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UE BOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Black Night
UE BOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Black Night
Price: £119.99

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great sound for music. Good as conference call speakerphone in small group. Robust. Great battery. Easy bluetooth pairing, 27 Mar. 2014
Powerful device, perfect for the traveller, the party-bringer or anyone who wants to convert their mobile phone into a brilliant speakerphone.

Great for music
- Pro: Sounds on par with your basic 2.0 powered speakers lots of home PCs have. I have used this at parties and it can fill a room with 30 people. EDIT: Easily pumps music during a 5-a-side outdoor soccer game. I have compared this with the jawbone jambox ( and the UE boom is much louder. I have now ordered a second UE Boom for myself to have a stereo sound system (you can pair two speakers to work together)

Great for days out: rugged
- Pro: Stuff it in your bag, wedge it between seats of the car... it's a low maintainance, reliable little buddy
- Pro: I have even run it under the kitchen tap to test... and it still works. Not sure how much money you should spend for this priviledge, though...

Great battery life
- Pro: I don't know what the spec says, but it really lasts for hours. If you're just in play music mode (not phonecalls), it should last the whole work day

Great bluetooth range.
- Pro: I will often take the speaker and stroll around the office talking while my phone is still plugged in charging. In my apartment, music stays playing downstairs even when I go to top of stairs with my phone -- out of sight around two corners from the BOOM below
Good looking but not pretentious
- Pro: It's a bit mysterious, not flashy, but definitely well designed

Easy to use
- Pro: paired easily and quickly with all my devices and those of friends on first use
- Pro: quick start-up and pairing each time in normal use
- +/- volume buttons a child could use
- It knows to take jack as input if jack is plugged in, and otherwise plays over bluetooth sans problème

Good for conference calls (really handy)
- Pro: Good as a speakerphone in a room with ~4 persons participating in the call. I really appreciate having the BOOM with me when I receive a call on my mobile and want to put the call on speaker so those in the room with me can listen in and join the conversation -- BOOM is a perfect device for this.
- Pro: Easy to hear. Boom was the hero of the day one day at work when a guest speaker was supposed to dial in to a conference with ~30 attendees. At the last minute, the spider phone (Polcom speaker landline phone) broke, so I dialed in the individual using my mobile phone and the BOOM bluetooth speaker. The individual's voice could be heard by the whole room, and I could pass around the BOOM to those in the room who wished to speak.
- Con: "Good" not "Great": Sometimes if you don't speak loud enough near enough the microphone, the listener has some difficulty hearing. On my own in a quiet environment I use it all the time instead of a handsfree kit (e.g., while typing, tidying, ironing, lying down), but in groups or noisier environments I am sometimes asked to repeat myself so wind up holding device near my mouth. In the case of a 30-person meeting like mentioned above, the BOOM would not be good enough to pick up questions from anywhere in the room... but then again, no bluetooth speaker on the market would be.
- Con: It doesn't have a mute button (or a way to end calls; turning off the speaker doesn't end the call)

- Con: The great battery life and strong sound come at a price... you'll notice this in your bag. If you're going on a long hike, you won't want to be lugging this with you (bigger, heavier than the jawbone jambox)

If you have tried the ~£20 bluetooth speakers and want something much better, this will be a wise investment. It has impressed me and everyone who's heard it. I got mine as a gift thinking, "there's no way I'd pay that kind of money for it" but now if I lost it I would replace it as I use it every single day.
If you are buying your first bluetooth speaker, it might be worth buying one for ~10% of this price to test first to discover what you really need in a speaker

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