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Large Push Press Touch Night Light - Uses Super Bright White LED's- Simple Press To Switch On/Off (Pack of 1)
Large Push Press Touch Night Light - Uses Super Bright White LED's- Simple Press To Switch On/Off (Pack of 1)

1.0 out of 5 stars Uses very dim fillament bulb ! Dont bother., 15 Aug. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very disappointed with touch night light sent by Value 4 Money which was described as " Uses Super Bright White LED's ". Item sent used a fillament bulb and was no better than the ones sold in the pound shops. Poor show Value 4 Money.

12" Heavy Duty Swivel With Steel Ball Bearings for Indoor/Outdoor Use With Flat Panel Monitors, Tv's, Potted Plants and Stereo Speakers
12" Heavy Duty Swivel With Steel Ball Bearings for Indoor/Outdoor Use With Flat Panel Monitors, Tv's, Potted Plants and Stereo Speakers
Offered by BGSL
Price: £29.99

4.0 out of 5 stars 5 star product but well overpriced., 22 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this from BGSL for £30 including delivery and credit to BGSL it was delivered very quickly. The item I received was a LapWorks Turn Table which has a Diameter of 12.59" and a max weight load of 150Lbs.

In the item description the specs are for a Swiv-All with a diameter of 12.8" and weights up to 176Lbs which is different specs from the one I was sent. Maybe the LapWorks and Swiv-All are the same product with different packaging.

The product works very well. I've placed my 42" Plasma on it and it turns perfectly. Just what I wanted. However I've dropped a star in the rating because these are sold on for $19 including delivery ( obviously only in the USA )which is well less than half the price I paid, and is hardly surprising given the unit is constructed of 2 pieces of round plastic and a few ball bearings sandwiched between.

So yes, I can recommend the product, but I'm sure you'll find the same or similar for a lot less money.

Worx WG151E GT 18V Lithium Grass Trimmer and Edger with 25cm Cutting Diameter
Worx WG151E GT 18V Lithium Grass Trimmer and Edger with 25cm Cutting Diameter

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars DISGRACEFUL UK CUSTOMER SERVICE faulty battery technology, 2 July 2012
Yet another buyers warning about Worx faulty battery technology. Bought just over a year ago and having less than a couple of hours overall use, the battery has died. Worx UK will not replace the battery under guarantee if its over a year old. They referred me to where they listed at £50 but are out of stock. Yet if you live in the USA there is a website where Worx will exchange these faulty batteries [...] without time limit.

WHICH SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES having recommended this as a best buy and should warn their readers about buying Worx products given there is no customer backup.

Do yourself a favour and don't waste your money on this or indeed any other Worx product.

Berghaus Mens Spectrum Warm Fleece Glove
Berghaus Mens Spectrum Warm Fleece Glove
Price: £7.13 - £13.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars 4 Star performance but you can buy similar a lot cheaper., 10 Feb. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I recently bought a pair of the "thinsulate" material gloves from a local shop for £2.99p. OK he must have bought a job lot and was selling them off cheap, but in all honesty they were just as warm as the Berghaus fleece gloves and appear to be of similar quality. But not all is lost. Even though the Berghaus gloves cost me 3 times as much as the Thinsulate ones the label is the same as on my jacket !!!
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LINDY 2 Port USB Cable Keyboard & Mouse Switch
LINDY 2 Port USB Cable Keyboard & Mouse Switch

4.0 out of 5 stars Doesn't work with wireless mice but a great product nonetheless, 12 Mar. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Both computers run windows 7. I use a keysonic keyboard ( I've tried umpteen keyboards over the years and this is my favourite )and a microsoft wired optical comfort mouse 3000, and it works perfectly. Install the supplied software, and the mouse scrolls efortlessly from one monitor to the next, automatically switching the keyboard control. Pure magic !!!

When i'm only using my main computer I revert back to using my Microsoft wireless mobile mouse 4000 ( best mouse on the market for me ). Another reviewer said they'd got it working using a wireless keyboard/mouse combination. Be interesting to know which kit their using. Drops a star because it doesn't work with separate wireless mice, however as far as I know its the only product of its kind and a godsend if you want one mouse and keyboard to control 2 separate computers each connected to their own monitors.

Great service provided by Lindy.

Silverline 675280 Low Wattage Double Site Light with Tripod  (Old Version)
Silverline 675280 Low Wattage Double Site Light with Tripod (Old Version)

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Stand is a worthless piece of junk and now lives at Northernden Tip !, 14 Dec. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The whole unit epitimizes the concept of cheapness. I paid £50 including delivery so I wasn't expecting heavy duty industrial construction. However you can buy halogen versions for around half the price which have aluminium lamp housings and a reasonably sturdy stand, unlike this unit where the lamp housings are plastic (very thin!) and the stand is flimsy and wobbly if your lucky enough to get one that isn't broken.

When I first opened the box, I took out the lighting unit, followed by the stand. First thing I noticed was the plastic center collar ( supporting the 3 legs on the center pole ) was cracked, making the stand unusable. Its design was pathetic, way too thin and lacking the necessay strength to fufill its purpose. The 3 metal struts connecting the 3 legs to the bottom collar are no thicker than Meccano and wobble on their connection mounts. I've seen thicker plastic used on ready-meal packaging than on the leg bases. Whoever designed this had just one thing in mind. Build it using the absolute minimum of materials you can get away with, so it will cost as little as possible to manufacture. Classic "cheap and nasty".

I would have returned the unit for a refund but needed a work light immediately. Luckily, I had an old Maplin disco speaker-stand tripod in the back of the garage, and the center pole of the silverline just fit inside the center pole of the Maplin tripod. I was just about able to hand tighten the cheap and inadequate plastic adjuster collars on the Silverlines extender poles to get the height, without them slipping down.( another poor design cost cutting exercise!)

Considering my disappointment so far in the units lamentable build quality and all the hastle I'd been through, I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the unit on. Obviously not as bright as a twin 500 watt halogen unit but considering this only consumes 108 watts, a very impressive illumination. In fact I prefer this unit to the 400-500 watt halogens which are for my purposes too bright.

If you were planning on buying one of these to be placed inside a workshop without being moved around, then maybe it would suffice. Certainly the lamp design ( not construction!! )and performance is excellent for the 108 watts consumed. However if your going to be using this on site moving it around, in all honesty, I can't see it surviving long.

It would probably cost Silverline (or whoever manufactures these units in China) no more than £5-10 at cost per unit, to upgrade the materials and tweek the design of the unit, so it has a solid stand and sturdy waterproof lamp casings being more akin to industrial quality lighting. The low energy consumption and superb light output would then make this a 5 star product which given high energy prices would sell by the bucket-load. But as it stands, given all the above, for the money, 1 star is my verdict.

PS Incredibly Silverline give a 3 year warranty on this. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

SB Plant Invigorator 500ml
SB Plant Invigorator 500ml
Offered by Highstreethydro
Price: £15.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent results on Sunflowers., 11 July 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: SB Plant Invigorator 500ml
Even if I started off Sunflowers above ground level, most leaves would be knawed and destroyed by bugs ( most likely earwigs )before the plant was established. Since using this product the leaves have been untouched. Also the product makes 1 litre working solution per 10ml from the container. 500ml will last me years. All my gardening friends had never heard of SB Invigorator, but I bet in a few years time every gardener will have a bottle in the greenhouse. If I could buy shares in the company I would ! Remarkable product.

Flavorwave Oven Turbo Halogen Oven
Flavorwave Oven Turbo Halogen Oven
Offered by UK Surplus Central Ltd - Dispatched Same Day If Order Received By 14:00
Price: £109.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars BUY APPLIANCE COVER WITH ANY HALOGEN OVEN, 15 May 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Maybe I've been unlucky, but this is the 4th Halogen Oven I've bought over 2 years, the other 3 having packed up. One was JML the others were Cookworks branded. So I thought I'd try the Flavourwave version with the Allianz insurance, so at least I'll get my money back if the same happens. All the Halogen ovens whatever brand are made in China ( incidently that's not meant as an overall slur on Chinese manufacturing quality, in many fields, especially electronics, the Chinese produce top quality reliable consumer products ). Point is, all these ovens are built very cheaply, in exactly the same way ( probably the same massive factory ! ) with cheap components that will fail over a relatively short period of time. I've had 1 thermostat, 1 mecanical timer and a halogen bulb failure with my previous ovens, which were only used 3 or 4 times a week. They are manufactured at cost of no more than £10 to £15 per unit and this is reflected in the quality of components used.

So why the 5 stars you may ask ! Quite simply it cooks most ( not all! ) foods very well, and does save energy as claimed. I'd agree with all the positive reviews about its cooking performance. These ovens excel at cooking chicken, and ready meals taste so much better than a microwave.

Is there any difference in the cooking performance between the different brands ? In a word NO ! They all use the same Halogen bulb ( same wattage ie heat output ) and the same fan motors. Because they use a low tech mechanical thermostat controler, callibration varies between different machines even if they are the same model. That is, you may set one device at 180 degrees and it works at 180 degrees. Another oven, even the same make will only give 150 degrees for the same setting, and another will give 200 degrees. This inconsistancy explains why some people get bad results.

Two tips: ( yes I typed that correctly ! )

Always use the extender ring. Unfortunately this isn't supplied with the Flavourwave but well worth buying. The extra height will help protect the halogen bulb from cooking splatter, and will prevent excessive heat when reheating ready meals or overcooking top of a chicken. I suspect some that criticise Halogen ovens aren't using one.

For virtually all my cooking I use a circular cooking tray lined with silver foil placed on the lower wire stand, rather than placing food in the bottom of the glass bowl. This allows the hot air to circulate under the cooking tray, avoiding having to turn most things over, and avoids having to clean the glass bowl. eg I can cook a full chicken in the cooking tray ( with chicken best to start upside down, and turn over halfway through cooking ) and all the fat still remains in the tray, hence no cleaning of bowl. Oven chips, burgers etc require no turning, as obviously ready meals.

So far the Flavourwave is doing a great job and it does come with a very well designed stand.

Don't let me put you off buying one of these ovens. They are excellent devices. But if you want it to last for a few years make sure you get an extended guarantee with it !
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Cookshop TM Halogen Oven
Cookshop TM Halogen Oven

50 of 52 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars No more ready meals???, 25 July 2009
No more ready meals ? Well not quite, but since buying this I've cut down on supermarket convenience foods because I can now cook to perfection one whole chicken and one meat joint per week with this cooker, and for someone with my cooking skills, this is nothing short of a miracle!

I bought a similar halogen oven a while back, and used it just once to cook a chicken. The result was fantastic, but the oven wasn't hinged, which made it take up too much space on my cramped kitchen worktop, because you needed a similar space to rest the top part of the unit when using it. With the hinged design, the top is part of the oven and you just open and close using the hinge. No more space required.

Back to the food. You can't go wrong with meat ( which is what I use it for ). Overall, all I've done is follow the recommended cooking time for a normal oven, and reduced it by 10%. Thats it ! Obviously a bit of tweaking here and there to suit personal tastes, but it really is that simple ( and it needs to be for me!). It doesn't need to be preheated as a normal oven ( saving 15 mins of electricity ) plus consumes 1300watts compared to my oven with 2x1000watt elements ie 2000watts and like the conventional oven is thermostatically controlled, so it switches on and off during cooking ( you see this when the light goes on and off, fan is still operating but only consumes 50 odd watts ).So at a rough guess you be using 30% less electricity.

After you've taken the chicken/joint out, pour some hot water from the kettle ( don't use cold coz you'll stress the galss as in pouring hot water on a frozen car windscreen !) add a little fairy liquid, turn the heat dial to off and set timer to say 10 mins, and thats you cleaning ! The fan will wizz the water around in the bowl and all you'll need to do is rinse it out.



* Childsplay to use, fantastic results on meats ( all I use it for )
* Between 10-15% reduction in cooking time
* Up to 30% reduction in running costs ( depends on your present oven )
* Kitchen footprint reduced by hinged lid design
* Runs quiet and can see food cooking
* Easy to clean as described above
* Given the above, amazing value for money.


* Glass bowl could be heavy for some people
* Caution required when lifting food out of bowl ie hot
* Hinge mechanism is all plastic, would have prefered metal.
* Bright halogen "light bleed" from top of unit. would have preffered to only see light reflected from bowl,

Having only used it for a couple of months, I can't comment on reliability, but at the price, and what it can do, it gets 5 stars from me. All friends that have seen this have bought one. I'm amazed the big manufactures haven't caught on yet to this style of cooking. But I'm sure if you buy one, it will become an essential kitchen appliance, certainly for cooking meat.

HP Deskjet F4280 All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier
HP Deskjet F4280 All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier

61 of 63 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Only buy from a supplier that offers returns refunds !!!!, 7 Mar. 2009
I felt compelled to warn potential buyers about software issues with this printer/scanner. My experience was, although initially very impressed with the print quality and photocopying of the unit, my computers performance had been compromised.

At first I thought the computer had a virus ( even though it has the Kapersky Internet suite installed ). I found that when first switched on, it would take the usual 1 or 2 minutes to to boot up the desktop screen and the accompanying windows fanfare music ( uhggg!! ),then it would hang for 3 or 4 minutes, with the hard disk wherring away. Mouse curser would move, but no clicks recognised. Eventually, when the wherring stopped, I was able to open programs or connect to the internet etc. but only after waiting 3 or 4 minutes. I also noticed the computer was generally sluggish.

After a few days, I decided enough was enough and decided to do a fresh install of Windows XP. Took me ages to back-up all my files, and then reinstall XP and load the various drivers. In my rush to see if there was an improvement, I didn't bother to reinstall the HP software.

All was well. the computer was back to normal, taking just 90 secs to boot-up and ready to go, and not acting sluggishly. Then a week later I needed the printer, installed the HP software, and then back to square one!! All the original problems returned.

After researching the internet, HP software seems to be a hit and miss affair, putting it mildly (and not just with this model! ) so I returned the unit and got a refund. Pity really, because the only printer I've used at home was an HP inkjet that has worked perfectly for over 9 years, but as I can no longer trust their software, will be buying elsewhere.

Ironic, because the computer I use, which I've never had any problems with, is a HP Pavillion with an AMD dual core processor.

Hope this all helps.
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