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Merv (Jersey, UK)

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Ethernet Cable, Rankie 5-Pack 1.5m RJ45 Cat 6 Ethernet Patch LAN Network Cable - (5-Color Combo) - R1300
Ethernet Cable, Rankie 5-Pack 1.5m RJ45 Cat 6 Ethernet Patch LAN Network Cable - (5-Color Combo) - R1300
Offered by Rankie-Direct
Price: £8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Product & Service!!, 29 Oct. 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great quality Ethernet cables, nicely priced and arrived on advertised delivery date. Would recommend this seller 😀😀😬

Live At Wembley Stadium [DVD] [2003]
Live At Wembley Stadium [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Tony Banks
Price: £12.47

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5.0 out of 5 stars Peaking it Live!, 6 Jun. 2004
Ah yes! I remember it fondly - the 80's!.
Big hair, bright clothes and big albums, ( and I mean BIG)!!, and perfectly sat amongst all that decandent chaos is probably, one of the biggest albums to emerge in the 1986 - Genesis - Invisible Touch and also the accompanying tour.
Invisible Touch Tour spanned the globe and played to sell-out audiences for the best part of a year and a half, this was a typical Genesis concert- perfectly practiced, with big lights and even bigger sounds.
You've got the classics, (Los Endos/Turn It On Again), and also the new stuff, including Invisible Touch, The beautifully understated Throwing it all away, and the superb Domino- this is, of course, a mere sample of what's to offer on this DVD.
All in all, a most comprehesive collection of their hits, and superb sound/picture quality, (Dolby 5.1 Surround), for all you techie types.
Well worth it!
Buy it!!

SOCOM: US Navy SEALs (includes headset)
SOCOM: US Navy SEALs (includes headset)

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5.0 out of 5 stars An amazing game, 7 Nov. 2003
So, it's finally here!... the future of console gaming - interaction with other players via online connectivity.
Socom has, since day one of its conception, had carry the burden of the being called the above and a lot more. Sony had better get it right if this was going to be a quiet revolution.
Happily, and with much relief on the faces on the Sony execs!, Socom is perhaps the biggest and best game to be released in years.
The game revolves around a four man crack navy US seal team - the player taking the lead whilst controlling the rest of the team via the joypad or through a USB connected headset - this is where it really starts getting fun!!!!!.
Commands such as "Bravo lead to Delta". (Bravo being the call sign of your backup team), or Attack to Charlie, means that you have at your disposal the ability to work as a team - or not, if you feeling a bit gung-ho!.
The game is set over 12 locations/levels, and the AI of the enemy is very good and will leave you with sweaty palms everytime as your trigger finger remains constantly itchy.
But what about the online capabilities?? - i hear you cry.
Once again, Sony have delivered well.
The idea being, once connected using a network adaptor and broadband connection, you go online to a server. Once on the server there are a number of game rooms or "lobbys".
Simply choose the lobby and either join a game or create one of your own and wait for other player to join.
Run around as either a seal (goodie!) or a terrorist (you guessed it -baddie!) and you can speak to your team mates via the headset.
So you can choose to storm a barge, or sneak up on a bad guy and pop a cap in the proverbial!, or even clear an area as a team with a methodical approach.
Oh, and dont worry if you die!, you'll be able to talk to your other dead colleagues about tactics, (or anything!!) , in readiness for the next game.
All in all a superb game, will keep you going for hours and hours.
You could lose a lot of sleep playing this so don's say i didn't want you!!!!!.
Oh and did mention Socom II due out in March 2004????!!!!
But that's another review, perhaps?..............

The Professionals: Season 4 [DVD]
The Professionals: Season 4 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Lewis Collins

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4.0 out of 5 stars One last time, 22 Jan. 2003
For all you Pro.... fans season 4 dvd set is best summed up by saying it's mostly a hit with a few misses.
16 episodes, (about half of which were taken from the 1980 recording block), which for many fans represented an artistic noir for this long running series. Both Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw had made no secret of the fact that they weren't exactly kindered spirits, Martin Shaw especially expressing dissatisfaction with the show, he would later go on record to state that the show was "rubbish".
It is perhaps ironic then that, in all that turmoil, some of the most fondly remembered episodes were filmed. Operation Sussie, Foxhole On a Roof, and the all time classic episode -Discovered in a Graveyard, (when Ray Doyle is seriously wounded and questions whether he wants to continue living, through a series of hallucinations!!), all really strong stuff, and a real return to the spirit of the earlier episodes.
On the negative side, it is a shame to see that there was no definate ending to the series, the last episode to be shown was "No stone" which pulled in 16 million viewers on its original broadcast date of Feb 1983. This episode left a big question mark hanging over the series, perhaps the shows makers thought that CI5 may return some day.
By the time this series was screened, all three of its stars were peaking in terms of success- even the cars had, and still have!, cult status. Who can forget those silver and gold Ford Capri's!!.
If your Professionals fan and you've got the previous three DVD sets, then you're bound to purchase this. A fantastic series which ran for six years- but should have run for longer!.
This is true testiment to what a classic cop show should be made of!.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Queen - The final Chapter, 23 Oct. 2002
This review is from: Innuendo (Audio CD)
In 1991, no one exactly knew what was going on with the state of Freddie Mercury or Queen, daily tabloid reports would state that Freddie was dying/Freddie was blind/Freddie was deaf - all these things were probably quite true. All the more suprising that Queen managed to release this album in February 1991.
It had been two years since there last album "The Miracle", which had received mixed reviews, and this time Queen wanted to produce something very special, knowing full well this would be the last album they would release in Freddie's lifetime.
"Innuendo" was released to nothing but complete praise!, the album was pulling out all the stops and was regarded as a hark back to there earlier material. The album starts with a bang with the title track (there first uk number 1 in years), followed by the bittersweet "I'm going slightly mad"- a track which bears closer inspection and revealing that Freddie really had given in to the fact that his days were numbered, a general theme throughout the album. But the pain and despair is also tempered with such blistering tracks as "Headlong" & "The Hitman", the latter could have come straight off one of their earlier albums. Then there's more of the reflective material such as "Don't try so Hard" ( geninuely moving), Days of our lives ( a track that has caused a tear to be shed on many a moment of listening to), and the final cresendo of "THe Show Must Go On"- a truly awesome track with Freddie saying it like it is.
To Conclude, this album was genius, most likely because it was made with a rollercoaster of emotions, and this can still be heard when listening to after all this time.
This was never going to be there best album, but it was there most powerful and thought-provoking, and it was a fitting epilogue to one man's life - Freddie Mercury.
If you don't have this album, you should do.....
And if you have it, go listen to it again.....a masterpiece!

Genesis Archive #2: 1976-1992
Genesis Archive #2: 1976-1992

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent!- But probably for die-hard Genesis fans only!, 12 May 2001
If you are, like me, absolutely MAD!! on this band, then you would have obtained this must have album asap. It's split into three discs, and presented in a lovely booklet-type package, making you feel that you've got your money's worth even before playing a single track!. But enough about that!, is it any good?!!. I'm happy to say it a great album, spread over three discs, it picks up where the first archive set ended, covering the years 1976 upto 1992. Mostly comprised of unrealeased album/live tracks, memorable tracks have got to be songs like Dukes Travel's(a wonderful song, but to hear it live is even better!), the Brazillian(another live track which is a firm favourite with Genesis fans), and also some great stuff which didn't quite make the final cut of the albums We can't Dance(1991) and Invisible Touch(1986), to name but a very few. It's also good to hear a few 12" singles which are also here. It seemed to be all the craze to have a 12" version back in the late 80's/early 90's, as we can see here with interesting versions of Tonight, tonight, tonight, Invisible touch, Land of confusion, and my fave I can't Dance. Also, check out Mama(work in progress), it's great hear a good track in it's rawest form, especially if you're a musican. In summary, I have to say this is excellent value for what you get, and it's great if you're into post-Gabriel Genesis. It's just a shame there no longer around making great music. But it can at least live on with the help of a great album like this.

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