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The Soft Bulletin
The Soft Bulletin
Offered by Bridge_Records
Price: £3.94

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unforgettable., 22 Jun. 2005
This review is from: The Soft Bulletin (Audio CD)
Let's all be honest with ourselves here, The Flaming Lips started off as quite a bad band. Their early material was average at best, but mostly bad. Then in the early 90s, they stepped up a gear and began releasing some great stuff. Yet none of their albums were astounding or worthy of 'classic' status...
...until they released The Soft Bulletin.
This is unlike anything you've ever heard before. Every track here is oozing with the 'lips creative juices with layers upon layers of zany noise all moulding together to create one euphoric soundscape. Wayne Coyne's singing might not be too great, but his lyrics are without a doubt some of the most original ever written. Unlike many of todays new artists, Coyne doesn't sing vaguely about depression or whatever BS, he goes in-depth and uses double-meanings in just around all of his songs.
The obvious highlight on this CD is the out of this world Race For The Prize, which upon hearing, I stop everything I'm doing and grasp my heart. Words cannot describe how touching this song is, listen and you will see.
There are plenty of other phenomenal tracks on this cd though, including the acoustic yet electronic Spark That Bled, the sombre Waitin' For A Superman which perfectly describes modern day living, and the abrasive Feeling Yourself Disintergrate. These tracks alone are worth the asking price, but everything else on here is gold too!
The Soft Bulletin is what you'd call a modern day classic. The songwriting here is on par with some of the stuff The Beatles were doing during the last half of their career. And even though this piece of art isn't perfect, I can't point out anything wrong with it. Listening to this album, for me, was a life-changing experience and I'm sure it will be for you too. Buy it. Buy it now.

Price: £43.78

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best rap album in years, 21 Jun. 2005
This review is from: Madvillainy (Audio CD)
If you've located this page, you are probably aware of the sorry state of rap music nowadays and perhaps looking for an alternative. Well my friend, you've found Madvillainy, so look no further.
So who are this 'Madvillain'? Well, they're a duo made up of MC MF Doom and producer Madlib. Before collaborating on this album, they had both been involved in many amazing projects, but this one beats them all hands down.
There are 22 tracks on offer here, each one clocking in at an average of around 2 minutes. There are hardly any hooks or choruses on the disc, as most songs are just comprised of one big freestyle from Doom. But somehow, even though most tracks work in the same way, the album never becomes formulaic or repetitive. Whether it's the zany Accordian, the hazey America's Most Blunted or the brilliantly jazzy Great Day Today, every track brings something new to the table.
MF Doom's raps have an amazing flow, as he drops hilarious line one after the other. Doom even breaks new ground on the track Fancy Clown as he takes the role of one his many alter egos and disses himself. If that's been done before, please let me know.
Overall, I would consider Madvillainy in the same league as 3 Feet High and Rising in terms of flow, production and overall hilarity. Doom and Madlib have a special musical chemistiry together and they have made the most of it on Madvillainy.
Key Tracks:Accordian, Raid, Fancy Clown, Great Day Today, Rhinestone Cowboy.

Blueberry Boat
Blueberry Boat
Price: £10.54

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2.0 out of 5 stars 9.6?Come on Pitchfork...., 15 Dec. 2004
This review is from: Blueberry Boat (Audio CD)
I've always trusted the reviews of the infamous Pitchfork media site,they have been the source of many musical discoveries(The Arcade Fire,Xiu Xiu and Sigur Ros a few to name).So when I saw the review for the Fiery Furnaces' Blueberry Boat and I saw 9.6 out of 10.0 looking me in the face,I had to go out and buy this album.And how I wasted my money...
Let's get one thing straight,this isn't another Kid A.It is based around keyboards,but the sound they create is dreadful.Everytime they have an actual good rhythm going,it's either intererupted by what sounds like a kid playing with their first keyboard or the song just...ends.Instead of focusing on one idea and extending it,the songs just change tune randomly,it sounds truly awful!
So why 2 stars instead of 1?Well,throughout this album there are many shimmers of brilliance,but unfortunately there are so much negative aspects of this album,it makes this pretty much unlistenable.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Aug 5, 2010 2:46 PM BST

Wwe: Survivor Series 2002 [DVD] [2002]
Wwe: Survivor Series 2002 [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Triple H
Offered by TastyMate
Price: £14.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Do you beileve in miracles?, 21 Feb. 2004
After a drought of good pay-per-views the WWE finnaly pulls off something spectacular.It was a night full of excellent wrestling,big stunts and pure entertaiment in Madison square garden for the 2002 Survivor series.It kicked off with the brilliant tag-team-elimanation-tables match putting Jeff Hardy,Bubba Ray Dudley and Spike Dudley against 3 minute warning and Rico.The match will easily go down as the best opener of 2002 and was action packed from start to finish(10 out of 10).It was followed by maybe the least anticpated match of the night between Jamie Noble and Billy Kidman.I'm not a big fan of cruiser-weight wrestling but this match was certainly entertaining with some good cruiser weight moves and fast paced action(9 out of 10).Next up is the womens hardcore match between Trish and Victoria.Well what can I say?BEST WOMENS MATCH EVER!FACT!Was as good as any mens match and it shown just how much women can do in the ring(9.5 out of 10).The next match(Brock Lesner v Big show) was a bit of letdown because of its length but was still a good match but should of been a lot longer(7 out of 10).This was followed by the best pure tag team match of 2002 which was a triple threat tag match(Los Gurreros v Edge and Rey Mysterio V Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit).Very good wrestling here,it really starts to pick up towards the end and really makes a mark on the pay per view,superb quality(10 out of 10).And finnaly.....what do you get when you take Kane,Triple H,Booker T,Shawn Michaels,Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho,put them in an elimantion chamber and set them loose?The best match of 2002!What an epic battle for survival!Their was blood,pain,excitement,chain,glass,steel and broken bodies in an almighty bloodbath!The WWE has'nt pulled off a match this good in a few years!It never gets tiresome and will go down as one of the greatest matches of all time!All credit to Rob Van Dam who stole the show on this one though but every man gave it all they had!And what an ending that you wont believe!(10 out of 10)The question is,Do you believe in miracles?!?!

Wwe: Unforgiven 2003 [VHS]
Wwe: Unforgiven 2003 [VHS]

5.0 out of 5 stars Great, 4 Feb. 2004
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Unforgiven 2003 was the second Raw only PPV and its certainly been the best of the 3 so far.Following up to bad Summerslam was'nt exactly the hardest thing to do considering the quality of the Summerslam matches.But this Pay-Per-View is simply the best Unfogiven in history and 2nd best pay per view of 2003.It starts with the excellent handicap tag team tables match between the Dudleyz and La Resistance(9 out of 10).From the tables match it doesnt fail to impress,with the (for once)good Steiner V Test(8 out of 10),the BRILLIANT last man standing match featuring the moment of the year so far were Shane McMahon jumps 50 feet off the Titan-tron and crashes through the stage,it had been a long time coming untill another huge Shane stunt and the wait was worth while,excellent match(10 out of 10).It was'nt all the pay per view had to offer,the superb triple threat match between RVD,Jericho and Christian for the IC title was one of the best matches of 2003 featuring a triple electric chair off the turnbuckle.The ending was a bit lame but it was still edge-of-the-seat material(9 out of 10).There was two low points here,easy to guess that one of them was the womens tag team match featuring Molly Holly and Gail Kim V Lita and Trish Stratus.Was'nt dire but it was still bad(4 out of 10).But the worst match of the night was easily Jr and King V Al Snow and Jonathan Coachman.There was no entertaining commentary let alone the lack of intersting manouvers and good-spots,simply a dire match(2 out of 10).The legend(Shawn Michaels) v legend killer(Randy Orton) match was terrific until the involvment of Ric Flair at the end.It would of been great if these two men were let alone to fight each other without the presence of Ric Flair but it was a great match and definatly a highlight(8 out of 10).Main event-Goldberg v Triple H was a good match,but compared to its predocessers it was buried to the ground.Not the longest of matches and a bit of a lame predictable finish but still a fairly good bout(7 out of 10).This was the WWE returning to the excitement and the thrills of the glorious 2000-2001 years.An excellent pay-per-view.

WWE - Bad Blood 2003 [DVD]
WWE - Bad Blood 2003 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Terrible...., 4 Feb. 2004
This review is from: WWE - Bad Blood 2003 [DVD] (DVD)
This was a hugely hyped event that did NOT live up to its promise.Putting Mick Foley as guest referee inside a cell with Kevin Nash and Triple H would seem like the most ideal thing to do,but the match would of probably been better without the cell which only restricted them from using tables etc.But the hell in a cell was not the worst match of the night,it was actually the second best.The night kicked off with one of the worst openers in WWE history,Christopher Nowinski and Rodney Mack V The Dudley Boyz was a start to finish excuse of a match with a terrible ending.It was followed up with more crap including Scott Steiner V Test(1 out of 10),Kane and RVD v La Resistance(2 out of 10) and Goldberg v Jericho(3 out of 10).The nights saving grace was by far Shawn Michaels v Ric Flair.Great match until the pointless Randy Orton interference and the table section.All in all this easily one of THE WORST WWE pay-per-views in HISTORY.If you want a Raw pay-per-view then I would suggest the excellent Unforgiven 2003 or the fairly good Armageddon 2003,but by all circumstances DO NOT BUY THIS PPV!

Does This Look Infected?
Does This Look Infected?
Price: £4.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Sum 41 grow up, 6 Dec. 2003
I was suprised when i first bought this album.I thoght i would be treated to some of the typical Blink 182 style pop rock which has polluted the metal section in high street stores nationwide.But to clarify exactly what Sum 41 have achieved with this album is hard to put into words exactly,its kind of the feeling of energetic pop punk but it also has lyrics critsizing soiciety and politics.It's like Sum 41 have excluded themselfs as social misfits and their expressing their feelings onto a CD.It actually makes for quite a good listen.
The CD starts with the catchy 'Hell song' with some good guitar riffs and a great chorus,it is then followed by the excellent 'Over my head(Better off dead)' with maybe the best chorus on the whole album.After the first tracks the album kind of dies down into a sentemenal period,not exactly beautiful but it can mean something.The infamous 'Still waiting' sounds like nothing compared to some of the latter tracks like 'MR Amsterdam' and 'Billy spleen'.The album's 12th track 'Hooch' kills of the serious period of the album and we then get treated to the 80's style 'Reign in pain' and the fantastic 'World war VII'.Even though the last two tracks arent exactly what you would call meaningfull they can match up to some of the earlier tracks even though they sound totattly different
A good album in whole,proabally the best Sum 41 have made unless you like the childish lyrics and predictable riffs of 'Half hour of power' and the slightly better 'All killer no filler'.

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