empire, a film that was just as contrived and pointless as this. But with Empire, there weren't instances where I felt like clawing my ears out, it was just a 3 hour snoozefest. So pick your poison.

Nokia C2-01 Micro USB Data Transfer Connectivity Cable (CA-101 Compatible) - From FindGadget Accessories
Nokia C2-01 Micro USB Data Transfer Connectivity Cable (CA-101 Compatible) - From FindGadget Accessories
Offered by Audiotrader
Price: £2.80

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great accessory, 28 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Extremely handy if you wanted to transfer music ect. to your phone but lacked the right cable to do so (which the company should have included with the phone if I'm quite honest). Good price too.

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