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Vie Magnesium Salt Flakes - 400g Jar
Vie Magnesium Salt Flakes - 400g Jar
Offered by Healthcare Europe
Price: £5.95

2.0 out of 5 stars Sounded Good but The Jury's Out, 6 July 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Vie Magnesium Flakes Foot & Bath Soak 400g

I am always interested in natural products, particularly when it concerns skin care, so when invited to test the Vie Magnesium Flakes, I was very pleased.

They are sold as a Foot & Bath Soak, so I decided to try them in the bath. The instructions said to use 2 – 3 cups in a full bath and to soak for at least 30 mins. Given that the jar only held 400gr, to use the advised amount, would have been nearly all it contained. So, I used just over ½ the contents so that I would have enough left to try in the bath the next evening too.

The flakes dissolved easily in the hot water, so it was lie back, relax and read my book. I had been gardening and my back was very sore. The skin on the front of my lower legs has a tendency to dryness and my right arm had some gardening wounds. There is also a spot of thickened hard skin on 1 foot.

After 2 bath soaks, I would say that probably my skin felt a tiny bit less dry. My back was not really any less sore, which was disappointing. My arm with the deep scratches was really not improved and neither was my foot. I was a bit disappointed, however I think to be fair, that to gauge a proper testing, these Magnesium Flakes would need to be used for a longer time.

What I did notice was that the bath felt slippery, and care needs to be taken when getting out, so as not to slip and hurt yourself.

Other reviewers seem to hail these Magnesium Flakes as some sort of miracle, however, I have previously purchased Dead Sea Salts to use in the bath, and had just as good a result for less money. As for hard skin on the feet, I have the Scholl Express Pedi which is brilliant and does the job.

At the current price of £5.95 for just 400gr of Vie Magnesium Flakes, which is barely enough for a bath, as per Vie's instructions, and a foot soak, I consider them to be far too expensive for the average person. Even the larger pouch, although being the cheaper purchase option, still works out expensive. Hence the reason for my star rating.

Cetaphil 236 ml Moisturising Lotion
Cetaphil 236 ml Moisturising Lotion
Price: £7.33

4.0 out of 5 stars An EXCELLENT Hand/Body Moisturiser, 2 July 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion 236ml

I came across the Galderma brand, more years ago than I care to remember and found their products to be very good.

I tend to get a few abrasions when gardening and also insect stings, that when near to healing, seem to stay itchy with dry patches that are very slow to go back to normal. I was very pleased to be offered this product to try in the hope that it would effect some improvement.

I am happy to say that 'yes' it really, really does help and that is just in a few days.

Ageing is horrid and for me, has meant much dryer skin on lower front legs and arms. My hands do not recover so well from any prolonged immersion in water when house cleaning ad washing up. Again, I am delighted to report that this Cetaphil is solving the problem.

Not much is needed and I massaged it well in. I did not find any greasy residue at all, but would advise user to leave it to soak in on hands for a little while.

Having a pump top to the container I really like, and makes it so easy to dispense. Being fragrance free means that it is suitable for male or female.

This is reasonably expensive compared to other moisturising products that are on the market, but from my experience, it is worth it. Obviously if you can afford to buy the larger sizes, then it will work out cheaper for you. This is an excellent product and I really recommend it. I have only deducted a star because of the price.

Rosewood Apple BioSafe Dog Toy
Rosewood Apple BioSafe Dog Toy
Price: £6.35

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Fun and Safe!, 28 Jun. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
BioSafe "APPLE" Dog Toy by Rosewood

First off I have to say that having had Rosewood doggy things before, I have never been disappointed, their products are always excellent quality and this 'apple' is no exception.

Presented on an informative card, (which is easy to remove) this bright green 'apple' dog toy looks fresh and appealing. The toy has a lovely smooth feeling and there are absolutely no sharp bits to hurt your dog, your children or yourself.

The 'apple' does have a light fragrance when up close to your nose. It is not a strong smell to us, more like a hint of apple; however a dog's nose is far more sensitive than ours. When I offered the toy to both of my dogs, and my friend's working Springer Spaniel, they all showed a keen interest and had a lick of it. "Maisy" my petite Border Collie immediately took it into her bed and continued to lick it!

Inside there is a squeaker, and for us humans, if you push the ridged sides of the 'apple' it is easier to squeak to get the dog's attention. 1 squeeze produces a short, not overly loud 'squeak' – it is not raucous or harsh, even indoors, so should not create nuisance! For a dog that is not over keen on squeaky toys, because it is quite hard to squeeze, I don’t think it would prove to be upsetting. The squeaker mechanism is well embedded inside the toy, in a much better and safer way than the average squeaker toys for dogs. I think it would be fairly difficult for a dog to remove this part, however there is no accounting for a very determined dog. Having said that, all play with such toys should be supervised and controlled, to be on the safe side, as nothing is totally indestructible.

This 'apple' feels really quite tough but not sure if it would be 'Staffie tough'. It is not as tough feeling as the toughest "Kong". Being made of a bacteria resistant material, I think that is much better and safer for our dogs, even though after play the toy should be washed anyway.

The 'apple' is primarily designed as a dental aid, to massage gums and provide a certain amount of dental care during play. Probably the 'apple leaves' that stand proud on the top of the toy, would be the part to massage the dog's gums.

It is NOT designed to be a chew toy for continual chewing. It is a play toy with benefits!

It is brilliant to throw about and bounce out in the garden or park, as due to its irregular shape it doesn't bounce like a normal ball, but goes off at a tangent, which promotes mental stimulation to keep your dog alert and on it paws for retrieval. The bright green colour makes it easier to find (by us humans) should the dog decide not to bring it back! My friend's working Springer Spaniels do not have hard toys as it goes against their training for work. When I showed it to "Nathaniel", the younger Springer, his little face lit up and when his 'mum' said he could take it, he careered round the garden tossing it up and down. He loved it! My friend was very impressed with this 'apple' and it was clearly endorsed by "Nat"!

The 'apple' also floats, but we have not been near water for the dogs to swim in yet, so will report back on that at a later date.

This toy is unlikely to be suitable for toy dog breeds or the little dogs. It measures 3½ inches high at the tallest point, 3 inches wide at the widest point and 2 inches wide at the narrowest point. It weighs just over 4½ ounces.

Great doggy product and we highly recommend it. Good value too
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Braun Series 9 9040s Wet and Dry Electric Shaver
Braun Series 9 9040s Wet and Dry Electric Shaver
Price: £179.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing & Too Expensive, 28 Jun. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Braun Series 9 9040s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

The sales blurb on this electric shaver made it sound absolutely super; however the reality appears to be far from that with the two gentlemen that I got to test it.

● First tester was my husband, who has always electric shaved. He prefers the foil style shavers rather than the Philips rotary heads, although it is far too many years ago to remember when he last had a Philips!

My husband is an older man and does not have a thick facial growth now, and only needs to shave once a day. He found this Braun to give a good close facial shave and was well satisfied with it. He found the Long Hair Trimmer very good to trim sideburns.

Being able to clean the shaver by rinsing under hot water was a nice feature, rather than just dry brushing it out. However he did not feel that to be able use the shaver whilst in the bath or shower to be of much benefit and is more of a gimmick.

David thought that for the price, this Braun Shaver should have a better quality case, and also a protective cover should be supplied for the shaver head. The carry case should also be bigger, to also accommodate the Shaver Power Socket, Cord set, Brush and Oil Bottle, all of which would be required when travelling. He also felt that for the most part the User Guide was easy to understand and fairly thorough.

● My second tester was my friend's husband who is considerably younger than mine, and who has a strong facial growth. He has been wet shaving for a good 40 years and not used an electric shaver during that time.

Rob tried the shaver both wet and dry on 1 day old stubble, 2 day old stubble, 3 day and 4 day as well. He found that each time, and it did not matter if the shaver was being used as wet or dry, that he was always left with patches, however long he went back over them. When wet shaving he used shaving cream. He could not recommend this shaver at all.

Like my husband, Rob said that the shaver should have a protective cover. He also said that he found it very big to hold.

Unlike David, Rob found that the User Guide was not that good in that there was nothing specific in respect of wet shaving.

So, mixed experiences by my gentlemen testers.

I found that the box packaging was very unimpressive and lacking a 'quality look' given the high price tag. It is also very strange, in that the box 'lid' is underneath it! As well as the comments from the guys concerning a head protector and better case, I did think that there should perhaps be a stand for the shave to sit on when not in use.

The User Guide is printed in 7 languages including English and the wording is backed up with illustrations. Because it is not specific to this particular model of Shaver (Braun Series 9 9040s Premium Shaver Wet & Dry) not everything that is shown in the guide applies to this model. Obviously the manufacturer is aiming to cut cost by producing 1 brochure to cover about 9 different shavers, but in my opinion, this is not good for the customer.

It is recommended by the manufacturer, that the Foil & Cutter Cassette is replaced every 18 months in order to maintain maximum performance.

The shaver has a 2 year Guarantee with limitations and commences from the date of purchase. To get service under the Terms of the Guarantee, the shaver must be taken or sent to and Authorised Braun Service Centre, together with the receipt of purchase. Details of the service centres are available online.

Given the mixed experiences and the omissions in what is provided, this is what my star rating is based on.

Cartoons from the Horse's Mouth
Cartoons from the Horse's Mouth
by Spencer Hill
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very Amusing & Colourful!, 26 Jun. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Straight from the Horses Mouth!

This is a great little book of cartoons for horse lovers, or anyone who wants to be amused.

There are 106 pages of brightly coloured cartoons of horses/ponies. Some of them are just 'thinking' and other horses & ponies are 'chatting' to each other. It is really quite witty and I love the expressions of the horses. It is easy to read but would be no good for anyone who didn't know anything at all about horses/keeping horses or their behaviour.

Some of the cartoons are so very good, that they would be nice to remove from the book and have framed to hang on the wall.

The book is well presented, being printed on excellent quality paper, with a flexible but sturdy wipe clean cover.

Great for the coffee table and would make an excellent gift for horse loving people.

Rimmel London Kate Lipstick Summer - Natural Beige
Rimmel London Kate Lipstick Summer - Natural Beige
Price: £5.49

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3.0 out of 5 stars Just OK - Not Brilliant!, 25 Jun. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Rimmel London Kate Lipstick Summer in NATURAL BEIGE

Rimmel is a well known and long established name in the cosmetic business, and has been around a great number of years. It is a trusted name in affordable make-up. The fact that is has the name of Kate Moss on it is just a sales gimmick and not really relevant.

The matte black casing to the lipstick is smart, and the top of the lipstick snaps on well enough to feel safe in your handbag or cosmetic purse.

The colour is not too pale and is nice for summer wear. Being called "Natural Beige" is a bit misleading in my opinion. Once applied, it is not a pink as it looks in the illustration. On your skin, to me, it does have quite an orange bias to the colour. (I have included some pics to try and show what I mean)

It was comfortable to wear and did not dry my lips out, so that was good. It did feel rich and creamy and only needed 1 application. The lipstick has a sort of 'children's sweets' aroma, but not really any taste.

Disappointingly however, this Rimmel Natural Beige didn't have much staying power. Despite being blotted after applying, it managed to come off on to my upper teeth and on to a cup edge when having a drink.

To keep your lips fresh looking, you would need touch up too often for my liking. Some lipsticks sort of 'disappear' but still leave some colour stain on your lips, but this Rimmel one didn't.

It is made in England, hence the 'London Look' ! To sum up, this lipstick is ok but not brilliant.

PS – if your lipstick comes with a label stuck over it, once peeled off, any sticky residue that remains can easily be removed using a make-up removing wipe.
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From Puppy to PERFECT: A proven, practical guide to training and caring for your new puppy
From Puppy to PERFECT: A proven, practical guide to training and caring for your new puppy
by Janet Menzies
Edition: Paperback
Price: £12.05

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Really Informative, Really Useful, 25 Jun. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
From Puppy to Perfect

If you are thinking about getting a family dog for the first time then you will find this book invaluable. Whether you intend to buy a puppy from a breeder, or are going to a Rescue Centre to get your pup, I advise you to really read up about dog ownership first. Having a dog is a HUGE commitment and you need to be as well informed as you can be, so that you have a long and happy relationship with your chosen dog. This book should be your first stop.

The contents of the book is in 5 parts
1. The 6 week survival guide
2. How to be the perfect puppy owner
3. Puppy from 3 to 6 months
4. Big school training
5. Your best friend

The book starts pre-purchase of the pup, with excellent advice as to the do's and don'ts when buying your puppy. There is very useful and essential information concerning what you must do in preparation in respect of your home, car, garden and your family members. It covers bringing your precious puppy home and the first 2 weeks there. There are also some Questions & Answers.

In the second part, the information covers the in and out of the dog. Their integration into human families and what your puppy dog expects from his family. There is advice on 1 person being the main carer/authority who will also train the humans in the home. It is not all about training the dog!!

There is a lot of brilliant information on understanding the different breeds of dog and what behaviours are hard wired in these dogs, for the work for which they were originally bred. All dog groups are covered including cross breeds and mongrels. This section is very important, as you need to choose the best match of dog to go with your lifestyle and capabilities. There are some Questions & Answers and a little test, to find out if you are suitable to welcome a pup into your life.

There is an excellent part on assessing the personality of your puppy, which includes intelligence, strength and attitude tests. There is advice on how to deal with disobedience and some very basic home training. There are some really good ideas also of things to do with your puppy and children together which will help both dog and kids to learn. They are just short sessions with a maximum of 15 minutes. Doggy socialisation is covered, which is extremely important in order to have a happy, well balanced dog in your family and again there is a Question & Answer section.

This book has an absolute wealth of important and helpful information as well as point of law in respect of dog ownership and at the very end of the book there is an alphabetical Index. All in all, this book is very easy to follow.

Being a dog owner, whether first time round, or with experience but perhaps being dogless for a while, it is always worth reading up and keeping up to date with the more modern methods of puppy/dog raising. Sometimes even with an older rescue dog, it is a case of starting again because that dog is now in a new life with you, so with the instructions and advice from the Rescue Centre, together with this book you are well armed to succeed in your relationship with your new best friend, so that the dog's life, as well as that of the family will be enriched.

I would recommend that even before you choose a breed, whether to go to a breeder or to a rescue centre, that you read this book from cover to cover. Owning a dog is a HUGE responsibility, not only to the welfare of your chosen dog, but also to the general public and your friends and family and to have a dog should not be a rash or speedy decision, or one to be taken lightly. To get a dog on a whim, on the spur of the moment without thorough research is why the human/dog partnership fails, and so many poor dogs end up in rescue centres.

You will enjoy reading this book because it is well planned, well laid out and has a wealth of gorgeous photos, as well as being in simple, easy to understand English. It has a nice wipe clean cover and the printing is in a very comfortable to read typeface.

A final piece of advice is once you have read this book and if you decide that you can and will follow the advice and that you can manage a dog with all the other aspects of your family life and work, then think about a breed. At that stage, please get several books from the Library and read up as much as you possibly can about your chosen breed. All puppies are cute and cuddy, but not all breeds grow up that way. Each breed of dog has been bred for a purpose and that purpose is hard wired into their genes. Take into account also, the size that dog will be when it is fully mature. Will your home, your garden or your car be large enough to accommodate your dog? The bigger the dog the more expense it is to feed and the more costly the Vet's bills, as medication is usually dispensed according to the weight of the dog.

Good luck and may you have many, many years of joy and happiness with your new family member. If the worst happens and it doesn't work out, PLEASE do not dump your dog or pass it on to someone else. PLEASE do the right thing and contact the breeder. A good breeder will always have the dog back, or, take it into a Rescue Centre like the Dogs Trust. They will not think bad of you or judge you, but they will look after the dog until they can find a suitable home for it, and in the meantime whilst at the Rescue Centre, you dog will be safe, warm, exercised, fed and cared for.

Remington Reveal Facial Cleansing Brush
Remington Reveal Facial Cleansing Brush
Price: £79.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A Really Good Product & Very Effective, 21 Jun. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Remington Reveal Facial Cleansing Brush Model FC1000

Having previously tried and tested a rival brand of facial cleansing brush, I was keen to try this Remington model.

What immediately impressed me, is that the Remington Reveal comes with 3 different brush attachments and should therefore suit most skin types. It also has a stylish shiny white zip up beauty bad to keep all the components in when not in use or for travelling.

• The 'Normal' Brush Head has white bristles in the centre surrounded by a circle of pale green ones, and is recommended for everyday deep cleansing. I found this really did the job and left my skin feeling nicely clean and refreshed.
• The 'Sensitive' Brush Head has all white bristles and is even softer than the 'Normal' Brush Head. This one is designed for gentle everyday cleansing for those with a sensitive/delicate skin. I found that this brush was a really nice soothing one.
• The 'Massage' Brush is a flatter one with soft all green plastic 'bristles' and is designed to massage your skin and to revitalise it. I loved this one too, but did not feel the need to use it every day. I think this is probably a once or twice a week use brush head.

I used a well known brand of skin cleansing gel and also tried the Reveal with a skin cleansing wash off lotion. The Reveal worked equally well on both so what you use is a matter of personal preference. Remember to dampen your skin with water first and also dampen the chosen brush head before you start.

You don’t have to worry about remembering what head is for what use, as each one is conveniently marked to remind you. Also, there is a handy snap on transparent cover for each brush head. So once the bristles have air dried, snap on the cover to keep the heads clean and safe from being bent or spoiled in any way and then they can be stashed away in the shiny zip up carry case.

The Remington Reveal is equipped with a 1 minute timer and 3 speeds. Once switched on, the brush will pause every 20 seconds to remind you to move to the next part of the T Zone on your face, you will also hear a v slight change in tone. After 60 seconds, the brush will switch off automatically.

My advice is that if you haven't used one of these electric facial cleansing brushes before, start off with the Sensitive Brush Head and use it at the lowest speed.

1 press of the start button is for the slowest speed and a light will shine on the head of the motor unit by the ●
Press the start button again to get the next speed, and again a light will shine on the head of the motor unit by the ●●
Press the start button a third time and you will then be at the top speed and the light on the head will be by the ●●●

The Charging Stand is small and neat and the Handle Unit sits well on it. The power cord measures 70 inches and has a normal UK 3 pin plug on the end of it. While charging the LED lights will light in rotation and once fully charged will go out. When using the Cleansing Brush, if the charge is becoming low, then the 3 LED lights will pulse off and on.

When not on the Charging Stand, the Brush Head unit stands well on its own, on a flat surface. It looks top heavy in shape, but does not prove to be.

This Remington Reveal Cordless Facial Cleansing Set is smart and stylish and is very well presented and boxed. The User Guide is written in plain English complete with diagrams and is very easy to follow and understand. Service Centre details are also included.

The Reveal comes with a 2 year Guarantee which, if you register on line, extends to 3 years. Excellent! Shows that the manufacturer has confidence in their product.

I love it and really recommend it. Also great as a gift for that special person in your life or treat yourself!
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Station Eleven
Station Eleven
by Emily St. John Mandel
Edition: Paperback
Price: £3.85

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1.0 out of 5 stars Weird! Not for me, 14 Jun. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Station Eleven (Paperback)
I don't normally give up on a book, but this one was an exception.

It started off quite well and indeed the synopsis of it made it sound very good, but I found the reality somewhat different.

Chapter 1 is a tragedy that unfolds during Act 4 of "King Lear" being performed at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto, Canada. It is during the 'mad scene' that the actor playing the part of King Lear dies! The next few chapters are of the aftermath at the theatre and of trainee paramedic Jeevan, leaving there to walk home in the snow. On the way he receives a call on his mobile from his friend Hua who is at work in Toronto General Hospital. Hua has phone to warn his friend of an outbreak of Georgia 'Flu. Patients are coming off a plane from Moscow, feeling ill and all having the same symptoms are turning up at the hospital. His friend tells Jeevan to get out of town, get out of the city and right away. This is an epidemic. It is spreading fast. People are dying. Jeevan decides to get supplies and go to his brother's apartment. He calls his girlfriend Laura, who is back at their home and tells her to leave the city - now!

Chapter 4 and the scene is at the Elgin Theatre where the executive producer starts to make the dreaded phone calls concerning the death of the actor, Arthur. Chapter 5 is the conversation he has with Miranda, Arthur's wife who is in Malaysia on business. Chapter 6 is a list of the 'no mores'.

It is from here that the novel, for me, goes down hill into a sort of nothingness. It is 20 years on and is post the deadly illness and it should be interesting. I found it so difficult to get into this part of the book. It did just not make any sense to me and I just had to give up. Not everyone had proper names. They were part of a Travelling Symphony, they were referred to as the 'first cello', the 'third trumpet' and so on and for me it was all just too weird.

Garden Rock Ornament - Secret Hidden Compartment To Hide Spare Door Key!
Garden Rock Ornament - Secret Hidden Compartment To Hide Spare Door Key!
Offered by Syntax1010
Price: £3.95

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Sooooooooo realistic, 14 Jun. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Garden Rock Ornament - Secret Hidden Compartment To Hide Spare Door Key

It is so easy to go out the front door and forget your keys, especially as if like me, you are not as young as you would like to be! So, the search was on for something realistic to hide a key in.

This Garden Rock Ornament is BRILLIANT. It is absolutely realistic. The internal compartment is not huge but does fit a normal Yale key. Unfortunately it is not large enough to fit a Mortice type key. Once put with some other rocks and stones it blends in beautifully and can easily be put under a plant.

We have had heavy rain these last few days, our key rock is in a plant tub and the key has stayed dry.

This product is EXCELLENT and so in-expensive. I showed it to our neighbours and they were very impressed with it too.
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