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Ms. EC Coles "Meimi132" (UK)

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Early Edition: First Season [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Early Edition: First Season [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nineties Nostalgia, 20 Jun. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I remember watching this on BBC1 or 2 in the afternoons, I'm guessing on weekends, I couldn't, for years, remember the name of the show, just that there was a cat and a newspaper from the future. And one bit in a lift that stuck with me, turned out to be Fisher Stevens delivering a baby in an elevator XD
I somehow found out the name(I think it was due to Kyle Chandler...doing an IMDB check on him..) a few years ago and had to track down the DVD's. Sadly only seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD, which means I'll probably see the end again, if I saw it in the first place.

About the actual series, for me its got a level of nostalgic value(whenever I heard the theme tune I almost tear up XD), which sort of clouds my judgement, but I KNOW its a good show(wouldn't have run for 4 seasons if it wasn't), its got great characters and the story's damn compelling! I still wanna know where the newspaper comes from... the cat...well the cat comes with it... I don't wanna spoil anything, its a mystery as well as a Drama-Fantasy.

Main cast -
Kyle Chandler - Gary Hobson
Shanesia Davis-Williams - Marissa Clark
Fisher Stevens - Chuck Fishman

Kyle Chandlers awesome. Saw him in Grey's Anatomy which probably made me IMDB him... didn't right away though, only did it when rewatching the boxset. Fisher Stevens is a odd one, Chuck's kind of annoying, but you love him anyway, he's more recently appeared in Lost, any actor thats been in Lost I'm cool with XD. And Shanesia Davis-Williams is brilliant, I shipped Gary & Marissa while rewatching season 1 XD
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Dr Who: The Dalek Collection (Dr Who And The Daleks & Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150AD + Dalekmania documentary) [DVD] [1965]
Dr Who: The Dalek Collection (Dr Who And The Daleks & Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150AD + Dalekmania documentary) [DVD] [1965]
Dvd ~ Peter Cushing
Offered by joe4books
Price: £27.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Origins of my Geekdom, 20 Jun. 2010
This was (to my knowledge) the first Doctor Who I ever saw. Its the first one I remember vividly at any rate, my dad may have shown me some Tom Baker or William Hartnell before that, but Peter Cushing is my first Doctor. These movies(?) are awesome, whenever they're repeated on TV I make it a point to watch them, but that seems to happen less and less... so I've bought this DVD for my dad for Fathers Day. Tis something that can be enjoyed by the whole family. (Bar my older-younger brother who abandoned TV a long time ago sadly.) My youngest-younger brother has seen them already I think, but not in years, he was introduced to Dr Who with Christopher Eccleston. He was much less exposed to geeky stuff than I was, I was brought up on a diet of Dr Who, Star Trek & the occasional Babylon 5 XD.

Anyway, these films have stood the test of time, in my opinion, they're always fun to watch, I don't think I found them scary when I was little... don't remember being traumatized by Daleks anyways, could have blocked it out maybe... the new Dr Who game is scaring me just fine anyway... trying to dodge Daleks... not cool O_O

Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast Version)
Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast Version)
Price: £0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gleetastic!!, 9 Dec. 2009
I've been watching Glee since it started airing in the US. Never thought I'd like it. BUT at the end of the very first episode, they sang 'Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. And it was brilliant. You got Gleeshivers. Its a really good cover. And such a coincidence that its released on the 14th of December.... the week the xmas number one is chosen. Would be awesome if this, or the original could reach the top ten. Totally deserves it. I hope enough people watch Glee on E4 next week and fall in love with it, and then buy the single! Would be epic.

Shakugan No Shana: The Girl with Fire in Her Eyes
Shakugan No Shana: The Girl with Fire in Her Eyes
by Yashichiro Takahashi
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.68

5.0 out of 5 stars My little brother stole my book..., 9 Aug. 2009
I bought this so I could read it, then finally get round to watching the anime, but ya know what? My little brother nabbed it off me before I had a chance, read it, and then started on the anime... He loves it, not as much as he likes Haruhi, but thats a tall order to beat Haruhi lol.
Although he deems the series a tad unsuitable for his age group(he's 12, and says theres a bit of bad language in the novel, but he hears worse at school, so no worries lol), he'll still read and watch more than happily.

I spose small sword wielding girls are his thing, and tsundere girls... shame... (for those who don't know tsuntsun is like bad tempered, bit violent, and deredere is all cutesy, easily embarrassed, shy etc, polar opposites, yet characters in anime manage to be both sometimes. Not a fan of that type myself. Prefer the Kotomi's and the Fuuko's. Not two sided as such.

Sadly there are only 2 Shana novels available in english so far, and the manga confusingly has a very similar front cover. You can tell by the titles,(novels have full titles, not numbers like the manga) and the graphics on the front, the 'Shakugan no Shana on the front of the novels is slightly slanted, it ain't on the manga. Considering the first novel was published in english in 2007, the odds the rest will get published look slim.. but it the Haruhi novels sell enough maybe they'll start translating more of the Shana novels, who knows?

Star Trek XI (2-Disc Edition) - with Free Comic Book (Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk) [DVD]
Star Trek XI (2-Disc Edition) - with Free Comic Book (Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Chris Pine

1 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars To boldly go..., 2 July 2009
I was getting way over-hyped the day before I saw it, tried to calm myself... telling myself just cos its JJ Abrams it won't be that awesome... Just in case I ended up not liking it...

Turns out I did love it... me and my friend just sat there grinning throught alot of it. I really wasn't sure about some of the actors they'd picked.... but I take everything I said back. Especially about Simon Pegg with brown hair and a scottish accent. He ROCKED that bad boy!!
Zachary Quinto as Spock was something I anticipated ever since Heroes started lol, so was happy with that.
Chris Pine as Kirk I wasn't sure of at all.... But he pulled it off. Well. Very well.
I LOVE Kyle Urban as Bones McCoy. He rocked. Very Bones. Favourite character so far. I think Bones was back when I was younger too...
I was uber-happy that John Cho was gonna be in it. Me liked him as Sulu. Even if he ain't actually Japanese...
Chekov I didn't really think twice about before I saw it, played by Anton Yelchin, and played very well. Got his wessels and wulvans all good and proper. Gotta love how he says Captain. (Keptin?) I didn't know Chekov was meant to be so young lol.
I didn't really mind who played Uhuru, she wasn't a favourite character of mine from before... but Zoe Saldana did a top notch job!!! Can't wait for the fan dance.
I was happy to hear that Eric Bana was in it, wasn't happy when I found out he'd be smothered in alien-make up... but any Eric Bana is good Eric Bana lol.
The special effects were very good. Opening scene mucho awesome.

I especially love how the solved the problem of keeping to the original, but making it an alternate reality. Solves so many problems. And allows them to do stuff like kill of characters they don't wanna keep, that may have survived before. (Not saying anyone dies in the movie lol)

Not saying everyone will love it.... but I do hope most people do. Twas a great piece of cinematic entertainment. Must... see... again... then stay for the whole credits to see if theres anything Dharma related at the end lol.

And guess what... I saw it 5 times. 5 times and I still didn't get bored of its awesomeness! Thats gotta say something, either about the movies entertainment value or my ever growing obsession with the male leads lol. Seriously though, epicly awesome movie.

The Bro Code
The Bro Code
by Barney Stinson
Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars 'Open up your brain tank bra, cos I'm about to drop some premium octane knowledge!', 2 July 2009
This review is from: The Bro Code (Paperback)
This is something EVERY How I met your mother fan should own, male or female. Especially fans of Barney, as I am. (He's even better in season 4 imo. I can't wait for 5!!)

The cover design is just awesome, I'm paranoid of my little brother bending it or something(he started watching HIMYM because of this book, he's nearly 12.). Almost tempted to get him his own copy.
I'd love like a hardback official looking version, without the pic of Barney, thought that photo on the front is pure awesome.

But whether or not my little brother should be learning about tricycles at his age I don't know. But I spose he's not been exposed to as much as some kids his age have. The Bro Code is all in good fun at any rate. I love it. The audio version is super-fun too.

Serendipity [DVD] [2002]
Serendipity [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ John Cusack
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Too sweet for its own good., 1 July 2009
This review is from: Serendipity [DVD] [2002] (DVD)
First saw it on BBC3, during my John Cusack kick, fell in love with it. Its such a nice movie, got great music, great actors, great cliche romcom plot. I love a good romcom, and this comes under that catagory. Even cliches are good in some cases, not if overused. And it may be predictable, but lovely, and predictable ain't always bad.
First time I almost cried just cause two characters got together. I was so glad they made it though, finally found each other again. Tis such a nice plot.
Totally recommended. Not much extra on the DVD, but for the price, I wouldn't expect anything much. Just happy to have the film really.

Clannad [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Clannad [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars If you love Clannad, you will buy it., 1 July 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought both collections 1 & 2 a few months ago, had to, to be loyal to the series. So very glad I did.

There are 12 episodes on 2 discs, I know some would prefer that on 3 discs to up the quality, but the quality is just fine. The subtitles obviously arn't as pretty as fansubber's, but that seems to be the way with DVD releases. I am completely happy with the DVD's though, since I'm lucky/glad they released it at all. Need to get Kanon too... More Key please!!

Oh, theres no english dub, but I'm guessing most who've seen Clannad already won't want an english dub anyways, since usually dubs arn't fantastic. The lack of a dub didn't affect my choice to buy.

Little bit about the series for those who haven't seen it; tis based on one of Key's visual novel games, same as Kanon and Air, other anime based on Key games. Its a semi-fantasy romantic comedy drama I spose. Tis a lovely show, it'll make you cry like nobodies business... specially the second series, Clannad After Story, that was even more of a tear jerker...
My favourite girl is probably Fuuko Ibuko or Kotomi Ichinose. Though Nagisa Furukawa is darling. Okazaki is also super cute(he's one of the very few guys in the show lol, lead male).
The main females have their own arcs, Fuuko, Kotomi, Ryou/Kyou, Tomoyo and of course, Nagisa. Its a bitter sweet story I spose, since only one girl can get the guy, and they all(bar Fuuko) like Tomoya.

I would recommend this series to anyone, seriously, anyone, but not just anyone would watch it sadly. Even though its a masterpiece. Sad even the greatly awesome Japanese cartoons are underrated by most, the movies get the most recognition, if any.
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Shakugan No Shana Swimsuit PVC Statue
Shakugan No Shana Swimsuit PVC Statue

5.0 out of 5 stars If you love Shana, do yourself a favour and buy this., 1 July 2009
I myself, still haven't seen Shana all the way through, keep meaning to, but theres so much else to watch, am watching Witchblade currently, and a few others.
For the price of this figure, its very much worth it, a nice sized 1/6th Shana, very-very good value. Her Meronpan(Melon bread) cushion is adorable too. And the base is very good too. The only issue I have with her is the hair, its very pretty, but a bit rubbery, which means, in the wrong temperature, her hair will stick to the base, but because its underneath and not visible, I'm not too fussed, others might be. Overall the paintwork is very good and her face is just darling, very important aspect of the figure I must say, if the face aint good, no point in getting it.

So while its still available, add it to your collection. Totally worth it, considering the price of other figures, if your an avid collector you'll know what I mean.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Price: £7.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars So very addictive..., 1 July 2009
When I first saw Dr Horrible I fell in love with the soundtrack(amongst other things...:whistles:), and knew I had to have it, so, out of desperation, I bought it via the Amazon MP3 download do-hicky, which I normally wouldn't, because I like owning the article itself, same with books, dvd's etc. Digital copies are nice, but not the same.
Anyways, as I stated in the title, addictive. So very addictive. I've learnt all the words to the songs, and everytime I watc Dr Horrible now, I can't help but sing along, probably to the people around me's displeasure lol. But its too awesome for words. My favourite song is either Brand New Day or A Man's Gotta Do. But... My Freeze Ray and Slipping too... gawd I love em. Don't know how many times I listened to it after I'd first watch Dr Horrible, safe to say a fair few lol. (Repetitvely so hehe)

The combo of Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion is just undeniably awesome, was why I watched it, since I was totally unaware of it when it was first shown online. Now I'm waiting for a UK dvd release, but I'll probably break and import the US version.
The songs in Dr Horrible are brilliant, most people who've seen it will agree I'm sure, and its totally worth the money, for either the download or the CD, worth it. Since most people looking at this page will have seen Dr Horrible and will love it, they won't hesitate to get this.

And if you haven't seen/heard Dr Horrible, do so, soon!

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