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Nicholas C. "clemo01"

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Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PS2)
Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PS2)

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Harder than Ever. Love It, 21 Oct. 2005
After playing on the full version last night, I am again in minds if this is a better version than pro 4. I like most people was a little unsure which was better when pro 4 came out, It was alot harder and the shots and headers were nigh on impossible to get right straight away. Now I am totally Pro 4 orientated, the long shots, overheads and the speccies are all part of my normal game. But when I played the Demo a week ago, I found out first hand how tough the game is. I found it incredibly hard on 4 stars. After a few attempts to score and having a few losses and even more draws, I finally scored my first goal, Free kick edge of the box, hit low in front of my striker turns the player and hits it into the crossbar so the goalie has no chance. It felt good but even there the differences are very noticable. No longer can you just turn your player 360 degrees on the ball with no real effort, they will trap the ball whilst their turninmg meaning that they move like you would in real life, your player also takes a more defensive approach to trapping the ball when an opposing player comes close. The animation on the players have been totally revamped, you cant just run into the players and keep running through them as you did on previous games, the players whether on the ball or off are always looking at the ball so when you have (even on the same team) a player running you can actually barge into others and knock them down or yourself, SO there is a lot more to watch for in this game. At the moment the passing for me is not brilliant, I have the full game and am still getting alot of incomplete passes.The first touch passing has been totally changed so if your player is on the wrong foot or in an awkward position to the player he wants to pass to, the pass will not be perfect and could end up losing possession. Unlike Fifa 06(and all other previous fifas) this does not do the bad passing to the other team so blatant. I have played both and have seen great plays and amazing runs into goal scoring opportunities on fifa wasted because they pass straight to (with no effort) the other team, That is one major flaw that cant be accepted in any game especially seeing as this is 1 of the top 2 football games around at this moment. I will admit that on pro 5 this has happened on a few occassions but from being under pressure and having to many players surrounding your passing options.
It is good to see another pro title on the PS2 before the ps3 comes out and this game will have to be played alot to master it again, A challenge I know alot of players will want. Maybe thats why alot of people like fifa so much, there is no real difference from playing any of the new versions, you just have no tricks to use. This game is alot harder and will take a bit of time getting used to.

FIFA 06 (PS2)
FIFA 06 (PS2)
Offered by marxwax
Price: £5.01

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Better than Previous but Flawed, 11 Oct. 2005
This review is from: FIFA 06 (PS2) (Video Game)
After Playing Fifa 06, I would in my opinon say that this is a better game than Fifa 2005, by a long shot but there is one major flaw that I cannot get over. All the attacking play, first touch, off the ball and skills are fine but they have kept the passing system the same. It is absolutley terrible, Fair comment I have seen my other mates play the game and they dont seem to have the problem as bad as me. I am constantly getting frustrated with the game as I know how to create a good attack but cannot feed the ball to other players through the simple pass, I made some real good plays only to have the midfielder pass to the opposition in the most blatant way, its not even as if you could use the through ball, high or low or the chip as none of them will place the ball on the outskirts of the box, it always plays it towards the goalie who just snaps it up. I also found that the corners or crosses are also a little biased towards the 2 main players of this game. Rooney and Ronaldhinio, I had three defenders surrounding him in the box and tow of my players jumped to head away, he didnt even jump and still won the header and scored. This by no means is frustrating in itself but to add more hurt to the game that really only has the liscenes to carry it any more is that you cant really hold the ball longer than a few seconds before a player holds on to your shirt and pulls you back and the ref telling you to play on, this doesnt do well if you are in the box with the last defender on you as it should be a red card and a free kick/Penalty. It does have its merits though with the overall speed and commenting as Pro will never be able to get the commentry right, but then its playability you want and realism playing the game than just watching. Fifa will always have a place in many peoples hearts and still a place in mine but it is at the back as Pro has definatley taken its crown sinse its debut, if Fifa took a different approach to adding to the their product rather than milk it for what its worth, (Euro 2004, Champions league and Fifa street) it could be back to contending with the leader but they are still trying to get their title out a few weeks before Pro comes out. This is an old marketing trick so that the kids who can only afford the one game will buy this as its out already.
EA needs to definatley update the passing, first touch and skills before it gets back to the old days!

FIFA Football 2005 (PS2)
FIFA Football 2005 (PS2)
Offered by sellatronic
Price: £15.90

4.0 out of 5 stars Wait and See, 6 Oct. 2004
Understandably alot of fans of the Fifa titles have got a little to be worried and then have a little to be excited about. Whilst I am in the majority (a Large Majority) who prefer Pro Evo's Titles to the Fifa's I still get the enjoyment of both games. Its easily noted that Pro has the best playability out of the 2. Where as Fifa has the better visuals and commentry. I am a little buyist as Pro stands on top for me but I will get both titles. Whereas it has been said countless times Fifa 2004 was a HUGE dissapointment over its 2003 counterpart. Many problems in my opinion was the passing. I hated it, your players would not make the best runs (more likely from my off-the-ball technique) but when you had a good run (not alot of these) your pass would bring them back and the defending player 9/10 times had time to tackle the player the pass went to. I will admit I did get very frustrated playing 2004 and alot of the times I had switched the game off in anger during the first match and not go back to it for weeks and weeks. But to be honest I will be buying Fifa 2005 as I am a fan of the series and would like to see a better game this time around. EA should concentrate on the whole gameplay of the match rather than just place one new trick into the game. Last year was off-the-ball this year it is first touch. Thinking about it how many Fifa's do they have to do before they finally get all the right tricks and moves as seen in the real game before they get it right.
To sum up Pro Evolution Soccer does beat Fifa hands down and with the clash of these 2 titles squaring up in the next 10 days I bet Pro will win but Fifa will do really good aswell. The only thing is that a lot of people are noticing the lack of playability in the last two titles of Fifa and the graphics engine looks very similar to last years. I think Fifa need to completely re-haul the engines on there games and work on the Match before anything. By my standards Fifa 200(0)? on the PS1 with the 12th man on the pitch ad was the best, me and my mates would stay up til 6 in the morning playing all night in the Leagues and finish them but at the moment it is Pro taking up our time.
Summary: Although stilla great visual game and far superior commentry Fifa will have to take a big look at their series and work on the Whole Gameplay, Player Runs, Passing, Glitches and more replay highlights (Like a Match Of The Day feel) before they totally alienate their fan base and lose alot of sales.
I will make sure I buy these two titles but for alot of people who can only afford the one, I would seriously look at the reviews after the game has been released or even rent out the game before purchasing it, I hear alot of people traded in the Fifa 2004 for Pro Evo 3 Last year. Just Play it safe and test the games if you are not sure.

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