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Mr. R. E. Finch (redhill u.k)

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Ultimate Happyhardcore Vol 2
Ultimate Happyhardcore Vol 2
Offered by all my music
Price: £36.18

3.0 out of 5 stars just when hardcore was starting to go soft., 14 April 2010
hmmmm this is a difficult review to write simply because from a track listing point of veiw this box set contains no filler at all and your true "died in the wool" happy hardcore ravers will be foolish to pass it up...but. On a personal note this marks the end of real british hardcore for me... when it all stated to become dominated by techno 4 beat style unicorns and rainbows cheesey lyrics tracks it killed it for me. there are some truly outstanding bouncy monsters on here though that lean enough towards the above to be classed as "happy" yet retain enough grit to be classed as "hardcore". For me 4beat is ok as long as theres a break to go with it and the kick drum thuds pounds or buzzes with some real authority.. cue tracks from this like "smd 3" "take it from the groove" and " wannabe forever".

if your a "happy hardcore" raver then this will without doubt be one of the most played albums you have ever bought.. especially the live mix bonus disc with dougal and vinylgroover back to back (in which you can pick out the more agressive style of vinylgroover easilly against dougals wishy washy singalonga style)

if you like me are an old hardcore raver who gave up on hardcore in late 96 then youll like 60% of this... but you will love volume 1 ;)

Master Drum N Bass
Master Drum N Bass
Offered by all my music
Price: £39.89

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4.0 out of 5 stars bouncy...funky..and mixed by ray keith., 14 April 2010
This review is from: Master Drum N Bass (Audio CD)
Ok. First off i,m not the biggest fan of drum and bass from around this era for me it lost the chaos of the mashed up breakbeats of old and got a bit stripped bare to what the title implies ...drums(with every break sounding the same)...and bass! when i picked this box set up it was only 3 quid and i only really wanted two tracks, renegade (aka ray keith) "terrorist" (anyone who knows drum and bass knows this track!) and dj ss vs cutty ranks "limb by limb" as i like a bit of ragga jungle. I have to say that i was pleasently surprised to read "mixed by ray keith" on the sleeve and was also pleasently surprised to find that when i played it there was some really bouncy jump up style tracks on here and some grinding chunky breaks.. especially the remix of ray keiths own track "chopper" (dirty chopper remix). yes there is some filler and some of that boring ..dum..cha.. dumcha. samey samey drum and bass but i guess most like that as it was the platform for drum and bass to go global (and to some extent still is!)
In short ... each disc has a "sweet spot" but all of them either start slow or tail off but some of the tracks to be found are pretty rare now and really rather good.

i still play it!

Ultimate Rave Classics 1
Ultimate Rave Classics 1

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5.0 out of 5 stars quite simply one of the best old skool albums availible, 20 Feb. 2010
CALLING ALL RAVERS! if you love old skool you have to have this box set in your life. there is not one track over the three discs that i would class as filler. forget all the "back to the old skool" type box sets this is the real deal, proper underground tracks that were played at raves not on the radio or local clubs. The older (and arguably better) stuff is on the first two discs, with loads of proper hardcore classics and broken beats. There is a diverse range on here too with smoothies like m d emm's "fly free" a real gem of a track with strings, vocals and a lovely jungle break, and techno bangers like m d emm's (again) "got any hardcore". A dirty rubber band kickdrummed four beat monster laced with a good dose of bubbly acid lovelieness and a fantastic tounge in cheek intro reflecting the times. The majority of the tracks are early 90's breakbeat hardcore with disc three leaning towards the emerging take over of drum and bass around late 94!

put simply.If you were there... buy it!

If you wished you were there ... buy it!

If your a dj with a cdj.. all tracks are full length and unmixed... well.. it goes without saying really doesnt it

you will not be dissapointed :)
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Jungle Tekno Vol.1
Jungle Tekno Vol.1
Offered by sdiscs.
Price: £40.00

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars proper old skool for those in the know, 20 Feb. 2010
This review is from: Jungle Tekno Vol.1 (Audio CD)
Although unmixed this is a great example of a release that was true to the scene at the time. If your new to the "old skool" thing there will be many great tunes here that you wont have heard and if you were raving back in 1992 then there will be loads you thought you'd never hear again! if you have a cdj then this is a great way to beef up the rarities in your old skool mix bag. dont expect loads of ragga jungle beats either... back in 1992 "jungle" wasnt so much its own genre like today it was more breakbeat/4 beat hardcore with some ragga and reggae samples, this disc chops and changes between techno,breakbeat,and 4 beat with only a couple of tracks containing a heavy reggae/ragga influence. do however expect to find some stomping hardcore old skool style and some more laid back breaks... and best of all no filler!
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Hardcore Generation
Hardcore Generation
Offered by Smaller World Future
Price: £46.87

3.0 out of 5 stars worth it just for one track, 29 Jan. 2010
This review is from: Hardcore Generation (Audio CD)
Cheesy cover but no cheesy tracks..... ok so there are a couple but if your looking for happy hardcore this is not the album for you. if however you like the darker side of things then there is some classic gabber to be found on here although some of it is the early novelty sounding stuff (which i personally dont go in for) there is one track that stands out... it features a sample of no doubts "dont speak" and is quite simply a stab laden stomping 4 beat masterpiece!! with a crunching breakbeat heavy rubber band kick and a really aggressive but uplifting synth stab. its unmixed as well and if you have a cdj would be more than at home in a classic hardcore mix... its a tune that will easily hold its own aginst and even show up some of the best uk tracks. I lost this album (and that tune) a long time ago and cant wait to hear and mix it again.

Moondance - Ultimate Old Skool Anthems
Moondance - Ultimate Old Skool Anthems
Offered by Springwood Media
Price: £9.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars just like the rave scene.. moondance got commercial., 8 Jan. 2010
this is a good box set with the odd great and rarely heard track but to be perfectly honest i expectad far better from "Moondance". The name has been synonomous with top notch old skool revival events since the mid 90's when ravers like myself were still trying to hold on to that 1992 vibe whilst the scene splintered around us.The first disc in the set dips its toes into the 89 scene but sadly does not deliver with the choice of tunes being mostly chart bangers and none of the shape throwing acid anthems that should be here! The early breakbeat stuff like "5,6,7,8 from "Shut up and Dance" and "Total Confusion" from "Homboy Hippie and a Funki Dred" are the poor rap filled chart presses, other than that the early stuff on disc one is ok but in reality its a very "usual" old skool line up.

Disc 2 reads like a very good if again usual playlist of 92 breakbeat classics and there are some surprises.. the biggest being the inclusion of "Horn Track" by "Egyptian Empire" a rare gem that was played back in the day and a good example of what i would really like to find on these "old skool" comps. Sadly though this disc trips up with the inclusion of "nu rave" remixes of some of the better tracks on the discs. the real let down being the absoloute anthem "Hardcore Heaven" originally by "Seduction" getting the digital boring breakbeat treatment.. sacrelige!

The best disc on here for authenticity is the jungle disc.. no remixes and a pretty good playlist although the latter stages are the same old tunes again, i'm not a huge fan of jungle post 96 but thats just a personal preferance and its fair to say the majority of the tracks on this disc are true to the scene... But.. Unfortunatly it trips up again with a couple of remixes and one is a 96 hardcore tune "Body Slam" thats been remixed and the other is yet another remix of "On a Ragga Tip" whilst both are ok tracks they are far from what i would call "old skool anthems"... more digital filler.

in short this is an ok album and better than some of the other "old skool" comps out there.. you will bop your head to it in the car and the casual "old skool" fan will like it but its not really one for the purists... for a far better "Moondance" cd and one thats true to the scene youd be better off buying the earlier offerings mixed my Slipmatt.

Essential Old Skool Hardcore
Essential Old Skool Hardcore

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars dont miss an old skool bargain!!, 30 Dec. 2009
if you have clicked on this album then theres only one thing to say BUY IT!! At less than three quid for a used example or under a score for a new copy this is seriously good value and not another cheap comp full of filler or "nu rave" remixes. Anyone who was there back in the day will remember donovan "bad boy" smith as a leading name on the early uk rave scene and his set delivers big time with a nice mix of breakbeat and 4 beat classics, including the rarely featured trip to the moon part one (instead of the usual part two) from acen. In true old skool style the mix is varied as well with styles ranging from rolling breaks to happy style to a more techno influenced style.. after all back then it was all just hardcore!

if you are new to the scene this is an excellent representation of the the glory days of hardcore/breakbeat and if you were there this will take you back with a big smile on your face..... HANDS IN THE AIR!

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