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Louise (England)

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Drunks [DVD]
Drunks [DVD]
Dvd ~ Faye Dunaway
Price: £3.58

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3.0 out of 5 stars Insight into AA meeting, 11 Jan. 2013
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This review is from: Drunks [DVD] (DVD)
This is a good film covering the stories of some of the people attending AA meetings and giving their accounts in the meeting.
The main character who leaves the meeting and relapses ends up the next day right back where he started in the AA system albeit at a different AA meeting place.
Apart from his constant bad language he gives a good performance.

5ft 150cm Beautiful Green Fibre Optic Artificial Indoor Christmas Xmas Tree New
5ft 150cm Beautiful Green Fibre Optic Artificial Indoor Christmas Xmas Tree New

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5.0 out of 5 stars Special Full Size Fibre Optic Christmas Tree, 11 Jan. 2013
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Arrived on time in nice packaging.
A very pretty 5ft fibre optic tree with many colourful changing lights.
The unique thing about this is you can regulate the optic lights to how you want to see them by a simple switch on the plug cord.

Executioner Pierrepoint
Executioner Pierrepoint
by Albert Pierrepoint
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Albert Pierrepoint - The Gentle Hangman's Own Story, 2 Jun. 2009
This is a great biography from top British executioner Albert Pierrepoint. He recounts his childhood and upbringing (sometimes he and his brothers and sisters had no shoes on their feet) and never complains about what must have been a tough life when young because he had to work 'part-time' in the mill when he was only a child and then go on to school after his shifts at the mill were finished for the day. He was only too pleased to do it so he could bring home some much needed money for his mother. His mother used to give him six pence back for his labours! The local Christian Mission also played a big part in this family's life.

The fact that he loved his family is clear from his writings in this book; and it is heartening to read of his loyalty to his father's memory and his close relationship to his uncle Tom and his aunt who he used to visit at their home in Clayton. A thoughtful and sensitive man who was devoted to his mother, he said he would never get married while his mother remained alive. His father died when he was 17 and he became in his own words 'The Man Of The House'. It is equally touching to read of his relationship with 'the lass in the sweetshop' Anne Fletcher who he dated for 10 years before they got married. It is great to read how he decides he has to tell her what he does when he goes away, only for her to reveal that she had known all along! The way he describes their conversation is very moving.

He tells of his fascinating career as a hangman; but if you are after 'gratuitous' details of executions or the crimes in gory details that the people he hung were convicted of; then you are reading the wrong hangman!. He is always respectful and gentlemanly in his story and he gives his 'calling' to be an executioner an almost spiritual, holy angle which is quite remarkable to read!.

One of the highlights of this book is his long and interrogative interview in front of the royal commission which he very much disliked having to endure - especially as there was a woman present! Although she was only the typist who was making note of everything that was said in the room at the commission. He gives the impression that you didn't talk about these things in front of women at all!. He also described what he did as 'sacred' and to him, 'intensely private'. Boasting in public had no part in his nature.

Albert Pierrepoint was a gentleman and a throughly nice, decent man who followed his father's and his uncle's footsteps into this 'unusual' but 'useful' trade. He is never rude or crude in his book as some public executioners have been in their memoirs and the whole book is a fascinating, interesting and informative read from a true professional and perfectionist in what he did.

The fact that he had to put up with a lot towards the end of his career and before he decided to resign is amplified in his writings here...he had the 'anti-hanging' brigade to contend with as well as the press and it is clear that he thought the establishment of which he was the NO 1 executioner was also treating him rather shoddy. He ends his book in a rather bitter frame of mind. However, he got the satisfaction of knowing that when he wrote his letter of resignation, it was they who wrote back asking him to re-consider his decision and stay on as executioner. He declined to do so and I am pleased he 'won out' over it all.

There are some nice pictures in the book as well and anyone who wants to know more about Albert Pierrepoint should make a start with this - his own biography in his own words....it's great!
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Elizabeth Taylor Passion Perfume For Women 75Ml Edt Spray
Elizabeth Taylor Passion Perfume For Women 75Ml Edt Spray

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5.0 out of 5 stars Passionate Perfume, 18 Nov. 2008
This is the most beautiful perfume in the world! The fragrance is lovely and it lingers on and on........People notice when you are wearing this and comment on it favourably.

A beautiful perfume to wear if you are going out somewhere special or with someone special - or simply just because you feel like it! Gorgeous.
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Wild Geese 2 [VHS] [1985]
Wild Geese 2 [VHS] [1985]

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not A Good Film At All, 12 July 2007
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This film was very disappointing. It stated on the cover of the film that the 'OBJECTIVE' was to 'RESCUE' Rudolf Hess from Spandau Prison. But when the mercenaries actually had 'Hess', all they did were ask him some questions which he didn't think there was any point in answering - and they then have the audacity to say that Hess would say that 'he deserved to stay in prison' because of the war and the casualties which resulted from the conflict! What a cheek!! As it it was Rudolf Hess's fault..................

The film ends with a request by Rudolf Hess to be 'taken back to Spandau'. In their dreams mate!!! And you see Laurence Olivier (who plays an elderly Hess) going up to the door of the French Consulate to 'turn himself in'.

I do not think that the 'real' Rudolf Hess' would have objected to being 'rescued and released' from Spandau Prison. After all, he had a family to go home to and I do not think that the cell at Spandau could compensate for that!

This film is just fiction and make up! I certainly hope it did not do the chances of release for Rudolf Hess any harm.

Loneliest Man in the World: Inside Story of the Thirty Year Imprisonment of Rudolf Hess
Loneliest Man in the World: Inside Story of the Thirty Year Imprisonment of Rudolf Hess
by Eugene K. Bird
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sensitive Account Of Rudolf Hess In Spandau, 7 Mar. 2007

Reviewer: Louise (England) - See all my reviews

I highly recommend this fascinating, interesting and revealing book written by one-time Director of Spandau Prison in Berlin Col Eugene Bird. However, before I continue with my review I think it is appropriate for me to quote what Rudolf Hess's son Wolf Rudiger Hess thought of the book. He says in his book 'My Father Rudolf Hess' written in the 1980's the following comments regarding the book:

Bird was U.S Director at Spandau and maintains that he won my father's confidence over the period. My father allegedly gave him permission to use his Nuremberg notes in a publication.

Although Bird's description sounds quite credible in many respects, as a source I consider the book to be of only limited reliability until such time as it's content is confirmed by Rudolf Hess.

With the above in mind, I do not know if the book was ever confirmed as completely reliable by Rudolf Hess (probably not) but Bird's account of things certainly tie in with many facts concerning the 'Third Reich's' most tragic figure.

It is written from the point of view of a humanitarian who wanted to really get to know Rudolf Hess and find out what he was really like. I believe that because of Eugene Bird's kind and compassionate manner, Hess felt able to talk to him and reveal a lot about himself and subjects and events that he had not had the chance to talk about to anyone else in years of captivity. Eugene Bird states in the book that he believes he was the first person to get close to Hess since Hess's captivity in 1941 which is very probably the truth. Hence you have a very moving and at times very sad glimpse into the life and emotions of Rudolf Hess which would not have been revealed in such detail by other people in Spandau.

The book features Hess's Nuremburg diary entries which make fascinating reading indeed. Also the book features the lives of the other Spandau prisoners up until their various release dates when only Rudolf Hess remained. Eugene Bird is able to tell us the reaction of Hess at that momentous time when he found himself completely alone without Albert Speer and Baldur Von-Shirach.

The book covers Rudolf Hess's illness with a serious stomach ulcer which required hospital treatment. It was after this illness that Bird was able to persuade Rudolf Hess to receive a visit from his wife Ilse and son Wolf who he had not seen since he was 3 years old. The sensitive way in which Bird gently persuaded him to see his family after 28 years is a credit to his sensitivity as a Director and as a man. The book goes on to explain and detail that very first meeting and also later meetings between Hess and his family.

Eugene Bird got to know Rudolf Hess in a very real way and he discovered that Hess was a sensitive, humourous and warm human being who had a sharp intellect and keen interest in things.

A truly fascinating part of the book is devoted to the letters which pointed to the peace mission to Great Britain of Rudolf Hess in which he made an attempt to stop the war.

Hess explains to Eugene Bird how he was trying to achieve peace in 1941.

The book has an unexpected 'twist' at the end. As a result of Bird's liaison with Rudolf Hess to write the book, Bird is questioned and put under house arrest for a time and asked to resign his post as Spandau Director. These events came as a complete shock and surprise to Eugene Bird and he writes about it as an epiloge in the book.

He ends the book by saying he hoped that Rudolf Hess would be released from Spandau one day and that only time would tell.

Sadly, it never happened.

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Albert Speer - The Last Nazi [VHS]
Albert Speer - The Last Nazi [VHS]

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5.0 out of 5 stars ALBERT SPEER - A BRILLIANT INSIGHT, 5 Feb. 2007
Although truly speaking Albert Speer was not exactly the 'last Nazi' because of the continuing incarceration of Rudolf Hess at the time of this unique interview and programme; it is still a great title because Albert Speer was indeed the last 'high ranking' Nazi 'on the outside'.

In this fascinating programme lasting some 75 minutes in interview with a 71 year old Speer in 1976, whom the interviewer describes as a 'thoughtful and sensitive' man, there is some excellent film footage of Speer, Hitler, Eva Braun and some of the others in the settings of the 'Berghoff' and in Paris and other places. There are a few shots of Albert Speer in and at Spandau too as an added bonus!

The interview itself is very interesting with a reflective Speer speaking excellent English and carefully answering each question as it is put to him by a probing interviewer.

The interview covers such topics as Speer's relationship with Adolf Hitler, his conversations with Eva Braun and his own personal opinion of Hitler's feelings towards Eva Bruan. Speer often makes very thoughtful and thinking observations about the personalities he knew in the Third Reich and about their relationship to other people which show what a deep thinking man he was.

He talks about Spandau and his time as 'Hitler's Architect' (the interviewer points out that Speer could have been the greatest architect in Europe, if not the world) and 'Armaments Minister' and how this completely different post came about. He talks about his feelings regarding 'power' and how he reacted or not as the case may be to things when he was 'in power' and how he felt after the events and his subsequent trial at Nuremberg with the others.

One particularly fascinating part of the interview(s) is when he is asked about Rudolf Hess (then still in Spandau). He gives a very fair account of Hess and how he did indeed fly to Britain on what was to have been a peace mission towards the British. Also, he says that if Hess had been released from Spandau prison he would have had a family to go home to with a room all prepared for his use. Speer even went back to Spandau on ocassion to try to visit Hess but without success.

The whole interview and programme is a rare gem and the cover of the video is great too!!

The ending of the programme is very poignant as it tells of the fact that Speer planted all these trees which grew to be vibrant and beautiful, and the programme ends with Albert Speer walking through those trees that he himself had planted so long ago and how he would be one of the very few people to know how they got there.

Papst Benedikt XVI. - der bayerische Papst
Papst Benedikt XVI. - der bayerische Papst
by Christian Feldmann
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £6.80

3.0 out of 5 stars Why isen't this title available in English????, 2 Nov. 2006
I purchased this book because it contains some nice photos of Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI, which is why I have given it 3 stars, and I am sure it is a very interesting and informative little biography of him; BUT it's all in German. Fair enough, but why hasen't this title been released in English as well? He is after all, Pope now, and is of much interest to his many admirers in the English speaking countries as he is in his home country of Germany.

If the publishers read this review - please do an English translation of this book! Thank you.

I.D. [DVD] [1995]
I.D. [DVD] [1995]
Dvd ~ Reece Dinsdale
Price: £3.75

5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hugely entertaining for it's type, 21 July 2006
This review is from: I.D. [DVD] [1995] (DVD)
John is an ambitious young copper who (together with his Sergeant - Trevor) are sent to investigate and 'infiltrate' the world of football violence and hooligans to try and find the 'top boys' of the soccer hooligan scene.

They are sent in among the supporters of the fictitious 'Shadwell Town' football Club and begin to frequent their local 'The Rock'.

What starts as a rather scary and unwelcome assignment gradually builds up to friendships being made between John and the 'hooligans' and comradeship developing between him and them. As a bonus, he discovers he desperately fancies Linda, the neice of the pub landlord Bob and - at first - the feeling is mutual!

John starts to discover that he prefers to be with them and do what they do rather than be with his own long-suffering policewoman wife and his job.

He changes into one of the hooligans he was sent to 'bring to book'.

With the assingment almost over; and his wife not knowing him anymore; he feels nostalgia for all he and the Shadwell Town boys shared and he sinks into a kind of depression whereby he loses his wife and his job and ends up joining a 'far right' neo-Nazi outfit to compensate for the comarardarie he feels he's lost among his former mates in the football hooligan world.

The film ends with him 'sieg-heiling' in the street, on a march with his new group.

I like this film very much and have watched it many times. The dialogue is typical for the type of setting it is in and it's fast paced and action packed; but with a certain 'wistfulness' displayed by the characters. It also goes to show that a person can become deeply influenced by the company they keep; and what they think they would never get involved in may just be lying dormant awaiting an event or opportunity to bring it out.

Would be 'infiltrators' beware!!!

Evil Beyond Belief
Evil Beyond Belief
by Wensley Clarkson
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

7 of 11 people found the following review helpful
This review is from: Evil Beyond Belief (Paperback)
I have not read this book, although I have read Wensley Clarkson's last one called 'The Good Doctor' (see my review) but I thought I had better point out the misleading inaccuracy which is stated on the front cover which claims that Dr Shipman killed 357 patients. Where has the author got this figure from? Maybe he would care to e-mail me and let me know his sources!)
The official inquiry into Dr Shipman came up with 215, and even if there is suspicion in another 45 cases, it still does not bring the total anywhere near 357....
You dear reader may say, what does it matter? I think it does because it is wrong for a writer of fact to exaggerate for the sake of sensationalism of which I think the author is guilty.
If the rest of the contents of this book is as 'false' as the cover of it, then I certainly would not advise anyone seeking an understanding of the 'Shipman' case to read it.
Both the title and the claim on the cover has put me off seeking it out.
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