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Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict [DVD]
Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict [DVD]
Dvd ~ Peggy Guggenheim
Price: £10.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars ... sensitive and informative documentary on the life of an amazing collector and patron of modern and contemporary art, 6 April 2016
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A very sensitive and informative documentary on the life of an amazing collector and patron of modern and contemporary was most revealing and refreshing as it showed PG's human kindness and flaws which I found deeply moving and in some ways for all the gifts and advantages she had in life she was hugely vulnerable, brave, benevolent, and a very likeable lady.
Old archival film was laced together with new up to date views throughout the documentary with actual footage both visual and audio of PG and many people from all walks of the art world some instances they were brutally honest which I think today in current times seems harsh but no doubt during her lifetime she was considered to be a tad amoral....but when seeing this as a fuller picture of her life and family history it does tell her story and why she became the person she did....I greatly admire her and think she was a gem, very much a one off and her approach to life perhaps made her a rather lonely figure because of the times in which she lived.
The extra disc is interesting showing many of those interviewed had extended time to further discuss the influence of the amazing Peggy Guggenheim...

Notebook On Cities And Clothes [DVD] [1994]
Notebook On Cities And Clothes [DVD] [1994]
Dvd ~ Yohji Yamamoto
Offered by DVD Vault UK
Price: £6.00

1.0 out of 5 stars Yohji Yamamoto is an amazing designer and well work looking at, 6 April 2016
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Very, very disappointing..... Yohji Yamamoto is an amazing designer and well work looking at....but not through this was totally dominated by the film maker and only by the film maker's eye and opinion in how he showed YY, which I am sad to say it didn't credit either person at the right level....the way the fashion designer worked and his revelation of his personal feelings and history were fascinating, but not shown clearly enough ...the collections he designed were stunning and ravishingly beautiful, but again shown in a muddle of information and over the top filming obliterating any audio or visual comprehension to understand or enjoy the contents.
The technical quality of the video disc, by which I mean the filming was tragic and impossible to watch, extremely poor quality and therefore un-watchable....however tried to make some sense of it...but appalling the whole way through in technical quality and ideas of telling the story of a most interesting designer....I can appreciate the effort made to give a personal slant on the film, but it didn't do the job for me and would have preferred a straight forward view of a clever designer, allow him to show himself, he was subtle and I think would have been a deeper nd more sensitive film.
If the film maker needs to showcase himself in a different way, okay, but not in this way it's like fight of two personalities, which didn't sit comfortably together and therefore not a successful film...separate it out and begin from there.....of course in 1994 it was no doubt groundbreaking.

Finding Vivian Maier [DVD]
Finding Vivian Maier [DVD]
Dvd ~ John Maloof
Offered by FILMNIGHT
Price: £14.24

4.0 out of 5 stars 'Vivienne' or 'Vivian'...but what is known is 'Maier' was a superb artist and photographer., 10 Jan. 2016
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This review is from: Finding Vivian Maier [DVD] (DVD)
To begin in reverse order I think it is important to see the wonderful, pertinent and emotive images of Vivian Maier in the books produced by John is to fall in love with her amazing eye and framework of most individual works.....then as Maloof says when you begin to appreciate the artist a desire to know who she is, and the why, and the how of her, this way around works for the DVD was a fascinating struggle to learn about a very private person, who may or may not want the public looking over her shoulder. Many good observations were made about her....I think some comments made by professional photographers were sensitive in saying how superb an eye she had and the intimacy she held between herself and the subject which willing or not propelled one inside her mind or at least her mindset of that particular image, whether they were portraits or land/townscapes.....always showing her intelligent and very personal creativity in visual statements.

The DVD shows the story behind Maloof's finding of the negatives and if you wish to say the 'developing' of his search about her, having to trace an address of sorts which lead him into her neighbourhood, more information through the purchasing of additional material by Maier and some personal effects, interviewing past employers and her young charges as she as in the most part was a childrens Nanny....alongwith professional photographers insightful critiques on her work.
One such photographer raised the point that her use of the double lens Rolleiflex camera actually made her less intimidating as a street photographer as it's not the type of camera to use at eye level but one viewed at waist level which actually made any human subject feel secure, believing they were not in the is in fact the nature of the camera but actually was fortuitous for her.....many images therefore were viewed from below the subjects eyeline so giving the photographed image more drama and stature.... she worked this to her advantage.
..another commented on her closeness to the soul of the person she photgraphed as possibly the subjects hadn't 'a don't photograph me ' expression making the image far more natural, intimate and real.....but to top that she thought photography continually and spent it seems most days taking images, and seeking them out, she worked in a strongly dedicated way and that is evident in the volume and quality of her work.

The DVD interviews a variety of people who had some personal knowledge of her, and were as honest as they could be....although I think it should be remembered that she was a Nanny maybe in the 50's, 60's 70's plus and the times were very different. Socially it couldn't be more different from today. To give Maier a chance I think that should be taken into account. Comments were made on her attitudes perhaps on discipline...well I was a child in the 50's and also had a Nanny, whom I adored as I spent much time with her, but discipline was part of it, as it was so with parents too...childcare attitudes were different then and it was a post war in this light I think some memories of Maier were a little harsh and she was misunderstood in this aspect...there was no internet to tell all, life was hugely different in her lifetime....give her space. Also she had a creative mind and I would expect her to think differently. These days someone a bit quirky is a person to relish in our times, but in her time thought of as a little odd, well that's a shame not to put this into a time's her difference in lifestyle that has given us this amazing imagery.

Her background reveals a seemingly lonely, perhaps a sad upbringing which isn't totally known, as being almost isolated, but she did live with her Mother, also a brother, but longer with her Mother.....although it appears Maier was born in New York she was born to a French Mother and there is a connection in Alpine France where she had also spent time in childhood, I the thoughts of a linguist's views seem rather doubtful and her French accent could be a mix of cultural changes or indeed a need and to retain a closeness to her Mother who most likely would have had a strong and genuine French accent, again unknown.... there was also a census viewed when Maloof was researching her which showed her name written as 'Vivienne' which is the French version, perhaps she changed the spelling to 'Vivian' herself when living in NY, but no evidence of this, but there was a mention of her playing with 'Maier' or 'Mayer'....a creative mind !

It appears that she didn't form good familial relationships, but her whole family had this trait, not just her, so was very much alone, perhaps she formed a kind of family through her Nannying career yet knowing it wasn't reality....I think this could have been a sadness for her, and would give anyone what seems to be a hard exterior...her photographs became her family and she showed great emotion and sensitivity through them, they had soul...she could be herself and yet a fear runs through them like a fine thread experiencing and observing the hardships in life, the human suffering, yet an acceptance in various walks of life and a contentment is also interwined within....perhaps a fear of a inevitability that it could reflect back into her own life.
It seems she fell on hard times during her later years....the wonderful thing was that some of her young male charges, now adult , provided for her in her hour of need and supported her, finding her a home and paying her expenses...a touching sentiment from her adopted families...she still mattered to them.
The DVD is a good support in discovering the person...but do also buy the books, there are images on the DVD , but far more in the various publications...and well worth it and enjoyable.

An amazing talent hidden within the pages.

Eric Clapton Slowhand At 70 Live At The Royal Albert Hall [Deluxe Book+2DVD+2CD ] [NTSC]
Eric Clapton Slowhand At 70 Live At The Royal Albert Hall [Deluxe Book+2DVD+2CD ] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Eric Clapton

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Stiil superb at 70 !, 17 Dec. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I too enjoyed a night at the RAH of Eric Clapton at 70 the night it was filmed...amazing....the dvd issued from that is superbly produced and a wonderful recollection of the night......I find myself, and I apologize for saying so, disagreeing with one of the comments made on another review that songs in EC's previous works such as 'Over the Rainbow' and 'Autumn Leaves'..shouldn't be placed, (which I hasten to add are not on this dvd ) .... I think they are sensational, listen to way he handles and interprets the music and his voice, wow !....he makes them seem so easy, he's so clever...I believe this is important to him as part of his development and the fact he wishes to revisit his early influences is a lovely thing and very much a part of who he is and pivitol to him evolving into his later music...a much appreciated sentiment from it is not really misplaced music.
I would love to see a filmed version of him performing Autumn Leaves, he does it so well but have only found audio, which is stunning...a performance would be great.....just to listen to this in a tranquil mood and allow the music to move through you at the hands of the great Master.....
....Eric Clapton never disappoints his audience, a professional to the last note.
...also would be good to be able to buy the book of Eric at 70 separately as extra copies etc

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