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Physical Graffiti
Physical Graffiti
Offered by MediaMine
Price: £16.39

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4.0 out of 5 stars Physical magnificence. 2015 remaster., 28 Feb. 2015
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This review is from: Physical Graffiti (Audio CD)
Some of this might get very nit picky and nerdy........but why review an album that so many others have and not add something new?

Firstly, the packaging is too yellow(let's get the negs out of the road before hitting the main course). It looks sickly in this tone. The care taken with other aspects, some done to perfection, could well have extended to printing it right. The die cut windows are wonderful, all of the inside artwork wonderfully reproduced to a tee. The sleeve inside which the cd's sit in their won printed bags, again doe to perfection. So, mostly top notch.

The booklet is an almost total disappointment. The contact sheets would look great in the 12" vinyl size, but here, in miniature, they are just an eye test. There is also a spelling mistake. B.P. fallon has become B.P. Fallen.......... I wonder if they are trying to suggest something.

Ok, gripes over. What about the contents? Well, this is all good news as far as the main discs go. The remastering has been a relevation in some cases and an improvement in all. A veil has been lifted right across the album and things can be heard that are on the original cd, but not as clearly.

On Boogie With Stu the slap back reverb really pings across the stereo soundstage. Pages acoustic guitar work at the start now sounds clear enough to hear the plectrum hitting the strings whereas before it was just the sound coming out of the body of the guitar. Interestingly, the channels have been reversed. Stu used to be in the left speaker, now he is in the right. Bonhams sticks hitting the frame around the drum shell at the end really come across as wood on metal, rather than clicks.

On In the Light the big plus is John Paul Jones bass playing. The remastering has really helped make his playing stand out, not louder, just clearer. Towards the end of this song he improvises over the repeating chords and adds all sorts of wonderful runs. At one point he plays a series of two note bass chords, which I had never noticed before. Amazing!

Pages remastering has made a great album an essential one, for lovers of rock.

The bonus cd is disappointing but not surprisingly so. I reckon Jimmy has got some sort of big live concert release idea going on. At least I hope so considering the amount of live gigs he has tucked away in the vaults. That would also explains the paucity of live bonus material since Zep 1.

Overall a winner. Essential for Zep fans. As for the bonus material, I could take it or leave it in this instance.

Colonel Mustard Apron
Colonel Mustard Apron
Price: £8.75

4.0 out of 5 stars Tampering with the evidence., 26 Feb. 2015
Great for covering up the scenes of a food crime.

Gift Republic Cluedo Placemats, Pack of 6
Gift Republic Cluedo Placemats, Pack of 6

5.0 out of 5 stars Solved!, 26 Feb. 2015
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Classy hard wearing and attractive looking place mats. On the table in the dining room beside the candles, with a knife.

Gift Republic Cluedo Coasters, Pack of 6
Gift Republic Cluedo Coasters, Pack of 6

5.0 out of 5 stars A cut above the rest for down below, the mugs that is., 26 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Stickkin' out for setting down. Fun for fans of the game. Hard wearing too.

Gift Republic Cluedo Mrs. Peacock China Mug
Gift Republic Cluedo Mrs. Peacock China Mug
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Proud as the proverbial....., 26 Feb. 2015
Despite the foreboding appearance of Mrs Peacock, this mug delivers aesthetically and volumetrically. It holds a decent amount ;-)

Will help solve murder and thirst simultaneously.

Gift Republic Cluedo Miss Scarlett China Mug
Gift Republic Cluedo Miss Scarlett China Mug
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Dead good.,, 26 Feb. 2015
This is a superb container that stands up to repeated dishwashing fairly well that will help you solve murders and thirst simultaneously.

Gift Republic Cluedo Colonel Mustard China Mug
Gift Republic Cluedo Colonel Mustard China Mug
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 17 Feb. 2015
Superb container for anyone interested in solving murders and their thirst at the same time.

Live At The Orpheum [Cd/Dvd-A]
Live At The Orpheum [Cd/Dvd-A]
Price: £10.07

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5.0 out of 5 stars Needs a couple of listens and then.........bang, the fireworks begin., 14 Jan. 2015
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Nay Sayers, give it another go.... This album needs a couple of listens to really get embedded for real appreciation. The first spin was disappointing, to say the least. I could hear and agree with most of the neg comments. However, a second run through gave hints of something special peeking above the parapets. Third go, wow! This is when it really clicked.

First off, I suspect that a lot of folks rarely get the chance to hear a recording with little compression. This is such. It sounds quiet, so turn it up a good bit. The guitars are not the prominent instrument, nor are they decoration. Turning the cd up allows the sound of two guitar players working with incredible sympatico to make itself known. It also allows Tony Levins bass playing to assert itself in a way that Trey Gunn never quite managed(still one of the top bass/stick/touch guitar men in the world in my books).

The real surprise for me is the playing of Mel Collins. This is the best I have ever heard him play. His work graces so many bands that he was the first to ring on many producers lists throughout the 70's and 80's. Here, Mel plays dual lines with the guitars, replaces Adrian Belews singing on ConstrucKtion of Light, adds a touch that reminded me of David Cross in places, and occasionally heads out into improv territory with such confidence and skill that it is an unalloyed pleasure. At times Mel is the leading player.

The other quirk with this band is the three drummer front line. Wow, what a sound this must have been in concert. The cd can only hint at what a huge pa pumping this lot out at several thousand watts must have felt like. The three play so well together that it requires careful listening(aided by the stereo separation trick of placing each drummer in their own "space", far left, middle and far right) to figure out who is playing what. The Sailors Tale has never sounded better, it being a drum led track to begin with. The added textures really beef it out and make it essential listening for a Krim fan. There is a great bit in ConstrucKtion when it appears to have stereo panned drums, whereas the beat was moving along the drummers and no panning was taking place at all.

Robert Fripp and Jakko Jaksyzk play so smoothly together that it is again a pleasure to hear them swap lines and pass the baton as songs progress. Jakko's singing is so much better here than I thought it was on Scarcity of Miracles and is as good as any of his vocal predecessors. He is well familiar with the material having been the "Robert Fripp" in the Krim spinoff/cover(not really the right term) band 21st Century Schizoid Band and possibly playing songs that the real Fripp helmed Krim never did in concert.

Overall, despite the lack of new material from this new lineup, I would have to say that the way this band have re-presented the old, widely ranging, tunes and songs is an unalloyed pleasure. New life has been breathed into some old war horses and some never before presented in concert material, all of which will bring pleasure to those who wish to savour what is on this album rather than a spot of instant gratification.

Top marks!
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Hipgnosis Portraits: 10cc  AC/DC  Black Sabbath  Foreigner  Genesis  Led Zeppelin  Pink Floyd  Queen  The Rolling Stones  The Who  Wings
Hipgnosis Portraits: 10cc AC/DC Black Sabbath Foreigner Genesis Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd Queen The Rolling Stones The Who Wings
by Aubrey Powell
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £22.75

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars First class flights of imagination., 26 Dec. 2014
Wow! What a superb book! I own four other books in which the output of Hipgnosis is collected and discussed, the best of those being "For the Love of Vinyl", an unmitigated pleasure from cover to cover. It would be as good a book about record sleeve design as I have ever read. This one is its equal.

The sheer love of clever design is immediately hammered home by cleverly using a clear plastic sleeve with blackout boxes, matching those on the AC/DC sleeve used for the cover, that have Hipgnosis and titles written on them. In a clever mirroring of the plastic sleeve that Pink Floyds Wish You Were Here came in, I had to slit it carefully to remove it(sad anorak move, I know ;-)). Under the paper dust over is a superb portrait of Storm wearing the ultimate herring bone suit/tie/shirt outfit in striking monochrome.

The book is divided into sections with a bit of history about how Hipgnosis got started, the studio, the gear and personnel; then a section containing inside information about key designs, ideas, how they were developed and how they were made; then a selection of delicious finished product shots that are the best I have seen them printed to date. The Peter Gabriel Polaroids are astonishingly well presented, looking almost 3D.

Kudos to Thames and Hudson for taking so much care with printing the images so well and for the production standards behind the whole show, different types of paper, incredible colour printing and imbuing it all with a sense of the no detail being too small to be bothered with. QUALITY!

In summary, a superb book that is a tactile and visual pleasure, a source of great information and inspiration for anyone interested In photography/design/Rock music and something that will give something new every time it is picked up and looked at.

Wholeheartedly recommended!

Houses Of The Holy [Deluxe CD Edition]
Houses Of The Holy [Deluxe CD Edition]
Price: £11.32

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5.0 out of 5 stars Houses of the Holy 2014 version, 29 Oct. 2014
Another mighty sonic upgrade to the Zep catalogue. Once again the new versions allow insight into details that had been lurking in the shadows on previous outings.

Once again a curiously attentive, yet incomplete approach to the sleeve. The banner that was designed to preserve the modesty of the folks on the cover, particularly so for the US market, is here and yet the full gatefold has been bisected in favour of that dozy reversed colour front cover. So, thumbs up for the banner and thumbs down for the incomplete gatefold(which apparently took months to hand colour- prephotoshop, remember, and was never fully finished as deadlines had to be met).

This album, again in a curious twist, has the best out takes. It is great to be able to hear The Song Remains as an instrumental because the amount of guitar work, overdubs just amazing. JPJ's hyper active bass lines shine through proving him to be as good as anyone ever has been on bass.

Over The Hills sounds fab, again in outtake form. Jimmy starts the ball rolling on a single 6 string acoustic and then comes in on overdub using a 12 string acoustic. Sublime! When the full electric band come in it is with a knock out hefty crunch worth buying this 2 disc set for alone.

My fave Zep track, No Quarter is a stunner, again as an instrumental. Powerful, brooding, heavy and yet with further proof of the breadth of talent and musical abilities of Mr Jones and Mr Page. John Bonhams drums....well they were just a force of nature. The piano has benefitted most here, sounding more realistic than ever before. The keyboard work here is absolutely sublime. The mood of this song, with or without vocals, is powerful, dark, brooding and reminiscent of a walk through dark leaf strewn hardwood forest. Perfect autumn/winter music.

D'yer Maker has Bonzo out in the hall at Headley Grange again, pounding away at a serious pace. Superb work from him and JPJ, although Zep doing a mock reggae seems to be the straw for some folks.

So, despite not getting the rave reviews that other Zep albums got at the time, I love this and for the open eared I fully recommend getting the 2 disc version for these first class out takes.

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