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Denon AHD1100 Over-Ear Headphones - Black
Denon AHD1100 Over-Ear Headphones - Black
Offered by E W Link Co Ltd.
Price: 59.99

20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Headphone, A Classic with a Modern Sound, 5 Mar. 2013
I have owned my D1100 headphones for over a year, and I have been very pleased with it. The sound quality of these are simply extraordinary. The highs are crisp and clear, the mids are rich and non-recessed and the bass are punchy, deep and powerful, but never overpowering. The sub-bass of these is simply gorgeous. There are not many headphones that can create this kind of sub bass quality, so kick drums will have such a big depth to it, explosions and sub hits in films/games soundtrack will sound huge and deep. Before getting the D1100, I liked the Audio Technica M50, Beyerdynamic DT770 and Denon D2000 very much. The D1100 now being the cheapest of the all three, really present to be the best value of the bunch.

The soundstage of these D1100 is very big, creating a great sense of space. Instrument separation is very impressive, so the textures and layers in the music can be easily heard. Acoustic instruments sound realistic on these, vocals sound rich and warm and electronic instrument sounds, well, electrifying. The sound quality is on par if not better than the M50 and DT770, and I would say that the much more expensive brother Denon D2000 is only marginly better, especially in the sub-bass and soundstage area. These will work well for every genre, and when a track needs lots of bass, the D1100's tremendous bass response will impress everyone.

These are very classic looking headphones, with the ear cups mades from a metal finish. They have a similar style to the Bose AE2 lines, but trust me, these sound miles better, in every aspect. The isolation is very good, from outside noise, while maintaining leakage to minimum. The earpads are soft and comfortable on the ears. The headphones fits the heads securely, creating a moderate level of pressure for good isolation and secure fit, while not creating sense of unease.

Within the box, you will find a nice leather like pouch for carrying, also a very useful, long extension cable, that can be used for watching movie or playing games at a distance. A 1/4 inch adapter is also included.

The build quality of is MUCH BETTER than what some of the other reviewers suggests. Although the headband is made out of plastic, rather than the aluminum finish suggests, it's still strongly built. After a year of heavy use, portable use, travel, studio use with many drops and hits, these Denon 1100 have held very well. Their construction is sturdy and well built. If you don't abuse it, they will last many many years.

Overall, these are some of my favourite headphones, and for the price they are absolutely stunning. They match up to 100+ headphones, and their portability classic look and lightweight making these a great headphone on the road. I have approached many fashion focus Beats Studio owners with these D1100, and every single time they have regretted with their Beats purchase, and mind blown about how much better sounding the Denons are - for 3rd the price!

Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over Ear Pro Headphone
Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over Ear Pro Headphone

24 of 28 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Can't believe how good it sound and how cheap it is!, 3 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As the headphone market becomes filled with celebrity endorsed, over priced fashion accessories, that packs more colour than performance, I was so suprised by how amazing these Monoprice headphones sound, and for the selling price of under 20, it is certainly one of the best headphone in term of performance to price ratio.

Presentation is very good indeed. The box does not reflect the price at all, looking like a more premium product. There are 2 removable cables provided. The thicker cable is very long at 10' long, and another shorter and thinner cable is provided, but I find the quality is less than the 10' cable and feel slightly flimsy. A 1/4 inch adapter is included, that's it. So no pouch is provided. The 1/8 inch cables detaches at the left side of the headphone, a fairly normal feature in headphones with detachable cables. The build quality is sturdy, and considering the price, it's remarkable how they are able to make it as rigid as it is. It seem to be able take quite a bit of abuse before it get damaged.

Isolation is fair, so it would work well in isolating medium outside noise. Leakage is about average too, so it will not likely to disturb the people around you at normal listening level. The headphones are not the most comfortable due to the padding not being very soft. They are light on the head due to the all plastic build.

The sound quality of these headphone compare well to headphones costing up to 60. I would describe the headphone a touch brighter than neutral. Vocals sound very clear with only occasionally sounding sibilant in certain tracks. Instrument separation is good and can reproduce acoustic instruments accurately, though the soundstage is not particularly wide. It's a fairly forward sounding headphone, so instruments and vocals will sound closer than a more laid back headphone. The mid is a tad recessed but still provide a good response. Bass response is very good, providing a clean and non-elevated performance. It lacks sub-bass though but it still provide a good punch.

If you are not immediately satisfied with the performance with these, do break these in for a minimum of 24 hours, and you will discover the real potential of these. The pads will also become a little more comfortable, and the sound will also open up.

Overall, it's a great bargain headphone that provides a superb performance for your buck. This would be a great for travel or as a mixing reference in addition to a set of higher end headphone.

Monoprice Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earphone - Silver
Monoprice Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earphone - Silver
Price: 4.44

7 of 10 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A very good value performer. Simple but sweet., 24 Jan. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a very good value earphones, that is focused on more on it's audio quality than the features.

Packaging is very simple, just a small plain plastic bag sealing the headphone. Nothing else is added, no extension cable, no adapter, no different sizes of ear tips. Just the headphone itself.

However for under 5 I paid, I couldn't expect too much in term of of the accessories. I will focus mainly on the earphones itself. Build quality is very good, and it certainly look more expensive than it costs. The shiny plastic finish has a metal look. The cable is made from a cloth/fabric material that doesn't tangle and seem very sturdy. I always prefer this kind of material than the standard rubber finish that most headphone cables use.

The sound of these budget earphones is very good, but upon first listening it was quite strident and tinny sounding which soon became much better upon a few hours of breaking in. These are overall slightly on the colder and brighter side of sound. Soundstage for an in ear earphones is very good, with a good spacial and instrument separation. The mid I feel is a little recessed, so vocals doesn't sound as warm as I like it to be. The bass is well behaved and non exaggerated, but not basshead level at all. The highs are relatively crisp and provide good clarity, but I find that some songs it's quite sibilant.

I personally find that the ear tips are not deep enough/too small, therefore it doesn't provide as a good seal as I like. Since they don't come with any other sizes of tips, you would need to find your own tips. Overall these are a good performer can compete well for headphones under 20, but it's lack of features such as extra accessories may put some potential buyers off. If you are looking for a budget, yet good sounding set of well built earphones, then these should be a consideration.

SMS Audio STREET By 50 Cent Over-Ear Wired Headphones - White
SMS Audio STREET By 50 Cent Over-Ear Wired Headphones - White
Offered by total digital stores
Price: 49.95

10 of 13 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Shiny? Yes. Good sounding? NO, 22 Jan. 2013
From designing to producing, these SMS along with the wireless Sync took only 4 month... Frankly I feel mire time was need in makung these sound better.

These headphones are designed to be fashionable. The use of polished plastic seems to be the trend in modern headphones to attract the young crowd, however I have yet to be impressed by any of them in of audio quality. The Street headphones are over the ear headphones, it is fairly comfortable on the head, but they are quite bulky, their inability to fold flat makes these not good for portability.

The sound quality, the most important aspect of a headphone - Poor. The bass is exaggerated and bloated that is not only muddy, it doesnt extend well to the sub bass. The mids are recessed, vocals sound boring and lifeless, strings sound fake and distant. The highs are no better, slightly rolled off and poor clarity. Soundstage of these are not expansive, rather small infact. Instrument seperation again is nothing to be proud of.

At the current selling price of over 100, you could find yourself a truly professional studio grade headphone. They are only marginly better than the equality bad Beats Solo/HD. My go to headphone to compare against, the Denon D1100 absolutely destroys the Street in every aspect of sound quality.

The only reason to buy these is if you like the look of these headphones but will never be using these for listening to music. Avoid all rapper headphones if you can.

1/5: Sound Quality.
1/5: Value
4/5: Shininess
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Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Sim Free Mobile Phone
Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Sim Free Mobile Phone

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great hardware, fantastic phone with fantastic SOUND, 20 Jan. 2013
Since there are countless reviews available and the success of the Galaxy S is obvious, I'm going to go a different angle.

As a phone it works brilliantly right out of the box. However after rooting and flashing with the latest roms, (I suggest CM10 nightly or Darkyrom V.11 Black edition, both Ice Cream Sandwich based)the Galaxy S transforms into much better performer running the latest android version, snappier, more function, and most of all a superb media player with great audio quality that is superior to the iPod touch.

These Galaxy S I9000 feature a Wolfson DAC, which is very well regarded by audiophiles as a great sounding convertor for high quality playback using good headphones. After rooting the phone and flashing with the earlier mentioned custom roms, the great feature of Voodoo Sound is enabled. This enables the phone to bypass the phone's inbuilt mixer and inferior programming, and unleashing the full potential of the great sounding Wolfson convertor. Also, the amping and EQ ability are both greatly improved, making the Galaxy a superb sounding music player, to make listening experience via headphone fantastic. I have used dozen of high end headphone using the rooted Galaxy S, and I'm greatly surprised by how good it sound and even when the headphone need lots more power to drive properly (eg. DT250 250ohms), the headphone is always well amp with great clarity and depth. The bass response is also improved from the Voodoo sound unleashing the full potential of the phone, and the Voodoo app has a great bass boost function should you need extra juice in the bass end.

I have not used my ipod classic 7th generator since I started using the I9000 as a music player. I feel the only portable music player that match up to the I9000 with Voodoo is the 5th generation of ipod clasic. With the great quality and amping power of the rooted I9000, I have since not used any portable amp such as the Fiio E5. It is for me one of the best music player out there, that is also a great mobile phone that stands well against all the latest offerings.

Being a user of the Samsung Galaxy Note, its a clearly noticeable that despite the Note being a better phone in term of processor speed, graphics, on board memory, it is a lot worse in term of audio quality when listening to music via the headphone jack. Samsung has used inferior DAC since the Galaxy S so the audio quality is nowhere near the I9000. Therefore if you are using your smartphone to listening to music, it's likely not to be great quality unless you have a rooted I9000. If you own a I9000 that is no longer in warantee, I would STRONGLY suggest to root it and install one of the roms with Voodoo Sound enabled, to unleash it's superb audio quality for pure music listening bliss.

The I9000's ability to add micro SD cards up to 64GB enables these to be a seriously music player that compete with the latest iPod touch, with the addition of a great phone features.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Works well, but quite stiff!, 19 Jan. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This gel case does exactly what it intends, protects your Galaxy S phone. Note that the actual case I received is brighter and more visually striking than the picture make out to be. They really are very bright green that will attract a lot of attention. They are very pretty, their reflective texture adds a nice touch to the appearance.

The case is relatively stiff, while it provide a good protection against drops or scratches on the back, the material makes the buttons of the phone much harder to press. Even after a few weeks of use, they are still very stiff, making on/off and volume control more of an effort. So take this into account getting this case compared to a silicone case.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones - 80 Ohm
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones - 80 Ohm
Price: 99.95

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A very good profesional monitoring headphone, 19 Jan. 2013
The headphone is a great choice for professional mixing and recording work. It is one of those headphones that doesn't provide the most flashy appeal, but it gives a fantastic audio quality and professional performance.

Build quality is very good. The cable is non-detachable therefore if something goes wrong with the jack then you'd have to repair or replace the whole headphone. If you would like to have the detachable feature, then look at the Beyerdymanic DT250, Shure SRH840 or the KRK KNS8400.

Comfort wise, it depends on the user. The earpad are not made out of a leather like material, but rather a more fabric material. It's grey-ish colour doesn't not easily become dirty looking. The pads are fairly soft, goes around the ear, but the circular shape maybe uncomfortable some people. For me personally, I am able to use these after a few hours of recording or mixing session without much discomfort. The headbands are adjustable and provide decent comfort, but if find the mechanism not the most stylish or smooth. No carrying case/pouch is included. They do not fold flat so they are not the most portable of headphones. All you get in the box is the headphone itself and a screw on 1/4 inch adaptor.

Isolation on these are great against outside noise, although you would need to crank up the volume should you need to use it in a loud environment such as in a plane or tube. Although they are really intended for studio use. They provide minimum leakage, so if you are doing recording, they will provide a great isolation preventing click tracks or backing track bleeding into the microphone.

Sound wise they are fantastic. They provide a great frequency response across the board. The bass is extended and well behaved, sub bass is not as good as the D2000 but still very good. Its high frequency is a little hyped, but this can be very helpful when mixing critically for clicks, pops and delicate passages. So bare that in mind when mixing to prevent the mix sounding dull in real life. The mid range is accurate, and the overall sound signature is relatively flat but slightly on the colder side. Soundstage is wide for a closed headphone with a good instrument separation and fidelity.

I have often seen this headphone described as a bass-head level headphone, which I disagree. I feel it has a good bass response, but nowhere near elevated. The DT770 is one of the industry most used headphones in the studio along with the AT M50, providing a great audio performance with a rugged build quality, a true studio grade headphone that has more performance than style. A step up from these would be the Denon D2000 if you are able to get your hands on then, which performs better than these in every single way, except sound isolation.

Creative  Aurvana Live! Headphones
Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones
Price: 49.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great headphone at the price, a classic reborn, 19 Jan. 2013
To many people, Creative might not be the status for high end sound quality. The Aurvana Live are actually the rebirth of a classic audiophile grade headphone, the Denon D1001 that often known as one of the best headphone under 100.

The build quality of CAL! is fairly good. It feels study however by no mean built like a tank. It's feels light on the head, with enough pinch to provide a good over the ear seal, without creating sense of discomfort. The adjustable headphone provide enough flexibility to adapt to all shapes and sizes of heads. The headband is soft along with the earpads themselves, so long term wear is suitable. The adjustment mechanism works simply but well, and does not seem flimsy. The headphone feature a classy looking black finish with a chrome edge. The headphone does not fold flat or into a smaller package, so you have to make sure these are protected when you considering taking these portable. A simple soft pouch is included. The Y cable is not detachable which might be a feature people miss in recent releases.

The sound isolation is average, from both outside noise and leaking out of the headphone. So if you are planning to use these in a loud environment such as plane or train, you may want to look at headphones with better noise isolating, or feature active noise cancellation.

Sound quality is great. Very good clarity and response. The bass response is well extended with a good punch but not muddy or exaggerated. Not the most tight bass but definitely not bloated either. Bassheads should look elsewhere though, the Denon newer release D1100 provide a better response and punch. The headphone has an overall warm sound while keeping the highs crisp and clear. Soundstage is above average, as with the instrument separation. It is balanced and neutral sounding headphone, and I can't fault it in any way. It suits pretty much every genre, and does everything well. Acoustic and pop especially work particularly brilliantly on the CAL!

Overall this is a great performer in this price range, providing decent feature and a great audio performance that is a rebirth of a audiophile classic.

For a more portable alternative that provide similar performance, check out the Noontec Zoro. If you like more bass, then the Denon D1100 or Sony XB500 is a must have.

Calvin Klein Obsession Secret Femme Eau de Parfum - 100 ml
Calvin Klein Obsession Secret Femme Eau de Parfum - 100 ml
Offered by Online Beauty Buys
Price: 22.00

10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A beautifully classic fragrance for a equally beautiful classic woman, 5 Jan. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A wonderful lasting fragrance, in a stylish and artistic presentation, a beautiful bottle that you will be proud to have.

Being an EDP, these have wonderful silliage and projection, while keeping the longevity high. Do not over apply though, as they will likely to become cloying in excess. But at the right amount, these work wonders. 3 spray (one at chest, one each side of neck) and one on each wrist is a good amount in my opinion. Being a guy, I love it when a female smell good. The CK Secret Obsession creates a sense of poise and class, without overly attention grabbing or insulting the senses.

A wonderful blend of woods, spices and floral notes with a sense of sweetness from the vanilla and richness from the plum note.

At the current price below 25, this truly is a bargain for a fantastic fragrance.

Bose ® QuietComfort ® 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones
Bose ® QuietComfort ® 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

31 of 32 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Very compact and portable. Price is high., 2 Jan. 2013
People wishing to buy the Bose Quite Comfort series of headphones with "active" noise cancelljng need to aware of the porpose of the headphone. It is intended mainly as a travel headphone, especially on the plane. The active noise cancelling does a good job of cancelling out engine rumbles, leaving on traces of high frequencies for the noise. This allows you to listen to music at a much quiter volume and still able to hear clearly, or even without any music playing to have a better sleep. Noise cancelling works best for constant low frequency drown rather than higher pitch changing sounds such as voices so you will hear travel announcements or alarms.

However if you wishing to buying these for music listening in a quiter environment, for high quality performance than these wont be the headphone for you. The noise cancelling headphones colours the sound and often degrades the fidelity and sound quality. There is a slight hiss, but less than most ANC headphones I have heard. Clarity is decent, soundstage is fairly small and the bass felt a bit bloated. Although the QC3 along with tye QC15 are 2 of the better ANC headphones, but in term of pure audio performance it will not match up to studio grade and audiophile grade headphones where audio quality is the primary function.

Comfort is good, the replaceable pads sits comfortably on the ear. Build quality is fair but feel a little cheap with the plain platic headband. Battery life is decent with a full charge. I get normally around 10 hours of heavy use. I would purchase a sparw battery in case the battery runs out during travel as the headphone w'ont work at all without power.

Accessories wise, the case is very nicely made. Many adaptors are provided for the charger for different countries. I wish that the detachable cable is not Bose specific. As I would like to use better quality cables with 3.5mm jack rather the smaller jack for the QC3 making replacement more expensive and less choices.

Overall, it performs well as a active noise cancelling headphone for travelling. However if you want a great sounding headphone for this price, do look elsewhere. The Denon D1100, V Moda M80 and Noontec Zoro are all great portable headphones that perform better acoustically, better sound quality at a significantly cheaper price.

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