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Lizone® 65.5Wh Supper Capacity MacBook Pro 13.3" A1322 020-6764-A 020-6765-A Laptop Battery for Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" Mid 2012 MacBookPro9,2 A1278, MD101*/A or MD102*/A, Late 2011 MacBookPro 8,1 A1278, MD313*/A or MD314*/A, Early 2011 MacBookPro8,1 A1278, MC700*/A or MC724*/A, Mid 2010 MacBookPro7,1A1278, MC374*/A or MC375*/A, Mid 2009 MacBookPro5,5 Aluminum Unibody A1278, MB990*/A or MB991*/A Laptop Battery -18 Months Warranty Super Capacity 10.95V/65.5Wh
Lizone® 65.5Wh Supper Capacity MacBook Pro 13.3" A1322 020-6764-A 020-6765-A Laptop Battery for Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" Mid 2012 MacBookPro9,2 A1278, MD101*/A or MD102*/A, Late 2011 MacBookPro 8,1 A1278, MD313*/A or MD314*/A, Early 2011 MacBookPro8,1 A1278, MC700*/A or MC724*/A, Mid 2010 MacBookPro7,1A1278, MC374*/A or MC375*/A, Mid 2009 MacBookPro5,5 Aluminum Unibody A1278, MB990*/A or MB991*/A Laptop Battery -18 Months Warranty Super Capacity 10.95V/65.5Wh

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1.0 out of 5 stars Avoid, 10 April 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I wish I had read the 1 star reviews earlier. Similar to everyone else after a few weeks the battery is not charging at all. Mac pro is asking for it to be replaced and the old battery has been disposed of...

Da'Dude Da'Wax Extra Strong Hold Hair Styling Wax - Matte Finish - Long Lasting in a Luxury Wooden Tub & Gift Bag 100 ml
Da'Dude Da'Wax Extra Strong Hold Hair Styling Wax - Matte Finish - Long Lasting in a Luxury Wooden Tub & Gift Bag 100 ml
Offered by Da'Dude
Price: £20.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Super product, 31 Jan. 2016
So my hair is extremely curly and is very difficult to keep tidy. I had previously used the same company's hair spray on a trial. While effective it is rather large to transport, even in a rucksack.

The container as others have noted is top notch and stands heads and shoulders above competitiors.

The product itself requires a minimal amount to control my hair and is easy to wash out. Seriously recommend trying this over the usual supermarket run of the mill products.

Da'Dude Da'Hair Spray for Men Extra Strong Matte Finish with Long-lasting Hold *90 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
Da'Dude Da'Hair Spray for Men Extra Strong Matte Finish with Long-lasting Hold *90 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
Offered by Da'Dude
Price: £11.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars was given this by my girlfriend who is tired of me going to work and out looking like I've just put wet fingers in an electrical, 24 May 2015
So, was given this by my girlfriend who is tired of me going to work and out looking like I've just put wet fingers in an electrical socket. My hair is curly and does have a mind of it's own. Over the years, mousse I have used has ended up making my hair extremely sticky. Wax products for some reason have dried my scalp out and would make my hair look like a throwback to Wall Street in the 1980's. So after many unsuccessful tries I have left products alone.

I was a bit sceptical a man using an hairspray! Having used the product for a few weeks, I can happily say that the problems I have previous had are not present. My hair actual holds in place until getting home, whatever the weather conditions outside. It is easy to wash out.

Downsides, the can itself is a bit big, meaning takes a lot of room when travelling with it. But overall highly recommend this product to guys looking for an way of keeping good shape without the problems of wax or other products.
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Sony Xperia Z3 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black
Sony Xperia Z3 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black
Offered by redhatelectronics
Price: £278.05

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5.0 out of 5 stars From Galaxy S2/S3->Ativ S->HTC One M7->Z3, 10 Oct. 2014
**Update 02/03/15. - I would consider those of you looking at the S6 or M9 to look at the price cut of the Z3 when the Z4 is released. The S6 has done away with the Micro-SD slot and added a Quad HD resolution that will trash the battery. The M9 from the initial reviews has still got camera issues.**

So to start off, not a fan boy of any particular brand. Have an iPad Air with a Android phone history with a self built Windows PC. Most important aspect for me, is the best device on the market at the time.

I owned the HTC One M7 for 18 months, which was my favourite phone and probably the longest running phone I have had. The battery life, camera and direct sunlight performance gradually made me search for another phone. Options were the HTC M8 which had due to the same sensor, so no go. The S5 did not grab me as evolutionary enough from the S4. I use an iPhone 4S for work and was expecting the iPhone 6 to have a 1080P screen, at 720P discounted that as well. The LG G3 was an option as well, but battery life concerns put me off the excellent camera.

It left two choices, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or the Z3. A friend moved from his iPhone 4 to the Z3 himself a week ago. The Note 4 has a higher resolution and uses a faster CPU. However, the performance is offset against the higher pixel count and this affects the battery life as well. So I am now a proud owner of the Z3.

Detailed review is below, but if you want a phone with a two day battery life and a great camera, this is for you.

1. Build factor (4/5), my HTC One seems tiny in comparison, the 5.2 inch screen is much bigger. The finish is similar to the iPhone with a black glossy background. The dust/waterproof ports will prevent dust from clogging up your usb charging ports. The downside is the phone is very slippery in the hands, so a case will help. Like the iPhone, I think it being so classy also means breakable very easily so get a case as a matter of order.

Update - 13/10/14 cracked screens are being reported by relatively minor drops on various Android forums, make sure you get a case as the back is slippery.

2. Screen @ 600 nits (5/5). Pulling my iPhone out in direct sunlight showed up how bad the HTC was under direct sunlight. The Z3 by comparison is far better meaning you can see the screen in our brief summer months and more importantly on holiday.

3. Battery life (6/5). The best smartphone battery out there and anyone, who is even a die hard Apple iPhone fan, will concede this. Had a evening out using the camera and getting directions. By the next morning battery was still at 55% with WiFi and 4G on throughout the day. By a friend who has had iPhones for years has conceded this by buying one! Apple does a great job for tablets and laptops on battery life, but is poor on the phones. Prior to buying the phone I asked a work colleague who had an Note 3 on battery life and he said it struggled to complete through the day. The day of specifications wars on RAM/CPU/Screens will soon level out and manufacturers will have to get more battery life, the average person doesn't need full laptop power in a 5 inch screen.

Update 13/10/14 - Have been on battery for 1 day and 14 hours and have 50% charge stating I have 21 hours left.

4. Performance (5/5). The quad core CPU and RAM will tide you over. Again, most people will not use these specifications. I do think it is important for PS4 remote play.

5. Games Console (4/5). The PS Vita and Nintendo DS have been dying slowly in face of smartphones. The remote play is a huge seller for Sony. A Vita typically will cost £150 upwards. Adding a DS4 controller gives you the ability not only for PS4 remote play, but to have a dedicated controller for emulator roms and android games. No other phone on the market offers this, but will mark it down until it is released next month.

6 Camera (5/5). Beats the HTC One M7 with low light and no purple haze or flare. The Engadget review (who are Apple fans) state that it is probably the best Android camera out there, but state most of the functions are gimmicky. Bottom line, even if you own a full sensor DSLR your smartphone is always on you. Have a great sensor and battery life gives you a chance to take photographs around the clock (I have a Nikon DSLR). Equally the screen and the USB OTG connector will allow you to view photos on the device

7. Transfer software (5/5). I was able to transfer the contacts/photos and files over WiFi directly in about an hour. The was the easiest software transfer I have done between two phones. Brilliant.

8. Audio Quality (5/5) The DAC in the Z3 is supposed to be 96KHZ. A concern I read was about the sound output volume. I have driven some music off my HD595 headphones and they are driven comfortably. Has been a musical experience so far, but will write more once I have used my Shure 535 and a wider range of music.

1. Overpriced, all smartphones are overpriced. I suspect this will be the last contract phone I will own. Motorola and the Nexus line of devices are bringing prices down and have hurt Samsung/HTC/Apple and to a lesser extent Sony. I was interested in the Nexus 6 until I discovered it would be a 5.9 inch device. Too big. But I expect in the next 12-18 months we will not need expensive contract devices.

2. Sony bloatware, music unlimited is not there yet compared to Spotify. However Sony is not alone with that. That all said, the UI is simple and close to stock android.

3. Updates to Android versions will be slow. Android L is the next big version and Sony will probably be the last Android manufacturer to do updates.

4. 16GB on board storage is a shame, yes there is an SD slot, but really should have been 32GB for a flagship device.

5. You cannot root this device easily of writing. Sony is renowned for strict DRM and if you are looking to tinker with this phone with custom ROMs suggest you do your background reading before buying the device.

All in all a great phone, but not an exceptional phone. Deserves 5 stars but I don't think any manufacturer will deliver a game changing device, just refinements around the edges.
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Cooler Master NSE-200-KKN1 N Series N200 "Mini ATX Case, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, 120mm Xtraflo Front and Rear Fans"
Cooler Master NSE-200-KKN1 N Series N200 "Mini ATX Case, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, 120mm Xtraflo Front and Rear Fans"
Offered by Bora-Computer GbR
Price: £45.86

5.0 out of 5 stars Good case for the money, 18 Nov. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this case to rehouse an old PC I am giving to someone.

For the money, it is a very good case. Plenty of space to get a decent spec PC out. The downside is the side of the case doors are prone to flex. If you are on a tight budget and want a small case that looks good, do buy it, I can't see how you can do better at this price.

Battlefield 4 [PC Online Code]
Battlefield 4 [PC Online Code]
Price: £14.27

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4.0 out of 5 stars Battlefield 3.5, high hopes for Titanfall, 5 Nov. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It has been a long wait, BF3 and L4D 2 have been probably the only two games I've played over the last year on the PC bar the excellent "The Last Of Us".

Single Player
An eye candy feast. My PC is an aging i7 920 but packs 24GB of ram and an enhanced GTX 670, everything running on ultra/high. But I completed it in 3 hours. The narrative is weak and rush and perhaps I was spoilt with the Last of Us, but COD and BF series are neglecting the single player aspect of their titles.

The Maps are an improvement. They are far more multi-layered with a great expansive feel. But do they warrant a £35 increase over BF3? Probably not. Graphics are better, but I would have been more happy to spend £15-£20.

If you are new to the series, go out and buy it. If you have BF3 I'd suggest waiting out for the price to go down and see what Titanfall is like. The FPS industry seems to be losing the Creative Drive and the likes of The Last Of Us are showing that rehashed improvements are no longer cutting it. Hopefully Titanfall will bring something new to the genre, otherwise this will become like FIFA, small changes for a lot of money.

Samsung Google Nexus 10 (WiFi, 16GB Tablet)
Samsung Google Nexus 10 (WiFi, 16GB Tablet)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect travel companion and no roasted wallnuts :D, 20 May 2013
Having previously owned the Nexus 7 and then passing it on to a relative, I was initially skeptical of the Nexus 10. While I believe this is a far superior product to the Apple iPad, Google have made this very hard to get hold of, meaning you can't walk into your local store and see it in the flesh, I think there would be more sales if this was the case.

I bought the device as a cheap device to travel with over the iPad for the following reasons:

1: USB OTG, meaning I could connect storage, gamepads or camera(s) directly to the device. While everyone is going to the cloud for storage, I travel in countries where WIFI is generally unavailable or very slow, local storage is important.
2: The 16GB version is £80 cheaper than the iPad version
3: Android 4.2 is superior to the latest IOS
4: Already having an Android phone, I already had apps in the eco system I could port without rebuying them
5: It is more robust, I tripped up the other day and the Nexus bounced across the floor (albeit in a case) and the screen was fine. Not something I would be confident with an iPad.

However, I've started to use this in place of my ASUS I7 laptop. I can use it for hours at end without the device heating up my lap. The resolution is razor sharp for watching films and reading magazines. The device is too big to carry on a daily basis, but I have my HTC One for that. For general browsing such as Rightmove and Autotrader, it is perfect. I only use the laptop when I need to heavily interact, which is email or do content creation.

What are the negatives of the device?
1: Play store lags behind iTunes in terms of overall content, this includes movies and magazines
2: Lack of third party devices compared to Apple
3: The amount of Nexus 10 optimised applications take longer to develop than their retina counterpart.

That all said, for £319 it is a bargain. Just add a keyboard and you have a device with a great battery life and good for those weekend trips to Europe to watch media or read magazines.
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The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (Wordsworth Classics)
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (Wordsworth Classics)
by Robert Tressell
Edition: Paperback
Price: £1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the most important books of the 20th Century, 3 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Summary: A must read and an insight into the mind of Clement Attlee and the creation of the welfare state.

It's been a few years since I last wrote a book review, but this is worthy of such praise.

In the time period of reading this book we lost a Prime Minister called M. Thatcher. And there was great fanfare in regards to whether she was the greatest Prime Minister of the 20th Century. The other contender is Clement Attlee and this book was written roughly around the same time when he was working in the East End of London. Starting out as a well off man with conservative leanings.

He obviously saw what the book quite accurately describes as absolute poverty. As a result he realised that individual charity (and this is a clear theme throughout the book) could not deal with the systematic forces of poverty. He of course later oversaw the creation of the NHS, Welfare State, Legal Aid and so forth. As a result, this novel is not only a work of art in my eyes, but a part of the national fabric of the UK at the time and should be widely read. If we don't know our past we will never know our future.

Moving onto the novel, there are times of absolute despair and grief, but besides all that there is a humanity. While material poverty is rife, the kindness that is displayed between some of the characters is very apparent. The author has also carefully balanced the two competing account of the master and the workers and described both with great wit and insight. The humour lightens the tone and as a result you have a page turner as you do not know what to expect next. It's not often that I'm gripped by novels, but this has to be near the top of my novel list.

Some may say the book is too long, however I'd say you only notice that when you really get through the pages and look back at disbelief at what you have read (in my case that I have only increased a few percent progress on the kindle app).

I'm not sure what Robert Tressell would make of the Nation State in 2013. He would probably think we are heading in the wrong direction, back to the darker times that who wrote about nearly 100 years ago. It's often an argument I have when debating with people that the "welfare state" is too large. Having lived in the poor parts of Asia for some time many of the horrors described in this book are all too apparent today and I would be greatly dismayed if in 100 years that many countries would be in such a state then as they are now.

In conclusion, a superb novel, that reflects the highs and lows of the human condition and worthy of your time.

HTC One 32GB UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (discontinued by manufacturer)
HTC One 32GB UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Silver (discontinued by manufacturer)
Offered by Dealco
Price: £369.99

4 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars New King of the Mobile Block, 2 May 2013
*Edit 16/05/2013 - The speakers on this phone are better than my Nexus 10, amazing achievement HTC! And the sound quality on board is also very good, see here:

Finally a phone to rival the IPhone for build quality and the Samsung for functionality with a nod towards Windows 8.

Over the past few years I've owned a HTC Hero, Galaxy S2/S3 and an Ativ S (and work Blackberry). This is simply the best phone I've held in my hands.

1: Build quality rivals Apple. However restrictive you view Apple software, the hardware they build both for desktops, laptops and I devices are spectacular. The One is slick, attractive and well built, far better than any Samsung offering.
2: HTC have had a tough few financial years while Samsung have raced ahead. However the S4 has made me go off Samsung as they have stopped innovating and made a minor revision between the S3 and S4 (adopting Apple's business model). HTC are fighting for their lives and have pulled a major revision out of the bag.
3: Blinkfeed, one of the few things I did like about the Ativ S Windows 8 phone was the "Metro Tiles" look where you can see in a snapshot social feeds and other updates. The layout is more designed in a Flipboard arrangement, but the principle is the same. The added advantage is that you still have the notification centre and blinking icon for missed calls and texts, something the Windows 8 phones on Nokia and Samsung miss sorely.
4: Slick and silky smooth, the 1.7GHZ quad core CPU and 2GB of RAM has banished the stuttering that has plagued previous Android devices
5: The Windows 8 store pales in comparison to the offering of ITunes and Google Play, only when you realise you are missing several applications do you appreciate the diversity of the application offering.
6: Excellent low light camera for those embarrassing photos of your friends antics late at night to remind them tomorrow :)
7: Did I say how good looking the phone is?
8: HTC have a good offering of accessories for the phone.
9: The phone set up allows you to set the device from your PC and it is much easier entering passwords and choosing applications from a desktop or laptop.
10: The screen is sharp, you notice the 1080P resolution on web browsing and particularly the Kindle App where more text is available
11: The built in speaker is excellent, today at the office too excellent in fact as it has caused a co-worker to jump when I received a text!

1: Battery life is poor in comparison to Apple and Windows respectively. I am not worried about a replaceable battery however as most phones withstand 2 years of use before they are exchanged/upgraded.
2: MicroSD omission will scream the Samfanboys. However cloud options and USB OTG offsets this and the result is a far better build quality. The 32GB on board is sufficient for me as my music collection has exceeded 100GB and is the main need for such storage.
3: £540 for a phone?? As mentioned on previous reviews this could buy a laptop and tablet with change left over. I managed to get this phone on an upgrade, there is no way I would pay that amount of money for a device that will be obsolete in 2 years.
4: Camera low light quality comes at a price and resulting MP count is lower than rivals, once I print some photos I will revise the review.
5: Beats Audio is a gimmick and the phone will not match the quality of the Wolfson chip on the S3.
6: Google likes to be particular intrusive with data usage, nothing to do with the phone, but the OS. Not a worry I had with Windows 8, but as long as you use an email client other than Gmail and different browsers then it is not an issue. It is something you do need to consider and overall the security of Android does lag behind Windows Phone 8.
7: The blink notification is a little small, it's actually in the speaker grill, so not as bright as the Samsung S3.

Bottom line is this is the best phone on the market right now. The blinkfeed interface and build quality tore me away from Samsung. If you are in the market for a hybrid phone that has the slick interface of Windows 8 and wealth of applications on Android, this is the One to have.

Samsung ATIV S 16GB Sim Free Windows Phone - Aluminium Silver
Samsung ATIV S 16GB Sim Free Windows Phone - Aluminium Silver

20 of 20 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Moving from S3 to Ativ S, 14 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Edited 02/04/13: denoted by *

*Note you can use a 64GB card in the device, I have encountered issues with copying files across at times (where my Win 8 laptop says the device is no longer there), the card itself is fine as I used it in my S3. I'll update if there is any further progress. The price has increased since the review from £360 to £440.

Final note, application permissions are far less intrusive than the Android ecosystem. I was always a fan of the fact that many apps were free on Android but not on the Apple IOS. That does come at any price and usually you'd find applications that would search your contacts or other intrusions, obviously a way for developers to try to make money. I don't have that concern with this phone and hence why I have upgraded the review to a five star.*

After having my S3 for 11 months I was becoming increasingly concerned with security concerns around the platform, particularly as I was using the phone for internet banking. I like the phone very much (you can see my review on Amazon) so decided to go with the ATIV S which is essentially the S3 running WP8.

Compared to the S3 it is a better finish, not a full revision, more of an S3.1. The steel coloured back gives the phone a more corporate feel and it feel more soild. The internal layout of the SD Card and SIM is better than the S3 as you don't have to remove the battery to remove them. The other major difference is the dual core CPU compared to the quad-core on the S3. On day to day use there is no performance difference, games such as Radiant Defence have no lag. What is a night and day difference is the power, I am able to get through 24 hours without charging the phone, unlike the S3. Finally the soundchip I believe is an Wolfson, like the S3, but have to do more music listening before I can confirm.

So why choose this over the HTC or Nokia? I had an HTC Android Hero previously and was dismayed at the inability to upgrade to Android 2.1, it was the beginning of the end of HTC and they are suffering as a result as they seemed to have dropped the ball and employee redundancies are common. The Nokia 920 is nice, but manufacturing difficulties seem to have plagued them in the UK at least. There is no SD slot and no replaceable battery. The Nokia 820 was the most attractive, the only downside was the smaller resolution screen. It is well built, in fact, better than the ATIV S, great Nokia build quality (unlike the 920!), if the resolution was the same I would have got the Nokia.

So how does WP8 stack up compared to Android? The interface is essentially like Flipboard for those familiar with it. There are aspects that will take getting used to, such as on the S3 you could call or text someone from the phone history by swiping right or left respectively. On the ATIV S you click on the phone icon, then the name from history and then two swipes to the right to see previous interactions ranging from calls, text and social media. Not as classy as the S3. The social media integration is great, you can group contact from Facebook and only see their updates as opposed to all. The ATIV S does have call blocking functions, something the Nokia 820 doesn't have on my colleagues phone. But overall interface as a phone needs development and let's hope that comes through shortly.

Applications are a mixed bag, the list is growing by the day, but I miss Kobo and PowerAMP particularly. The latter is intended to come to WP8, the former has not made any annoucement. The majority of apps that we use day to day are there however, browsing, maps (download Here by Nokia), Kindle, etc are here with others on the way. The next 12 months will see if WP8 will take off or not, I hope it does as once the above issues have been ironed out it will go from being a good mobile OS to a great one.

Four stars due to price, it has dropped another £20 since I purchased it, but tablet prices, particularly 7 inches are putting huge pressure on mobile devices. You can buy 3 Nexus 7 devices for the price of an Experia Z/Iphone 5/Galaxy S4/Nokia 920. Similarly an Ipad 4 or Nexus 10 and a basic phone for tethering data would still work out cheaper than buying a device outright. £500 on a mobile could buy an I5 laptop or a basic smart TV. So I will be holding onto this phone as long as possible to save money on my mobile contract by not upgrading.

In short, if you are an S3 user who thinks Samsung are becoming the next Iphone with their Android Galaxy line-up by rehashing the same product each year, make the jump to WP8, regardless of it being HTC/Nokia or even Samsung. Less power hungry, more smooth and great social media integration. There are notible differences and they aren't all bad, but be prepared to use the phone in a different way. is also a good site to get tips and updates on when applications are due on the platform.

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