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The Knocked Up Plan
The Knocked Up Plan
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hot, sweet, and swoony! Adored it!, 23 Jun. 2017
Another winner from this fabulous author!

Nicole and Ryder are two dating sexperts! They are flirty work colleagues and Ping Pong partners. Both acknowledge that the other is attractive but nothing has ever happened between them.

Nicole has dated too many frogs and thinks that she’s broken – she doesn’t think she’s capable of falling in love. Ryder had his life and career ruined by a cheating ex-wife and is not interested in relationships. The one thing that Nicole has always wanted is a baby – she hasn’t had any luck with men but she needs someone to give her a tadpole! And, she’s prepared to get it via an anonymous sperm donor, until she realises that the perfect donor specimen is right in front of her eyes.

“She’s always been my sexy co-worker, a fun woman. Now I’m seeing another side of her, one that’s daring in a whole new way.”

Initially stunned, Ryder realises that as long as Nicole doesn’t want or need anything else from him, he’s happy to donate his sperm – as long as he gets to deposit it the old-fashioned way, and also if she helps him with a new dating project.

“The more nights we spend together the more it feels like we have some sort of commitment. I feel it in the pounding of my heart, in the calm inside of my chest, in the warm glow that comes when he holds me.”

Sounds like a win-win situation, right? Nicole gets her baby and they both have some fun in the process, and Ryder gets his career back off the ground.

“I. Can’t. Breathe. I’m listening to our baby’s heart, and it’s the most incredible sound I’ve ever heard.”

This book was SO GOOD! It was incredibly freakin’ sexy, pretty funny, and also had some great ideas for fun dates! Nicole and Ryder were made for each other. Their chemistry was off the charts! I absolutely enjoyed the development of their relationship and their feelings. Ryder was so badly burnt by his ex that he’s become a total cynic and commitment-phobe. However, he is undoubtedly very sweet, thoughtful, and caring. I loved how Nicole and her subsequent pregnancy woke him up, healed him, gave him hope, and made him yearn for more in his life. His love for his unborn child really grabbed at my heart and made me feel pretty emotional. Nicole is a hugely practical woman and knows exactly what she wants. She has a big heart and is admirably brave. I love how she is unafraid to go for what she wants.

“I kiss Nicole, tender and gentle, full of so much emotion. So much more than I’ve felt before. I am so far gone.”

I adored the honesty between them. I loved that they could be direct and upfront about things. Their agreement stripped away pretences between them, and made for a fun and fabulous relationship, and I loved how they didn’t play around with each other’s feelings.

Brilliant story with the HOTTEST FIRST KISS EVER!! Thoroughly, thoroughly recommend!

Turbulence: A Cocky Pilot Romance
Turbulence: A Cocky Pilot Romance
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Turbulent, tempestuous, addictive, and unforgettable!, 22 Jun. 2017
I don't know how I've waited so long to read this book! It was brilliant!

Gillian and Jake! This story was full of so much emotion, secrets, and complexity that I hardly know where to begin to write a worthy review!

Gillian Taylor comes from a family of overachievers. She’s the black sheep, the disappointment. Her burgeoning career was cut short, and now she works two jobs to make ends meet – trainee air stewardess and cleaner of a swanky apartment. She’s also just found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her.

Jake Weston, pilot extraordinaire. Nothing can touch him. He’s emotionless, rude, and blunt. He’s a mass of simmering anger that is controlled through meaningless sex. He has a hook-up in every city. He’s absolutely anti-relationships or anything resembling a relationship.

“For nearly a month, she’d managed to leave an imprint on my mind with her smart-ass mouth and argumentative ways. With her undeniable, addictive sex.”

The two meet by chance and electric attraction sparks between them. What should have been just a one-night stand turns into an exclusive sexual relationship, with a few ground rules. However, the more time they spend together, the more that it turns into something more. The ‘more’ is turbulent, tempestuous, addictive, and unforgettable.

“You’re my anomaly.”

This book was intriguing, amusing, heart-melting, and hot as hell! I found it absolutely compelling reading and I begrudged every moment that I had to put it down to do something else. Their sexcapades burned up the pages. Their fiery relationship totally hooked me in. I LOVED that Gillian wasn’t a pushover, although her intense feelings for Jake drove her to behave out of character. I loved her funny, argumentative ways. She was kind of adorable, really.

“She was getting under my skin, slipping into my marrow, and that was a problem.”

Jake – honestly, who on earth would really put up with him? LOL. Aside from the stellar sex, he’s neither charming nor pleasant! He’s basically a walking, raw, open wound. But, oddly enough, I found him and his curt ways funny reading. And, when Gillian starts to get under his skin, I loved how he just couldn’t resist her ways. She chips away at his cynicism. For someone who never chases after women, I loved the little things he did to win her back – over and over.

Gillian has a past. Jake has a past. I thoroughly enjoyed how we found out - the gradual unravelling of both - as the story progressed.

Such a fantastic book! Thoroughly recommend!

Hearts on Air
Hearts on Air
Price: £3.10

5.0 out of 5 stars What a brilliant final novel to end the series!, 20 Jun. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Hearts on Air (Kindle Edition)
What a brilliant final novel to end the series!

“You’re the best friend I’ve ever had, and losing you is my biggest regret, the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

Trevor Cross and Reya Cabrera were best friends who always had a frisson of something more between them. Until they stepped over the friendship line. Until they were no longer together or even friends.

“I realised with stark clarity how much I still felt for him. This was bad. It was worse than bad. It was dangerous. Because if he pushed even a tiny bit more, my defences would crack.”

Reya hadn’t seen Trev in two years when he suddenly makes an unexpected appearance in her life. He’s somewhat different – calmer and more mature. He makes her a work offer too good to resist – plus, she’s also out of options – and she finds herself packing a suitcase and going on a three-week adventure with him and his TV crew across Europe.

“I don’t want to give Reya this half-broken excuse for a man. I want to give her something solid and reliable. I want to give her everything she deserves.”

Not only will this be exciting adventure but it will also be a trip down memory lane for Reya and Trev, as well as a new journey for their relationship, as they fight their personal demons and find their way back to each other.

I ABSOLUTELY ADORED this book! This author is undoubtedly one of my favourites. Butterflies were fluttering in my tummy early on in the novel. Reya is vulnerable, aware of her weakness where Trev is concerned, scared of being hurt or found wanting. Trev is still ever charming, but intense yet controlled. He’s desperate to do the right things to win Reya back. He really melted my heart! I loved the connection between them and, in spite of Trev’s past demeanour and issues, how much he really felt for Reya. This story was as much about their personal journey, as well as their physical one.

Their story is told with humour, angst, and sexiness, against the exciting backdrop of parkour and a few beautiful European cities. It was also wonderful to see old faces from previous novels and I loved how the epilogue was written at the end of the book, which made nostalgic for the previous novels in this series. Gah! So good!!

Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars "There's always been a you and I. Except only you and I know it.", 20 Jun. 2017
This review is from: Tycoon (Kindle Edition)
This was such a beautiful story!

“He was a little bit too bad, and I was a little bit too good. He was a demon in the making and I was still Daddy’s little angel.”

When they were teenagers, Bryn Kelly was drawn to Aaric Christos. They had a friendship of sorts but Bryn kept him at arm’s length because she was scared of him and her feelings for him.

Back then, Aaric wanted Bryn with an intensity that blindsided him, but he also wanted to be worthy of her.

“I wanted you before. That doesn’t hold a candle to the way I want you now.”

Twelve years later, Aaric is a self-made tycoon – reputed to be cold and merciless. Bryn is just a memory…until she wasn’t. Until she was suddenly back in his life.

Bryn needs capital for her new venture and she’s got an in to see Aaric. Unsure if he even remembers her, she’s stunned that he seems to have forgotten nothing about her. Old feelings come back in full force, and she finds herself fighting hard not just for the funding, but for the chance to explore something new with Aaric. However, is he really serious or just stringing her along?

This story was intensely character focused, which I loved, and I enjoyed how Bryn and Aaric’s history unfolded with glimpses of the past, and how it ties in with their present. Aaric is reputed to be cold yet he’s anything but that with Bryn. He smiles often and he’s thoughtful. I loved Bryn’s persistence. She’s funny and adorable, and doesn’t realise her power. Aaric almost revered her. She’s like the holy grail from his past – something coveted and unattainable. She needs him now and he wants to be needed. There’s no way he’s letting her go, again.

“I want to crawl out of my skin and into him, if only to get rid of the fire burning every inch of me. I want everything this guy can give me.”

The sizzling chemistry and connection between them is AMAZING and COMPULSIVE! I just love how much Bryn knocks Aaric off his feet. I also love how Aaric challenges Bryn, pushes her to be the best version of herself, and also pushes her to grab this second chance with both hands.

"There's always been a you and I. Except only you and I know it. Only you and I know all the touches that never happened. All the kisses we never took. All the damned dances I didn't dance with you."

This was a such a gorgeous, dreamy story that was full of yearning, humour, fear, passion and an all-consuming love. Oh, my heart! I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried for these lovebirds. I absolutely ADORED this book!!

Full Count (Westland University)
Full Count (Westland University)
Price: £6.52

4.0 out of 5 stars Overall, a great slow-burn romance, 19 Jun. 2017
“This wasn’t good. Not at all. Either I was desperate for any chick’s touch, or this woman was more dangerous than I imagined.”

Aaron Betts is recovering from a broken heart and a serious injury. He’s also failing Modern American History. He approaches Mallory Fine to tutor him. When he meets her in person, he’s completely blindsided by her beauty. However, Mallory has a thing against baseball players. She’s smart, straightforward but skittish, and even though she detests baseball players, she seems to know the game inside out. Aaron finds her a fascinating enigma.

“I really like you, Mallory. You don’t put up with my [bs]. I don’t have enough people in my life like that. If that means I can only be your friend, I’m okay with it. But I’d like to be something, anything you want me to be. We can take our time. Get to really know each other.”

In spite of being burnt in love by an ex-girlfriend, Aaron finds himself drawn to Mallory. He wants to know her and he desires her. He’ll take her any way that he can have her. He’s willing to wait. What he’s not willing to wait for is his injury to heal, which leads him to make bad decisions. When Mallory starts to open up to him, revealing her secrets to him, he finds himself in a terrible situation withholding his own secrets from her, which could ruin their burgeoning relationship.

“I’m no saint, Mallory…but I’ll [f...] burn the world to make this right between us.”

This was an interesting story – I found it took a turn down a path that I wasn’t expecting at all. Yes, it’s a sports romance. Yes, it’s a jock and girl-nerd story. However, it was surprisingly intense and angsty. Aaron is a pretty thoughtful guy with infinite patience. I found Mallory quite hot and cold, which she completely acknowledges, but there’s a quirkiness and vulnerability to her that I found endearing. I loved how much she came to trust Aaron.

Overall, this was a great slow burn romance, dealing with a problem fairly common in the sports world. My only issue with the story was that I felt the ending was a little bit abrupt. I'm not clear if there's supposed to be sequel? I hope so or, at least, a novella about the couple.

Talk British to Me (Wherever You Go)
Talk British to Me (Wherever You Go)
Price: £2.84

5.0 out of 5 stars Sexy, sweet, humorous romance that gave me butterflies. Couldn't put it down!, 19 Jun. 2017
“He’s a major heartbreak waiting to happen. And unfortunately I don’t know any other way to be than to lead with my heart.”

When Teague literally bumps into Mateo, she finds him hot but his God’s-gift-to-women air puts her off. She tries to downplay her attraction to him but it’s difficult when fate steps in and puts him right in her path.

“I’ve never been platonic with a girl whose pants I want inside of almost more than my next breath.”

Mateo can’t get enough of Teague, even though his circumstances dictate that he needs to stay away from her. He knows that she’s not a one-night-stand girl but it doesn’t stop him lusting after her.

“If I were into a one-time thing, or Mateo were into a long-term thing, we could make this work. But the truth is we want different things.”

As their friendship flourishes and they get to know each other, both find it difficult to keep the other in the friend zone, even though they want different things. Mutual desire and genuine affection get in the way.

“I’m completely taken with this girl. Her kiss. Her body. Her humor, intelligence, and genuine sweetness. She’s the kind of air I want to breathe in every single day.”

The more time Mateo spends with Teague, the more he realises that she is the one for him. Unfortunately, his career is a massive hindrance to his love life.

“Here’s the thing. She’s my one-and-only type. She’s my perfect [f...] type.”

I ADORED this book!! I loved Mateo and Teague together. They were fun, adorable, and freakin’ sexy together! They were friends with a tonne of chemistry. Their relationship was a slow, sizzling burn, as Teague tries to keep Mateo at arm’s length because they obviously want different things. Teague tries to keep him in the friend zone but his care of her and obvious desire for her makes it really difficult.

I loved Mateo’s POV and how adorable and attractive he found Teague. He was so obviously falling in love with her and questioning everything about his life. I loved how territorial and possessive Mateo was of her.

GAH! This book was a sexy, sweet, humorous romance! It gave me butterflies and couldn't put it down! Thoroughly recommend!

Levi (Forbidden Desires Book 2)
Levi (Forbidden Desires Book 2)
Price: £2.38

4.0 out of 5 stars A super sexy read with some heartfelt moments., 16 Jun. 2017
“I’ve wanted him ever since he smiled over at me with those gorgeous dimples of his.”

Kendall has lusted after Levi since the first time she laid eyes on him. She’s not interested in commitment, but she’s definitely interested in having one sexy night with the gorgeous guy who works security at her friend’s nightclub. She’s a stunning woman, who knows her place in the world, and how men look at her. She can’t understand why Levi doesn’t seem interested in her. The more he rebuffs her, the more she wants him – to the point that she decides that she needs to be completely direct with him.

Levi Bryant has responsibilities. He gave up a burgeoning career and turned his own life upside down out of love and duty. He can’t afford to have any kind of relationship to rock the careful balance of his life. However, Kendall is well under his skin and, after a year of her sending out signals and practically throwing herself at him, he finds his resolve crumbling.

“She fills a void I didn’t even know was missing until I opened myself up to her and allowed her to be a part of my life. She’s fun to be around. She makes me feel alive.”

When he starts to let her into his life, he finds that things aren’t so difficult, and that they could make a relationship work. However, a harsh wake-up call has him questioning if a relationship with her is really worth the risk.

“For the first time in my life I’m ready to try and be in a committed relationship and now the guy I’m with has the issues.”

So, I’ve got to be honest and say that I wasn’t particularly fond of Kendall to begin with. I couldn’t connect with her and found her cocky in her confidence of her own beauty – she seemed somewhat shallow and only wanted Levi for one thing. However, I warmed up to her when she realised that she wanted much more with him, and how willing she was to go the extra mile for him. As the story progressed, I loved how much colour, fun and joy she brought to Levi’s life, and I felt really sorry for her when it seemed that he wouldn’t give her a chance.

Overall, a super sexy read with some heartfelt moments.

Edge of Chaos (Love on the Edge Book 1)
Edge of Chaos (Love on the Edge Book 1)
Price: £0.99

4.0 out of 5 stars "True love is friendship set on fire.", 9 Jun. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
"True love is friendship set on fire."

Blake Caster has been stuck in a mentally abusive and controlling relationship for years. Too scared of the consequences if she leaves Justin, she sticks with him because of their history as childhood friends and sweethearts, as well as in the hopes that the old Justin will re-emerge.

When Dash Lexington appears in her orbit, she begins to see just how isolated her life has become, how much she has sacrificed for Justin, and how much more worthwhile her life could be.

"I want every piece of you, because I know who you are, and I've never loved anyone as intensely as I do you."

Gorgeous, caring, patient Dash absolutely stole my heart! He is such a swoonworthy guy. I just bashed my head constantly against my Kindle at Blake's dogged loyalty and blindness to Justin's true self. Dash was Blake's absolute match and soulmate. I loved them together.

This novel was a lovely read. The friendship and romance between Dash and Blake was a beautiful slow burn, as Blake throws off the shackles and comes into her own, with the excitement of storm chasing thrown in. Gorgeous!

Bad Neighbor
Bad Neighbor
Price: £3.20

5.0 out of 5 stars "We were full of cracks and fault lines, but we matched.", 9 Jun. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Bad Neighbor (Kindle Edition)
"I didn't know what to do with him. Where exactly he was supposed to sit in my life. Where I was supposed to sit in his. All I knew was that I wanted more of him. I wanted more sex. More kissing."

Charlotte meets her new neighbour, Jesse, on the day she moves in. He's gorgeous, broody, grumpy, and reeks of bad. She can't help being drawn to him; mesmerised by him. However, she can't afford to be careless, as she's basically in hiding and trying to protect her sister.

"You're soft, Charlotte. You're part real, part dream. You're half here and half...someplace else."

Jesse has never met anyone like Charlotte before; never had anyone remotely like her in his life. But he can't afford to have her in his life. He's fighting not only his own demons, but also the demons left behind by his father.

"With Jesse I lived in a hundred percent of my body. Just like him. I felt him in every inch of my skin. I felt him inside my skin. He was in my skin and bones."

I thought this was a compelling and engaging read. Charlotte and Jesse are polar opposites but are like magnets attracted to one another. I loved how much they really needed each other. Charlotte is fascinated by Jesse's overt sexuality, and Jesse completely shoves her out of her comfort zone. Outside of the sex, they really connect. Jesse is equally fascinated by Charlotte - her light, her softness, her personality, her talent. She's the best thing that he's ever had in his life and he's willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe...especially when he pieces the clues together and realises who she's hiding from.

"We were full of cracks and fault lines, but we matched. Where she was weak, I was strong. And where I was weak...God, she was so strong."

I loved the author's writing style, and thought this was a super-hot, fab read, with some heartfelt moments.

The Silver Swan
The Silver Swan
by Amo Jones
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.53

5.0 out of 5 stars Twisty, intensely sexual, intriguing, and absolutely riveting!!, 8 Jun. 2017
This review is from: The Silver Swan (Paperback)
“The students of Riverside Prep are just pawns in their sick and twisted games. They own this school.”

Madison Montgomery arrives at her new private school under a cloud of shocking family scandal. She’s used to being the new girl and the misfit after years of her father constantly uprooting her, and moving from place to place. She’s in for a surprise when she finds out that, in addition to a new step-mother, she also has a new step-brother, Nate, who’s one of a group of bad boys that rule the school – the Elite Kings Club. All beautiful young men, all rich, all seemingly untouchable.

“His eyes continue to summon mine when suddenly I feel as though I’m locked in a trance.”

Bishop Hayes is the unattainable, broody ringleader. Everyone notices how he can’t take his eyes off Madison. She’s trying to keep a low profile, but Bishop, Nate and their gang just won’t leave her be, and she’s sucked into their machinations. Madison knows she should stay away but she’s mesmerised by Bishop.

This novel had me on edge, often frustrated, and absolutely desperate for answers. It’s full of baffling threats, cryptic words, heart-thumping fear, and incredibly raw and sexy moments.

Madison is one hell of a gutsy girl! She’s smart, mouthy, and tough. Needy for friends but reluctant to care so much about them, since her life has been so transient up to now. She fights back with everything she’s got but she knows that things aren’t what they seem. Unfortunately, no one is giving up any secrets.

The guys in this book are the epitome of every bad thing you’ve heard about rich, arrogant young men. Their attitude, their vices, their certainty of their place in the world.

The author portrays this group of entitled, wealthy kids well. The story rattles along, churning up lots and lots of questions, finally coming to a screeching halt in the final pages when a life-changing secret is revealed.

This book had me whirling in confusion, suspicion and a compulsion to keep reading because it was twisty, intensely sexual, intriguing, and absolutely riveting! The next book can't come soon enough!

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