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Rite in the Rain Geological Notebook Side Hard Bound - White/Yellow, 4.6 x 7.5 Inch
Rite in the Rain Geological Notebook Side Hard Bound - White/Yellow, 4.6 x 7.5 Inch
Price: £18.42

4.0 out of 5 stars Almost perfect for most geological jobs, 23 Feb. 2015
As an experienced field geotech engineer and previously a senior exploration engineer I am well acquainted with the Rite in the Rain 540F notebook. For the past few years I have used the 540F as my go-to default field book for the following reasons.

- exceptional build quality. Very well bound. I've never had any leafs come loose.
- dedicated title blocks at top of pages (on left hand, faintly columned page: Location; Project / Client; Date. On right hand squared page: Location; Date; Project/Client; Scale).
- Reference tables at the back: numerous reference charts, look-up tables and conversion charts. (Caution: these are to American standard at not British (ie: not Eurocode 7 / BS-5930)
- Plastic sleeve in back of book for scale (provided) and various additional sheets
- Excellent waterproof paper that is easy to write on (in pencil; easy to erase though does leave slight markings)
- Pages are numbered; short contents table available at beginning of book

- Not the cheapest field book out there
- Some users may find every other page for a field sketch a excessive
- I find the blue ruler lines and squares are a little bolder / more prominent than one would like. Others may prefer this.

Bose ® QuietComfort ® 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones
Bose ® QuietComfort ® 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

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5.0 out of 5 stars Comparison: QuietComfort 15 vs QC 3, 28 Nov. 2012
I hope this review will help those debating between, or are confused over the difference between, a set of Bose QuietComfort 15 or QuietComfort 3. I have used both now for at least two years each, am a frequent flyer on long haul flights and a bit of an audiophile (used to be a music journalist).

First off, let me just say that both sets of headphones are the dog's you-know-what. Forget the rest, get Bose. The tonal range is suitable for all types of music with bass audible but not over-bearing, treble clear but not piercing and tinny whilst the mid-range is very clear. So, the differences:

Size & Comfort: I traded my QC15s in for a pair of QC3s initially purely because of the size of the former. Their large, over-the-ear design is perfect for what they set out to achieve (ie: noise cancellation) but the size can hinder comfort. The seals of the cans against the head were quite flush; the major downside of this being that one's ears tend to get rather hot and sweaty after about an hour's use. Not a disturbingly uncomfortable amount, but certainly noticeably so. With the QC3s this is not a problem due to being merely on-the-ear. Additionally, they are much more compact, slightly lighter and, in my opinion, more elegant.

Noise Cancellation: Hands down, the QC15 wins here. Their noise-cancelling ability is outstanding. Whilst I believe the technology between the QC3s and QC15s and therefore the technology's ability to cancel out noise is the same, because of the flush over-the-ear design mentioned previously the QC15 really do either block or filter out more of the background noise. This is most certainly not to say that that QC3s do not; for their size they are stunning. Air conditioning, engines and people talking become muffled background noises: present, but very distant. With the QC15 those noises are just slightly more distant.

Sound Quality: This is a tough call, but my opinion is that the QC15s are superior, but this may be down to the better noise cancelling ability mentioned previously. However my feeling is that they are designed with a slightly more guttural bass level. But, both are superb with your music sounding how the artist wanted you to hear it.

Other: A few small observations.

Carry Case: the case for the QC15 is naturally larger to accommodate a larger pair of cans. Also, the headband of the QC15 juts out from the side of head by at least an inch. I think this is to provide greater flex on the headphones but it can be irritating if you want to lean your head against the side of an airplane chair or rest on a pillow with them on. The QC3 headband is more traditionally curved and for me is much more comfortable.

Headphone Jack: both pairs of headphones have the ability to remove the cable from the headphones themselves for either replacement or upgrade. The QC15s have a specially designed bit of moulded plastic to ensure a snug fit in the casing of the headphone, whilst the QC3 is simple a standard jack (2.5mm?). The effect of this is I find I accidentally tug the QC3's cable from the headphones more often than I did with the QC15s.

Battery: Whilst the QC15s require a single AA battery, the QC3s come with a two rechargeable batteries and a charger with various plug adapters. I find they give similar listening lengths (c. 35 - 40 hrs). It is slightly irritating that whilst the case for the QC contains a very nicely designed, snug fit for the batter charger, there is no place in the case for a plug fitting to attach to the charger, so you will have to carry those loosely.

CONCLUSION: Whilst both pairs of headphones are exceptional pieces of kit that deliver brilliant sound quality and excellent noise cancelling ability, it comes down to what you are after. If you can compromise on size and slight comfort for marginally better noise cancellation then you should choose the QuietComfort 15s. If you are more conscious of size and comfort then you should choose the QuietComfort 3s.

For what it is worth, I am happy I swapped from the QC15s to QC3s and would do again for they suit my needs better. Either way whichever ones you choose, they will deliver years of outstanding music listening.
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The Digital Photography Book: The Step-by-step Secrets for How to Make Your Photos Look Like the Pros'!: 1
The Digital Photography Book: The Step-by-step Secrets for How to Make Your Photos Look Like the Pros'!: 1
by Scott Kelby
Edition: Paperback

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars extremely helpful for all levels of photographer; definately worth serious consideration, 12 April 2008
This book contains *many* tips and 'tricks' from a guy that obviously knows his stuff and knows it well. no matter what level you are, i believe you will be able to find helpful advice ranging from how to see potential shots, improve composition and exposure, add effects and control virtually every other variable in photography.

unless you own/use a semi-pro- to pro-level dSLR camera though, you will have to improvise some of the step-by-step tutorials. they seem to center around Canon (EOS 30D upwards) and Nikon (D70 upwards) though this is fair enough as they are dominant in the business.

at the back is a section which goes through about fifteen different types of impressive shots and 'spoon-feeds' you an almost recipe on how to create them. now don't get me wrong, this is a helpful section, but i do feel as if this book almost removes amateur creativity. it seems to dictate and stick to tried-and-tested rules, which is good, but as i said, does seem to discourage creativity and experimentation.

i HAVE to state though, that if you are a little annoyed or irritated by Americanisms, U.S slang or the general American way of doing things, you will be highly annoyed by this book. the very laid-back and prose approach is a little too much so for me - i find myself almost cringing in some bits.

despite the niggles mentioned, there is no detracting from the fact that this book is a highly useful and information packed practical guide to digital photography, aimed at (mainly) amateur to advanced-amateurs, although as i said earlier, anybody with an interest will find this useful :-)

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