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X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition (PS3)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition (PS3)
Offered by smeikalbooks
Price: £27.22

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Stunning, 23 Aug. 2009
Very rarely does a movie generate a decent video game tie in, but thankfully X-Men Origins: Wolverine managed to pull off one of the most exciting games I've played in a long time. It's the Wolverine fans biggest dream come true and that is a game that captures the Wolverine character perfectly while allowing for the amazing gore and fighting you would expect from a character with 3 sharp blades sticking out of each hand. Usually video game tie-ins follow the general plot path of the film and add a bit around that to make the game more fun, but with this it seems that the creators just wanted to make the game they've always wanted. Because of it being a tie-in the creators were forced to maintain a certain level of movie-game relationship and it seems that in parts of the game, small amounts of the movie plot were snuck in to satisfy the movie execs while concentrating more time and effort on the story and game they wanted. The game, however, is plagued by repetition and I think if more time were spent on the move diversity and combos along with a larger diversity of boss battles, this game would've been 5 stars.

The plot of the game focuses around two separate events three years apart. The earlier events are set in Africa with Team X and tell the story of the conflicts between Logan's morals and that of the mission of Team X which is to discover the main source of the meteor deposits. The plot 3 years in the future focuses a bit around the movie plot as Logan seeks out revenge against his brother Victor Creed, but first he must seek the help of Col. William Stryker. Stryker cannot be trusted and Logan, after enduring the Adamantium procedure, breaks out of the Weapon X facility and continues his quest for revenge which takes him to the cybernetics lab which is developing a mutant hunter/killer machine known as the Sentinel.

The game takes on a platform format of play with some intense action and easily some of the best boss battles I've played in a game in years. There are RPG elements as your character increases in levels as you play and murder your way through the game in as many stylish ways as possible. The better you utilise your environment and unique Wolverine skills to take out your enemies the more exp points you will gain. You will also locate what are called mutagens which you can use to upgrade Wolverines powers to make him a stronger and more brutal killing machine. The moves can become quite repetitive as there is a lack of a diversity of combos and other ways of battling through the game. The game also takes on a puzzle type format in numerous parts of the game as you will need to go here or there to solve a little bit of a puzzle to get to the next stage of a particular level. They are refreshing but can become quite frustrating. Enemy AI is surprisingly good. When you're battling a large group of soldiers, for instance, and you start brutalising one or two, the surrounding soldiers will be cautious about approaching you which I thought quite cool.

The look of it is superb and I truly mean that. The visuals give you the belief that there was no chance this game was rushed, it looks like a lot of time was spent perfecting the look of the environments and the characters. The detail in Wolverine is stunning especially when you start to see the skin and costume be blown and torn to pieces as you battle enemies. Seeing the Adamantium skeleton makes getting beat up particularly cool as you can enjoy watching him heal from the sheer brutality of the enemy attacks. Lighting is realistic and the levels in Africa and also the level set just after you escape the Weapon X facility when you are walking through water, the liquid reacts realistically and just makes the environment seem that much better. The gore is the best part of the game and is by far one of the only things a true Wolverine fan would have been interested in. The gore is shockingly brutal and it rightfully earns the game its ESRB: M rating.

My favourite part of the game was by far the boss battle with Gambit as you are pitted against him high up on a glowing casino sign. The epic nature and feel of the battle itself just made me think "wow, this game was worth my time" and it's very rare a singular level makes me feel like that about the game. It actually proved how diverse this game could be if the effort were put into making all the bosses a bit more individually unique in terms of the battles. Also, the Sentinel mission is absolutely superb as the hint towards these in X-2 left me wanting more and giving you the ability to actually take one on

It's an immensely fun game and, although I think without the film plot holding it back this could have been so much better, I still think it's a massive achievement. If a sequel to this is to come I hope more is concentrated on boss and combo diversity and maybe even some form of online multiplayer to give it that added appeal. The voicing, music and sound effects aren't anything to write home about and the repetition doesn't do it any favours but the cool addition of costume unlockables such as the classic blue and yellow Wolverine gear are excellent. In closing, you should really get this game. If you're a fan of the Wolverine character then this will fast become your favourite game.

Japanese (Collins Easy Learning Audio Course)
Japanese (Collins Easy Learning Audio Course)
by Collins Dictionaries
Edition: Audio CD

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent For Those With An Interest, 22 Aug. 2009
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I've always had a great fascination with Japan, it's culture and its language. The language seems so very complex and it's honestly been the only language I've really ever had an interest in learning. This is an excellent starting point and I may, because of this introduction, take up a full Japanese language course in the future. But first I think I'll be booking a holiday to Japan to try out some of my newly learned phrases and skills.

Being the age that I am it's not going to be as easy to pick up a new language compared to when I was 12, but the way this easy-to-use course is put together, it introduces the language and phrases to you in a number of different voices to give you a broad perspectives on the numerous ways in which the phrases may be pronounced by different people. For anyone with just a passing interest or a beginners eye in learning the Japanese language then this is definitely something you should check out.

It worked for me, so there's no doubting it'll do wonders for you.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine [DVD] (2009)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine [DVD] (2009)
Dvd ~ Hugh Jackman
Price: £3.00

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Nothing Jaw-Dropping., 12 Aug. 2009
I have never been more divided with a movie in my life. I both loved and hated this. Sometimes, the things I hated at the start of the movie I would love by the end. The X-Men movies were great. I personally loved all three and a fourth movie, even though it was technically a prequel, was wholly welcome. Hugh Jackman wasn't my ideal choice for the Wolverine character when he appeared in the first X-Men movie but has grown on me over the original trilogy. However, seeing this, I have to question his ability to carry a movie as the main character and have me care about him throughout. Given the fact that it had a higher budget than the first two X-Men movies, I was actually surprised by how different it looked compared to them in terms of overall epic appearance and style.

Ever wondered how Wolverine became Wolverine? Well this movie starts from the beginning in 1845 when a young Wolverine witnesses the murder of his father by groundskeeper Thomas Logan. Witnessing this event activates, for the first time, young Wolverines mutation (bone claws) and he attacks and kills Thomas Logan. In his dying breath Logan reveals he is Wolverines biological father. Traumatised, Wolverine flees his home with Logan's abused son Victor Creed (Sabretooth) and they both promise to have each others back no matter what. That isn't necessarily true however as we fast forward a few years after seeing them fight and survive numerous wars together, they are introduced to a young Major William Stryker who offers them a chance to join Team X. The team consists of Wade Wilson (Deadpool), Agent Zero, John Wraith (Kestrel), Fred Dukes (Blob) and Chris Bradley (Bolt). The team don't last long as some questionable actions under the leadership of Stryker lead to Wolverine making the conscious choice he doesn't want to be a part of the group and the brotherhood is split. A few more events occur and one which leads to Wolverine becoming part of the weapon X programme and having his bones reinforced with adamantium. He breaks out of the weapon X facility and vows revenge on Stryker.

There's a bit more to it but it would ruin the movie for you if you haven't seen it already. The story isn't brilliant and the splitting of the supposed unbreakable bond of brothers between Creed and Wolverine is just bizarre. We are given, at the opening credits, the belief that this bond is unbreakable from bother perspectives, but it quickly falls apart as Creed decides he hates his brother and does a lot to mess with his head (again, can't spoil it). Some of the fight scenes were spectacular, my favourite being the one that occurred at the end of the movie. Maybe they were saving the budget for the ending as the look of the ending was miles ahead of the hour and a half that went before.

The fighting and general effects were good throughout the film but there were moments when the effects seemed rushed and tacky to the point where they seemed like they'd best fit a straight to DVD movie rather than a blockbuster. One moment sticks to mind is when Wolverine is fighting Gambit in a back alley. One part Gambit tries to climb a set of fire escape stairs on the outside of a building but rather than climb after him Wolverine decides to cut them down. This ends up looking completely ridiculous and takes a lot away from the moment that the director is obviously trying to create. Some of the best fight scenes obviously occur between Wolverine and Creed (Sabretooth) as they meet a number of times during the film.

By far the best part of the film is the short but sweet appearance of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. He's the perfect casting choice for this wisecracking assassin as, although he doesn't wear the classic character costume from the comics, he makes the part his own and if he had a larger role in the film it would have won this movie a higher rating. The movie debut of the Black Eyed Peas Will i Am is an ok one as John Wraith but he doesn't really have that much of an important part to play to really judge on any large aspect of acting ability. The appearance of Gambit played by Taylor Kitsch was a passable if cool moment as the characters short stint in the picture makes for an exciting moment.

Overall the movie isn't great. The special effects gradually improve as the film progresses and the turned up fantasy factor of the mutant world is definitely welcome. Seeing a young Doctor X and Cyclops is also an interesting moment as you come to see that the makers of this are really looking to tie it in with the X-Men trilogy. Hopefully, in a few years, a new trilogy of X-Men movies will be made and if there is a sequel made to this we will get to see him in the legendary blue and yellow suit. I would say only really give this a go if you're both a fan of the comics and the X-Men movies. As a stand alone, it doesn't work, but as a prequel to films you will have already saw you will enjoy it that little bit more.

A History of Modern Britain
A History of Modern Britain
by Andrew Marr
Edition: Paperback

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Read, 5 Aug. 2009
An astonishing accomplishment and an intriguing read. Andrew Marr is a political journalist with a respected career. He currently has his own television show in which he discusses the top stories of the week from the political world and this is definitely his main hook for the book in which he tackles over 60 years of British history. Focusing mainly on the politics since world war two, Marr gives his an impartial look at the premiership of each PM right up to the closing stages of the Blair years. He focuses on their blunders and their successes and tries to give a different spin on the premiership of those who are historically called a disaster, such as the Callaghan Labour government of the 70s.

His writing ability is superb as he manages to discuss an event which, to some, may be one of the biggest events in post war Britain and make it understandable yet, at the same time, detailed. His writing style is effective and makes the entire book fun to read and when I engage in it I find myself reading on and on and the time flies by. Some of my favourite moments are his discussions of the politics when he's talking about such things as the formation of the NHS under the Atlee Labour government, the fall of the Churchill era during his final term as PM and also such things as the three day week and the unforeseeable rise of Thatcher. I enjoyed the odd dip into non-political subjects such as music and fashion, but he really shines during his political analysis.

He is a very sympathetic story teller and doesn't have an agenda when discussing the lives of some of the most disastrous people in a particular government. One thing I did seem to resent was that he just sailed over the Irish conflict and never really gave it much of a talking point as he simply pointed out that events such as Bloody Sunday occurred and then moved on. It's understandable why he couldn't go into too much detail, but I would have preferred if he had committed a bit more time to the troubles. Otherwise this is a really well written book and it's fantastic to know that he's currently working on a book that focuses on the first half of the century which I will definitely be picking up.

I would rate this very highly and recommend it to anyone with even a light interest in the history of Britain. Ignoring all the typing errors that occurred from time to time you can really enjoy this as a casual book on history and can give you some great points that you can explore in much more detail.

Terminator Salvation [DVD] [2009]
Terminator Salvation [DVD] [2009]
Dvd ~ Christian Bale
Price: £3.25

4.0 out of 5 stars A Worthy Sequel, 22 July 2009
As a fan of the entire Terminator movie series, you would be forgiven for assuming that I would hate this movie. The truth is that I didn't watch this movie hoping it would match the brilliance of the original movies as I knew that simply wasn't going to happen. What we got was not a film that captured the terrifying doomsday essence of what made Cameron's two Terminator films so brilliant. We also didn't even get the cool and slick looking destruction heavy style of the third Terminator film. What we got instead was, what I felt, to be a perfectly captured post-apocalyptic world which contains a marvellous depiction of the human race when faced with what seems as the impossible fight for survival. Director McG has received a lot of doubt about his ability move the Terminator saga into the post-apocalyptic world which we first gained a glimpse of in the first Terminator movie. That doubt had no foundation and what McG presented in the finished piece, although the plot could do with some polishing, was a fantastically frightening environment with some cool effects and worthy acting throughout.

The plot sets John Connor in the year 2018. The machine uprising has begun and only small pockets of human resistance movements exist with the soul purposes of surviving and destroying the machine threat. John Connor has finally entered the position he was fated to enter since before he was born and is now the leader of the human resistance. He has encountered the machines before which gives him and his teams the advantage when knowing what they will be put up against as the human/machine war continues. As the resistance fight continues Connors father, Kyle Reese encounters Marcus Wright who we see at the start of the movie receiving lethal injections on death row just before the war begins. Marcus doesn't know what's happened as he woke up in the post-apocalyptic world with no memory of the machine initial attempt at destroying the human race. Marcus quickly partners up with Kyle Reese and a child we know as Star who are also on a mission to find the resistance leader and join the fight. The mystery eventually unfolds and we find out whether Marcus was sent from the future or is merely a survivor of the past and he becomes pivotal in the fight against the machine threat.

The film itself was very touch and go throughout. Some parts worked where others didn't but the entire piece presented an enjoyable action movie that doesn't go too much into the fight for survival on the psychological end of things but does retain the aura of desperation that the humans feel in their fight. Christian Bale was surprisingly awful in this and I honestly expected more from a man taking the reigns of the legendary John Connor. Bale presented an ultimately one dimensional character and you had to question his motives of taking the role of this infamous movie character. The mysterious Marcus Wright character, played by the brilliant Sam Worthington is a movie saving character from start to finish. His whole performance is brilliant throughout and manages to drive the plot along successfully with very little to work with in terms of original character depth. Kyle Reese played by the brilliant up and comer Anton Yelchin is also a delightful addition to the movie and adds again a bit of depth to the movies plot. Other supporting cast include Moon Bloodgood as Blair Williams and Bryce Dallas Howard as Connor's wife Cate. Also, a cool little cameo piece goes to the delightful Helena Bonham Carter as Dr. Serena Kogan who is a Doctor for Cyberdyne Systems and actually turns out to have a more pivotal role.

The action is brilliant throughout and with the apparent unbeatable nature of the machines this manages to present quite a daunting aspect to the theatre of the battles that ensue. The scale of the machine warfare is quite disappointing as when we first glimpsed the human/machine war in the first movie, we gained a glimpse of what seemed to be a constantly chaotic battle which left us wanting more. This film doesn't use Cameron's image as McG takes away the futuristic lasers and hoards of machines lined up executing human after human and he exchanges it for the odd flying scouting machine, a large harvester robot which merely collects the humans for what seems to be mass slaughter and of course, the T-600 machines which are a less advanced model of the T-800 machine which we all know as the 101 machine or Arnold Schwarzenegger who we all miss from this movie. This is probably what the movie is lacking the most as the absence of Arnie is certainly a drag for the Terminator franchise and I'm sure that if the effort were put into the writing, they could have found a role for the older Arnold in this film.

There's not denying that Terminator Salvation lacks the charm and excitement of its trilogy of predecessors, however, there's a lot that this film brings to the Terminator universe. The possibility of John Connors son, the look at the early models of the Terminator machines and the new machine concepts make it quite enjoyable. Had the acting been a bit better and the supporting cast a higher level of significance, this film could have been on par with the original 3. It's still a good film and a worthwhile waste of just under two hours.

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania (PS3)
WWE Legends of Wrestlemania (PS3)
Offered by Boomedia
Price: £24.00

2.0 out of 5 stars Good But Lacks Serious Depth And Replayability, 18 July 2009
The WWE universe is very familiar to the Yukes developers as they have been in partnership for years with the massively successful Smackdown series of games. Because of this long standing business relationship, you would have expected a game created based around the WWE legends roster, that it would essentially be the same game just with a different lick of paint. In some ways it takes a lot of inspiration from the Smackdown and in others the developers have tried to go for something completely different. Some of the new things were an interesting concept on paper but ultimately failed when it came to playing with that particular concept within the game.

Let's look at the positives before we move onto the negatives which plague this game and ultimately drag it down to a level you wouldn't expect of a game like this, especially considering the experience they have with the WWE brand and the type of player that buy the WWE games. By far, the best idea presented in this game is to have the ability to import the wrestlers from WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 into this game and allow you to pit your current favourite WWE superstars against your favourite legend. Ultimate Warrior vs. Batista anyone? Another cool feature is the utilisation of favourite of mine from classic WWE, and that is the Managers. Jimmy Hart and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan show up in this game and act as your manager if you select them. Alongside Jimmy and Bobby are Mr. Fuji and Paul Bearer which you can select to accompany you to the ring and will interfere in the match in a number of ways by distracting or even hurting your opponent to help you get the win.

Other cool features in the game include Wrestlemania Tour, revamped arcade style control system and a mode known as Legend Killer. Legend Killer mode is a good idea. In it you embark on a gauntlet of legends in which you are to work your way up to the highest ranking legend such as Hulk Hogan. Wrestlemania Tour is the most interesting and redeeming feature of the game in which you are given the ability to Relive, Rewrite or Recap memorable matches in Wrestlemania history. In Relive, you have to take the role of a particular legend that won the match of the particular Wrestlemania. Within the match, along with winning, you will have to undertake a number of tasks in order to complete the particular challenge. Rewrite means you take the role of the opponent and have to win in order to Rewrite history. This also gives you the opportunity to play said legendary match in a new scenario, say Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart; instead of an Iron Man match, would it have been cooler if it was a Hell in a Cell? Recap simply allows you to view videos which show you the build up to the original feuds and clips of the matches themselves.

The revamped control system both works and doesn't. For those quite happy with a simple control system then it's certainly for them, but for me, I found the new control system fairly irritating and a bit too simplistic for my tastes. One cool feature I will give praise to the new system is the chain wrestling system which can simply be engaged by pressing the X in front of a groggy opponent. When you enter into this system a cinematic style view is taken of the in ring action and a small circle in the middle which will display a particular button which you should press in time in order to initiate the next move in the wrestling chain. It's an interesting concept and does work really well and is certainly something I can see being incorporated into the Smackdown games at some point in the future.

Overall, however, the game is let down quite a bit due to a good polished look but complete lack of substance and replay ability. Getting started with the control system is difficult to get the hang of but when you do you can enjoy the matches you're playing in but I ultimately found myself feeling like I'm never wholly in control of the character and the match. I would have much preferred if it was the same in-depth control system of the Smackdown series and allowed for a switching of control styles depending on your preference would have kept everybody happy. The lack of any sort of season mode is another massive let down and although the Wrestlemania Tour and Legend Killer modes are interesting, the lack of depth and substance really mean that you play them once and don't want to bother again. Create a superstar mode is something literally copied and pasted from the Smackdown series but is something that again lacks any real depth.

Overall, the concept was great. The Smackdown series decided to make a change this year and just have current superstars on the roster which would allow for more interest to be generated for Legends of Wrestlemania. It's really great to be able to play as your favourite legends for the first time in a game on this generation of consoles, specifically for me, Ultimate Warrior. And the ability to import the Smackdown vs. Raw roster to the game is an added bonus, but there's nothing really there to make you want to go back and play it again and again as one complete play through to get all the PS3 trophies or XBL achievements are really the only real reason you would spend any excessive amount of time playing the thing. Good, but would have only been better if it had mimicked the Smackdown games more closely.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (PS3)
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (PS3)
Offered by Elaine's Games
Price: £39.99

12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Spidey Game By Far, 11 July 2009
Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can. Sorry, I couldn't help myself but this game really has reignited my love for one of the greatest comic book characters ever created. As a stand alone, he's not the greatest thing in the world, but he's complemented by the ocean of incredibly cool villains that he has pitted himself against over the years. The Marvel universe does very well in creating unique characters both good and evil and this game brings both the free roaming New York gameplay made famous by the movie to game tie ins, with the Marvel Universe to make one incredible game. The developers of Web of Shadows promised us a new combat system that would present a realistic fighting experience unique to the Spider-Man character and not seen in any game before.

The plot focuses mainly around a Venom symbiote invasion of New York City in which it starts to take over and transform regular members of the public making an army of Venom's that Spider-Man must take on alone, or so he thinks. The symbiote has also taken host in Spidey who for some unknown reason is able to control its corrupting powers but on the positive side lets you switch between the traditional Spider-Man attire and the famed Black suit. Switching between the two gives you a differing array of fighting abilities but also gives you the option to make good or evil choices that will ultimately effect who you gain help from when combating the infestation. When the invasion hits a peak S.H.I.E.L.D. are forced to quarantine New York and employ the help of the infected Spider-Man to defeat venom and the symbiotes along with infected fellow superheroes and villains making them much more powerful than they have ever been and a real challenge for Spidey.

Although this does take on essentially the same gameplay mechanics as the last Spider-Man games which were adapted from the movies, the new fighting system is a breath of fresh air and makes the experience of battling numerous enemies that little bit more enjoyable. Ground, Wall and Air fighting mechanics allow you to tackle enemies on each front as you can take enemies out on the ground with unique moves, then smoothly web shoot your way to the wall of a sky scraper, battle a few enemies there and then take it to the air with the help of your web slinging. Having the ability to smoothly switch between both suits with a simple seamless click of the left analogue stick allows you to chain together special attacks individual to both suits making for an arsenal of exciting attacks on your opponents.

Utilising the Marvel universe as the platform for the game really works very well as the geeky comic version of Peter Parker shines through very well, especially when being taught some fighting skills by the likes of Wolverine and Nick Cage. The fellow comic book heroes and villains are a welcome addition as you can align yourself as either good or evil allowing you to utilise the special abilities of those you align yourself with. My personal favourite alignment is that with the unstoppable Rhino as, when you're in trouble, you can call upon his services to jump on his back and plough through anything in your way. Also the gift of flight, when trying to reach a far off island such as the prison Rikers Island, is a healthy advantage for you to call upon your friends services.

The plot does certainly take on an epic feel when the invasion is in full swing and having the entire of New York City at your disposal to swing about is definitely a big plus. One way this game does fall a bit flat are the cut scenes. Although they are meant to be in a comic book world, I found the graphical content of the scenes a bit too choppy and vague to really portray the supposed doomsday feel that the games plot was trying to put across. I would have much preferred CGI rendered cut scenes that didn't use the graphics engine of the game play, that way it would have given off a more blockbuster movie look.

Undoubtedly this is a welcome addition to the Spider-Man video game franchise as it presents a unique combat style and allows for the excellent presentation and introduction for his fellow Marvel Comics superheroes. This is definitely the way I would love to see the Spider-Man movies go in the way of incorporating more fellow heroes into the world and obviously leading into an Avengers movie which is, coincidentally, in the works. If Spider-Man were to be a part of the Avengers film then it certainly could work just as brilliantly as this fantastic game. Buy it, you will not be disappointed I promise.
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Ghostbusters (PS3)
Ghostbusters (PS3)

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Very Good Effort, 9 July 2009
This review is from: Ghostbusters (PS3) (Video Game)
The Ghostbusters, when the films were first released in the 80s, featured a cast of some of the best known names in comedy of that decade. I don't think I can conjure up a memory or thought of a film or TV show that matches the comic brilliance and originality of the first two Ghostbusters movies. Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson have not combined their skills since those movies until this marvellous video game. The four original Ghostbusters including a few other original cast members reunite to deliver what has undoubtedly led to the talks and eventual confirmation of a third Ghostbusters movie.

Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd combined their talents as the writers for the original plot of the video game. The plot circles around the player as a new recruit to the Ghostbusters who is undoubtedly thrust in at the deep end during his initiation period by having to face the Marshmallow Man on a destructive rampage during his first day on the job. What triggered this massive attack was a city wide PKE shockwave that the team eventually discovered has kicked off a tragic event which is slowly combining our dimension with the dimension of the ghosts.

Set as a third person shooter, you are certainly placed in a scenario you will have dreamed of as a child. You are given the power of the proton pack in hand and given permission to blast the hell out of New York City and go against the infamous Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, amongst other famous ghosts from the movies. The aiming and firing aspect isn't anything overly unique but it's simple and effective, and allows you go take the enemy out with ease. The surrounding environments are surprisingly detailed and destructible, so destructible in fact, that when you're destroying it you are shown a meter in the corner that tells you how much your destruction is costing New York. Useless this meter may be, but I found it pretty cool.

The enemies vary, there are the simple slime born creatures which can be disposed of easily with the use of the slime blaster. However, the small slime monsters are aplenty and do become a pain as they swarm around you. Another enemy type are the possessors which take on physical forms by using the objects around them and you may be forced to take on a new tactic aside from the general proton blast to take them down. Then there are the ghosts themselves, the ones we are all familiar with from the movies and these are quite tough when you first tackle them, but you become used to the attacks they may throw at you and they are quite easy to dodge. Wearing them down and capturing them is pretty fun though and is the main staple of what the Ghostbusters are about.

I really enjoyed this game and am thankful that the old team were brought together for this as I would have hated to think the voice acting would've been done by imitators. The voice acting is very much on par with the characters we know from the movies. Some of the cut scenes are very well done, but they are not consistent as some are magnificently animated, whilst others use the game play graphics for the scenes which takes away from the overall movie like experience which I believe they're trying to project to the player. The comedy was there but in all honesty it wasn't wholly noticeable which is kind of disappointing, but overall, just to have the actors voicing in this game makes it a worthy addition to the Ghostbusters brand.

I would recommend that anyone buy or rent it as it's certainly a fun game to get involved with and the trophies are relatively easy to collect, so if you play the games for the trophies, you will have them collected in a second.

Wired-up BT 10m Telephone Extension Cable Suitable for BT and Other Networks
Wired-up BT 10m Telephone Extension Cable Suitable for BT and Other Networks
Price: £3.66

5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars It's the little things that count, 4 July 2009
I bought this item as my previous one had been snapped due to an unsually aggressive plumber who couldn't just move it out of the way, but had to work around it and accidentally snap it in anger whilst trying to fit a new radiator in place. Up to that point it had served me well for up to 3 years and I hope this will last me just as long, and I'll remember next time that when I get a plumber or any sort of worker to do work in the house, I'll disconnect everything first and lock it out of the way.

60cm  English Bulldog
60cm English Bulldog

5.0 out of 5 stars An Excellent Soft Toy, 4 July 2009
I purchased this for my niece for her second birthday, and I must say I'm very glad I did. The item is beautifully made, velvet coating and genuinely soft and, dare I say, huggable. It's a great little soft toy that she can just cuddle up to and she most definitely loves it. If you're not sure what to get a child of around my nieces' age, then I would say give this a go, especially if the child loves animals as it will make the present that little bit sweeter.

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