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Ella Enchanted [Us Import]
Ella Enchanted [Us Import]
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £13.95

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3.0 out of 5 stars Hit and Miss Compilation, 28 May 2004
Movie Soundtracks are a hit and miss affair these days, and this proves no exception to the rule. This album mixes well known vocalists with some new artists.
The album kicks off with the first of many covers, Dont go breaking my heart, sung by the movies star Anne Hathaway, the sound is dated already, it plays like early britney spears. This is followed by Kari Kimmel a new singer, who, is starting to appear on a few soundtracks so a voice to watch out for, shame about the song though, 'its not just make belive' a song that doesn't seem to stand out at all. This is followed by another cover, True to your Heart sung by up and coming disney artist Raven. Originally a song from a disney movie Mulan, this is a pleasent easy on the ear pop/r and b song. The next track another cover, puts all the vocalists to shame on here, Kelly Clarkson belts out the aretha franklin song 'Respect' and her strong voice makes this song a winner.
The next song is Walking on sunshine by Jump5..teen pop band, and its all done before. This is follwed in similar vein by Stimulators 'magic' a fantastic song which is weakened by vocalist and production, it doesn't stand out at all.
Next track is one of the main reasons for buying this Darren Hayes, covers, strange magic, originally a song for ELO, this cover has not been altered a great deal and sounds brilliant, with its swooping strings and darrens excellent voice this is a fantastic song.
Anne Hathaway contributes two more songs, somebody to love, and you make me feel like dancing. The first one, works well, the old leo sayer cover given a remix and its a feel good pop summer song. but she shouldn't have covered the queen track 'somebody to love' this is a difficult song to sing and here anne only sounds as if she is performing for a talent show, and it fails miserably.
Follow on tracks the beu sisters 'once upon a broken heart' is a lite gentle ballard which again doesn't seem to stand out at all..
so its left to the last track but one 'if you belive' to end the album on a positive note, sung by andrea remanda and bryan adams, its a big power ballard, which is a good song, once you hear it, you wont forget it. Although, bryans voice is barely heard on here, although Amandas voice is strong and she shows promise. The last track is a song taken from the movie, nothing really special. ironically its called let me entertain you..clearly it doesn't..
As compilations go, this is nothing special, it could have been alot worse but could have been alot better, it gets three stars for bryan adams duet and darren hayes elo cover,with kelly clarkson giving it that final touch of class which barely scrapes it into three stars, its such a shame though that more good catchy songs were included on this album, it could have done with it!

Don't Stop the Music
Don't Stop the Music

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dont Stop Robyn!, 12 May 2004
This review is from: Don't Stop the Music (Audio CD)
Life for Robyn must be frustrating these days, she was the artist who was really before her time. Her edgy urban pop sound made the UK/US charts a couple of years back before it became the sound that seems to be heard a great deal these days. With this her third album, and with a new label, Robyn seems to have found herself and the urban edgy sound and mature lyrics show that she is no pop puppet.
First track, keep the fire burning is a moody edgy song which packs a punch and is the perfect opener. This is followed by Dont Stop the Music, a very very catchy upbeat track with an excellent chorus. This is followed by the urban ballard 'o baby' a really lovely mellow song, with the string backing its a chillout song that will stay in your mind for sometime. Follow up track, blow my mind, is again a slighty edgy more mature robyn, reminescent of some of the more mature pop thats heard these days. This is followed by the excellent if naughty song 'should have known' this is a great song, again moody and edgy, all about robyn discovering her fella is in fact a waster.
The tracks that follow on from that, are varied one or two feel like album fillers, breakdown/intermission stands out as being one of these, or rather doesnt' stand out. Moonlight is a nice song but nothing catchy, just seems to drift along. Aint no thing is similar to this as well, its only when the album moves onto its close with tracks such as big city, another urban slice of r and b/pop and the wonderfully catchy pyscho that the album moves on again! The final track, still your girl ends it in the perfect way, an upbeat track which works very very well.
On the whole, this is an album which fits in the with the way pop music sounds now, it would stand alongside artists such as sugababes and girls aloud.
Final tip: if you want to hear the perfect mid tempo ballard from Robyn, then check out the soundtrack 'on the line' it has a brilliant song called Say you'll walk the distance which they should have included on this release.

Say Something Anyway [2 Track CD]
Say Something Anyway [2 Track CD]
Offered by robert_reynolds6
Price: £1.73

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5.0 out of 5 stars They're Back,, 12 May 2004
When Bellefire were dropped by their label, we could have been forgiven for thinking that we'd heard the last of them, even though they promised that they would be back and that we wouldn't have heard the last of them. And now finally they are back, with a new label but with a sound that was the same as it always was. Say Something Anyway, is the first single taken from the forthcoming album, spin the wheel. A brilliant feelgood summer record, its light acoustic sound and catchy chorus is an excellent song to re introduce the band that would have gone so much further last time, and hopefully this time will get more of a chance to prove just how well they can sing! The b side, is a bimbo jones remix of the hit but its still the single which dominates this. An excellent song, well worthy in my opinion of the five stars that ive given it!

Freaky Friday [DVD] [2003]
Freaky Friday [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Jamie Lee Curtis
Price: £3.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars Get Your Freak On!!, 25 April 2004
This review is from: Freaky Friday [DVD] [2003] (DVD)
For all those people who take one look at the word Disney, and think'kids' and pass it by, DONT!! One of the funniest movies to come from thestudio in a long time, a very sharp witty script which will appeal tochildren as well as adults.
The premise is simple, Tess Coleman is about to get married and herrelationship with her teenage daughter is at its lowest. Neither belivesthe other can see her point of view, and whilst in a chinese restarauntthey have an almighty row, which is only halted when a mysterious waitressgives them both a fortune cookie. This is no ordinary fortune cookie, forthe following morning, they wake up in each others bodies, and now theywill literally walk a mile in each others shoes. If all this wasn't badenough Tess is due to marry the following morning so they must move fastif they can reverse the spell.
The performances here are perfect, Jamie Lee Curtis is having a ball,whilst Lindsy Lohan shows what promise she has, as she picks up Lee Curtismannerisms and displays a maturity as she becomes her mother for the day.Mark Harmon makes a welcome return as her patient fiancee, whilst HaroldGould plays her dotty father.
The running time is perfect, not too long that kids will get bored, nottoo short that you wish it longer.There is some slapstick for the kids,and sharp observations for adults. Although this has been marketed for theteenage girl market, its a movie that would appeal to most adults, perfectfriday night movie, not too heavy, and very funny. So buy this its wellworth the five stars i gave it.

Price: £32.36

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3.0 out of 5 stars Sorry Im not Impressed., 18 Feb. 2004
This review is from: Emilia (Audio CD)
In the mid nineties a singer crept onto the UK music scene who had a couple of minor hits, her name was Emilia, and a couple of years after she released her debut, she followed it up with her self titled album. It never reached English shores and with a listen one can see why.
This is your typical pop album, recored mostly by some of the denmarks big pop hit makers such as douglas carr and Murlyn studios there are a few songs which stand out but not enough to make a good album. First track, sorry im in love is a light fluffy pop confection, heard a couple of times and then forgotten. Follow on track kiss by kiss is a mid tempo ballard that is passable. Track by track follows with poor lyrics and glossy production. songs with titles such as 'johnny come lately and playin' it by heart fail to impress. Its only mid way that tracks such as if its gonna be you, and what if i told you perk the proceedings up a notch. Heaven is a poor cover of the bryan adams classic, one wonders why they cover these songs, as the originals are still fresh. Interestingly the last song, supergirl, gives you an idea of how good an album this COULD have been sadly its too late.
If you love light, fluffy pop and are not too discerning about what you listen to then you might find something on here to enjoy. Apart from that, you get a feeling that this was a wasted opportunity to make a good album for a singer with a good voice.

Free Me
Free Me
Price: £2.54

4.0 out of 5 stars Is it a good Album? Maybe., 14 Feb. 2004
This review is from: Free Me (Audio CD)
Emma Bunton is back with a new sound,well sort of. Free Me makes it clear from the album package onwards that this is a return to the pop sound of the sixties and seventies with an added twist or tweak.
Opening track Free Me is a slinky soulful song which is sexy and summery and leads the way for the more uptempo maybe. The third track, the weaker i'll be there for you, is the sort of song that makes you feel that its all been done before. Fourth track, Tomorrow is a b-side from the free me single and is one of the more powerful tracks on display here. Fifth song breathing is ok, but nothing spectacular, however its on the sixth song that emma plays a blinder. Crickets sing for anamaria is a delightful playful song with a brazilian sound. Quirky but toe tappingly good. No sign of life is a mid tempo ballard which would appeal as a good single. Again the following song who the hell are you? is a former b side, again however its one of the more playable tracks on display. Lay your love on me, the next track, sounds like something which would appear on the next austin powers soundtrack! The two tracks which follow it, You are and Amazing are pleasent to the ear but dont really grab the attention. The final song, something so beautiful is reminescent of the simple love songs that Diana Ross used to sing so well back in the day.
On the whole, this feels like a concept album, which would have worked for a couple of tracks but stretched to a full album only just works. The wide range of songwriters on display include cathy dennis who breathe life into the tracks,some successful some not. Next time Emma needs to think about expanding herself more as she has a great deal of talent which shows itself on this second album.

Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination
Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination
by Helen Fielding
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £12.99

10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Olivia Bond?, 19 Dec. 2003
What would you get, if you crossed a james bond movie with the humourous aspects of bridget jones diary? The result, is Helen Fieldings new novel, a light fluffy very easy to read novel which is full of dry humour. Very ocasionally a novel comes along which is the equivelent of a good movie, this one manages to do this, with a great plot and some well drawn characters. The cliffhanging aspects of the plot leave the reader wanting more, buy this book its absolutely fantastic. Oh and if you've bought it for someone for christmas, read it first before you wrap it, trust me its well worth it.

Love Actually
Love Actually
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £4.78

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5.0 out of 5 stars Its Very Good, Actually., 6 Dec. 2003
This review is from: Love Actually (Audio CD)
The soundtrack to one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of the year was always going to be a big deal. This lives up to expectations with an absolutely sterling cast of performers. Having seen the movie, most of the music can be heard at one point or another, and the songs have been chosen to reflect the scenes from the film.
The first track is the cover of 'jump' by Girls Aloud, this could never be as good as the original which is featured in the movie but nevertheless its a fair stab at a real feel good song.This is followed by the superb remix of the sugababes song 'too lost in you', a forthcoming single remix its sensual sound fits in well. Kelly Clarkson follows this with 'the trouble with love is' another good song which again, manages to fit the theme of the movie. No soundtrack would be complete with some less recent tracks by established artistes, Dido's Here with Me is a fabulous ballard. Following this is one of the main themes from the movie, Christmas Is All Around, a spook take on the wet wet cover song, sung by billy mack the character in the movie, its a real novelty song. Justin Timberlake provides some urban grooves with Like I love You. Whilst Norah Jones provides some more warm sensual sounds with her song 'turn me on'. This is followed by Eva Cassidys songbird, again another popular ballard. Other tracks which feature songs from back catalogues include, Maroon 5, The calling, and the beach boys.
One of the more crucial scenes in the movie features both sides now, a beautiful fragile song by Joni Mitchell. Otis Redding provides some seasonal support with White Christmas. Texas provide the sixties sounding ballard, i'll see it through.A classic sounding song, whilst Gabrielle rounds things off with her new track sometimes, which sounds like a usual gabrielle number, but good just the same.
The only songs that dont seem to fit in to this album are the Lynden David version of all you need is love, the beatles version would have been better, and the wycleff jean song, take me as i am.
The final tracks on the album are the craig armstrong score tracks, one of which 'total agony' is haunting.
In the end this is a fine album and with over twenty tracks it can be forgiven for providing the odd song which does not shine as the others do. I Highly reccomend it though.

Sound Of The Underground
Sound Of The Underground
Price: £2.57

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Girls on song, 3 Dec. 2003
What do you do when you are a successful girl group who have had a phenominally sucessful year..yet already have one good album and don't have time to make another? Well you do what Girls aloud have done, and repackage your existing set and make it even more saleable.
The original album was good, this is slightly better. With the addition of some new tracks two of which are covers (jump and girls on film) and one new track from the disney movie freaky friday(you freak me out) the album has a fresher and even edgier feel to it. With some tracks being remixed too..forthcoming single some kind of miracle being one of them, the whole album sounds good. The new track you freak me out sounds weak though. Also some tracks have been removed from the original edition to make way for new ones and girls take a hint here, no matter how much you polish forever and a night, it will still sound weak!
Apart from this though most of the tracks on this album could be released as singles in their own right, although having now released four singles from it, and a possible fifth one being mooted..maybe it would be time to let this stand on its own and produce some new material.

Offered by DCBUYS
Price: £7.00

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Mandy Moore Grows Up, 26 Nov. 2003
This review is from: Coverage (Audio CD)
Mandy Moore is back with another album which continues her on her path of change from pop starlet to mature singer. The process of change started on her previous album, moves on a notch on this pleasing collection of covers which are far maturer and different to anything she has produced before.
The material is a range of well known songs and lesser known ones and covers a period from the seventies and eighties. Surprisingly the tracks work well with songs from the likes of Elton John.(mad hatters and mona lisas)Joan Armatrading(drop the pilot) Blondie(one way or another) The Waterboys(whole of the moon) XTC(senses working overtime), to other artists such as, Carole King, Joe Jackson and Carly Simon. A surprising pick from someone so young, but the production values are not slick or overproduced, they have an intimate feel to them. Overall a very pleasing album and an exciting pointer to where Mandy is headed next. I definately reccomend.

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