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Mr Blackwell (scotland)

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Setlist: the Very Best of
Setlist: the Very Best of
Price: £8.20

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4.0 out of 5 stars excellent music,shoddy packaging, 3 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I previously stated ,after buying a Blue Oyster Cult set list release,that i would never buy another,well ignoring my own advice,i bought this,once again i'm left slightly disappointed.

The music is excellent,'live' Hatchet is always a treat,tracks 1-7 are from the superb 1985 release 'Double Trouble Live',while tracks 8-12 claim to be previously unreleased,recorded 'live' at the Palladium L.A on 23/02/1982,great they are to.

However they sound identical to those versions found on the 'Extended Versions' disc released 2002, which were sourced from the King Biscuit greatest hits live album released earlier,that recording states the tracks are from the Palladium L A on the 12/02/1982(although some believe the extended version date back to 1981),all rather confusing.

For the record this release contains 'Bloody Reunion' which was only previously on the ,hard to find,King Biscuit release,so i've gained a track i didnt previously have,maybe the next set of 'unreleased tracks' will include 'Boogie No More' from that release ,so we can have the full set!!!!.

The liner notes are poor, several of the tracks from 'Double Trouble' are listed as recorded live in 1982,when they hadnt been written/recorded until '83 & '84,Producer Pat Armstrong is noted as Pate Armstrong,laughable shoddy presentation.

Sound quality,supposedly remastered,it sounds slightly better,less rough and ready round the edges,than the 'Extended Versions 'disc.

All in all its a poorly presented release,containing some fabulous music,from an under rated band,at the low price,its your choice.

Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £19.34

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4.0 out of 5 stars everybody's old,nothing's new,i'm lovin it,how about you?, 11 Jun. 2013
This review is from: 13 (Audio CD)
This album references the original Ozzy era all over the place,'End of the Beginning' immediately takes you back to 'Black Sabbath' whilst Iommi's solo reminds me of 'Dirty Women' from Technical Ecstacy','The Loner' has the presence of 'Johnny Blade' hanging over it,while 'Zeitgeist' clearly had 'Planet Caravan' in mind,so it goes on ...

You know what,who cares,its their legacy,they played it safe and have come up with a wonderful album,its too soon to hail it alongside the classics,only time will tell how its eventually graded,production is excellent,Iommi's riffs visceral,just as you would expect,Butler's doom laden Bass,growling in the background,while ,new boy Brad Wilk,does a sterling job,in truth you dont notice that Bill Wards not there,of course Ozzy does what Ozzy does,anyone expecting an imperious vocal delivery hasnt been listening for the last 40 odd years,that been said,i think its his best studio performance since the BLIZZARD OF OZZ days.

The 2 disc version is the one to go for,annoying as it is,it could all have easily sat one disc,of the bonus tracks 'Methademic' is superb,should have been on disc 1,a great album 4 stars easily.
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Monster - International Tour Edition
Monster - International Tour Edition

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars another monster!!!, 10 Jun. 2013
Schucks they got me again,3-D sleeve,fan magazine pack,now the 'tour edition',ha ha my bank manager loves this.

My review of the original release,still stands,its a decent album,never likely to be hailed as a career classic but neither is at a duffer.

This release includes the track 'Right Here,Right Now' which never made the original release,it a strange little track,at times the guitar riff reminds me of the 'Dressed To Kill' sound,then the booming drums take you to the 80's,whilst Pauls vocal could easily have come from his 'Live To Win' disc,so a pot pourri of a track,still ,for me it works,i enjoyed it.

Packaging is a sturdy gatefold digi pak with 4 page insert with group photo plus a poster.The poster is A3 size,clearly an outake from the photo session,with the new metallic Monster logo,if your only reason for purchase is the poster,then you may want to think again,its nothing special,i purchased to get the extra track,so i'm happy.

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars gods of thunder live.................., 7 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This would appear to be at best a semi official release,at worst a bootleg,if you are a regular 'You Tube' watcher then i suspect this is available there,,the picture has,on the bottom right hand corner,a fuzzed out section,i believe this is covering up the name of the original You Tube 'provider',check for yourself.

As for the concert,its the Simmons/Stanley/Singer/Thayer line up,i believe the concert was broadcast on Japanese TV,its a great set list,decent sound and picture,its not perfect but its certainly on par with much of what madeit onto the official'Kissology' releases.

It also appears to have been just reissued as 'Rock City'

I suspect the band wont see any royalties but i'm fed up waiting for Kissology 4.

Copenhagen 1972
Copenhagen 1972
Price: £5.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars MADE IN JAPAN?..EH NO DENMARK!!, 7 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Copenhagen 1972 (Audio CD)
What can i say,this has been issued several times before, as 'Live In Denmark '72' circa 2002,again as 'Live In Copenhagen' circa 2007,remastered apparently,also as a DVD circa 2005 titled 'Live In Concert 72/73 (which included the footage from America),there's also a video called 'Scandanavian Nights',not to be confused with a live album of the same name,phew,its confusing,i believe however this is the first time the 1973 American tracks have been issued as stand alone audio.

If your a Purple fan,then i dont need to re-iterate that this was mark 2 at their peak,'Made In Japan', is rightly held up as a classic live album,no arguements with that,this is its equal,if pushed i would argue its possibly better.

The sound .on this release,has been remastered ,it says here,its of its time,its sound great given its more than 40 years old,Paice's drums bounce from the speakers,the energy from Glover and Lord underpinning everything,whilst Blackmore just,does what he does best,magnificent guitar playing stunning solo's,moments of ,off the wall genuis,then there's Gillan,his voice sounding immaculate,i believe his performance,here, certainly better than Made In Japan(which wasnt too shabby)

its an incredible soundbite of Purple at their youthful best,the exuberance,intensity crackling from the speakers,a joy to listen to,throw in three excellent tracks from the USA 1973,including 'Smoke on the Water',then you can die happy, a fabulous release,audio wise.

Packaging,well thats a different matter,a scandously cheaply made digi pak,with one cd tray/holder,its the first time i've ever bought a double cd where i had to store 1 disc directly on top of the other,whilst the booklet has a few decent pictures,Geoff Bartons notes are woeful,interestling there is an insert that refers to a series of 10 releases(Live in Paris '75 appears to have been the first,this being the 2nd),given that that Paris disc has been issued before as well,it will be interesting to see, if its all, reissues of previously released material.

If you havent got any of the previous versions on cd,this is well worth buying.
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No Title Available

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars alive and kicking, 4 Jun. 2013
I bought this several months ago,then the product was pulled,its now been re issued,if your a casual fan then its probably not for you,as a die hard then its probably a must have at any price,so what do you get?

Disc 1 - 13 tracks recorded live in 1975,from gigs in Denver/Bryn Mawr/Cleveland & the Record plant Sausilito,the sound quality is variable but never less than acceptable and thats true for the whole package,this music is 30+ years old,its never going to be top notch.

Disc 2 - 9 tracks live from the Record Plant Los Angeles,this is the best disc of the four,superb performance(apart from some out of tune vocals)

Disc 3 - 13 tracks live from Pittsburgh 1977 and 1981 and New Jersey 1977,again different sources,different quality,generally pretty good though,like disc 2 the vocals can be ropey.

Disc 4 - 9 demos, 1 from THE OUTLAWS, 2 from LADY IN WAITING and 6 from HURRY SUNDOWN,the rest of the disc made up of 8 unreleased* tracks from 1973 -1977,

* some of the unreleased tracks were available free online from the bands website,so for 99% of the world they're unreleased.

Highlights?, plenty, disc 1 has excellent versions of 'Waterhole' and 'Green Grass and High Tides' alongside superb versions 'Stick Around For Rock n Roll' and 'Kansas City Queen'

Disc 2 pretty much the entire disc, Disc 3 has worthwhile live versions of lesser known tracks such as 'Blueswater','Angels Hide' and of course the mega famous 'Ghost Riders In The Sky'

Finally disc 4 has a superb demo version of 'Freeborn Man' and from the unreleased section 'Windy City Blues' and 'Hurry Sundown' outake 'Nighttimes Passing Dream'.

Packaging: this is where the release is let down(and why a star is docked),4 discs housed on a bog standard 'fat box' cd case,a poor 32 page booklet,a few decent photo's but no real info re the release,nor any real indication of the bands input(if any),rather than include an Outlaws patch,i would have preferred more information on the tracks contained,who played on what,especially the demos/unreleased tracks,what year each unreleased track was recorded for example,so thats poor.

Overall its a release that casual fans will not look at twice,they'l be satisfied with the greatest hits release,if your a die hard you'll think long and hard re the price,it may come down but it may also be a release that disappears quickly,you pays yer money .. you takes yer choice.

Paying Tribute
Paying Tribute
Price: £16.27

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars be aware this is a re issue, 3 Jun. 2013
This review is from: Paying Tribute (Audio CD)
This is a straight forward re issue of the 2008 album 'SOUTHERN ROCK MASTERS',its a decent collection of cover versions with 3 live tracks from the 'FLIRTIN' WITH DISASTER LIVE' album,must be a slippery contract with these discs,as all of these cover versions,bar one appear on the recently released 'REGRINDING THE AXES' album albeit with some additional covers including Skynyrds Freebird,alongside 3 different live tracks,again from the 'FLIRTIN' disc.

The 'FLIRTIN....LIVE' cd/dvd combo has been re-released several times,just recently the audio disc was issued as 'FLIRTIN' WITH THE WHISKY MAN'

Its gettin harder and harder to keep up and they keep using excellent sleeves to tempt us.

Finding The Sacred Heart - Live In Philly 1986
Finding The Sacred Heart - Live In Philly 1986
Offered by westworld-
Price: £9.98

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Long Live The King Of Rock n Roll, 31 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Almost 30 years to the day,after the release of Dio's Holy Diver,we get another much anticipated disc,hard to believe its 3 years since he passed,i still get chills when i hear his music,that voice,this is no different.

I believe this is the 4th double live disc released under the Dio banner,its a worthy addition to the back catalogue,capturing Dio the group and Dio the man possibly at their peak with this band,certainly for me,the albums that followed didnt always quite hit the mark,not bad but the ist 3 Dio albums were special.

So to this release,arguably his most ambitious tour/stage set and by this point a stunning arsenal of tracks to choose from,this is a superb reminder of the excitement that was a Dio gig,the crowd right up for it,the band perform well,especially Craig Goldy,highlights ,too many to mention,if your a fan,you'll appreciate the track listing with the likes of 'Sacred Heart','Dont Talk To Strangers','Rainbow in the Dark' and the like,while its great to have lesser played tracks such as 'Time to Burn' & 'Hungry for Heaven'.

Sure we could probably live without the solos,maybe could have been left for the dvd,still its the complete concert,throw in a couple of medleys and Ronnie's got us eating out of his hand.

This is a worthwhile release,a special moment in the bands history,the booklet's decent,you get a general sense that everyone appreciates that tour more now than they did then,a realisation ,now, that things did dip after this,so its great to have it here to replay over and over.

One minor quibble(hence why not 5 stars) is the sound quality,not as clear in the rythmn section as i would have liked,the drums and bass occasionally just a dull thud,sometimes threatening to overtake everything else,up loud on a couple of tracks Ronnie's voice distorts slightly(especially when he gives that famous yell),still its of its time,im sure its been cleaned up best they could after 25 years or so.

If you loved Dio,then you'll enjoy this album enormously. RIP Ronnie. thanx for the memories.

Warrior On The Edge Of Time
Warrior On The Edge Of Time
Price: £11.17

11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hawkwinds masterpiece remastered at last, 29 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Sometimes a classic album has to be reissued .........on its own,you dont want it diluted with bonus tracks/outakes/half baked live tracks,you dont need it remixed by someone else who mixes it the way 'they' think it should have sounded( it might be an improvement,it might not)...So having weighed it all up,i went for the single disc version(i may purchase the 3 disc set at a later stage).

Guess what,i think i've made the right decision,this remaster is superb,the sound just flows from the speakers,'Magnu','Assault n Battery/The Golden Void' all sound perfect,has 'The Demented Man' ever sounded better? 'Kings of Speed ' just rocks and the 1 bonus track 'Motorhead is perfecttly placed at the end and as such is unobtrusive.

Packaging is fine nothing spectacular,that will be left to the other editions i would imagine,decent liner notes/interview etc,as for the sound quality,well to my(admittedly 35 years of gig damaged ears) it sounds fine,up loud ,down low.its fine,i'm very happy with it.

5 stars all the way,rediscover Hawkwinds finest hour.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 2, 2013 2:59 PM BST

The Eagle Has Landed II
The Eagle Has Landed II
Offered by Smaller World Future
Price: £53.00

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Saxon live and kicking, 29 May 2013
This review is from: The Eagle Has Landed II (Audio CD)
14 years after the first Eagle Has Landed disc,this album almost slipped out apologetically,no fanfare,no press parties,almost unnoticed,a travesty really as its an excellent disc.

With 12 of the 17 tracks coming from the 3 previous studio albums,a whopping 6 from SOLID BALL OF ROCK' and 3 apiece from the other two,it was apparent there was no sitting on their laurels for the lads.

Throw in the epics 'The Eagle Has Landed' and 'Crusader' and by the time the show closes with 'Denim and Leather' and Wheels of Steel/Demolition Alleyway' you'll be begging for more.

Despite losing Graham Oliver,the band forged on with Doug Scarrat as his replacement,its a pretty seamless change,Scarrat fitted in perfectly.

Sound wise its a bit rough and ready,sounds more like a club gig with audience suspiciously turned up,nevertheless the raw excitement from the German fans flows from the speakers,a superb release.

Recently reissued/remastered i havent heard the new version so i cant comment as to wether the sound has improved,which ever edition you pick, you wont be disappointed.

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